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                 AND SOME CHANGES IN YOU. 
                   THIS COULD BE THE START 
                       OF SOMETHING NEW! 

               January 1, 1999 

Arthur Roberts (??), Ray Wells, (54), 
Tony Sharpe (63), cami Riddell (85), 
Jim Doyle (49), Barb Barron (50), 
Robert McCullough (65), Vince Bartram (62) 
Norma Loescher (53) 
To share your Ideas, Your Opinions, Your Inspirations,
And Your Retorts with other Richland Bombers Around The
World: ReplyTo:

Regarding the (non binding) poll indicating whether you
favor a constitutional amendment to require the
castration of future United States Presidents prior to
taking the Oath of Office: The survey results at the
moment are running at just about a 70% approval rating
in favor of future Presidents retaining their virility.
(Quite similar to the current approval rating of the
President's performance now.) 

Is this synchronicity, or what?  No further reports are
planned regarding this survey unless significant changes
occur in current trends.  The margin for error in this
survey is calculated at plus or minus 99%. 

Arthur Roberts,, writes: 

I predict the following headline will appear in 1999: 


On the following day, Clinton will call a press
conference and proclaim:  "SHE WAS TRYING TO SAVE ME

75% Of the country will believe him. 

-Arthur Roberts 
Subj:  Snappy Answers to Stupid Democrat Sound-Bytes 
From: (Ray Wells) (54) 

Are you tired of the lame answers offered by your
favorite Republican when Democrats make impassioned
pleas for Bill Clinton's right to harass women and break
laws?  Here is a handy guide of snappy answers to use
when the Democrats bring up those twisted sound bytes
that are supposed to persuade us to let Bill Clinton off
the hook. 

(1) This is just about a president having a private

This is about the right of a president to molest
innocent American women, attack her with taxpayer-paid
attorneys if she dares to complain, and lie under oath
when she finally gets her day in court.  Those are the
rights Democrats are fighting for. 

(2) This is just about sex. 

Rape is just about sex, robbery is just about money,
murder is just a misunderstanding. 

(3) Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski testified that they
didn't have sex and nobody told her to lie. 

So, if they both lie, that makes it the truth? 

(4) According to his personal definition of sex, he
doesn't think he lied.  So therefore, he didn't lie. 

You mean a criminal now has the right to re-define his
crime?  What a novel legal concept!  "I didn't steal the
money, I borrowed it.  I didn't rape her, I borrowed
her.  I didn't kill him, your honor, his head hit my
baseball bat." 

(5) He may have committed perjury, but he shouldn't be

Tell me, what crime can a president commit? 

(6) Does this rise to the level of impeachment? 

Gee, let's see, perjury, obstruction of justice, witness
tampering, abuse of power. Impeachment?  This rises to
the level of jail. 

(7) The economy is doing great. 

So, the better the economy, the more crimes he can
commit?  If we get 5% growth, do we allow a president to
knock off a liquor store? 

(8) We need his leadership. 

It's impossible to lead the country when you can't
follow the laws of the land. 

(9) A panel of historians say he should stay in office. 

A panel of liberal historians from liberal colleges who
love liberal presidents. 

(10) Distinguished professors say he shouldn't be

The only thing distinguishable about them is their blind
love of the Democratic party...and Karl Marx. 

(11) We should forgive Clinton... 

I can forgive the bus driver who goes over the cliff
with a busload of kids.  But I'll take away his license. 

(12) This will put the country through hell. 

When a president breaks the law, the country goes
through hell. 

(13) This will damage the nation. 

Oh, so just let the president keep breaking the law.
That's better? 

(14) The Republicans caused this. 

Bill Clinton caused this. 

(15) Republicans are just being partisan. 

Democrats are defending a law-breaking president from
their own party.  Who is being partisan? 

(16) This is part of a Great Right-Wing Conspiracy. 

The Republicans couldn't organize a barbecue. 

(17) The Rodino hearings were fair. 

Rodino was canned because he was blatantly partisan.
Fortunately, the 1970's Republicans were willing to
punish a law-breaking president from their own party.
The 1990's Democrats are defending a law-breaking
president from their own party. 

(18) Hillary has shown what a strong woman she is. 

If Hillary were a strong woman, she'd have left him.
She is a horrible role model for young women. 

(19) Other nations are laughing at us. 

Other nations don't take baths.  Other nations let their
leaders rape women.  Other nations kill citizens who
dissent.  Other nations suck.  America is the greatest
nation on earth because we all obey the same laws. 

(20) The polls show most of the nation wants him to stay
in office. 

The polls didn't support the civil rights laws, either.
Should we revoke them? 

(21) Last election, the people spoke and told us they
don't want impeachment. 

Bill Clinton wasn't running in the last election.  And
if anyone paid attention, there was a 13% swing of women
voting towards Republicans. 

(22) Republicans shouldn't impeach while our troops are
in harms way. 

Bow Wow Wow. 

(23) Instead of impeachment, we should censure. 

Censure?  For Bill Clinton, that's a checkered flag!
Censuring a president isn't even in the Constitution.
But since when does a Democrat read the Constitution? 

(24) Maybe something a little tougher than censure... 

A little tougher than censure?  OK.  We'll make him
stand in the corner during recess.  That's tougher than

(25) A president shouldn't be above the law, but he
shouldn't be below the law. 

OK.  Then give him the same punishment all Americans get
when they commit perjury, sixteen months in jail. 

(26) 40 million dollars and all we have is this? 

If Clinton told the truth, this investigation would have
cost a couple hundred bucks and box of pizza. Besides,
that 40 million dollars also got 16 indictments and 5
convictions for Whitewater. 

(27) He's sorry. 

He's sorry he got caught. 

(28) He apologized. 

He hasn't admitted his crime. 

(29) He is a popularly elected president. 

So was Nixon. 

There are your snappy answers to stupid liberal
soundbytes. Use them well.  Use them often.  But above
all, use them. 

--Ray Wells 

Subj:    Reason and Logic vs Emotion 
From: (Tony Sharpe) 
To:        Ron Richards ('63) and Marc Franco ('66) 

Nice comments Ron, I just wanted to know that you were
reading these wonderful editorials.  I like it when my
team is up 2-0.  Guess that makes me a Republican, not
quite the same son of a Hanford Construction, blue
collar, Democrat family of the 1960's.  Of course the
Democratic Party of today sadly bears no resemblance to
what the party stood for then. 

Marc, please excuse me for implying that you were a
"closet Demo" since you seemed to be defending Mr.
Clinton by pointing the finger at other Republicans.  I
guess what I fail to understand is what Ollie North,
Fawn Hall and Iran-Contra have to do with the
Impeachment of Wm Clinton for lying under oath and
obstruction of justice.  Did I misunderstand your
independent analysis of the facts regarding our
President's misconduct, and after looking at those facts
with reason and logic, you agree that he should have
been impeached? 

With regard to whether a Republican President would have
resigned under similar circumstances, the record is
clear. Richard Nixon resigned just before the articles
of impeachment were voted by a Democrat majority on the
Judiciary Committee, and at the urging of many of his


If Republicans were hypocrites, Bob Livingston would
still be speaker of the house I suppose.  If I were a
Democrat, I wouldn't be proud to have Larry Flint as the
poster boy of my party offering a MIL to anyone who
could dig up dirt on any Republican Congressman.  Maybe
Steve Forbes, a magazine publisher and Republican,
should offer 2 MIL to see how many more Ted Kennedys
there are on the Demo side of the aisle. 

By the way, there is absolutely no evidence that Ronald
Reagan was "guilty"  in the Iran-Contra affair.  Oliver
North was hailed as a hero because he refused to allow
the Democrats who were driving the inquiry to implicate
the President in that affair and thus smear his

Marc, I sincerely hope you are an Independent who votes
for both Democrats and Republicans in equal numbers,
since neither party truly represents your ideals and you
find "equal' fault with both sides. My problem is that,
on balance, there is no one in the Democratic party that
reflects my Ideals for our Republic, and therefore I
call myself a Republican 

Tony Sharpe ('63) 

Subj:    Different Views OK. -  Demeaning Not. 
From:    Cami Riddell Addkisson (85) 

I have been reading many of the opinions here on the
President.  I would like to tell Mike Cook that I
completely agree with what he said.  I think about all
the money and time that has been spent on this and then
I think about the homeless children and those at
Christmas dinner who had nothing to eat.....  To John
Northover I would like to say that I have written to my
Senator and Congress Representative.  By the way John, I
have a Master's degree and do happen to read quite a lot
thank you.  You are welcome to your opinions, but please
do not demean others who happen to have a different view
than you.  Is this the type of example you were talking
about setting for our children and grandchildren? 


Subj:   Some people may be turned off... 
From:  Jim Doyle (49) and Barb Barron Doyle (50) 

Some people may be turned off by the political
discussions. I wonder how many of them are in the 70%
Clinton approval group.  I'd like to see you take that
poll.  We keep up on everything going on.  We read all
the East Coast newspapers and magazines on the net.
Those that are canceling The Sandbox because of the
"boring" political discussions probably fall within the
70% national poll of Clinton supporters.  I find these
polls questionable.  New York City and Los Angeles
doesn't represent the nation and I'm convinced these are
the only places polled. 

--Jim & Barb Doyle 

From:     Robert McCullough (65) 
Mail To: 
Subject: Business of the Nation 

A lurker here coming out into the open.. Have enjoyed
reading the thoughts and opinions on here.   Now I have
got something to say. 

There has been talk about putting this Clinton thing
behind us and moving on to the business of the nation..
Ummmmm.....  I was under the  opinion that following the
constitution was the business of the nation.   If I am
not mistaken, the business of impeachment is a part of
the constitution.   Thus, beings the full House has
passed two Articles of  Impeachment on to the Senate, it
is the business of the Country being  taken care of.   I
am of the feeling that what is taking place is very
important business (of our Country). This is what is
known as checks and balances of our three parts of
government.   This is the system that was  wisely set up
by the framers of the constitution.   It is in the
constitution to keep all branches of the government in
check.   What  foresight the had when writing this. 

The other thought I keep having running threw my mind is
why would a  person that claims that he did not  do
something wrong that is impeachable ask for a censure?
Why would he have all his people out asking for a
censure? Wouldn't you think that if you knew you were
right and that you felt that there was not enough votes
to convict you by the jury (Senate) that you would
demand that the trial take place.   Seems a little weird
to me that if one felt innocent that you would ask for
some sort lesser punishment if you could not be

Well there are my rambling thoughts. 

Rob McCullough 

Subj:   What Is Being Missed? 
From: "Vince Bartram"> 

To those that wonder what they are missing. 

How about objective evidence (sometimes known as the

--Vince Bartram 62 

Subject: Susan McDougal 
From:     Norma Boswell (53) 
Reply to: 

Regarding #9 on Ray Well's list against President
Clinton: I watched Susan McDougal as she was interviewed
by Geraldo Rivera a few days ago after she was released
from prison.  Her attitude toward Ken Starr was hostile,
but for President Clinton she declared steadfast loyalty
and support.  That lady looks like she fears NO ONE!  If
I understood her correctly, she said she was offered
everything short of a trip to Hawaii to testify against
President Clinton. When she refused, she was given
solitary confinement in a 5 x 7 jail cell.

Subj:    Makes Monica Look Like Small Potatoes 
Date:   12/30/98 5:06:17 PM PST 
From: (Ray Wells) 

FYI, from Ray Wells (54) 

In an Article written by Will Lester © Copyright 1998
The Associated Press Wednesday, December 30, 1998; 2:08
p.m. EST 

House Says China Deal Harmed U.S 

To quote the article in part: 

WASHINGTON (AP) -- United States technology deals with
China, including some with military significance, harmed
national security, a House committee concluded
unanimously today. 

"These transfers are not limited to missile satellite
technology, but cover militarily significant
technology," said Rep. Christopher Cox, chairman of a
special House committee investigating military and
commercial deals with China." 

[Note: Because this is a copyrighted article we will not
be able to quote the entire article here, but the
article did go on to reveal that this committee's
investigation was conducted in a bipartisan manner to
find whether national security was compromised, and
whether decisions to transfer technology were influenced
by campaign contributions.  Further, this copyrighted
Associate Press Article stated that the congressional
committee is making 38 recommendations for legislation
and executive action to remedy a situation that it found
has hurt national security.  It is planned that more
details and unclassified portions of the report should
be made public as soon as possible.] 

[The article discusses the concerns of many that
valuable military technology allegedly flowed to China
as part of commercial satellite deals in which U.S.-
built communications satellites were put into orbit on
low-cost Chinese rockets.] 

All quotes and references are from article referred to:
© Copyright 1998 The Associated Press 
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                          THE SANDBOX 
                     Issue #20 ~ January 3 1999 

If We Aren't Talkin' About What YOU Wanna Talk About 
                Who Are YOU Gonna Blame? 

                 Who Are YOU Going To Fault? 

               T H I S   IS   Y O U R   F O R U M 
                Y O U R   O P P O R T U N I T Y 
                      T O   S P E A K   O U T ! 

 Everything Said Here (Or Not Said) Depends On YOU 
                So WHO Is Holding YOU Back? 

Paula Beardsley (62), Patty de la Bretonne (65), 
Ron Richards (63), Steve Carson (58), 
Patty Stordahl (72), Marc Franco (66), 
Mike Franco (70), Willard Ule (73). 

Express and Share YOUR Ideas, YOUR Opinions, YOUR 
Inspirations, YOUR Adventures, YOUR Retorts with other 
Richland Bombers All Around The World! 
From: (Mike Franco) (70) 
Subject:  Discussions With Bombers More Meaningful? 

Happy New Year and thanks for this forum....I do seem to 
have some of the same debates here as elsewhere but it 
seems more meaningful to be discussing with fellow 
BOMBERS than the less significant populous (tongue in 
cheek) !!!!!! 

--Mike Franco (70) 
From:   Paula Beardsley Glenn (62) 
Reply To: 

Re: President Clinton: 
If I swore an oath not to lie in my testimony before any 
legally seated jury in the United States and then 
proceeded to do just that and was convicted of perjury, 
there is no question in my mind what would happen to 
me.  Why is citizen William Jefferson Clinton any better 
than I?  Because he is the President- I DON'T THINK SO. 

--Paula Beardsley Glenn 
From: (Patty Stordahl) (72) 

Regarding the comments of Tony Sharpe, 
  Today's democrats do not resemble the 60s demos.>> 

Hello- Where is your memory? 
Kennedy's were all womanizers, murderer's & charming. 
Lied under all circumstances, Mafia tied, pig headed ego 
maniacs who had daddy's boot legged illegal $$ to get 
fat & sassy off of.  When little AK back woods man had 
feds crash his still.  Kennedy's ran openly rampant 
making $$ by the millions.  Charming Clinton - Kennedy, 
NO difference.  All members of good old boy political 
club demo or rep are all the same.  Small potatoes who 
first enter office may really want to change things.  But if 

the game is not played they are not re elected.  Don't kid 
your self Electoral votes are bogus.  The American poll is 
for appearance only & for anyone to stand for our 
politicians is anti-American. 

Legislation, House or Senate.  All are overspenders at 
our expense & the only way to really get what we want 
is for all to stop paying taxes I mean, ALL for only 1 year. 

We may just then get their attention.  I am pro America 
but want the government as it is set up now to be 
disbanded.  Start over.  Pick up the 10 commandments 
&try to live by those laws. 

Any one who thinks that we are still the greatest is living 
in a dream world.  Our country is a joke to the rest of the 
world.  Our tax payer $$ are wasted on everything from 
sex with interns to over-priced screw drivers.  Our country 
lost its integrity when men & women forgot God.  God is 
still the same, we as a country are not.  I wish all over 50 

white men would be kicked out of office.  Place women & 
minorities in power & let them have a go for a while. 
The Good Old Boys Over 50 Club has really run our once 
great nation into the mud.  Let fresh blood try for a while. 

I for one am tired of all the BS that people are saying. 
No excuses right or wrong.  America, don't vote for any 
existing candidate & watch them win any way.  Rep or 
Demo the days are gone of America's greatness. 
Somewhere the little guys who support their phat A _ _'_. 
need to rise up & not support the gov as it exists today. 

United we stand Divided we fall.  We are a country totally 
torn from within.  We, my friends, are going to fall & it 
be great.  We have done it to ourselves.  No country is 
going to bomb us.  We the people will destroy ourselves. 
Read Daniel chapter 2 verses 31 - 45.  Pay close 
attention to verses 40-45.  This is America.  From 
Nostradamous predictions to Daniel's dream 
interpretations to the book of Revelation, even the words 
of Lenin & Marx.  The Eagle will destroy herself from 
within.  Infiltrate the schools get away from prayer & 
morality & intermingle the races & it will fall.  I am not a 

racist.  I believe now that meant there are so many 
nationalities represented in our country.  English, 
German, Norwegian, Russian, Icelandic, African, 
Hispanic, Ethiopian, British, Asian ... that there is no 
real integral pride of where are we from as a unit.  This 
has nothing to do with inter racial marriages.  Every one 
has their own holidays every religion is divided. 

We are a country with clay & quicksand for a 
foundation.  Someday whether we as a nation or state 
or individual believe it or not, something big is going to 
happen & we will fall hard.  I believe that we need to 
either stand as one voice or fall as many.  Impeaching 
Clinton would be standing as one voice.  Censorship 
would be compromise Forgiveness would be fatal.  Yes, 
it is my soapbox day.  I love my country & I love what 
we used to stand for but as of this date I despise what 
our government has come to be.  Prayer, rosary, 
chants, what ever it takes can't we all agree there is 
only One God.  Call on him/her to purge our land & trust 
again in God, as we individually picture God, to open our 
leaders eyes & slow the ticking hands of time & 
destruction of our once great country? 

--Patty Stordahl 
From: (Steve Carson( (58) 
For:  Ray Wells 

Ray Wells, Thanks for the relief.  Great list and I'm sure 
we will need more as this moves forward.  We should get 
some comments from the first OJ Jury, they had the 
same mentality as the democrat party and it's lock 
step partisan members. 

--Steve Carson (58) 
From: (Steve Carson) (58) 

For Cami Addkisson: 

If we are going to look at the money we spend on (all of) 
the Special Prosecutors (which is where the $40 Million 
numbers come from) we should also look at the $40 
Million Clinton spent on his China Trip.  If you think 
Clinton cares about hungry children, beyond using them 
for personal advantage politically, you have one more think 

The man is a disgrace to his party his office and to his 
marriage.  Hillary is a terrible example to family values. 
--Steve Carson (58) 
Subject: HI, ROB! 

Hey, Rob McCollough(sp) sorry. 
Hi!  Good to see you're still around.  Still remember 
those good old strange old Jr. Hi days. 

--Patty de la Bretonne 
From:  (Ron Richards) (63) 
Subject: WHO ARE THEY? 

For: Tony Sharpe 

Yes, Tony, I'm still reading your wonderful editorials. 
However, you didn't name the two Republicans who 
are on the scoreboard.  If you had named the two 
Republicans, I'm not sure you would think your side 
is winning.  There is also a question of who is losing 
(in addition to the side that you think is winning).  That 
might be the bigger issue. 

--Ron Richards 

P.S.  I must admit that I am spending less and less 
time reading Ray Wells' editorials. 
From: "Marc Franco"> (66) 
Subject: RE:Reason and Logic 

For: Tony 

Thanks for your reply, Tony.  You did seem to 
misunderstand in your earlier letter that you thought 
that I was defending Clinton.  I was not defending 
Clinton at all, and I am still not.  I don't see how 
anybody can.  I was simply replying to an earlier 
letter from a writer who said that a Republican 
president would have resigned by this time.  I brought 
in the Iran-Contra Affair and also Watergate as 
examples of cases where Republican presidents did 
NOT resign.  Nixon finally did, obviously, but only 
under extreme duress.  These cases, however, have 
absolutely nothing to do with Clinton, Monica, or 
anything else.  It was purely a response on my part to 
show that Republican presidents do not resign any 
faster than Clinton has.  (This issue, incidentally, 
has since been cleared up satisfactorily, and I am not 
trying to reopen it.)  I have NEVER claimed or thought 
that the one justified the other, or had anything to do 
with it in any way.  Concerning "the record is clear" that 
Republicans helped to push Nixon out- well, no, they 
really didn't until the very end.  Though it was always 
clear that there was a very real problem there, and 
many Republicans were genuinely horrified, there was 
still a strong central core of Republicans that held out in 
defense of Nixon until the very end- until the "smoking 
gun" was found- then ALL the support for Nixon 
evaporated.  Wiggins of California comes to mind- there 
was also some abrasive guy from New Jersey, whose 
name I have forgotten, and there were several others. 
Fully half of the Republicans on the Judiciary 
committee were still defending Nixon until the smoking 
gun was found- and this was in Watergate where by any 
measure there was scads more evidence (the tapes are 
the obvious starting point) and crimes than are present 
here with Clinton.  Clinton committed perjury- 
his obstruction of justice does not begin to compare 
with Nixon using the IRS, FBI, and other agencies to go 
after his personal enemies.  Please understand this time, 
Tony- I am simply NOT defending Clinton.  I am not 
comparing Iran-Contra or Watergate to Clinton.  I used 
those examples only to indicate that Republican 
presidents don't resign gracefully either.  The record is 
not as clear as you seem to indicate that Republicans 
showed bipartisanship to oust Nixon- because they really 
did not until they had to- some did, of course- but not a 

In honesty, Tony- I really can't believe that you really 
believe that Democrats are "proud" to have Larry Flint 
as a "poster boy" as you put it.  That sounds a little 
hysterical to me, if you really believe that.  Are you proud 

of ALL Republicans?  How about David Duke of 
Louisiana- the KKK and neo-Nazi boy, who has been 
repudiated thoroughly by the Republican party in 
Louisiana, but still runs as a Republican, anyhow.  Are 
you proud of him, just because he's Republican? 
Actually, I am sure you are not proud of him.  The point is, 

both parties have skeletons, both parties have strengths 
and weaknesses, and that's why I vote independent.  I 
certainly have no quarrel with you or anybody else who 
wants to vote straight ticket.  But please do not make 
statements like the one you made, that Democrats 
might be proud to have Larry Flint. 

Finally, you said that Oliver North was hailed as a hero 
because he refused to allow the Democrats to smear 
Reagan's presidency.  Tony, you proved the point that 
I was trying to make in my earlier letter.  First off, if 
Reagan had really done nothing wrong, then obviously 
his presidency wouldn't have been smeared and there 
would have been nothing to worry about.  That 
Democrats were snapping at his heels- well, that's 
what opposition parties are for.  Both sides do that, and 
you know that perfectly well.  However, what you said 
very clearly is that North was considered a hero because 
he protected Reagan.  But he lied in so doing- 
that part is pretty well proven and accepted.  The point 
that I had made in my earlier letter is that Republicans 
are being hypocrites because they seemed to consider 
lying under oath to be a crime only if they did not agree 
with the reason for the lying.  You basically confirmed my 
statement.  For me- who cares why he lied- a lie is a lie. 

As far as whether I vote for both parties in equal numbers- 
I have no idea.  I never really cared to keep track. All I 
can say is that I vote for both parties. 

Hope this cleared up some misunderstandings. 

--Marc (Not Mike) Franco (66) 
From: (Mike Franco) (70) 

Happy New Year all....and I will preface my note with a 
few FACTS: 
1) I am MIKE (not Marc) Franco 
2) I vote mostly but not ALL Democratic...which makes 
me a flaming liberal, a moderate Dem or a mushy 
middler depending on who YOU are and how you like to 
compartmentalize millions of us citizens. 

I continue to be absolutely amazed that so many of us 
think all this trashy behavior in Washington DC can be 
neatly defined as typical Dem or Republican activity.  Do 
you REALLY feel one "party" is moral while the other is 
not?  Is it possible that those that called Anita Hill a 
and an opportunist now call Clinton a harasser?  Is it 
possible that we ALL feel Clinton is splitting hairs with 
legal wordsmithing in claiming guiltlessness while some 
of us claim ..."Ollie North was never 'charged' with 
perjury before Congress?" 

Can someone in power today leading the charge against 
Clinton dispel his own affairs as "youthful indiscretion?" 
Can one of the leaders of the "moral revolution," 
(JC Watts) just wave off the fact that he, (like most of the 

NBA), fathered a child out of wedlock? 

I personally feel that the procedure needs to play itself 
out, and it will.  If the votes are there Clinton is gone. 
Fine with me, I really couldn't care less.  But don't ask 
me to make a choice between following Clinton and 
following many of the current Republican leadership. 
I don't HAVE to respect any of them, I don't have to 
consider ANY of these donkeys as role models or 
"moral leaders".....and for the most part I don't.  And 
listen everyone....get over the approval ratings.....the 
fact is most Americans approve of the current condition 
of the country in terms of crime, economy and national 
security...period.  I don't think ANYONE approves of 
Clinton's behavior.  I don't, and I am one of those 
Democratic Liberal bogeymen some of you fear so 
much !!!! 

Oh...on the poll regarding should all presidents be 
castrated prior to taking office: my vote is that we 
NOT castrate female presidents.  (You GUYS really 
think these things out well !) 


--Mike (Not Marc) Franco (70) 
From: (Willard Ule M.D.) (73) 

In the future I see our Nation healing from 
the Social Retardation that We seem to be 
suffering over the Clinton matter. 

I also see the Day that we force the issue 
of Welfare Reform and the Homeless will be 

I also see the day that Handicapped 
will not have to fight for equal access, 
and the Handicapped will be equal 
to all People. 

I also see the day that Prisons 
will be come responsible 
and make where they punish to the 
point where People will not want 
to return. 

Then I realize that my dream is really my hope for 
the Future.  May 99 be the year our World begins 
to change. 

May GOD'S Speed keep you and bless 
You and may his love  forever shine upon You. 
MayYou all have a happy 1999. 

That's it for this issue of The Sandbox, folks. 
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THE SANDBOX Issue #21 ~ January 6,  1999 

     106th CONGRESS CONVENED 1/6/99 

"'Tis one thing to be tempted, Escalus, 
Another thing to fall.  I not deny, 
The jury, passing on the prisoner's life, 
May in the sworn twelve have a thief or two 
Guiltier than him they try." 

--MEASURE FOR MEASURE / Shakespeare 
Express and Share YOUR Ideas, YOUR Opinions, YOUR 
Inspirations, YOUR Adventures, YOUR Retorts with other 
Richland Bombers All Around The World! 
Today's guests: 
Gene Trosper (84), Patty Stordahl (72), 
Tony Sharpe (63), Steve Carson (58), 
William Porter (68, Dick Epler (52), 
John Northover (59), Ray Wells (54), 
Kathy Hills (67), Mack Brand (64) 
From:  Gene Trosper (84) 
Mail To: 
Subject: FIRST SANDBOX RECEIVED / Various stuff 

I just received my first copy of the SANDBOX and I 
want to give kudos to those who organize and distribute 
it.  I have two e-lists I operate myself and I can testify 
it does take a little effort to pull everything together. 

I have already noticed some strong opinions regarding 
our nation and the state of the presidency.  What a 
leap from the strong opinions expressed in RHS that 
concerned such things as math tests, proms, teachers 
and what to wear for school! 

I am personally torn on the Clinton issue.  On one hand, 
I do not appreciate the invasion of privacy that has 
been ongoing in this matter, (bedroom matters shouldn't 
be meant for public consumption), but I also believe he 
should be taken out of office....not for his affair, but 
for his constant violation of the Constitution. It 
saddens me our elected representatives cannot see 
the big picture and only focus upon the sordid filth 
that attracts television ratings, increases their poll 
numbers and sells headlines. Perhaps if Americans 
became a bit more selective and rid themselves of 
the Jerry Springer mentality, politicians and the 
news media would drop this tabloidism we have 
come to expect. 

I haven't given up on America yet...I still hold some 
hope that we can turn this mess around.  But the only 
way we can do so (in my opinion) is to: 

1.  Get our personal lives in order first. 

2.  Resist the urge to pry into other people's business 
if what they are doing isn't hurting anyone else. 

3.  Quit trying to politicize everything under the sun. 
We need to de-politicize and get local. 

4. Teach our kids (and ourselves) the meaning of 

5. Teach our kids (and ourselves) to respect the 
property of others. 

6. Quit looking for freebies in life and realize the 
best things are those which are earned. 

7. Realize it's okay to be different and NOT have to be 
one of the crowd. 

It's tough to live by these 7 rules...I struggle sometimes 
myself.  When I was growing up, the things my parents 
tried to instill didn't always register, but then, most 
kids can be like that.  The examples were laid before 
me as a child, but I didn't LEARN them until I made 
mistakes.. trial and error.  People want it easy (it sure 
beats the 10 hour shifts I work 6 days a week!) and 
that's why this nation has became the way it has, 
(at least, I am convinced of it). 

Oh well, I have begun to ramble on...but perhaps this 
will fuel some thought. Just don't get me involved 
in a political discussion though! : ) 

Take care, everyone. 

-Gene Trosper (84) 

Great reading but I am interested to know what people 
think regarding the stock markets & predictions for 
1999 in the economy.  We all know Clinton will play it 
out to the end.  We will all have to write our congressmen 
& promise NO Votes for any one who allows him to stay. 
Get on with what is important for 1999. 

Hey What do you guys think of Marc McGuire? 
He was winning votes for the best American in 1998. 
Great guy. 

-Patty Stordahl 
From: (Patty Stordahl) (72) 
For: Steve Carson. 

I couldn't have said it better myself.  Short and to 
the point. I would like to here your points of view 
on other issues. Clinton has won.  I am sick of what 
taxes are being spent but, to Hell with the hungry, 
homeless, and deprived in our countries.  UP with 
the flag and bury our heads in the sand.  Why can't 
our leaders listen to U.S. the people if we have so 
much CLOUT???  We don't have any power without 
making a powerful statement as a unified nation. 


-Patty Stordahl 
From: Tony Sharpe  (63) 
Mail To: 
Subject: Who Are Dem Republicans? 

To: Ron Richards: 
Were the 2 Republicans that you mentioned were 
"on the board," Eppler and Wells, or were you 
referring to Gingrich and Livingston? I know that 
the business of our nation is possibly the looser at 
this point, but I also believe that our constitution 
is very important, and that no man is above the law, 
not even and most especially, the chief law 
enforcement officer of this land. 

To: Mark (66) and Mike (70) Franco, I presume 
you are brothers, and  both are children of the 
good Doctor? Didn't you live in the Richland Village 
for a time in the late 50's on McMurray St.  If so, 
there was a time when I mowed your lawn, and 
doing the back yard was the "pits" because of 
all the toys I had to move to get the job done. If 
I am correct, do your folks still live in Richland? 

Tony Sharpe (63) 
From:     Steve Carson (58) 
Mail To: 

For Patty Stordahl 

Your contribution in today's' SANDBOX sounds like 
a description of the human condition.  As screwed up 
as it gets our system of government is still the best in 
the world.  Unlike other systems of government, we 
have the chance to correct our politicians every two 
years and the chance for a real clean sweep will 
come in November of 2000.  As Americans we have 
much to be proud of.  We need to educate and 
energize the younger generations who's money 
our politicians are spending. 

Have faith and work like Hell to influence your 

Steve Carson (58) 
From: William L Porter 
Subject:  Evidence and License 

Tony Sharpe wrote: "By the way, there is absolutely 
no evidence that Ronald Reagan was "guilty" in the 
Iran-Contra affair."  You should also be aware that 
Clinton is not a perjurer, only an alleged perjurer. 
The license you take to call Clinton a perjurer is 
the same license others take to call Reagan guilty 
in the Iran-Contra Affair. 

William L. Porter 

"The right to suffer is one of the joys of a free economy" 
-Howard Pyle, aide to Pres. Eisenhower 
From:  Richard Epler (52)  ( 

For the Francos -- Marc (66) & Mike (70) --- 
I don’t know if Marc and Mike are brothers or cousins, 
but they both write with a great deal of sincerity and 
I often find myself agreeing with them – until they 
introduce the personal aspects of the men they use to 
illustrate their points (Clinton, Nixon, Reagan, and 
North).  Where we might agree on many things, our 
respective liberal/conservative viewpoints, so embodied 
by Clinton, etc., seems to demand a response based 
more on personalities than substance. 

The Franco’s seem to consider themselves moderates 
with a liberal bent, which means they don’t have to be 
concerned with the ideology of either party.  While 
they may deplore bad behavior, (lying and such). 
They see little difference in the behavior of the 
members of either party.  Nevertheless, they feel 
compelled to support the policies of the Democratic 
Party, which they feel are more compassionate than 
those of the Republican Party. I can’t really disagree 
with these sentiments as far as they go.  The problems 
begin, however, when we bring personalities like 
Clinton and Nixon into the picture. This leads to 
arguments no one can win, since in each case, 
compassionate liberals are thinking image while 
unfeeling conservatives are thinking substance. 
Liberals defend image, while conservatives 
defend substance. 

Alternately, liberals attack policy, while conservatives 
attack character. As “cool hand Luke said:  “what 
we have here is a failure to communicate.”  On a 
fundamental level, most prominent Republicans DO 
have strong character, but often have image problems 
(but not always -- Reagan and North made for good PR). 
In contrast, most prominent Democrats have good image, 
but often have poor character (but not always -- Jimmy 
Carter’s character was OK). 

When Republicans identify the Democratic Party with 
Larry Flint, they’re associating Flint’s character with 
that of Clinton, both with respect to a penchant for 
weird sex and with their common interest in destroying 
the Republican Party.  Clinton’s official defenders 
don’t dispute the association.  Instead, core demos, 
like Carville, Dershowitz, Baldwin, and Jesse Jackson 
develop emotional themes to attack the Republican 
Party (“they’re gonna kill your babies”).  We might call 
this demagogy without substance, but the sad fact is – 
in TV land – it’s quite effective. 

By the way, NO prominent Republicans are identified 
with Louisiana’s David Duke.  Of course, politics in 
the South are a little different and party affiliations 
are not the same as in the rest of the country.  In the 
deep South, there are many more Democrats than 
Republicans who identify with Duke’s policies.  I’m 
afraid the old-time politics of George C. Wallace 
(prominent Alabama Democrat) still resonate with 
many Southerners. 

While I understand Marc’s assertion that Republicans 
are no more likely to resign than Democrats, I stand 
by my original statement that ***given the same 
circumstances as Clinton*** prominent Republicans 
must resign (like Livingston).  The American people 
wouldn't' allow an immoral Republican to use the Clinton 
defense.  However, when policy is the issue, Marc is 
right, no Republican would resign.  Not Reagan and 
certainly not a Marine like Oliver North. 

A couple of other things.  First, there IS a difference 
both in the nature of lies and in the manner of lying. 
Marc is right when he says Oliver North lied to 
congress, but he is wrong when he says there is no 
difference between North’s lie and Clinton’s lie. 
Much later, after North was given immunity, he 
admitted lying to a congress that was embroiled 
in a policy dispute with Reagan.  North says he 
lied to protect the lives of field operatives, who 
would likely have been killed had the details of 
the operation been revealed.  That’s a lot different 
from Clinton lying to protect his personal image. 
(No one believes Clinton lied to protect his marriage 
to Hillary, do they?).  And when North lied, he didn’t 
embellish it; he tended to use simple yes or no answers. 
None of Clinton’s aggressive, wag-your-finger, type of 
lying.  That story, incidentally, has Hollywood producer, 
Harry Thompson, coaching Bill on how to “sell the lie” in 
hopes of discouraging further inquiry … can anyone 
disagree that this type of lying is a blatant attempt to 
obstruct justice?  Whereas North’s lie was to protect 
American lives! 

Second, although John Kennedy and Bill Clinton have 
similar sexual appetites, I suspect John would have had 
the good grace to resign if outed.  As I recall, John was 
not overly enamored with himself to the exclusion of 
the Nation’s interests.  Understand, the world was very 
different when John governed and he had every right to 
expect the press would respect his privacy and so the 
risks he took seemed acceptable.  Bill, on the other 
hand, knew well the lesson of Gary Hart and still 
decided to chance what he knew to be an 
unacceptable risk.  Most agree, that was incredibly 
stupid.  Clinton jeopardized not only his Presidency 
but also his Party – all for a few moments of sexual 
gratification (no personal feelings for the lady(s)). 
Clinton may yet get away with it but only at great cost 
to the Nation … not just now but far into the future. 
Who cannot sympathize with the Democrats assertion 
that the cost of bringing justice to the Clinton affair is 
obscene – all because the man has no character or 

The Franco’s main argument seems to be that there’s 
no difference between the two political parties.  They 
argue that both promote lying, the obstruction of 
justice, and the abuse of power.  The Franco’s have 
a point. Surely, there’s never been a politician who 
couldn’t be accused of such things, some fairly, some 
not.  Further, Marc has it half right when he asserts “… 
Republicans are being hypocrites because they seemed 
to consider lying under oath to be a crime only if they 
did not agree with the reason for the lying.“  Yet, I 
would argue that there IS a difference in the two 
parties and it is precisely that difference that 
resolves the apparent hypocrisy. 

While core Republicans believe all perjury, abuse of 
power, etc., are crimes, the circumstances and manner 
of the crime is nevertheless important.  Committing a 
crime to protect your personal image is worse than that 
committed to protect lives.  One is impeachable; the 
other is not.  Core Democrats, on the other hand, are 
primarily concerned about public policy, and so use 
similar logic to argue that Clinton’s crimes are not 
impeachable because his policy is more correct than 
that of the Republicans (who are gonna kill your 
babies)!  This is an important difference.  When Marc 
implies it is the job of both parties to attack each other, 
he’s right, but only to the extent it’s done within the 
framework of the Constitution.  Policy differences must 
be settled at the ballot box.  The Democrats attempt to 
reprogram the electorate to fit the characteristics of 
their President is irresponsible. 

The Democratic Party today has a serious problem. 
While no responsible Democrat wants such a reckless 
man to continue in the most powerful office on earth, 
at the same time, they can’t afford the prospect of the 
Republicans gaining enough power to screw up their 
voting base.  What if the Republicans got enough 
power to implement policies that would eliminate the 
welfare class?  Policies where parents and children 
could decide on schools that teach in terms of a child’s 
individual strengths?  Where all people, young and old, 
could take responsibility for their own health and 
retirement?  In such a world, character and policy 
substance would matter more than image … and the 
Hollywood inspired Democratic Party would be at a 
disadvantage … but hopefully only temporarily. 

Most of our political discussions in the SANDBOX 
have focused on image and personalities to the 
exclusion of character and policy.  By now, it should 
be obvious these kinds of arguments can’t be won. 
If I have the time, my next contribution to the 
SANDBOX will attempt to change that by providing 
a different framework for addressing several 
political issues, such as Education, Social Security, 
Medical Care, Welfare, and the Military.  Of course, 
they’ll all be highly controversial (;-). 

Thought for the day: Be careful what you reward, 
because you’re sure to get more of it. 

-Dick Epler 
From:    John Northover  (59) 

IN response to: Cami Riddell Addkisson (85) 

First: I simply stated a fact.  MOST PEOPLE IN THIS 
COUNTRY ARE IGNORANT!!!! That is the result of not 
reading.  Not reading causes cultural illiteracy. It does 
not matter whether you have a degree in cell-see-ous or 
faren-height ... ignorance knows nothing.  That is not 
demeaning ... it is a very sad fact.  AS a result of that, 
most of the people in this country do not understand or 
can not understand the harm this country will suffer if 
Clinton is allowed to continue in office. 

Second: I did not say any thing about having any kind 
of degree being related to ignorance.  So, do not try to 
wrap you self in a 'masters degree.'  That particular piece 
of paper will only get you through a better employment 
door ... just try and take it to some coffee shop and see 
how many cups of coffee you can get.  I would be willing 
to bet that you know people that have degrees in 
something or another and you have wondered ... 'How did 
they ever .... ???'  And since you have wondered, I would 
be willing to bet another fiver, that there are people out 
there wondering how a person named 'Cami' could ever 
get a masters degree...which both you and I know is 
stoo-pid.  Getting a degree, intelligence and ignorance 
are separated by a very thin line and in many cases 
blend quite naturally. 

Third: All those people I speak of are pointing their 
fingers at themselves, saying "NOT ME, I ARE 
INFOMATED!!" ... and one of them might be ME!  ... 
oooOOOOHHH No, Mister BILL the fly is calling!!!! 

Fourth: I am not quite sure how I 'demeaned' anyone. 
You can only demean someone that has standing, rank, 
position that is above some low point. Those individuals 
that I spoke of are at the lowest point and cannot be 
demeaned.  Demeaning someone means, degrading 
them, demoting them, to debase someone, to deprive 
of standing or rank or position.  I did not do that. They 
have done that to themselves. 

Fifth: A difference in 'view' has never been a concern 
for me. As long as that 'view' is based upon learned fact. 
In fact, when the facts bear out a differing position I 
am as wishi-washa as any one and will change views in 
the blink of an eye.  However, with my bi-focal viewing 
frames I can be very bi-perperlexious. 

Fifth: Some of my very best friends are ignorant ... and 
yes, I can be arrogant, which is only a few mis-typed 
letters away from ignorant ... and that may well be where 
the twain met. 

Sixth: If 'Ignorance is bliss' ... let me be b-lighted!! 

Seventh: Ignorant people do not recognize themselves!!! 

Yours in perpetual confusion, 

-John Northover 
From:  Ray Wells (54) 

For Vince Bartram's request for objective (factual) 
evidence: Not even leading democrats are denying that 
Clinton lied to the Grand Jury (Perjury), nor are they 
denying that Clinton tried to conceal evidence 
(Obstruction Of Justice).  In this country, people are 
in jail for having done this for the same reasons as the 
president.  Where in the Constitution does it say the 
President Of The United States is above the law -- and 
if there is something wrong with the law, shouldn't the 
law be changed, and all those jailed people be pardoned, 
along with the president? 

For Norma Boswell's assessment of Susan MacDougal's 
interview: If Susan has no damaging truth to withhold, 
then why did she refuse to testify -- what could her 
personal consequences possibly be?  Ergo, if it 
waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably 
a duck.  Or maybe she just wanted to enjoy the 
experience of being in jail 

--Ray Wells 

Kathy Hills Krafft (67) 
Reply To: From:> 
Subject: Take me OFF the list! 

Take me off the "Sandbox" list.  It's full of Hillary 
Clinton-haters, (insecure "old" white guys afraid of 
intelligent women), who need to "get a life."  Don't want 
to waste my e-mail space with such useless paranoid 
#?!#! Thanks for nothing. 
                      ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ 
Subj:  BS 
From: (Mack Brand) (64) 

Just a comment on all the hot air being passed through 
the self-righteous conservative sphincters on this forum: 
pretty revealing, eh?  Now, take me off the list, please. 
I had enough of this kind of petty BS growing up there; 
sure don't need it smelling up my In Box. 

Mack Brand 

1.   Should we "disembargo" Cuba? 
2.   Does The Executive Order process give to much 
"legistlative" power to the president? 
3.   Should professional football reinstate Instant Replay? 

"We must not make a scarecrow of the law, 
Setting it up to fear the birds of prey, 
And let it keep one shape, till custom make it 
Their perch and not their terror." 

--MEASURE FOR MEASURE  \  Shakespeare 
That's it for this issue of The Sandbox, folks. 
My personal thanks to everyone who has contributed 
to this issue of THE SANDBOX.  And a word of advice 
to all our readers:  "If we aren't talkin' about what 
YOU wanna talk about, WHO are YOU going to blame?" 
See ya next time! 

--Al Parker 
Sandbox Coordinator 

THE SANDBOX  Issue #22 ~ January 10, 1999 
          He gave man speech, 
          and speech created thought, 
          Which is the measure of the universe. 

>From "TO BE" 
     -Percy Bysshe Shelley 1792-1822 
Express and Share YOUR Thoughts, YOUR Opinions, 
YOUR Measures of the Universe with other Richland 
Bombers All Around The World! 
Bombers Sharing Thoughts and Opinions and 
Measuring the Universe Today: 

Barbara Chandler (59), David McAdie (79), 
Sherry Nugent Dupuy (62), William L Porter (68), 
John Allen, (66), Bob Rector (62), 
Mark Woodward (81), Tony_Tellier (57), 
Steve Carson (58), Dick Epler (58) Ray Wells (54), 
Bob Mattson (64), Becky Tonning Downey (73), 
Norma Loescher Boswell (53) 
From: Barbara Chandler (59) ( 
Subj:  Your Opinons - That's The Key! 

To Al Parker, thank you for promoting and giving your 
input to the Sandbox.  I for one, am enjoying the 
insightful, heartfelt/gutfelt comments from those who 
take the time to express their opinions--THEIR 
OPINIONS.  This is key folks. 

Your Measure for Measure quotes are soooooo 
thought-provoking, especially the last in the 
1/6/99 SB...........won't quote it, but will give my 
interpretation.  "If we let the law be whittled away, 
lessened in any way, we are diminished, our way of 
life, our very existence will be no more." 

Thank you again, Al, and all of you who routinely take 
that precious time to inform, sway, piss-off and, in 
general, get all of us thinking.  Bless you fellow 
Bombers.  The most thought-provoking new year to all. 

From: Norma Loescher Boswell (53)  
Subject: Re: THE SANDBOX Issue#21 1/6/99 

Your Shakespeare quote prefacing the BOX is 
exquisitely appropriate! 
From: David McAdie (79) 

All this talk of Mr. Clinton and his shenanigans has 
prodded me into responding.  Three words should 
scare the hell out of all of us --- President Al Gore!!!! 
I am actually more disturbed by his "suspiciously" 
silent wife Tipper.  You realize that if Clinton is 
removed from office (either voluntarily or otherwise) 
before about Jan 20th, or so, he could only serve one 
additional term, but if it is after that date, he could 
finish Slick-Willie's term and serve 2 of his own!! 

Partisanship aside, if Bill Clinton was more of a 
man, he would have - with much humility - truthfully 
acknowledged his relationship with Monica 
Lewinsky, begged for forgiveness, and gone about 
business as President and taken his beatings as 
they came.  Instead, he has continued his lying 
ways, ("I did not inhale" started it all), in defiance 
and in the face of all of us.  He does not deserve to 
be called "President" and I have carefully not used it 
in reference to him.  Has anyone noticed his nose 
has become redder these days - like Boris Yeltsin 
?!?!?!?!?  The bottle will kill ya - if the cigars don't :) 

Best wishes for 1999 to you all! 

Dave McAdie 
From: Sherry Nugent Dupuy (62) 
Write to: 
Subject: Re- TEA PARTY 
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 11:24:40 EST 

For Patty Stordahl- 

You write: "...To Hell with the hungry,  homeless, & 
deprived in our countries..."  [Referring to perceived 
attitude of government subsidizing other countries 
before caring for our own homeless and deprived.] 

And what about to Hell with the average Joe 
who follows the rules and pays the taxes that the fat 
cats in DC play with?  Never mind the $40 mil spent on 
THE investigation....if Clinton had just had the testicles 
to come clean a year ago..may have been only $30 mil 
(g).  His recent China trip costing millions to take along 
his entourage just gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling 
I could spit. YES to the TEA PARTY!!!  One lump 
or two?? 

Sherry Dupuy 
From:     William L Porter (68) 
Mail To: 

In this digest format it is hard for me to try to respond 
to each thought presented. Has anyone considered a 
message board attached to the Bomber site? Probably 
not economically feasable.  Anyway, I enjoy reading 
the varying opinions. The only posts that concern me 
are the one's from people who want off because the 
Sandbox is left or right leaning. Maybe concern is too 
strong a word. Do what you want, but to leave because 
one viewpoint seems to dominate, means the viewpoint 
you don't like will dominate more. If people leave 
because they just dont care about the topics is a more 
legitimate excuse. I think its important to try to 
understand other viewpoints. In Northern Ireland, people 
would probably use the excuse to leave this board 
because there are too many Catholics or Protestants. 
In the 50's the excuse would be too many Communists. 
...I'll refrain from any other analogies. 

I still dont buy that Clinton's actions or the 'Republican' 
impeachment is doing harm to our nation. This is still 
an ongoing experiment in democracy. If we look at our 
lives, our family's, our neighbor's, or our community's, 
I dont see any catastrophic changes happening. And 
at the conclusion of this Federal government 'event', I 
still dont forsee any major changes. The question to 
me is, with the division of opinion that abounds, how 
many people, who find this an emotionally charged 
issue, will be able to accept the result of this 
'democratic process' if it doesnt turn out the way they 
think it should?  In the end it will be our own bitterness 
and feelings about lack of 'justice' served that will bring 
harm and breed diviseness far into the future. What we 
have here is a discussion that will have very little affect 
on the process in Washington D.C., as that process 
has little affect on our day to day lives, unless we let it. 
When each of us thinks how this will affect our children, 
think first how the children observe your behavior, for 
that is the most profound example, not the behaviour of 
a politician clear across the country. Will you be 
providing children an example of uncompromising 
bitterness long after the event has ended? I was 
reacquaintted the other day with the Chinese symbol 
of the word 'crisis', which is made up of the symbols of 
'danger' and 'opportunity'. We have an opportunity to 
be an example of how people of diverse points of view 
can work through issues at hand and become better 
people and a stronger democracy. 

William L. Porter 
"The right to suffer is one of the joys of a free economy" 
-Howard Pyle, aide to Pres. Eisenhower 
From: John M. ALLEN (66) 
Subject: TRULY Intelligent Women 

I have been eagerly awaiting the next knee-jerk, 
bleeding-heart, emotion-blinded, feminist to complain 
about "Insecure, Old White Guys" who are "afraid of 
intelligent women" and Kathy Hills Krafft (67) just 
couldn't help walking right through that door in issue 
#21 of the SANDBOX. Arizona is very probably the 
second most conservative state in the Union, (Utah 
being #1), and on Monday of this week, REPUBLICAN 
(read that  "Conservative") women were sworn in to 
FOUR of the five highest offices in that state's 
government (specifically Governor, Secretary of State, 
State Treasurer, and Superintendent of Public 
Education). These Republican women won while 
garnering between 58.2% and 97.5% of the vote, 
depending  on the individual race. The lone Democrat 
woman who won the Attorney General's race, won with 
a 2.9% margin of victory. Of course, I suppose that if 
you're a conservative woman, you don't really count as 
a woman, or at least not as an INTELLIGENT woman. 
By the way, approximately 1/3 of Arizona's legislators 
are also women.   That is the highest in the nation.  So 
much for your insupportable, Democrat Party 
regurgitation about insecure, old white guys. 

And if Elizabeth Dole happens to get the Republican 
nomination for president in the year 2000, don't count 
on any fall-off in male conservative voters.  I'm not 
predicting Dole in 2000, but I'll have no problem 
whatever voting for her if she gets the nod. You 
women's libbers better start figuring out how to 
explain that phenomenon if it happens to be the 
Republican Party which becomes the first in history 
to nominate a woman for the top job.  It could easily 
happen and  would be a striking example of what the 
Dems need more of (substance over style) instead 
of what they have in too great abundance (style over 

As for Hillary's intelligence, if you actually bother to 
read the history of the Clinton's investment in White 
Water, there is absolutely nothing intelligent about 
how Hillary handled that mess. (I recommend Blood 
Sport, written by a Pulitzer Prize winning LIBERAL, 
James Stewart, to educate yourself on the 
intricacies of White Water.)   She made money 
on the cattle futures because she WASN'T handling 
the guts of that investment.  Finally, if you know her 
history in general, you also know that she has 
accomplished next to nothing except on the coattails 
of her husband.  Let her run for something on her own 
hook and we'll see how far she gets with her 
condescending, "first grade teacher" oratory. 

Go back to your drawing board, Kathy, and see if you 
can come up with a few of your own arguments 
instead of the swill you hear airheads like Barbara 
Boxer and Patty Murray saying on TV. 

John Allen ('66) 
From:  Mark Woodward (81) 

[Mark sends us a copy of this correspondence, 
ostensibly written by a Hasbro Employee.] 

Sent:        Wednesday, January 06, 1999 3:50 PM 
To:           My Friends Reflector 
Subject:    Ferbie and Y2K!! 

"Just because I work for Hasbro doesn't mean I made 
this up.  This has been the laugh of the plant since we 
found out about it earlier today." 

"Lo and behold, of all the hype surrounding the Y2K 
problem -- the threat of downed banks, electric 
service, emergency government services, etc. -- the one 
thing that has been 100% confirmed to not work come 
1/1/2000 is last Christmas' toy craze - the Ferbie!  This 
is not a joke!" 

"The Ferbie contains a voice chip manufactured by an 
Asian company (a vendor of Tiger's - Tiger 
manufactures the Ferbie) that apparently was less 
concerned with the Y2K problem than with a quick fix 
for their economic woes.  A former Consumer Reports 
Engineer/Tester discovered the problem.  "lesser" (aka 
"cheap") chips were utilized, and because of a small 
component of the voice chip associated with the 
Ferbie's "Happy Birthday" routine, the little fur balls 
won't work come 2000.  I guess Greed breeds Greed 
as this year's holiday hit only has a shelf life of 1 year! 
Despite my objectivity, please pass this along to 
your friends." UNQUOTE 
-sent by Mark Woodward 
From:  Bob Rector (62) 
Subject: I stand with Vince Bartram '62 

For Vince: 

Howdy Vince!  I remember how much fun you and Jerry 
Liddell made our govt. class.  I should have paid closer 
attentiion....and read a whole lot more.  Anyway, now 
that we are adults, the truth can be "evaluated, argued, 
accepted, rejected, etc."  Along with "Facts, AKA 
objective evidence" there are two very important 
qualifiers that everyone adds to the mix.  **Remember, 
we are all adults here: 

*Number One: 
      "Folks are individually convinced that they do act 
"rationally," but in truth, we All act on emotion." 

*Number Two: 
       "People Believe, (especially in religion) what they 
Want to believe." 

Vince, I remember how Jerry Liddell could rattle off all 
of Elizabeth Taylor's last names.  I have lots of other 
fond memories in my "dept. of useless knowledge." 

--Take Care.  Bob Rector, '62 
From:  (57) 

>1.  Should we "disembargo" Cuba?  
Absolutely:  We will convert them with capitalism and 
cash.  Not to mention car collectors flocking to the 
Commie-ridden island to gobble up those 50s and 60s 
Chevies!  The Domino Theory will work: look at the 
Eastern Bloc ... East Germany.  Bohemia, etc. 
Havana goes back to the mob.  Open a chain of 
Kentucky Fried Chicken shops. Ain't life sweet. 
I feel better now. I feel better than James Brown. 
How do you feel? 

Tony T, Yumaville, AZ USA 
From: Steve Carson (58) ( 
Subj:  "GET LOCAL" 

For Gene Tosper: 

Well spoken.  I particularly agree with your "Get Local" 
statement.  Education and Welfare are two issues that 
should be driven to the lowest Levels of government. 
There is no reasonable role for the Federal Government 
in education.  My Brother-in-law just retired as Supt. of 
Schools for a large district in Michigan.  The Federal 
Regulations were so onerous that they always took the 
course of least resistance.  For example they just gave 
everyone free school breakfast and lunches since that 
was easier than setting up to qualify and administer 
the program. 

Steve Carson (58) 
From: Richard Epler (52)  ( 

I think our SANDBOX moderator, Al Parker, may trying 
to encourage us to expand our subject matter a bit.  In 
this spirit, I offer the following opinions: 

1.   Should we "disembargo" Cuba? 
Yes.  Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see 
where it's in anyone's National interests to continue 
the embargo of Cuba.  Communism is no longer a big 
threat.  Russia is no longer able to support Cuba.  The 
Cuban people are suffering big time.  Castro seems 
amenable to closer ties with the US, and it's really in 
our best interests to do what we can to help all who 
are as close to our shores as Cuba.  Interestingly 
enough, it seems it's mainly the "Cuban Americans" 
who want the embargo to continue. 

2.  Does The Executive Order process give too much 
"legislative" power to the president? 

No.  The EO process as it was initially conceived is 
necessary.  On the other hand, Clinton's 
unconstitutional use of the EO process is bad for the 
nation and needs to be challenged by the appropriate 
branch of Congress or the Judicial branch.  We 
shouldn't get rid of a good law because an unprincipled 
President chooses to corrupt it.  To do that implies we 
should get rid of the Constitution itself. 

Here's something I find most people don't know or 
understand very well.  None of our laws are validated 
until litigated ... and then the law is only validated in a 
very limited context.  This is not to say you or I should 
ignore a law we believe (or know) is unconstitutional ... 
it means only, that if we disagree, the proper recourse 
is to litigate.  On the other hand, we might simply take 
our chances and ignore the law in the hopes no one 
will press the point, which is what Clinton and many 
others do. 

Clinton knows that his use of EOs is often 
unconstitutional.  In a remarkable moment of candor, 
Clinton essentially stated that he considers the law, 
including the Constitution and his Oath of Office 
optional, when he acknowledged that his permanent 
appointment of Bill Lann Lee without Senate 
confirmation in December 1997 was "... not entirely 
constitutional."  Unfortunately, that tactic wouldn't work 
for you or I. 

Here's another fine point: You generally can't challenge 
a law unless you have "standing."  In the matter of 
EOs, only Congress or the Judicial Branch has 
standing and can challenge Clinton's use of EOs. 
Clinton knows this.  He also knows that it is highly 
unlikely that the AG (Reno), or anyone in Congress, is 
going to challenge his use of EOs.  To play the game, 
you gotta know the rules! 

But that's the "lawyer mentality" of core democrats 
that I contend is so harmful to our Nation.  This lawyer 
mentality is, at its core, a sophisticated use of the old 
dictum "The End Justifies the Means." *sigh> A 
dictum embraced by revolutionaries and terrorists 
throughout the world as justification for their unlawful 
acts.  It seems a complacent Congress won't protect 
us against a corrupt Executive branch ... unless, as 
John Northover would say, we elect NOT to be ignorant 
any more. 

3.   Should professional football reinstate Instant 

Probably, but not in its previous form.  I'm sure the 
officials are no better or worse than they've ever been. 
It's just that the technology used by the TV replay 
crews is so much quicker and better.  Nevertheless, 
the officials must have the last say.  This is not yet 
like the Roman Games where a popular "thumbs up" 
or "thumbs down" vote is requested.  Ideally, the 
officials get to view questionable plays before the 
fans do, then make their decision and move on as 
quickly as possible.  No one liked the delays incurred 
by the previous system. 

Dick Epler (52) 
From: (Ray Wells) (Class of '54) 

Since you asked, Al, 

1.   Should we "disembargo" Cuba?  Only when they 
are ready to convert to a democracy -- this probably 
means not until Fidel Castro is dead. 

2.   Does The Executive Order process give to much 
"legislative" power to the president?  Yes, the 
Executive Order process needs some limitations 
attached to how it can be used. 

3.   Should professional football reinstate Instant 
Replay?  This is the easiest one to answer. 
Absolutely, yes!  However, the number of instant 
replay requests should be limited to each team, like 
timeouts, and the plays to be reviewed should be linked 
to a first down or touchdown or significant penalty. 

By the way, I'd like to see the Y2K bug and 
Weather/Earth Changing events discussed in the 

-Ray Wells 
From:   Bob Mattson (64) 
Subj:   What, Oh, Ha!  Fans, Players, Cigars, 
Executive Zipper Has Not Escaped Hilary's Grasp. 
NBA Pay Per Dribble Plan Proposed, HMO's too 

Gosh gang, I've been pointed out in a crowd of two.  A 
Hillary hater?  What, oh ha!  Get a few drinks in her 
then watch out huh?  Hey Kathy 67, I'm on your side. 
Those other knuckle draggers are the ones to watch 
out for.  They have been very bad, and should be 
spanked for thinking Mrs. Bill is a poor excuse of 
womanhood in the 90's.  What fun, but she isn't even 
reading this so... 

#1.  [Regarding NBA going back to work.}  Being a 
shop steward for the teamsters for 15 years I know 
that the players folded like a six bounce inbound 
pass, they bailed, and, they are back. 

#2.  [Should Cuba be Disembargoed?]  Of course, 
embrace Cuba.  I have to go through hoops just to 
get a few cigars [a very subtle suicide] not to mention 
all those wonderful images of fruit hats and rum on a 
sunset beach. 

#3.  [Executive Order- Too Much Power?]  Excuse me, 
but that's why they call it the Executive Order, better 
that than a great swell of excitement and then an 
agreement, who listens to the fans anyway huh? 

#4.  [Should Instant Replay Be Reinstated?]  Only if 
they can rewind to the phony touchdown that put the 
Seahawks out of the playoff's. 

Is Hillary really happy anyway?  Has she been 
putting up with this zipper indulgence for a while? 
>From what I gather, she's not so dense that it has 
escaped her grasp over the years.  I'll play an NBA 
basketball game for oh, a $100.00, no, $600.00 a 
dribble, OK, how about $1500.00 and a piece of the 
concessions.  Yes, That's it, $15.00 beers and 
$22.75 burgers.  Does the public really care?  Well, 
What's the offer?  Let them fall where they may, 
bomber Tuna, 64.  Lets start up on HMO's, 7% 
increase this year alone. OK? 
-Bob Mattson 
Subj:    Y2K Glitch 
From:    John M. Allen (66) 
Reply to: 


Microsoft announced today that there will be an 
unexpected delay in the release of the newest 
version of their popular browser software.   Due 
to a slight glitch, the "Windows 2000" program will be 
delayed until the first quarter of 1901. 
From: Becky Downey (73)  ( 
To: (Gary B.) 
[From a Bomber Web Site Guest Book] 

Hi Gary and Maren, 

I want to thank you again for all your effort and work 
on this wonderful site!!  I'm really enjoying all the 
readings from past and present alumni!! 

I know the Clinton thing is big right now, but is 
anybody else besides me getting a little tired of this 
whole thing???  It's 1999.  Can we find something 
brighter and more positive to start talking about?? 
I'm sorry if I offend anyone, I'm just sick of hearing 
about it all the time and then reading it here too.  It 
has been interesting, though, to read all the different 

Take care and thanks again! 

-Becky Tonning Downey (73) 

[Believe us, We feel your pain, Becky, but comments 
about the "Clinton thing" are likely to continue as 
long as Clinton does.  As one news commentator 
always used to say, "And That's The Way It Is." 
But believe this please: We certainly welcome also, 
the bright, the positive, the beautiful and whatever 
else you wish to talk about.  If anything you have to 
say is worth saying anywhere, it's well worth 
saying here.  WE ARE LISTENING TO YOU! 
Remember this also: Wherever you are in the 
world, right now, you are also here.  And regardless 
of how heated some of the exchanges may seem 
What could be more POSITIVE than that? 

-Al Parker,  YOUR SANDBOX coordinator.] 
(or more), if you like, and tell us what you think. 

1.    Any ideas on how to preserve SOCIAL SECURITY? 


Some think effects are begining to appear well ahead 
of 12:01 AM, January 1, 2000.  How about 
your bank accounts,  your computer, your VCR, your 
source of power, your water supply, your Ferbie doll? 
How will the sewers be functioning? What about 
computer controlled medical equipment. What about 
inaccesable  imbedded chips in systems that are not 
Y2K compliant?  Are nearby nuclear  reactors secure? 
Will there be automatic shutdowns or meltdowns when 
the year "00" is interpreted to mean 1900, not 2000? 
What about our military, what about sattelites, what 
about global positioning abilites, communications, radio, 
TV?  What about your car?  Will you be able to buy 
groceries and gasoline?  Will your employment 
collapse?  Does it concern you at all that Pacific Power 
is trying to sell itself off shore to an Irish company? 
Would it be prudent to make a few preparations, just 
in case?  What steps would be reasonable to take 
for the safety, health, comfort and security of yourself 
and your family? 
That's it for this issue of The Sandbox, folks. 
My personal thanks to everyone who has contributed 
to this issue of THE SANDBOX. 

--Al Parker (53)   -- Sandbox Coordinator -- 

THE SANDBOX  ~  Issue #23 ~ January 16, 1999 

      "I do not mind lying but I hate inaccuracy." 
             ---Samuel Butler 1835-1902 

Mike Franco (70), Kathy Rathvon (63), 
Ray Wells (54), Ken Heminger (56), 
Peggy Hartnett (72), Steve Carson (58), 
Alan Porter (67), Shannon Lamarche (82), 
Jerry Lewis  (73), Patty Stordahl (72), 
Norma Loescher Boswell (53). 
Exchange Your Opinions, Your Ideas, and Your 
Responses with Richland Alumni All Around The 
From: Mike Franco (70) ( 

Hi everyone...I want to address some questions and 
issues raised concerning some of my comments of 
the recent past: 

Tony Sharpe....Marc and I are brothers (although 
neither of us admitted it until a few years ago)...and 
yes, we DID live in the Richland Village, on 
MacMurray.. was back in the late 50's...Marc would 
know the years. 

Dick spent a lot of words and thought 
explaining to a lot of fellow Bombers what I, my 
brother and Democrats in general think and feel.  I, 
for one am flattered!  I found your words interesting and 
revealing as you point out many things about my 
thoughts and feelings that never knew before.  I have 
always envied those of you who can be so comfortable 
in the absolute rightness of one political party and the 
absolute wrongness of another.  It must make one's 
entire outlook so easy and simple.  Once that is totally 
and blindly acceptable, life can be as simple as labeling 
and bucketing all ideas, world events and (especially) 
people into one category or another then attack the 
label as all good or bad, black or white, up or down...... 
An example is your statement that I feel Democrats 
are... " more compassionate than Republicans...."  I 
never used the word COMPASSIONATE and it is a 
word I would NEVER use to describe ANY large group 
of people, let alone an entire political party! 

Dick, some of your statements are absolutely 
fascinating..."Most prominent Republicans have strong 
character...most prominent Democrats have good 
image but often have poor character... "WOW!!!  Is that 
a serious statement? You just did that bucketing thing. 
I am truly encouraged that there are 25 million people 
identified with good character out there (and people 
worry about finding good baby sitters !!!) and that they 
conveniently all reside in the same political party.  If we 
ever have a Republican National Convention in Seattle 
we can all leave our cars unlocked!  (Sorry Dick.... I 
AM struggling with this, help me out.) 

Also you wrote the words..."Hollywood inspired 
Democratic Party... "I fly a lot on business so I do see 
a lot of movies on airplanes, but some of them have 
guys like Charleton Heston in they count? 

To close...I DO have relatively (all this is relative, 
everyone) libleral political philosophies. However, I 
have given myself permission to feel ANY way I want 
on any issue I want.  I admit that my political positions 
are much stronger concerning ISSUES (positions) 
than PEOPLE (politicians). I reserve the right to decide 
who I attach myself to and refuse to allow others to do 
it for me. 

One attribute that appears common to both vocal 
liberals and vocal conservatives....they both seem to 
be absolute experts on EACH OTHER....what the other 
guy thinks, wants, believes...... 

And finally, to all of us...don't drop out of The Sandbox 
(as some recently have).....For any of us to cease 
exposing ourselves to opposing views truely would be 
a tragedy.....keep it coming, we ALL need this!!! 

--Mike Franco 
From: Kathy Rathvon 
Subject: DEM REPUBS 

To Jerry Trosper: 

It's not the American public that is caught up 
in the Jerry Springer mentality, It's the repubs. 
From: Patty Stordahl (72) 

For what it is worth & in my opinion- 
Incredibly well thought out & written. 
Powerful in it's ability to cause a reasonable brain to 
think.  Very inspiring.  Are you a politician?  LOL 
I will be looking for more from you. 

Thank you for sharing your space with someone else. 
Good bye have a great life.  I am not paranoid just 
level headed & think rationally & logically. 
Hillary is spineless & needy & thrives on marital abuse 
& infidelity. 
OR Hillary really wants to train Chelsea that 
she deserves a lying scum for a father to her potential 
children & husband. 
OR Hillary just doesn't give a damn about any one but 
Hillary & her Insatiable climb for power. 
I for one don't believe men are paranoid over an 
insecure, overachiever nor [do I] think she is smart. 
Power hungry, starved for public recognition maybe, 
but "Hillary & smart" are like "oil & water."  Degrees & 
colleges don't produce smarts in my neck of the woods. 
Common sense & decency prevail.  Hey Dick want to 
go have coffee?  On me. 

-Patty Stordahl 
Subj:   Old White Guys 
From: (Ray Wells) (54) 

For John Allen. 

Thanks for your comments about Kathy's comment 
about "Old White Guys."  On first glance I thought 
Kathy was taking about Dick Epler and myself. 
From: Ken Heminger (56) 
Subject: MY 2 CENTS WORTH 

First let me say up front that I'm not glib and do not 
have the gift of expressing myself as some I have seen, 
but I have some thoughts that I would like to share. I 
have become a C-SPAN junky and I must admit I have 
had to buy me a sponge rubber brick so I can throw it 
at the TV when I listen to the liberal distortions of truth. 

I'm sure most will understand what I'm talking about so 
I'll not get into that. I have heard many say that we 
should not pry into Clinton's sex life. And that what 
happens in his bedroom we should not be concerned 
with. I totally agree.  What happens in his bedroom is 
his business. But.... ! What happens in the White 
house, be it in the Oval Office or a hall way is my 
business. The thing that gets me is Clinton had heads 
of state waiting in the garden while he and Monica 
were doing their thing. Had these heads of state knew 
what was going on they could have walked out and we 
would have an international incident on our hands. 
Private affair? I don't think so! Then there was the time 
hewas talking to a senator on the phone (while getting 
serviced) about sending troops to Bosnia.  I can see the 
possibilities here also. "Mr. President should we send 
more troops into harms way?" Clinton replies "Yes 
YES!, Ohh God, Yeeess" Far fetched? yes,  but with 
this guy who knows. All in all it shows total disrespect 
for the job and his office.  It gives me great cause to 
wonder why more attention was not given to these facts. 
The way the liberals defend Clinton with the "All the 
allegations against him have not been proven" just 
shows that what is obvious to a conservative is gray 
water to a liberal. The following story demonstrates a 
possible liberal conclusion to an obvious situation.  A 
guy had suspicions that his wife was cheating on him 
while he was out of town on business.  He hired a 
private detective to watch her while he was gone on 
one of his weekend business trips.  When he returned 
he contacted the Private detective and asked what he 
had found out.  "Well," the detective said, "about an 
hour after you left a guy came to your house and your 
wife let him in.  I went to a window where I could see 
inside and I could see them sitting on the couch talking. 
Then the guy gets up brings out some wine, while she 
puts a record on and they begin to drink and dance. 
After about an hour of this the guy picks up your wife 
and carries her into the bedroom.  I ran to the bedroom 
window where I could watch some more."  The husband 
asks "What are they doing now?"  The detective says, 
"They are standing in front of the bed and slowly 
removing each others cloths, after which they promptly 
jumped into bed.  The husband asks again what did 
they do next.  The detective replies "I don't know, your 
wife reached up and turned out the light and I couldn't 
see any more."  The husband says, "Damn there's 
always that element of doubt." 

---Ken Heminger 
>From Peggy Hartnett ('72) 
Subject: Re: THE SANDBOX Issue#21 1/6/99 

Dear Al, 
Happy New Year, I was wondering if your hard drive has 
melted from the heat. A few quick notes: "No" to the 
Instant Replay.  Please let humans make the few calls 
that are left to us and as far as I am concerned, don't 
let the networks show us.  It just causes unnecessary 
angst---like there isn't enough. 


To John Northover-surrogate big brother--did you have 
to hold your breath to get that all out in one fell swoop? 
Wow, and will you be on our spelling bee team? 
Seriously, I agree with you about the deplorable state 
of American intelligence.  Everyone should spend a little 
time in the service industry, any doubts or warm-fuzzies 
one might harbor disappear pretty quickly, per example, 
what is the proper response to someone standing in the 
lobby of your business, bellowing "We come to eat." 
Come to think of it, I'm not sure there is a proper 
response to some of these situations. 

Here at home in AZ our Congressman Jim Kolbe was 
outed a while back by a gay paper, I think The New 
York Native.  Jim had a woman companion who 
accompanied him on his campaigning for many of his 
elections, never said she was his wife, never said he 
preferred the company of men either.  So the other day 
he is quoted vis a vis Clinton, "He lied."  All I can say is 

"hum."  I remember Sister Margaret Joan drilling us on 
sins of omission vs commission--they're equally bad 
as I recall.  Granted most of us aren't violating the 
constitution of the US, just a more basic standard- 
ethical behavior.  Anyone want to hold themselves to 
that standard all the time? 

Before we go down the well-trodden road again-I know 
we are talking politics and given that it is being played 
out in the Constitutionally mandated fashion, let's let it 
be for a while and deal with the fact that it won't make 
a damn bit of difference what you or I think, it is not up 
to us. 

The other thing that is not up to us is how to spend our 
tax dollars.  I have always wanted the IRS to include a 
blank pie chart with our returns and let us fill it in as to 

how we would like to have the taxes divided, they could 
even offer categories.  I realize this would be another 
exercise in futility, but I would love to see the difference 

or similarity between what our choices would be and 
how they actually get spent.  I don't think you need to be 
a rocket scientist-or a nuclear engineer, as it were, to 
question the government's willingness to trust us to 
make those decisions. 

Best wishes for 1999 to us all, remember: cash in small 
bills and water.  Maybe all those fallout shelters weren't 
such a bad idea! 

--Peggy Hartnett 
From: Steve Carson (58) 

Cuba: Yes we should lift the embargo and establish 
a positive diplomatic relationship.  We need another 
cruise ship destination to relieve the congestion. 

Instant Replay: Yes it should be reinstated with the 
charging of a time out to a coach asking for a review. 

Executive Orders: The Congress can reverse. 
Sunshine on his (Clinton's) actions is the best 

Global warming: I find it interesting how there can 
be expert scientific testimony on both sides with no 
consensus.  It's six below in Chicago with 26" of 
snow on the ground. 

--Steve Carson 
From: Alan Porter (67) 
Subject: Corporate Welfare 

I'd like to thank all the people who have been sooo 
kind to help me out with my identity problem.  It seems 
that all this discussion about liberals/conservatives, 
democrats/republicans has pretty well defined who I 
really am.  FYI I am a democrat who typically votes 
democrat and I am actually able to sleep quite well at 

I would like to correct some misinformation: John Allen 
wrote "If the Dems lose this impeachment and removal 
battle, they will have lost the last of the three 
institutions they controlled when Clinton took office" I 
agree that they have lost the house and the senate but 
if Clinton is removed it still leaves a democrat as 

I'm also somewhat confused by David McAdie's 
comments, "Three words should scare the hell 
out of all of us --- President Al Gore!!!!"  "I am actually 
more disturbed by his 'suspiciously' silent wife Tipper." 
[Sure--]--bet old tipper is up to some type of dirty tricks 
and would be pretty awful as 1st lady. Maybe Ken Starr 
should look into what she's been doing - you never can 
tell about those Demos. 

Personally I'd prefer to have Al Gore as president.  I do 
believe that Clinton lied and the appropriate response 
would be to indict him on perjury and send it to trial. 
This trial would take place after he finished his 
presidency.  But if we must go through the trial and the 
republicans help more demos get elected - you won't 
get any complaints from me. 

I would encourage everyone to pull out their Time 
magazine from Nov 9 to Nov 30 1998.  Time reporters 
did an 18 month investigation of Corporate Welfare. 
The following quotes are taken from over those issues. 
"A TIME investigation uncovers how hundreds of 
companies get on the dole--and why it costs every 
working American the equivalent of two weeks' pay 
every year."  "How would you like to pay only a quarter 
of the real estate taxes you owe on your home? And 
buy everything for the next 10 years without spending 
a single penny in sales tax?  Keep a chunk of your 
paycheck free of income taxes? Have the city in which 
you live lend you money at rates cheaper than any 
bank charges?  Then have the same city install free 
water and sewer lines to your house, offer you a 
perpetual discount on utility bills--and top it all off by 
landscaping your front yard at no charge?" "The 
Federal Government alone shells out $125 billion a 
year in corporate welfare, this in the midst of one of 
the more robust economic periods in the nation's 
history." and finally "The justification for much of this 
welfare is that the U.S. government is creating jobs ... 
Bechtel, Boeing, General Electric and McDonnell 
Douglas (now a part of Boeing)--tell another story. At 
these companies, which have accounted for about 40% 
of all  loans, grants and long-term guarantees in this 
decade, overall employment has fallen 38%, as more 
than a third of a million jobs have disappeared." 

Congress decided two years ago to cut welfare to 
individuals because it didn't work and only kept people 
dependent on the government.  It seems to me if all you 
Republicans were truly interested in smaller government 
you would encourage your congressman to stop giving 
billions of dollars to corporations and we might even 
be able to get a tax cut. 

--Alan Porter 
From: Shannon Lamarche (82) 
Subject: Y2K Glitch 

We would all have more time to talk about things other 
than the Y2K problem if the whole world would switch to 
Macintosh!  Apple solved this problem 15 years ago. 
From: Jerry Lewis  (73) 
Subject: FURBIES & ETC. 

Regarding the post about "ferbies(sic) and Y2K": 

Whenever a post says "this is not a joke" or some 
variation ("this is not a chain letter, this is for real," 
you can almost discount it out of hand as being a hoax. 
Furthermore, you might expect an employee of the 
company that produces them to spell it right (Furby). 
And how likely is it that the chip in a Furby knows 
what time it is to begin with, let alone cares when the 
Y2K happens.  It's possible, but unlikely.  And even if 
it's true, how many Furbys out today are still going to 
be functional or of interest in a year?  Ha, it is a joke! 
We're back at the beginning of my argument. 

I was going to contribute to the Clinton exchange, but 
don't have time now.  Maybe later. 

Jerry  Lewis (73)  *  * 
           (Norma Loescher Boswell) (53) 

[Just when you might have thought you'd heard the 
last of our discussions on the subject of Senior 
Drivers, I couldn't resist passing along this "Report 
>From The Field" that someone sent to Norma. -ap] 

As a senior citizen was driving down the freeway, his 
car phone rang.  Answering, he heard his wife's voice 
urgently warning him, "Herman, I  just heard on the 
news that there's a car going the wrong way on I-82. 
Please be careful!" 

"Hell," said Herman, "It's not just one car. It's 
hundreds of them!" 
(or more if you like), and tell us what you think.  Or 
ask for information on any subject about which you 
would like to be better informed.  Chances are good 
there are fellow alumni out there who will have the info 
you need on just about anything. 

1.    HOW ABOUT "THEM" HMO'S?  Too expenseive? 
Too limited?  Too intrusive?  Too selective?  No 
complaints at all?  Good or bad experiences? 

$1 million dollars.)  Where will you go.  What will you do? 

3.  Here's a Question some of you might enjoy 
ACTUALLY BEGIN? (There MAY be more than two 
opinions on that.) 
That's it for this issue of The Sandbox, folks. 
My personal thanks to everyone who has contributed 
to this issue of THE SANDBOX. "If WE aren't talkin' 
about what  YOU wanna talk about, WHO are YOU 
going to blame?" 
See ya next time! 

--Al Parker (53)   -- Sandbox Coordinator -- 

THE SANDBOX  ~ Issue #24 ~ January 17, 1999 

"Ah! don't say that you agree with me.  When people 
   agree with me I always feel that I must be wrong." 

--Oscar Wilde  1854-1900 

RHS/ColHi Alumni Sharing Thoughts and Measuring 
The Universe With You Today: 
Flossie McCoy Hatfield (GED), Robert Shipp (64), 
Marv Carstens ('61), Tony Tellier (57), 
John M. Allen (66),  Steve Carson (58), 
Ron Richards ('63), Carol (Wiley) Wooley (63) 
Exchange Your Opinions, Your Ideas, and Your 
Responses with Richland Alumni All Around The 
         Let Us Know What's Eating You! 
From:  Flossie McCoy Hatfield (GED) 
Subj:  Why The Cost of Postage Went UP 

Dear friends and Bomber Family, 

It's time I got in touch with you all to let you know 
what's been happening.  So I thought I'd better get 
this letter out right after the postage went up, 
hoping it would get better service than under the old 
postage rates.  You see, when Hector, our local mail 
dude, dropped all the outgoing mail down into the town 
outhouse hole it kind of raised a stink hereabouts.  I 
guess the reason the rate's went up is cause they had 
to pay big money to get Clyde Herkel to go down and 
get all them postcards and letters and things out of the 
hole and clean them up a bit before putting them back 
into the delivery system with all that postage way past 

We got a new mail person now, since the visiting 
Postmaster Inspector General, (PIG), used the town 
privy, during the use of which, associated with what he 
was doing in the privy, caused one of the talking 
Christmas cards down below to start singing Christmas 
Carols.  Of course the Postmaster Inspector General, 
(PIG), jumped up quick and ran out of there like the 
Devil was chasing him, thinking the outdoor biffy was 
haunted.  Further investigation by the PIG revealed the 
cause of the haunting.  So that's why Hector Hoople, 
our beloved mail dude for so many years, is no longer 
shucking out the mail hereabouts no more.  And that is 
why also it costs a penny more to mail this here letter 
to you than it would have, had I done it a couple of 
weeks ago. 

I hope you all are doing well.  Please write me when 
you get work.  The well is working fine and the wood is 
piled high and we've got plenty of candles on hand.  We 
got a couple of elk on the rack right now and are salting 
them down real good.  There is plenty of kerosene for 
our lamps, no plumbing to worry about, and boy, do we 
feel sorry for all them suckers out there with their 
outdoor biffys on the inside, (How fowl can you get?), 
and needing electric power lines to keep things 
going around their place.  I know not what course those 
poor souls may take, but as for me and my darling 
hubby, Chubb, we are ready already for Y2K.  We 
don't worry about no global warming, neither, so long 
as we got each other to hold on to. 

Now, as soon as we can raise the money to buy 
another one of them high-priced postage stamps, I will 
write again and tell them lying hummers in Washington 
how to run the government. 

I hope you all get this letter OK.  Please let me know if 
you don't.  Chubb says "howdy" and Hector Hoople, 
Pasco Hi (67), is lookin' for a job if ya know of any. 

Love to ya all! 

From: Robert Shipp (64) 
Subject: Slick Willie & Premature Evacuation 

I have to agree with David McAdie's(79) observation that 
the worst consequence of Bill Clinton  leaving office 
prematurely (voluntarily or otherwise) would be the head 
start it would give to Al "Treehugger" Gore on the 2000 
election (talk about your Y2K horrors!).  I personally 
believe Clinton's actions meet the constitutional 
requirements for removal, but I really hope he isn't.   If 
the Republicans were truly acting in a partisan fashion, 
they would do everything in their power to avoid that 

Regardless of your political slant, you have to admit that 
Mr. Clinton is probably the most brilliant politician in 
century.  Consider what he has accomplished:  He 
managed to win the most powerful office in the world, 
even though the overwhelming majority of the electorate 
believed the allegations about his womanizing, draft 
dodging, pot smoking, and participation in 
anti-American demonstrations overseas.  After vetoing 
several budgets passed by Congress, when the 
Republicans refused to go along with his "play by my 
rules or I'll take my ball and go home" attitude and 
continue to spend unbudgeted money, he was able to 
put the blame on them for shutting down the government. 
After months and years of  stonewalling, lying and 
stalling, he convinced the public to be angry with Ken 
Starr for dragging out the investigation. After admitting 
to  lying under oath, lying to his family, and lying to the 
American people, he still has a large majority of the 
public believing he is doing a good job. 

I am firmly convinced that Slick Willie could be caught 
on video tape cavorting naked with a half dozen 
schoolgirls on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and 
still find a way to convince the general public that the 
Republicans are to blame. 

--Robert Shipp (64) 
From: Marv Carstens (61) 
Subject: Clinton, et. al. 

Let's examine (in a bi-partisan display of fairness, 
PLEASE) some of the recent B.S. that has 
emanated from Washington, D.C.: 

1.  The violent crime rate is the lowest that it has been 
in 30 years, thanks to Clinton's Anti-Crime bill of 1994. 
(I don't know about the city you live in, but here in the 
Pacific-Northwest, according to local police department 
statistics, the violent crime rate is up by anywhere from 
8-21% in large population areas, and more than that in 
many medium and smaller centers.  Maybe it's a 
situation peculiar to our part of the U.S. ... anyone else, 
from anywhere else, give me some info from their 

2.  Employment is up, to near record numbers, thanks 
to the Democratic party's aggressive actions on behalf of 
the nation's workforce.  (How much of that is full-time, 
with benefits such as medical insurance, retirement, 
share options, etc., which was THE definition of 'full-time 
employment' from post-Korea through the mid 90-s? 
How many people are working two, three or more jobs 
to keep their heads afloat and provide for their families? 
How are YOU doing?) 

3.  The economy is moving along at terrific rates, and 
the nation is in a new era of prosperity [paraphrased 
from several news sources over the past few months]. 
(The bankruptcy rate is higher than in any other time in 
our nation's history, personal debt is staggering, the 
stock market is exhibiting knee-jerk reactions to crises 
around the world, the nation is playing a losing 
cat-and-mouse game with Saddam Hussein, costing 
millions of dollars daily.) 

4.  In the infinite wisdom of the 'collective' mindset, the 
new head football coach of the U of W is to be paid 
$1M+/year for the next several years while the top 
professors in academia get about $50,000 yearly. 

People ... what are we being 'fed' by the news media? 
Does anyone else notice a disturbing similarity to 
German 'news releases' from the early-to-mid 30's to 
those of today, right here in the U.S.?  Do we, as a 
country dedicated to equality, individual freedom and 
rights of the common man, have our priorities in 

Where are we going? 

Marv Carstens ('61) 
From: Tony Tellier (57) 

For: Peggy Hartnett 
Ref: Jim Kolbe 

Peggy said"     Here at home in AZ our Congressman 
Jim Kolbe was outed a while back by a gay paper, 
I think The New York Native.  Jim had a woman 
companion who accompanied him on his campaigning 
for many of his elections, never said she was his wife, 
never said he preferred the company of men either.>>> 

How interesting!  I am/was an AZ resident and "know" 
of Kolbe ... as a political name.  Did this "outing" get 
any Phx paper press at all?  If "No," why not?  If so, 
what was the reaction ... or better yet, so what? 

Tony Yuma 
From: John M. Allen (66) 
Subject: Conversing with Alan Porter (67) 

Alan, you were absolutely, 100% on target with your 
correction of my statement in Issue #17 of the 
SANDBOX - seriously!  I'm just disappointed that it 
took this long for some Democrat (I won't call you 
a "lib" because you sound more intelligent than that) 
to fall into my little trap.  The point was to get a 
Clinton apologist, liberal, or just plain Democrat to 
jump on that bait and thereby admit that impeachment 
and conviction of Bubba would NOT, in fact, be the 
"coup d'état," the "overturning of two elections," or the 
"right wing putsch" that so many Clinton defenders have 
been whining about for weeks.  It would simply be the 
cleaning up of a badly soiled office and replacement 
with an adequate temp from the same political party 
who would hopefully set a less offensive example for 
the nation to follow. 

As for der Schlickmeister, I'm sorry for any pain you 
are experiencing while watching your ox being gored, 
but Bubba deserves everything he is currently getting. 
Unfortunately, it looks as though he won't get 
everything he deserves.  That IS the unspoken prayer 
of all politicians; not to be the recipient of what they 
truly deserve.  You know, of course, that with the 
demographics in the jurisdiction where Bubba would be 
indicted and tried after leaving office, he stands less 
chance than Marion Barry of ever being convicted of a 
crime.  So much for justice in America. 

Don't fall off your chair, but I agree completely with the 
elimination of Corporate Welfare.  Corporations 
NEVER pay taxes anyway.  They just collect them. 

---John Allen (66) 
From: Steve Carson (58) 

Mike Franco:    Well said, issues must be the focus 
and the constant heated hyperbole must be screened 
out.  I consider myself a conservative and though I tend 
to vote Republican hesitate to wear that label.  Rather 
than assuming I know what others think,  I just can't 
understand how issues which appear to be black and 
white, can be so effectively spun. 

-Steve Carson 
From: Ron Richards ('63) 

For: Ken Heminger: 

You might be short changing yourself with your two 
cents worth.  Your private detective story might have 
been worth twice that much to some people.  It might 
have even sent shivers up the spines of Henry Hyde, 
Robert Barr, and John Livingston, and joy to the heart 
of Larry Flynt. 

To Steve Carson: 

There is a consensus among scientists that global 
warming resulting from human impacts is very probably 
occurring.  Those who want you to blindly ignore that 
probability are those who also want you to think 
that there is no concessus on the issue. 

There is also a reason why there is expert scientific 
opinion on both sides of the issue.  The coal industry 
has deep pockets.  Just as the Bonneville Power 
Administration can hire "experts" to testify that dam 
reservoirs help salmon by making it easier for the 
salmon to swim upstream (imagine how those millions 
of salmon that used to spawn in the Columbia River 
must have so miserably struggled to swim upstream 
far beyond where Grand Coulee Dam now is for those 
thousands of years before man built the dams), the 
coal industry can hire "experts" who attempt to 
challenge the overwhelming scientific evidence 
supporting the consensus. 

A minus six temperature in Chicago with twenty-six 
inches of snow on the ground should not give you too 
much confidence that global warming is not occurring. 
First, as the consensus so frequently points out, 
temperatures over one year, let alone one day, mean 
very little on this issue.  It is the trend that matters, 
considered in the light of what the earth's temperature 
would have been with naturally occurring cycles.  The 
bottom line is that the earth's temperatures are warming 
at an unprecedented rate during a period where a 
cooling trend should naturally be occurring.  Second, if 
you think this winter has been cold, check out energy 
prices and gas storage inventories.  It's really no secret 
that this winter has been unusually warm. 

Third, twenty-six inches of snow on the ground should 
not give you too much confidence that global warming is 
not occurring.  High relative humidities, with resultant 
high rates of precipitation, are an effect of global 

Finally, if you're still here and if you are genuinely 
interested in global warming, I suggest that you read 
some of the speeches of John Browne, the CEO of BP 
Amoco.  Although Mr. Browne operates in an industry 
where you risk all influence by suggesting even the 
most remote connection between energy consumption 
and global warming, Mr. Browne has very responsibly 
taken the position that now is the time for precautionary 
action because the evidence supporting global warming 
is mounting.  He also recognizes an opportunity for profit 
resulting from precautionary actions due to increased 
efficiencies and better public relations.  See / world issues / climate change/ 

Have a warm and pleasant day. 

--Ron Richards 
[Widely reported in the news: 1998, (worldwide 
aggregate), was the hottest year on record. -ed.] 
From:  Carol (Wiley) Wooley (63) 
Subj:   Let's Talk About Something Else. 

The Presidential bashing is getting SOOOOOO boring! 
He screwed up, (which of course none of us has ever 
done), he has been found out by the world, his life and 
I believe, marriage is pretty screwed up.  Can we 
please get out of Bill's life and go on with ours??!!! 

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, but 
could we possibly have opinions on something else? 
Is it just possible that there are some other serious 
issues that could be of interest?  Suggestions: the 
Veteran's Administration, medical costs in our country, 
AIDS Research, Censorship, Parental Rights regarding 
minors in Washington State. 

Be brave fellow alumni, don't just go along with the 
crowd....discuss something the news media doesn't 
want to talk about! 

P.S. The donkey was in the stable when Christ was 
born, where was the elephant?? 

Carol (Wiley) Wooley 
What would you like to talk about or hear discussed? 

What do you think about playing baseball with Cuba? 
Seen any movies worth seeing?  Read any books worth 
reading?  Visited any Web Sites worth visiting?  What 
do you think the ever-nearer Y2K is going to bring? 
Is Global Warming just a cycular thing?  How about 
some of the topics suggested by Carol (Wiley) Wooley, 
such as the the Veteran's Administration, medical 
costs in our country, AIDS Research, Censorship, or 
Parental Rights regarding minors in Washington State? 
Tell us how you feel about things that are important to 
you, exciting, or just plain fun to talk about. We are 
listening!  Thanks, everyone, for your participation, 
both as readers and writers in Your Sandbox forum! 
See you again, soon! 

--Al Parker - Sandbox Coordinator

THE SANDBOX ~ Issue #25 ~ January 22, 1999 

  "To be or not to be.  That IS the question." 
             --- William Shakespeare 

     "Well, that depends on what IS is." 
             --- William Clinton 

Historical Marker: Clinton Impeachment Trial 
Continues.  The written Questions are what IS. 
RHS/ColHi Alumni Sharing Thoughts and 
Measuring The Universe With You Today: 
Mike Franco (70), Ray Wells (54), 
Don Ehinger (54), Gene Trosper (84), 
William L. Porter  (68), Dick Wight (52), 
Dick Epler  (52), Dustin Rector (88), 
John Northover (59) 
Exchange Your Opinions, Your Ideas, and Your
Responses with Richland Alumni All Around The 
Let Us Know What YOU are thinking, what you are 
feeling, what YOU are doing, and if you should so 
choose, what YOU are eating today! 
From: Mike Franco (70) 
Subject: The Town Square 

Hello everyone...a few responses to past issues of this 
town square of ours...(Richland never really had a 
"working" town square, did it ?)... 

1) To all: When one wants to do character damage to 
another, labeling him a "pot smoker" and /or "draft 
dodger" merely lumps that individual in with millions of 
others demographically.  I do not support either 
activity.. but reality is that during certain periods 
millions did.... and those that are comfortable with 
reality know it, those that hide from reality become 
senators and congressman and even presidents! 

2) To Marv a relatively liberal person 
(me), your statements are really interesting....UW 
football coach grossly overpaid when "top profs are 
only making $ profs make more than that 
but your point implies that SOMEONE (the 
government ???) needs to fix our priorities???.......The 
economy is growing, doing great, with very low 
unemployment BUT how many of these jobs have full 
benefits, etc.......great point....but this sounds like 
typical bleeding heart liberal pabulum to me (I learned 
some of that from John Allen during Husky football 
games !).....Violent crime rates are NOT really down 
but are up in the Pacific Northwest 8-21%...the 
numbers I see shows much of the most violent crime 
(murder, rape) IS down, but is your point that all the 
right wing conservatives our there who are claiming 
that "Three-Strikes- Yer-Out" legislation has driven 
crime rates down are just smoking something 
(oops, sorry) ??? 

The wonder of most real issues is that once we label 
each other, then politicize the issue we really do start 
sounding like each other!!!  My god, that could lead to 

And to my pal John...are you still "setting traps" out 

-Mike Franco 
Subj:    Moving Beyond Clinton 
From: (Ray Wells) (54) 

I'll try to put a bottom line to this impeachment thing so 
we can move on: 
1. It's not about sex 
2. it's not about removing Clinton from office 
3. It's not about partisanship 

It's about having one set of laws for the rulers and 
another set of laws for the ruled.  It's about sentencing 
116 Americans to prison for lying under oath (many of 
these lies were about sex) and exempting William 
Jefferson Clinton. 

We used to see an American Indian standing on a 
cliff with a tear dripping down his face, as he observed 
how we have polluted the land, the rivers, and the air. 

I now envision Thomas Jefferson, with a tear dripping 
down his face as he sees how we have polluted the 
Constitution of the United States, because he was well 
aware that having one set of laws for the rulers and 
another set of laws for the ruled, amounts to a 
dictatorship, and once we have this, all those 
Americans who gave their lives fighting for freedom, 
from the revolutionary war forward, have died in vain. 

--Ray Wells 
From: Don Ehinger (54) 
Subject:  Said Well 

To Mike Franco (70) 

Well Said! 
From: Gene Trosper (84) 
Subject: Bi-Partisanship Follies 

Just finished reading another issue of the [Sandbox.] 
Great reading always! 

Marv Carstens employed the much-repeated phrase 
"bi-partisan" in a missive regarding the "B.S. emanating 
from Washington."  While I pretty much agree that 
most, (actually, everything!), of what emanates from the 
beltway is B.S., I'd have to make an exception with the 
usage of "bi-partisanship." 

I submit partisanship is not only a good thing, but 
something to actively employ philosophically and 

Partisanship is essentially what separates political 
idealism (i.e., Republicans from Democrats).  How are 
we to honestly assess what any given politician or 
political party professes or hold as ideals, if 
partisanship is wiped away?  You cannot. 
Bi-partisanship consists of melding, not separating. 

It may sound cynical to say this, but in essence, we 
already have a bi-partisan political machine in place. 
Both parties are essentially the same in political 
idealism, which is: CENTRISM, politics of pragmatism 
and poll numbers. 

Philosophically, I am an individualist, politically, I am 
Libertarian.  This allows me a chance to view the 
political goings-on from a unique vantage point.  I agree 
with the old assessment that "there ain't a dime's worth 
of difference" between political parties.  Both operate 
on a collectivist bent. 

The only means of discerning between the two parties 
are through the "radical left" and the "radical right" 
fringes of the two majors.  The radicals tend to more 
honestly reflect what their respective philosophies are 
supposed to be.  Bi-partisanship only blurs the 
distinctions until a homogenous philosophy is created. 

Secondly, I argue that bi-partisanship is primarily used 
as a "let's be fair" political tactic by the minority 
political organization, in this case, the Democrats. 

Partisanship may not seem "fair," but to keep politics 
on the level and philosophically honest, (we don't want 
sheep in wolves' clothing, do we?), we must demand 
clear partisan differences.  The real fairness that 
emerges will be the fairness for citizens, who will not 
be fooled by false philosophy by our representatives. 

Enough for now. 

--Gene Trosper 
From: William L. Porter  (68) 
Subject: Social Security Means Testing 

I am interested in peoples' thoughts of implementing 
means testing for social security.  Do you think you 
should be denied S.S. benefits because you thought 
ahead to your retirement and have a 'healthy' income 
from your investments and retirement funds? 

If you were 'secure' in your finances, would you 
decide to not collect S.S. benefits just to help it stay 
solvent?  Or would you take anything the government 
would give you, whether you needed it or not? 

William L. Porter 
From: Dick Wight (52) 
Subj:   Salmon Be Dammed? 

RE Ron Richard's comments in issue #24.  Gee, 
Ron ... it's at least twice you've got on the "dam" issue 
about salmon.  As a kid (before your time) I chased 
spawning chinook or coho salmon (too young & 
inexperienced to know which) up and down Crow Creek 
in the eastern Cascades.  I still see a few Chinook up in 
the American River, over 300 freshwater miles from the 
Pacific.  As an adult, I spent a number of years chasing 
errant commercial/professional fishermen of several 
nationalities...Russians, Japanese, Koreans, 
Canadians...Americans included, American Indians 
included...illegally fishing the hell out of the species 
wherever they could find them, including a 100-mile line 
of gill nets strung along the 180th in the Bering Sea, 
helpless to do anything but keep them west of the line. 
I also helped capture some Japanese gillnetters hauling 
'em in by the thousands, in violation of international 
treaty, in the Gulf of Alaska.  They abandoned their float 
nets, miles of them, and ran.  We caught them, then 
eventually recovered their nets full of dead salmon.  I've 
tried to carefully pick my ship's way through U.S. and 
Canadian gillnetters lining the inside waterways from 
Puget Sound up to Dixon Entrance, and on two 
occasions "snared" a gill netter whose nets crossed 
the navigable channel without lights, both at night... 
one U.S., one Canadian.  I towed one of boats 
backwards for perhaps a half mile before we got 
stopped!  I've seen U.S. and Canadian trollers so thick 
you could walk on them out on Switsure Bank, and 
hauled in (as in arrested) a Canadian not only in our 
waters, but with undersized fish under both U.S. and 
Canadian law.  Didn't you used to fish commercial in 

I've seen rabid individual "sportsmen" catching salmon 
in fresh water streams of Alaska, Canada, Washington 
and Oregon by the dozens, throwing back carcasses 
of the smaller or most "wasted" ones.  Last week I 
watched tribal members (I think) catching steelhead 
right at the mouth of the Elwha.  I've seen networks of 
gillnets stretched across the Quinalt at Tahola that 
made me to wonder how ANY got by.  Ad nauseam. 

There aren't any (or at least many) native trout in our 
streams any more, or darned few, and no planted fish 
any more.  Dams didn't get many of THEM.  Dams are 
far from the only problem.  Part, for sure...but 
overfishing the species contributes, as does destruction 
of spawning habitat by timbering near rivers, bridge and 
road building, dikes, etc., etc., etc. 

I gave up salmon sport fishing in '80, a favorite saltwater 
fishing "sport" for me.  I LOVED eating fresh-caught 
salmon.  But I never have fished or caught one in fresh 
water.  Never would have.  No one else should be 
allowed to either.  Period. 

If we did nothing else other than ban fishing for salmon 
in the North Pacific, Bering Sea and the streams that 
feed them for 6-8 years, we'd be up to our asses in 
salmon.  I've seen them spawn actively in streams 
in which they couldn't go "inland" more than 1/2 mile. 

There are LOTS of problems salmon (and other 
species) face in surviving a relationship with homo 
sapiens.  Dams are one of them. 

P.S. I hope they nail Clinton.  He smells like dead 

Dick Wight '52 
From: John Northover (59) 

Response to Ms. Carol (Wiley) Wooley (64): 
(re comments in Sandbox #24 of 1/17/99 

The question of the century?? 
"P.S. The donkey was in the stable when Christ was 
born, where was the elephant??" 

Possible answer: 
Was she in stable yard unpacking her trunk??? 

The bigger question is: What was the donkey doing 
when Christ was born?  Was she, [can there be 
she-donkeys??] a practicing nurse-maid, a famous 
sino-cologist, a lady-in-waiting or just a friend of the 

ON Opinions ... as my wife says 'Opinions are like a.. 
holes, we all have them.'  The issues you raise are valid. 
We should get out of the moral dwarf's sex life.  We 
should get out of his personal life.  However, it is no 
longer a matter of sex and personal  ... it has become 
a constitutional issue ... which must be resolved before 
we can do anything about any of the valid issues you 
raise .... just be patient.  All things in their own good 

We Americans have the best we can offer.  We have 
exactly the government we want.  We have the people 
we want in office to look after us the way we want.  We 
have the system in place we want.  AND the bigger 
benefit is that when enough of us want to change things 
 ... we do change.  We want and we have.  When we no 
longer want; we discard and we then want some other 
thing and we have as our hearts desire.  And the cycle 

Our government has served us exactly as it should. 
We want our government to provide jobs, safety and 
wealth ...  We are the top of the hill ... 

Perhaps you should offer your opinions on those issues 
you hold so dear to your soul.  We then can compare 
what we are thinking and then we can read, get huffy 
and know toss that old written rubber 
brick back!!! 

Response to Ms. Peggy Hartnett (72): re THE 
SANDBOX #23 ~ 1/16/99: 

Thank you for you kind comments ... I work very hard 
at my mis-spellings and my fel-swooping.  As far as a 
spelling bee ... Well, the last time I was in the running 
for correct alphabetical sequencing was ... so long ago 
that I forget what I was spelling. 

Perhaps a response for those that come into your 
hostel .. and shout 'We are here to eat!!!"  You could 
say:  "McDonalds is just down the street ... ", or "I 
am sorry, do you have reservations?  If so, perhaps 
you should leave now," or "Room service???...Please 
dial 911," or "We do not serve the socially 
challenged!!!...HHhrrruumph!" ... exit stage left. 

Thanks, John 
The civil savant 
From: Dustin Rector (88) 
Subject: Y2K vs. MacIntosh or: 
Or:         An *OS By Any Other Name... 

Mac's aren't any smarter about Y2K than any other OS. 
Most OSes have been Y2K compliant for over a decade. 
The problem is the software from 1975 that's never 
been updated.  The problem is that little clock in 
your coffeemaker from 1985.  The little electronic chip 
in your '88 Toyota.  The railroad switch that controls 
where the coal train goes when the track branches. 

Your PC is a minor bump compared to the mainframe 
computers that track your bank accounts, FICA tax, 
Medicare, and power distribution grid. 

The only thing switching to a Mac does is help Steve 
Job's ego.  Bill Gates doesn't care -- Microsoft does 
great business selling office software for Macs too. 

BTW, what web browser are you using on that Mac? 

Dustin Rector (88) 

[*OS = Operating System (I think) - ap] 
Note: The following submission was written and sent 
to The Sandbox shortly before President Clinton 
gave his State of The Nation Speech. 

From: Dick Epler  (52) 
Subject: The Nature of Political Issues 

Clinton’s upcoming State of the Union message should 
provide a welcome respite from his impeachment 
proceedings, while providing an opportunity to refocus 
on the “The Issues.”  Contrary to Impeachment stuff, 
which makes us all a little uncomfortable.  Most of us 
love issues, and with good reason.  Today, what we’ve 
come to think of as “issues,” are those things offered by 
politicians in the Form of Federal aid to redress some 
imbalance, or unfairness, in the cornucopia of 
entitlements due its citizens by the richest nation in 
the world. 

We talk a lot about fairness these days, but again, 
there are different definitions.  Where I might equate 
fairness with “a consistency in the use of Rules, logic 
and ethics” to getting something done, I think many 
define fairness more in the context of their favorite 
political issue, as in “no one should be getting more 
“aid” than I, considering my more deserving condition 
or situation.” 

I understand that Clinton’s State of the Union 
message tonight will deal mostly with issues.  Sam 
Donaldson, of ABC, informs us that Clinton will propose 
something for everyone.  Tomorrow, the news analysts 
will tell us who the big winners are, and who was 
shortchanged.  Those who got less will immediately 
lobby for parity, and the whole process will ratchet the 
bar, for Federal giveaways, a little higher. 

But that’s the American way, and most really can’t think 
of any other way to play the game.  The media will, no 
doubt, address these issues in the context defined by 
Clinton (big government), and that would be a mistake. 

Of course, it wasn’t always this way.  In the beginning 
(pre-America), the first governments consisted simply 
of local merchants and citizens who got together to 
establish various rules for conducting business, and to 
establish an armed force for protection from outsiders. 
A local tax structure was established to fund this 
activity.  States, whose boundaries were generally 
established on the basis of defendable geographical 
features (rivers, etc.) was an attempt to serve a 
common economic and defense interest, and were 
organized in a similar manner.  Except that the state’s 
“army” (which today we would call the National Guard), 
was simply a reorganization of existing community 
armies for a specific purpose.  In those days, issues 
were always local, which was both highly cost effective 
and results oriented.  Of course, the “issues” of the day 
were somewhat limited, as most citizens were either 
slaves (surfs) or soldiers. 

At the time of the American Revolution, most of the 
Colony's inhabitants knew well the dangers of 
authoritarian governments, and sought to form a 
different kind of government based primarily on 
ensuring personal freedom, to pursue life liberty 
and, happiness on an individual basis.  This meant 
minimizing the possibility of a highly centralized 
oppressive government.  Thus, in the beginning of the 
American experiment, the Federal Government was 
required to do only what the states could not do for 
themselves.  Initially this consisted of a relatively weak 
national army, a central monetary system for stable 
commerce, a judicial system to resolve disputes 
between the states, and, of course, another taxing 
authority.  This concept, where the Constitution is 
viewed a compact between the states, assigns only a 
few, very specific, powers to the national government. 
Everything else belonged to the states.  This is known 
as the 'states rights' view of the Constitution. 

As time went on in the new United States, however, 
events required a more nationalistic view, whereby the 
Constitution is seen as a compact, not between the 
states, but between ALL the people so that the states 
(few people) are subordinate to the Federal Government 
(all people).  At the time, this was a necessary 
interpretation, required to finance both the western 
expansion, and especially the two world wars, but it was 
not without cost.  The resulting highly centralized 
government led to a situation where citizens began to 
look primarily to Washington D.C. for solutions to ALL 
their problems, and thus politicians were able to use 
tax dollars, and “acquired” income to buy votes 
according to the “issues” they sponsored. 

Issues have now divided the nation: Oldsters favor 
Social Security and Medicare.  The young favor 
welfare and education (the two just seem to go 
together).  Women favor childcare and abortions 
(which don’t seem to go together).  Blacks favor 
affirmative action and Eubonics.  Homosexuals favor 
marriage benefits and lots of AIDS money.  Urban 
centers favor lower crime, marijuana and euthanasia. 
And all these many factions can be made “active” at 
election time by irresponsible politicians for the 
purpose of generating votes.  But note that the one 
“issue” missing is national defense, which is one of 
the few legitimate functions of the Federal Government, 
but one that receives the least attention in times of 

Today, we have the interesting situation where the 
original impetus for expanding the powers of the 
Federal government (expansion and major wars) no 
longer exist, while at the same time, our resulting 
inability to acquire new resources requires citizens 
alone to pay (no more acquired income) for both 
government’s largess (issues) and inefficiencies 
(administration) with the surety that the disparity 
between costs and benefits will increase every year. 

All government entitlements, so far as I can tell, are 
based on a sort of pyramid scheme, where the initial 
beneficiaries win the most at the expense of those who 
follow.  Pyramid schemes tend to push the costs 
associated with the program as far into the future as 
possible with the assumption that those who follow will 
adequately spread the costs.  Because of this, 
government-type pyramid schemes are heavily 
dependent on population growth for continued viability. 
Without an ever-increasing populace, the costs for 
any government program tends to increase far beyond 
the benefits offered.  This is the fundamental problem 
with Social Security and Medicare today.  With a 
decreasing population rate of growth, and without the 
prospect of acquiring (stealing) cheap resources from 
other nations, these problems can’t be fixed within the 
framework of the Federal Government.  Of course 
pyramid schemes are illegal for everyone except the 
government.  Without government to force mandatory 
participation, pyramid schemes always fail in a 
relatively short time frame.  With forced participation, it 
takes a little longer but they WILL fail. 

There are a number of self-supporting solutions to the 
Social Security and Medicare problems that don’t 
depend on the continued influx of new members.  I’ll 
save that discussion for another time, but I’ll give you 
a hint: To make it work, we’ll need an honest 
accounting system for the federal government, where 
the costs for highly visible programs can’t be migrated 
to less visible accounts.  And of course, such an 
accounting program MUST be based on accrual, rather 
than cost, accounting principles.  With an honest 
accounting system, it would be obvious that we DON’T 
have a balanced budget, and that there is NO surplus. 
We continue to spend more money than we collect. 
With every minute of every day, our national debt 
continues to increase.  And Clinton continues to lie. 

- Dick Epler (52) 
Subj:   The State of The Union Speech 
From: (Ray Wells) (54) 

Clinton appeared as his usual charismatic charming 
self and his delivery was excellent, but the content was 
really scary!  What he was promoting was pure 
socialism.  I call it his, "I'll promise you everything 
under the sun if it will save my ass speech."  His 
privatization of Social Security plan really amounts to 
direct government investment in the stock market and 
would allow the government to directly influence the 
market.  Trent Locke, leader of the senate was quoted 
as saying it was the worst speech he had ever heard. 
I taped the speech, and if there are enough interested, 
I would like to cover (and encourage the rest of you to 
cover), each item in the Sandbox.  - Ray 
That's it for this issue of the Sandbox, folks.  Please 
remember... Your Ideas and Opinions Are Always 
Welcome Here!  By the way, what do you think about 
the following? 

1.  America and Cuba playing baseball? 
2.  How to discourage telemarketers? 
3.  Mariners Hopes? Seahawks Dreams? 
4.  If you could design a very unique and special 
     Computer Program...  What would you like it 
     to do? 
5.  Will Hilary Clinton make a great U.S. Senator? 

Talk to us about these topics, or whatever else you 
might find moving to the forefront of your brain today. 
See you next time with comments from Bronyn 
Bennett Mosman (71), Eva (Clark) Perry (49), and 
others.  Maybe even you!  See you next time! 

--Al Parker - Sandbox Coordinator 

THE SANDBOX ~ Issue #26 ~ January 24, 1999 

"When a man assumes a public trust, he 
should consider himself as public property." 

   President Thomas Jefferson 1743 - 1826 

History Happening As We Speak:  Clinton 
Impeachment Trial Continues.  Indonesian 
Riots Force Evacuations. 
RHS/ColHi Alumni Speakers of The Day: 
Bronyn Bennett (71), Eva Clark (49), 
William Porter (68), Lloyd Swain (66), 
Mari Eckert (65), Marc Franco (66), 
Debbie Nelson (77), Bob Rector (62) 
Mary Lou Watkins (63) 
Share Your Opinions, Your Ideas, and Your 
Responses with Richland Alumni All Around The 
Will You Soon Be Paying L.D. Charges 
    For Using The Internet? 
From:  Bronyn Bennett Mosman (71) 
Subject: I Hope It's Not True! 

I just received this message from a retired friend, and 
it has me concerned.  It will affect all of us! 

There seems to be another of those "quiet bills" that 
go through Congress and comes back to bite us later. 
You may wish to reply to this now or pay higher phone 
bills in the future.  Congress will be voting on this bill in 
less than two weeks.  CNN stated that the Government 
would, in two weeks time, decide to allow  or not allow 
a Charge to your phone bill equal to a Long Distance 
call EACH time you access the Internet. 

The address is 

If you choose, visit the address above and fill out the 
necessary form! 

If EACH one of us, forwards this message on to others 
in a hurry, we may be able to prevent this injustice 
from happening! Please Pass This ON! 

Bronyn Bennett Mosman (71) 

[Note: If you want to write to your Representative in the 
U.S. House for any reason the above official government 
website will identify your rep. and put you in touch. -ap] 
From: Eva (Clark) Perry "49" 
Subject:  To Go or To Stay? 

I found this article in a paper that I was reading. It left 
me with, [the question,] do I really, truly, know what I 
would do.!!!! 


One Sunday morning during service, a 2,000 member 
congregation was surprised to see two men enter, both 
covered from head to toe in black and carrying 
submachine guns. 

One of the men proclaimed, "Anyone willing to take a 
bullet for Christ remain where you are." 

Immediately, the choir fled, the deacons fled, and most 
of  the congregation fled.  Out of the 2,000 there only 
remained around 20  people. 

The man who had spoken took off his hood, looked  at 
the preacher and said, "Okay Pastor, I got rid of all the 
hypocrites.  Now  you may begin your service. 

Have a nice day!" And the two men turned and walked 

--Eva Clark Perry 

[Are there pastors out there who would denounce the 
authority of the interlopers to demand such choices of 
the congregation and command the men with the guns 
to leave the  building on the authority of Jesus Christ? 
Just wondering... In the meantime, 911 on the cell 
phone might not be a bad idea.  What would you do? 
From:  (68) 
Subject:  Ray Wells' Bottom Line 

Ray said:  "I'll try to put a bottom line to this 
impeachment thing so we can move on: 
1. It's not about sex 
2. it's not about removing Clinton from office 
3. It's not about partisanship 
It's about having one set of laws for the rulers and 
another set of laws for the ruled.  It's about 
sentencing 116 Americans to prison for lying under 
oath (many of these lies were about sex) and 
exempting William Jefferson Clinton." 
You almost got to the bottom line.  You forgot to 
mention the number of perjury cases that prosecutors 
refused to do anything about because it wasn't worth it, 
or trivial to the case.  Over 400 prosecutors have said 
they wouldn't even bring charges against a 'normal' 
person for what Clinton did.  So, minus the 110, that's 
290 more prosecutors than convicts that think the 
case should be dropped.  So much for statistics. 

William L. Porter 
From: Anthony Tellier (57) 

Quoting from earlier Sandbox: 
> To all: When one wants to do character damage to 
another, labeling him a "pot smoker" and /or "draft 
dodger" [it] merely lumps that individual in with 
millions of others demographically.    

No s**t ... the "and"  fits me to a "T" (for Tony Tellier)! 
So THAT argument holds zippo H2O for me .. 

Now Clinton being such a bonehead DOES!!!!  I don't 
want my President to be nicer than me ("Nice guys 
finish last")  ... but I want him (or her) to be at least as 
smart and hopefully smarter and wiser and cleverer 
than me. 

Tony Tellier ('57) 
Boeing 717 Flight Test Center 
Yuma, AZ USA 
From: Lloyd Swain (66) 
Subj:  Baseball with Cuba- Si'. Telemarketers- No! 

Should America and Cuba play baseball?..... 
Absolutely.... also.. I would love to smoke a Cohiba or 
Romeo and Julieta without paying an arm and a leg.. :-) 

How to discourage Telemarketers.... Pretend you don't 
speak English.. ( that's why I always answer 
anonymous caller id's with an accent... hehe) 

-- Lloyd Swain 

               ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~ 

[O.K. Let's visualize the following scenario--- 
Householder: "Lo sciento, no puedo hablar Ingles!" 
Telemarketer: "No problemo. Aqui' nosotros hablamos 
todas de las linguas del mundo!" 
Householder: "I'm sorry.  I can't speak English. 
Telemarketer: "No problem.  Here, we speak all the 
languages of the world!" 
Your idea still seems to have merit, though, Lloyd. 
Does anybody else have some ideas on how to handle 
unwanted telemarketers? 
-ap ] 
From:  Mari Eckert Leahy (65) 
Subj:   Like a Soap Opera 

Promised myself I wouldn't write anything on the 
subject of Clinton but find I need to say a little. 
Re Ray Wells.......moving beyond Clinton......I can 
just as easily picture Thomas Jefferson with tears 
running down his face, but for a different reason.  I see 
it due to the many Americans that have accepted all 
the accusations made against the President of this 
United States without any basis in fact.  Oh, there has 
been much said that is said to be factual, but I have 
yet to see or hear of these so called "facts."  I, myself, 
am to the point of having tears run down my face 
because so many intelligent?  Analytical?  Common 
sense? type of folks have jumped on these "facts" with 
no regard to there validity.  Anyone with even a slightly 
open mind that has bothered to listen to the defense 
side of this situation, cannot help but have very real 
doubts about the validity of ANY of the accusations! 

What ever became of the concept of innocent until 
PROVEN guilty?  Whatever became of fairness and 
listening to BOTH sides before blaming or accusing? 
Whatever became of good sportsmanship? 
know.......if your candidate loses, you shake the 
winners' hand and support him and help him and 
accept the fact that the majority was more comfortable 
with this candidate than the one you were for and you 
continue to back this winner until the next election and 
try again to get a candidate that YOU want, to be 
elected instead.  This president has withstood five 
years of intense scrutiny by his harshest opposition, 
and all they could come up with was a sordid affair 
with a woman of legal age that was totally consensual. 
If Clinton was guilty of even one or two of the crimes 
that so many are laying at his feet......well, use your 
brains folks, if that was the case, we might actually 
have a legitimate reason to try and kick him from 
office!!!!!  There isn't any FAIRNESS in the process 
Clinton and his family is being made to endure.  It is 
nothing more than POLITICS at it's worst, and we as 
a nation are letting them degrade, and humiliate our 
wonderful country.  If other countries think less of us, it 
is only because we deserve it for letting these 
pompous, hypocrites air all this madness for the world 
to enjoy like a soap opera. 

-- Mari Eckert Leahyme 
From: Marc Franco  (66) 

Subject: A proposal 

As one of many people who are not consumed with 
hatred, bitterness, and venom, but yet who are still 
dismayed at the sight of our President lying under 
oath- albeit lying about something that actually is not 
even a crime (amazing thought, isn't it?), how about 
this for an idea?  I continue to think that what Clinton 
did- lying under oath - does not deserve impeachment, 
but yet should be punished.  How about putting him in 
jail AFTER he leaves office? Then he really would be 
like any of the rest of us, caught lying under oath and 
punished for it, and yet would spare the country what 
it is undergoing right now. 

--  Marc 
From:  Debbie Nelson Burnet (77) 
Subject: Re: Ray Wells '54  - "Moving Beyond Clinton" 

Well said.  What I have believed all along and even 
more.  If Clinton was an honorable man he would have 
resigned from office long ago.  But we all have realized 
that he is not an honorable man. 
From:    Mary Lou (Watkins) Rhebeck (63) 
Subject: Re: Prayer for our Country 

Something has really been bothering me during these 
last few years with Clinton as our elected leader.  I 
couldn't believe that voters believed him.  Granted, he 
is an excellent speaker and full of charisma; but there 
is something in the man's demeanor and eye's that 
have always set me on edge.... Liken it to a child lying 
to my face hoping I will think she is so darling I will 
believe her.  But Clinton is capable of much damage, 
and I love my country too much to support him.  But 
truly, the problem is not Clinton.  It is the lack of 
outrage and the apathy from so many of Americans 
that point to a bigger problem, one that could spell the 
downfall of what our country was based on and what 
keeps us great.  The morality today is mudsliding 
downward.  We accept terrible acts and terrible beliefs 
because we are "informed" now.  I haven't been sure 
how to word this "thing" that has been bothering me 
until I recently ran across the following.  It is "A Prayer 
For Our Leaders" given by Pastor Joe Wright, when he 
opened the new session of the Kansas Senate on 
January 23, 1996. Please stay with is important. 
It reads: 

"Heavenly Father, we come before You today to ask 
Your forgiveness and seek Your direction and guidance. 
We know Your Word says, 'Woe to those who call evil 
'good'; but that's exactly what we have done.  We have 
lost our spiritual equilibrium and inverted our values. 
We confess that: We have ridiculed the absolute truth 
of Your Word and called it pluralism; We have 
worshipped other gods and called it multi-culturism; 
We have endorsed perversion and called it an 
alternative lifestyle; We have exploited the poor and 
called it the lottery; We have neglected the needy and 
called it self-preservation; We have rewarded laziness 
and called it welfare; We have killed our unborn and 
called it choice; We have shot abortionists and called 
it justifiable; We have neglected to discipline our 
children and called it building self-esteem; We have 
abused power and called it political savvy; We have 
coveted our neighbor's possessions and called it 
ambition; We have polluted the air with profanity and 
pornography and called it freedom of expression; We 
have ridiculed the time-honored values of our 
forefathers and called it enlightenment. "Search us, 
O God, and know our hearts today; try us and see if 
there be some wicked way in us; cleanse us from 
every sin and set us free' " 

I will end the prayer here,,,, There is a bit more 
directed at the people of Kansas.  I have given 
myself a goal to pray this every day for our country 
and I hope others will join me.  Thank you for the 
opportunity to share with those of you who were 
raised as I was.  I don't expect total agreement 
(heh-heh-heh), however I feel we do need to figure 
out what is wrong and do what we can to correct and 
heal our country. 

Mary Lou (Watkins) Rhebeck (63) 
From: Bob Rector (62) 
Subj : Y2K: How We Got to This Date Anyway. 
Or:     Remind Doomsdayers that we do not 
          know what year it is. 
Or:     Will God Read the Polls Before Deciding 
          When To  "Pull The Plug?" 
Or:     Do You Have The Correct Time? 

My Time Magazine, (Jan 18, 1999) page 64 has a poll. 
It claims that 9% of the population believe the world as 
we know it will end on Jan. 1, 2000!  Wow, that's just 
crazy!  Wrapping up Y2K computer problems together 
with the Apocalypse is simply bizarre. 

Just for fun, I've edited through the chapter on "The 
Birth of Jesus" in Charles Guignebert's Book on the 
subject of Jesus.  (Guignebert was professor of History 
of Christianity at the Sorbonne)  Here's the confused 
facts.  We have little idea when Jesus was born.  Bear 
with me, and you decide 

When Was Jesus Born? 
"The Gospels afford only a few vague indications, which 
are either contradictory or obviously erroneous. 
Matthew 2:1 places the Nativity 'In the Days of King 
Herod.'  It is not questioned that they are talking about 
Herod the Great, who's successor in Judea was 
Aarchelaus.  But we know that Herod died in the year 
750 of the Roman Calendar, early in the spring, either 
in March or April, of the fourth year before the Birth of 
Christ, which constitutes a serious difficulty to begin 
with."  (I'll repeat, Herod died 4 B.C.....humm)  The 
Gospel of Mark is totally silent on the subject, further 
reason for misgiving.  Luke is more explicit: 'Elizabeth, 
the mother of John the Baptist became pregnant 'in 
the time of Herod, King of Judea,' and Mary conceived 
six months after her cousin (Luke 1:26,36&42).  At the 
time of the latter's delivery, an imperial edict for a 
census made it necessary for her to go to Bethlehem, 
at which time, Quirinius is stated to have been 
Governor of further mention being made of 

Continuing in the good book, it says, "John the Baptist 
began his preaching in the fifteenth year of the reign of 
Tiberius Caesar, when Pontius Pilate was Governor of 
Judea, Herod Antipas Tetrarch of Galilee, and Annas 
and Caiaphas were high priests.  It was shortly after 
this that Jesus came to be baptised by John and then 
began his ministry.  He was then, "about 30 years old." 
(Luke 3:21,28) 

Finally, John 8:56-57, makes Jesus say, in the course 
of a dispute with the Jews: "Your Father Abraham 
rejoiced to see my day, he saw it and was glad, to 
which his opponents replied: Thou art not yet fifty 
years old, and hast thou seen Abraham?"  Could it be 
that Jesus was almost 50 years old?  Important note: 
John presents a different number than Matthew and 
Luke, but scholars agree that because Mat,MK,&Lk. 
have similar stuff (are synoptic, or synonymous), then 
what we have is simply two traditions.  One tradition 
has Jesus, "about 30 years old" and the other at 
perhaps 50 at the crucifixion. 

Tradition and history in the synoptics have Jesus' 
ministry at three years.  However, the probability is 
that it lasted hardly more than one year....i.e. if we 
date Jesus from John the Baptist, we would have 
even more difficulty in a guess on the date of 

Several of the foregoing are contradictory.  So where 
to start?  Guignebert, begins with the two undisputed 
fixed points: Pontius Pilate was Procurator of Judea 
from A.D. 26 to A.D. 36.  Additionally, the fifteenth 
year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar...made Emperor 
on the tenth of August in the year 14, falls between 
the nineteenth of August, year 28, and the Eighteenth 
of August, year 29. 

Therefore, if Jesus was thirty years old between the 
years 28 and 29, he could not be near 50, a year or 
two later. (have you got all that?)  He could barely, 
but possibly have been born under Herod the Great, 
which would make him at least 33, and born no later 
than 4 B.C.  But, if the census of Quirinius, is the 
same as the one spoken of by the Historian Josephus, 
it took place in A.D. 6 to 7....which excludes the 
possibility of the birth of Jesus under Herod, and 
brings him to the age of only 22 or 23 by the year 
A.D. 28-29.  Furthermore, Annas and Caiaphas were 
not high priests at the same time: Annas was governor 
of the Temple, from A.D. 6 to 15....Caiaphas from 18 
to 36. 

Got it....grave difficulties in reconciling Biblical 
information on the date of Jesus' birth.  Some other 
Bible scientists have accepted the "Star of the Magi" 
(i.e. the year of Nativity) as the passing of Haley's 
comet in A.D. 12. 

The chronology of Luke is very confused anyway & 
most scholars agree that Luke simply used the 
census to get Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem.  Luke 
refers to "the census" therefore, not really caring or 
knowing the date...only the tradition. *The edit itself 
is counted not in the city of your birth, 
but the city of the birth of your ancestor! (which 
ancestors, etc?)  It would have been nuts, and a 
logistical nightmare for a census to have been done this 
way.  This means that scholars dismiss Luke's census 
account for the birth of Jesus, and revert to other 
accounts...pointing to the reign of Herod the Great. 

Date of the Death of Jesus. 
Taking John 8:57 to be accurate, some claim that 
Jesus was crucified during the time of Claudius 
(A.D. 41-45).  Many of these accept the date of birth 
at year 9.  Others place the crucifixion at A.D. 21, 
forgetting that Pilate had not received his appointment 
until 26, and the opponents forgetting that he lost it 
in 36. 

So, How Did We Get to the Date We Have? 
It the 6th century.  A Roman monk 
named Dionysius the Less, having no more information 
than ourselves...calculated like this: "If John the Baptist 
began his preaching in the fifteenth year of the reign of 
Tiberius, and if we allow an interval of about a year 
between the start of John the Baptist's ministry and that 
of Jesus...then Jesus would have been 30 years old in 
the sixteenth year of Tiberius (year 784 in the Roman 
Calendar).  Deducting thirty years, we reach the 754th 
year.  The date of Nativity is set at Dec.25th (celebration 
of the solar god Mithra) in the Roman year of 754 and 
this becomes year one of the new era. 

Why?  Because Dionysius was not hindered by what 
we have discussed.  He did not admit that the gospels 
could be contradictory.  He had no way to fix the exact 
dates of the death of Herod or of the census.  He did 
not know that those dates were subsequent to 754. 

It is wisest to conclude, says Guignebert, that we do 
not know, within about fifteen years or more, the time 
when Jesus came into the world. 

Is this fun or what?  Don't panic on Dec. 31, 1999. 
Sorry for all the verbiage. 

Semper Bomberus, Bob Rector 
That's all for today's Sandbox, folks.  Say what you 
are itching to say today and send it right away to: 

Not sure what you want to talk about?  Well, then, 
here are some ideas for you: 

1.  How about Dan Quayle for President? 
2.  What's the best way to cook okra? 
3.  Have you finished your Thanksgiving leftovers yet? 
4.  Other ideas suggested in previous issues. 

See you next time! 

-Al Parker, Your Sandbox savant, Learning from you! 

THE SANDBOX ~ Issue #27 ~ January 29, 1999 

"A wise Tory and a wise Whig, I believe, will agree. 
Their principles are the same, though their modes 
of thinking are different." 

          --- Samuel Johnson 1709 - 1784 

Top News: Wash D.C. -- Clinton Impeachment Trial 
Enters Deposition Phase.  Richland -- Ten year study 
involving 3,400 people has found no link between 
"Cold War-era radiation releases from the Hanford 
Nuclear Reservation and the rate of thyroid disease 
among people living downwind.  (Associated Press 
Release.)  See Tri-City Herald and Yakima Herald- 
Republic 1/29/99 for more info. 

LONDON (Jan. 29) - The United States took one step 
deeper into the quagmire of the Balkans this week 
when it put NATO's military might behind a drive for a 
quick political settlement in the Serbian province of 
Kosovo. --Reuters 
RHS/ColHi Alumni Speakers of The Day: 
Peggy Roesch  (71), Richard Henderson (62), 
Jerry Lewis (73), Sandi Cherrington (66), 
Peggy Lewis Johnson '62, Peggy Hartnett (72), 
Elizabeth McAllister McCardle  (78), 
Nancy Fellman Lysher (62), John Wingfield (66) 
Peggy Lewis Johnson  (62), Ray Wells (54) 
Dick Epler (52), Kathy Rathvon (63) 
Patty de la Bretonne ( 65), Rob Teats (70), 
Jim Fowler (72) 
Share Your Opinions, Your Ideas, and Your 
Responses with Richland Alumni All Around The 
From: Peggy Roesch (71) 
Subj: Y2K and Dan Quayle, 
Two Seemingly Unrelated Topics 
Or: Y2Quale: Start Hoarding Potatoes? 

Ohmigod.  Dan Quayle.  Now I WILL pray that the world 
ends at the stroke of midnight December 31, 1999 ... or 
2000 ... or whenever the gosh darn new millenium is 
supposed to start ... Maybe I should hoard money and 
water and food ... including the everlovin' potatoe. 

-- Peggy Roesch 
Subj:   Progressive Government 
From:  Richard Henderson (62) 

The recent State-of-the-Union speech was an example 
of why the liberal/socialist holds fast to the belief that 
"progressive government" knows what is increasingly 
best for you and wants to take care of you.  This 
speech, (wish list), was riddled with paybacks, perks, 
power and pork that truly validates such mindset... 

Offered is a poem, styled after the 91st Psalm, that 
reflects the opinion of many about the increasing 
intrusion of "progressive government" into our lives. 


Government is my shepherd, 
therefore, I shall toil no more; 
entitling me to collect benefits 
off those that labor. 

My individuality and initiative 
matter the least; 
politicians insuring that my 
dependency shall not cease. 

An economic utopia is promised for me; 
confiscating future earnings, of others, 
as far as the eye can see. 

Yea, though I walk through 
the valley of dependency, 
and fear no loss; 
government goodies 
shall remain my boss. 

Surely, in my old age, they 
will care for me evermore; 
I shall dwell in a fantasy of bliss 
until they pull my life support. 

This is the creed and motto 
they hold fast to; 
progressive government - giving 
and requiring more from you. 

-- Rich Henderson 
From: Dick Epler (52) 
Subject: Y2K Computer Compatibility 
[Personal and Network Sharing Computers] 

Regarding Y2K compliance for IBM and Apple PCs, I 
might weigh in with just a few comments. 

First, there IS an Official Y2K Specification that any 
general purpose computer must meet to be called Y2K 
compliant.  Right now, some machines are close, but 
very few are fully compliant. 

Second, there are five areas of computer operation that 
need checking: The Hardware (BIOS for PCs) level, the 
OS (Operating System) level, the Application Software 
(e.g., Quicken), any critical Data Bases with embedded 
dates, and lastly, the sharing of Data Files between 
different computers. 

The latter two areas, legacy data bases, and 
inter-computer data sharing, is the most difficult and 
time consuming to verify and is where most systems 
continue to fail at this time 

Having said that, however, not even Win98 out of the 
box is Y2K compliant.  You can get closer by 
downloading 6Mbytes of files from, but 
you still won't be fully compliant.  As another 
example, a class action suit was filed against Intuit for 
marketing NEW versions of Quicken and Quickbooks 
that weren't anywhere close to being compliant ... 
thereby requiring another upgrade in the near future 
(which the plaintiffs wanted for free). 

Third, the reason that data sharing compatibility may 
take quite some time is that programmers have used 
different techniques to implement quick Y2K fixes 
(which are incompatible with each other).  For example, 
consider the "Windowing" technique, which is fairly 
popular.  This is where a window consisting of the 
years between 00 and 49 are assigned 20, whereas the 
years between 50 and 99 are assigned 19.  However, if 
a different programmer chooses a breakpoint of 60 
rather than 50, data sharing will fail.  Many IT 
(Information Technology) managers in small business' 
are under the false impression they've addressed 
their Y2K problem and don't need to test.  WRONG! 

Fourth, date rollover from 12/31/1999 to 1/1/2000 is only 
part of the problem and is far from a comprehensive test. 
The other part of the problem is the calendar algorithms 
used to compute dates throughout the year 2000 and 
beyond.  These are often flawed (different rules are 
required than pre-2000). 

Lastly, Apple computers ARE much more Y2K 
compatible on all levels than are WinTel computers as 
I believe all dates are expanded to four digits. 
However, I don't know if their calendar algorithm is fully 
compliant with the Y2K specification. 

If Darwin Perkins is still reading the SANDBOX, he 
might be able to offer some other observations, 
especially with respect to LMSI compliance.  And there 
may be other computer experts out there who could 
Dick Epler 
From: Kathy Rathvon (63) 
Subject: Apathy 

Are Americans apathetic?  I don't think so.  I think they 
just want our congressmen and women and Senators 
to get on with the business of running our country. 

-- Kathy Rathvon 
Subj:    Urban Legends 

Jerry Lewis (73) wrote: 

I must step in to quash yet another Internet urban 
legend.  In fact, I highly recommend checking out any 
dire warning before posting it to a) your entire address 
book, b) all mailing lists that you belong to c) the world, 
or d) anyone else. 

(References for this legend follow my diatribe) 

Some questions to ask about any such post are: 

- where did the poster (or you) get the message 
('a retired friend').  If there is not a specific source or it 
is not a credible source for that particular warning, 
start questioning the veracity (no offense meant to the 
'retired friend'). 
- are there any credible references in the post, such 
as links to articles at or  Do 
they work and do they describe the problem with 
references to credible sources.  If quotes are 
included for print pubs. without reference to day/pg, 
etc., consider that they are fabricated.  (Even if there 
were day/pg, I would be suspicious). 
- is there no specific dates (or bill numbers) in a 
post like this that would give a reference.  A 
message that refers to something happening in two 
weeks could circulate for a long time.  Hoaxes don't 
have dates in them because they diminish the viability 
of the hoax. 
- anything that has lots of exclamation points in the 
heading or has been forwarded to a half dozen other 
e-mail lists (usually still included), is totally suspect. 
- anything that says it's not a) hoax, b) urban legend, 
c) chain letter, etc., probably is. 

(Hmmm, can this be generalized to the Clinton 
discussion: "1. It's not about sex, 2. It's not about 
removing Clinton from office, 3. It's not about 
partisanship." I don't think I'll go there). 

A little bit of critical thinking can go a long way 
towards avoiding the panic, waste of time and 
effort that these messages can engender. 

You can find out about this particular legend by 
going to and clicking on 
"Currently Circulating", or you can go directly to the 
page if you don't like frames: 

Just call me "Mr. Throw Cold Water on It." 

Jerry  Lewis           * 
Some Web Pages: 
From:    Elizabeth (McAllister) McCardle  (78) 
Subject:  About  Prayer [Referred to by Mary Lou (63) 
In Sandbox #26] 

About that prayer-- AMEN! 

[Referring Sandbox #26 -- "A Prayer For Our 
Leaders" given by Pastor Joe Wright, when he opened 
the new session of the Kansas Senate on 1/23/96] 
From: Nancy Fellman Lysher (62) 
Subject:  What To Say To A Telemarketer 

"I'm really busy right now.  How about you give me your 
home phone number and I'll call when I've got time? 
No, you can't do that?  Well, you are calling me on my 
home phone.  I could call you back at say 3 a.m. your 

Or....I tell them I have a policy not to do business with 
anyone who does telemarketing.  I have a private home 
phone for my convenience, not theirs.  Any questions? 

- Nancy Fellman Lysher 62 
From:    Sandi Cherrington (66) 
Subj:     Mandatory Support of Designated Drivers 

There is a new petition added to the 
"E-The People" site! 

Go to the E-The People site at: 

Click on: 

"Mandatory Support of Desiginated Drivers" 

You will then be able to read what this petition 
proposes and add your name if you wish. 
From:   Peggy Lewis Johnson  (62) 
Subject:  Capitalism 

Peggy Johnson wrote: 

O.K. Gee whiz I guess I better jump in the skillet with 
the rest of you.  First of all, what really can you all 
expect when this capitalistic country defines success 
as it does?  To argue from a democratic or republican 
point of view is a bit passe at this point when these 
opinions are driven not from the ideals which 
originated them but from the power and wealth behind 
them.  Is it possible that it is neither the democratic nor 
the republican "camp" that is driving this massive, 
on-going move to remove Clinton from office?  Of 
course Senators and Congressmen represent certain 
areas geographically but much more influential are the 
financial interests behind them - and I certainly don't 
mean little financial interests. 

In this global economy that we, from the class of '62 
could only think of as a science fiction novel, there is 
a greed for power unknown to the masses - yes like 
you and I. This global struggle to dominate is 
powered by money from both legitimate, as well as 
illegitimate commerce. 

I'm as concerned as most hard-working Americans 
about ethics, honesty, truth and being represented 
appropriately by elected officials but it would be 
foolhardy to think in a second that we are dealing 
with politics as usual when this global economy has 
an agenda we could barely fathom. Resources, 
corporate take-overs, the politics and ethics of the 
Internet, the environment, and education and work 
opportunity for the masses, viruses (both 
technological and biological), resistance to antibiotics, 
not to mention man's obsession with violence and war. 
all weigh heavier on my mind and in my heart than this 
president's weakness for a "non-sex" sex act and an 
unfulfilled "Elvis Presley-like"  drive to be something, 
achieve something, for something or someone that it 
doesn't seem he really has the answers to - like who 
would want that job, anyway?  So, he lied - and I think 
in the real world he should take the fall - but folks, his 
world ain't the real world. If it was, idealism would reign 
and he would resign with a humble apology to the 
country and we would know "he did the right - 
honorable thing" 

But, once again, we are forced to look at the way, and 
the reason we make judgment calls, moment to 
moment in this country, based on perception of 
evidence, and often, how it is fed to us so we can see 
it as it is intended we see it, based "what the cost is to 
us" as individuals in money, face, survival, rightness 
about who we  are, prejudice, race, ethnicity.  One truth 
is that we are individuals as long as we choose to be 

I'm happy that my children are fine, my days are worth 
looking forward to, that I have a history, that I have 
friends, that I live in a wonderful community and I can 
make a difference here and a contribution.  I question 
the luck of being gifted with being born into this 
relatively safe life when so many in this country live in 
poverty and there is such incredible brutality waged 
against men, women, children here and especially in 
war-torn countries.  The furor about Clinton has a 
"thorn-like" aggravation about it that we should not 
take lightly - but it's a human - condition, survival of 
ethics issue with some mass of wealth and greed, 
too big for us to imagine, driving it on. 

Nice chattin' with 'ya      Peggy Lewis Johnson '62 
From: A modern hotel in a timeless town 
Subject:  Telemarketer Stoppers 
Also:  Likes Mayan Calendar better than Julian 

Peggy Hartnett (72) writes: 

I let them prattle on a little while, then very quietly I say, 
"excuse me, (pause), what are you wearing?"  They 
hang up.  Quick, simple and I hope slightly unnerving 
to them. 

Calendars & the Millenium: I personally prefer the 
Mayan calendar, no heads of state or religious figures 
vying for special status and it makes a lovely 
decorating accessory. 

-- Peggy Hartnett 
From: Patty de la Bretonne ( 65) 
Subj:  Table Topics:  How to Cook Okra 

Okra is best lightly breaded and quickly deep fried. 
I like the taste, but in soups and such, the texture of 
okra is, well, slimy. 

Patty de la Bretonne 

PS.  Mari Eckert, thanks for writing in.  I am in 
agreement with much you say.  I am not watching any 
of the "trial" on tv. 
From: Rob Teats (70) 
Subject: Re: The Year 2000 Date 

For Bob Rector (62) 

Thank you for your detailed view on the date of Jesus' 
birth.  Very enlightening. 

You mentioned the calculations made by Dionysius 
the Less, (could be translated as, Denny the Dwarf), 
that created the dating of our current calendar. 
Marcus Borg, professor of Religion and Culture at 
Oregon State, suggests that Dionysius' calculations 
were incorrect because of a mathematical mistake. 
The result is that, even if his assumption of Jesus' 
birth were correct, the date he calculated was 
mathematically off by four years.  Correcting 
Dionysius' calculations places Jesus' birth at 4 B.C. 
This would mean that the 2nd millenium of Jesus' birth 
has already happened in 1997.  Those who think the 
world will end 2000 years after Jesus' birth are wrong! 

Rob Teats (70) 
From: Jim Fowler (72) 
Subject: Internet Charges 

The rumor about the Government taxing Internet access 
is an Urban Legend.  It's been around for a while. 

Jim Fowler 1972 
From:  John Wingfield (66) 
Mail: (Unity of Beaverton) 

Regarding Lloyd Swain's great idea about reply to 
tele-dinner-interuping-marketeers.  I like your 
suggestion, but my Spanish would not convoke anyone. 
However, last year my older son was studying in Poland 
and when you call a home in Poland they always 
answer with "Hello."  And then with that familiar greeting 
I would always start speaking English only to get a full 
onslaught of Polish in reply.  So Lloyd's suggestion fits 
right into that.  Perhaps a mixture of German, Polish 
and Japanese after the caller's opening line:  "Ah, ser 
gut, haben zie einer mushi mushi, so des nei, dochira 
no ho, vershten zei?"  Any gibberish would improve on 
every other reply I've come up with to date. 

Peace,    -- John Wingfield (66) 
Subj:    None so blind as they who will not see 
From: (Ray Wells) (54) 

These national news web sites have enough on Clinton 
to destroy him.  When this kind of stuff (and more) is 
available to anyone who takes the time to surf the net, 
why, in God's name, is Ken Starr, The House, and the 
Senate fooling around with small stuff like Monica? 

Please check it out today as the stories will probably 
change by tomorrow on these websites. 

P.S. - I found out why the Chinagate thing is not being 
pursued.  According to Ken Hamblin, too many 
Republicans also had a hand in Chinagate.  God, what 
a den of thieves we have in our government. 
From:   Howie Mandel's TV Show as aired 1/28/99 
Subj:    Evolution 

Howie's son: Dad, if man descended from apes, why 
are there still apes? 

Howie: Because the ones that are still apes are the 
slow learners. 

That's all for today's Sandbox, folks.  Say what you 
are craving to say today and send it right away to: 

Not sure what you want to talk about?  Well, then, 
here are some ideas for you: What do you think 

1a.  In the military: Would you recommend that women 
be assigned to combat roles side by side with males? 
     A U.S. senator, no longer in office, stated that she 
believes the separation of sexes in the armed forces 
has outlived its usefulness.  Know who she is? 
     (Someone else recently suggested that it might be 
better to have all-female units assigned to combat 
rather than mixing the sexes together in front line 
combat situations.) 

1a.  Should men and women in the military train 
and live in barracks together, in order to enhance 
team cohesiveness and esprit de corps? 

2.  Should your government hire a company such as 
     Monsanto to create a designer fungus with the 
     express purpose of killing hemp plants worldwide? 

3.  What will you be doing (or what did you do), while 
your spouse is (or was) watching the Super Bowl 

4.  After the game: Which commercial, (costing 
$1,600,000 for a 30 second spot) did you find to be 
the most effective or most memorable or most 
entertaining or the biggest waste of over one and 
one half million dollars? 

5.  Did you team win?  Did you bet the farm on the 
losing team? 

See you next time! 
-- Al Parker 

THE SANDBOX ~ Issue #28 ~ February 6, 1999 

    "I never resist temptation, because I have found 
   that things that are bad for me do not tempt me." 

           George Bernard Shaw 1856-1950 
                --The Apple Cart -- act II 

News of Interest This Week: 

Middle East:  King Hussein On Life Support. 

Hanford East:  High Winds Blow Irradiated Tumble 
Weeds Through 200 East area.  Hanford workers 
warned, "don't touch." 

Officials are not overly concerned, however. 
According to lead contractor Fluor Daniel Hanford, Inc., 
"A person would have to ingest several contaminated 
tumbleweeds to be subject to harm." 

In any case, this news does inspire a great idea for 
a movie with Meg Ryan, Mel Gibson and a cast of 
thousands of Richland Bombers, entitled: 
      "Please Don't Eat The Tumbleweeds." 
The musical background will be supplied by the 
digitally perfected Sons of The Pioneers. 

"See  them tumbling along, 
Deep in my heart is their song, 
Although their rads are not strong, 
I'm told to eat them is wrong... 

And deep in my heart I do know 
Though deep in the night I do glow 
I'll just keep rolling along... 
With the tumbling, tumbling tumble weeds! 

The plot will be sort of a combination of "Please 
Don't Eat the Daisies" and "Volcano" with Richland 
and the Hanford Reservation as the locale.  Will Mel 
Gibson be able to save Meg Ryan from her fast track 
fixation for a fast flux finish?  That is the question! 

Want to hear some of the background music for this 
great movie in which you could play a role?  Go to: 
and click on:  tumblewe.mid    -ap 
Your RHS/ColHi Alumni Speakers of The Day are: 
Ray Wells (54), Vince Bartram (62), Tony Tellier (57) 
Lee Johnson (54), Arthur Roberts  (48), 
Darwin Perkins (69), Jenny (Smart) Page (87), 
Annette Pierce (62), John M. Allen (66) 
Share Your Opinions, Your Ideas, and Your 
Responses with Richland Alumni All Around The 
From: (Ray Wells) (54) 
Subj:    Answering questions, allegations and comments from: 
            Mari Eckert Leahyme (65) 
            Debbie Nelson Burnet (77) 

1.  Concerning William Porter's comment about 400 
prosecutors who have said they wouldn't even bring 
charges against a 'normal' person for what Clinton did: 
Since you did not say 'allegedly did' I have to assume 
that you believe Clinton did it, but since you didn't 
specifically mention what 'it' referred to, I am unable to 
access the full import of your statement.  This is the 
first time I have heard this '400 prosecutors' statistic, 
and I would appreciate your sharing the source with the 
Sandbox, including the circumstances and questions 
involved, since this appears to be a survey a.k.a. a poll. 

Speaking of polls, I heard an example on the radio on 
how polls are conducted: 

20 people were asked if they knew who Mike Tyson 
was.  All 20 answered yes.  Then they were asked if 
they knew that Mike Tyson bit off a chunk of an 
opponent's ear.  18 said yes, and 2 said no.  Then they 
were asked if they knew that Mike Tyson served time 
in prison for assaulting his girlfriend. 19 said yes, 1 
said no.  Then they were asked if they respected Mike 
Tyson as a person.  All 20 said no.  Lastly they were 
asked if they believed Mike Tyson was a good boxer. 
16 (80%) said yes, 2 said no, and 2 had no opinion. 
Announced results of the poll:  Tyson has an 80% 
approval rating. 

2.  Concerning Mari Eckert Leahyme's 'Like a Soap 
Opera' comments.  I doubt that Thomas Jefferson would 
have shed any tears for President Bill Clinton.  Jefferson, 
who was the actual author of the U.S. Constitution, was 
well known for his mistrust of government, and elected 
officials in general, and that is why we find 
impeachment covered in the Constitution.  It would be 
interesting to hear from someone who can quote 
comments from scholars who are authorities on 
Thomas Jefferson, who have expressed what they 
think Thomas Jefferson would have said about this 
Clinton mess.  There is a world of information on the 
Internet about Thomas Jefferson, and if anyone has 
the time to research it, and share it with the rest of 
us, I'm sure it would make worthwhile reading. 

Mari said, "What ever became of the concept of 
innocent until PROVEN guilty? Whatever became of 
fairness and listening to both sides before blaming or 
accusing?"  Blaming and accusing are rights that are 
guaranteed under the first amendment (it's called 
freedom of speech, and it only exists in a democracy). 
Trials are conducted to prove innocence or guilt.  You 
can't get any more fair than that.  Bill Clinton is being 
tried according to his Constitutional right.  The 
Republicans want a trial.  It is the Democrats and 
liberals who are against the trial and against hearing 
witnesses.  Witnesses, by the way, can also be used 
to testify on behalf of the president (unless of course, 
these kinds of witnesses don't exist). 

3. Concerning Debbie Nelson Burnet's 'Well said' 
comment.  It's nice to hear that at least one other 
person agrees with me.  Like you, I also think if 
Clinton were an honorable man he would have 
resigned from office a long time ago.  Any decent 
husband and father would have resigned rather than 
subjecting his wife and daughter to such humiliation, 
and he would have resigned rather than polarize his 
country from the spin-off of his immorality. 

Ray Wells (54) 
From: Vince Bartram (62) 
Subject: Questions re Y2K (Thanks to Bob Rector) 

So Bob, 

Help me out here. 

Should I party like it's 1985, or party like it's 2015? 
Or how about we all agree to just do 1999 over again? 
Actually, if I could get my body to agree, I wouldn't 
mind doing the last 30 years over again. I wonder if I 
would make some of the same dumb mistakes.  Oh 

Thanks for the discussion 

— Vince Bartram 
From: RIS/SW Tony Tellier (57) 
Subject: Can a Computer Virus Spay Your Dog? 

Re: "A little bit of critical thinking." 

[Re virus urban legend virus alerts] ... I never pay any 
attention to them anyway but your tips might be 
enlightening for those who shotgun virus warnings. 

I liked the warning about this virus that will spay your 
dog, invalidate your Visa card, cause global warming or 
cooling depending ... 

Tony Yuma 
RHS '57 (Fifty-SEVEN!  Has it been THAT long?) 
This is not a chain letter 
From: Lee Johnson (54) 
Subj: Another Big Columbia Flood Coming? 
Or:    Columbia Point Construction At Risk? 
Or:    Time to Widen The Old Horn Rapids Road? 

Just heard some disturbing news.  Apparently the snow 
pack is growing at an alarming rate and the possibility 
is there for a major flood on the Columbia and its tributaries. 

Is there anyone out there who can remember the 
"GREAT FLOOD OF 48"?  I remember GW Way 
being roped off and only the big Eukes and 
Turn-a-pulls running wide open up and down the street 
24 hours a day.  At night, there was a two foot flame 
coming out of the exhaust pipe.  It amazes me there 
are developers who want to tear down the dike around 
Richland.  And there is a lot of construction down on 
what they now call Columbia Point.  In 1948 that was 
under 20 feet of water.  As I recall the only way out of 
Richland during that flood was to drive to Benton City 
using the old Horn Rapids Road.  Does anyone else 
recall that flood? 

--   Lee Johnson 
>From Arthur Roberts  (48) 
Subj: Please Interpret My Dream 

I would welcome any and all to try to interpret this 
 weird dream I had recently.  I was in the kitchen.  The 
 refrigerator door was open.  My wife's cat, (I am no 
 longer married in real life), jumped into the refrigerator 
 at crisper level, then came flying out of the refrigerator 
 just below freezer level and landed in my arms.  My 
 wife kept telling me to keep the cat out of the 
 refrigerator.  Her cat kept jumping in near the bottom 
 and popping out near the top.  I couldn't catch it or 
 make it stop.  I could tell my wife was getting mad at 
 me for letting this continue, but there was nothing I 
 could do to make the cat stop. What do you think this 

— Arthur Roberts 
From: Darwin Perkins (69) 
Subject: Millennium Bug and other Y2K thoughts 

In response to Dick Epler (52) in the Sandbox #27. 
Yes, I do still browse these occasionally 

Dick's synopsis of the intricacies of the Y2K problem 
 was very well done.  I won't attempt to improve on it. 
 I'm not involved with Lockheed Martin (LMSI) 
 anymore, so I can't say exactly what they are doing on 
 the Hanford site.  But, after spending the better part of 
 the last 5 years working in three separate companies 
 on various aspects of the Y2K problem, it's obvious to 
 me that a problem does exist.  However, it's just as 
 obvious that it's not a life-threatening, world ending, 
 kind of problem.  So you can class me in the non-Y2K 
 believer group. 

There are a number of Y2K sites on the Web.  If you're 
 interested, just search for the word "Y2K".  It can 
 provide you several months of reading material. 

I've been asked several times to present information on 
 Y2K and its potential impact on life as we know it. 
 Here are some observations: 

Businesses in the world are in business to survive and 
 to make a profit.  They will do as much as necessary to 
 "fix" the Y2K bug and no more. There will be some 
 problems, but, for the most part, life as we 
 know it will continue. 

Remember, regardless of the rumor mongers, only a 
 small part of your life hinges on a computer doing its 
 job, you'll still get a paycheck the first week in 
 January.  There will still be gas at the pumps and they'll 
 still sell coffee and rolls inside. 

Banks and other financial institutions have already run 
 through Y2K several times AND they will fully back 
 up current information on December 31, this year.  For 
 them, the worst case scenario does not involve their 
 computers, but their customers: A run on the bank 
 would devastate the. There is not enough printed 
 money in the country to allow people to pull their 
 savings from the bank over that last week in 
 December.  A public panic over not being able to 
 physically hold money is a real concern. 

In major cities, whenever there is a abnormal 
 occurrence, fire, earthquake, power failure, etc., a sub 
 group of the population makes the best of the situation 

 by rioting and looting.  I expect that will happen 
 regardless of the real effect of Y2K. Merely the 
 expectation will be sufficient reason for this group. 

The potential for power and utility outages does exist. 
 The last time a major power provider tripped off line in 
 the Western Region Grid, some parts of Idaho and 
 Utah were without power for 3 days.  Will this happen 
 as a result of Y2K?  No one knows.  However, this fits 
 in the same class of 'disasters' as a major snow storm. 
 The power people will reset the systems, bypass those 
 that are causing problems and start up the generators 

Travel: I'm planning to go somewhere fun and/or warm 
 for the holidays.  Will there be a problem getting back? 
 Probably not, and if there is a delay, it will probably 
 involve the weather, not Y2K.  Radios still work, 
 pilots still pilot, there will be gas at the airports, radar 
 still works.  Could there be a problem? Sure. Will it 
 stop all flights for the next century? Nope. 

Food: If you knew that there would be a major winter 
 storm in 3 weeks and that the power and all 
 transportation in and out of your town would 
 be shut down for 3-5 days, what would you do?  For 
 Y2K, do the same thing. 

Summary: There is a problem with computer systems 
 and the year 2000.  With a highly technical lifestyle we 
 enjoy, there may be some inconveniences.  However, 
 this too will pass. Take what you hear with a grain of 
 salt. Remember, most people who know a bunch about 
 Y2K are making their living by fixing the problem. 
 The worse they make it sound, the more work they 

--Darwin Perkins (69) 
From: Jenny (Smart) Page (87) 
Subject:    The Nation's Business Is Being Done 

In response to Kathy Rathvon and how the congress 
 needs to "get on with the business of running our 
 country."   Well, Kathy, what they are doing IS the 
 business of running the country.  Although what is 
 currently occurring is not an activity that happens with 
 each session, it is a part of the "job description" of 
 being a Representative or Senator. Granted, it's not a 
 fun part of the job, but occasionally it is a necessary 
 part.  Let them do this part of their job. 

And in response to Peggy Roesch, I would gladly take 
 someone who makes a (common) spelling error like 
 Dan Quayle, over someone who is a disgrace to such a 
 dignified office, like William J. Clinton. What is 
 saddest about this whole "affair" with Clinton is that 
 we, the American people, are no longer shocked with 
 each additional "bimbo eruption." My point: A few 
 Weeks back when the Danny Williams-thing occurred; 
 I did not speak to one person (even my Clinton 
 supporter friends) who doubted that it could be true. 
 Everyone just accepted it as "Yep, ol' Billy knocked up 
 some bimbo back in Arkansas." No one said "No 
 Way!!  He wouldn't have done that!" (or something 
 along those lines....get my point?).   William J. Clinton 
 is an embarrassment to all of  America.   He is a liar 
 (even his staunchest supporters admit that), and God 
 knows what else.  The man should hang his head in 
 shame and leave.... Leave the office he holds....Leave 
 Washington D.C....... Leave America... He's done 
 enough damage already. 

— Jenny (Smart) Page (87) 
From: Annette Pierce (62) 
Subject: Question: 

I am Annette Monson Pierce. (Would be class of 62 but 
 moved to Benton City and graduated in 62 there.)  I 
 have a question and would like some feedback from 
 Bombers growing up in Richland during the years of 
 W 42-55.  I would like to know if you have noticed an 
 increase in the amount of breast cancer in your area. 
 We don't have much of a history of breast cancer in my 
 family but now the three oldest girls in our family 
 including myself have developed it..  My two younger 
 sisters are on six months rechecks because of 
 suspicious spots and lumps.  Marion my older sister 
 said two of her friends also developed breast cancer. 
 All of us developed it before the age of fifty five.  I 
 would be interesting in hearing some responses. 

Annette Monson Pierce (62) 
From: John M. Allen (66) 
Subject: Speaking for Myself 

In responding to that which Mike Franco claims he 
 learned from me during Husky Football games, I 
 would like to preface my remarks with the admonition 
 that true communication, and specifically the 
 teaching/learning process, are usually tricky things. 
 For purposes of my remarks here and in the future, I 
 will define true communication as having taken place 
 when one person precisely understands information or 
 ideas in the same manner that the conveyor of the 
 information or ideas WISHES for the other person to 
 understand.  This process can be hampered by 
 inadequacies on the part of either the communicator or 
 the "communicatee" or both.  It can also be hampered 
 by ambient circumstances (like the roar of a crowd, for 

Having said that, and having reviewed Issue #24 to be 
 sure MarvCarstens wasn't being misquoted or 
 misinterpreted, I have to say that, in general, it appears 
 Mike Franco was a pretty good student (at least from 
 the standpoint of having UNDERSTOOD certain very 
 basic Conservative principles). 

While I understand the frustrations of people at the 
 SEEMING value placed upon certain jobs in society, I 
 still believe (about 85% of the time) in the MARKET 
 DYNAMIC of the capitalist system.   For instance, I 
 am sure that the UW does not pay its attorneys as little 
 as it does its highest paid professor, and ONLY to the 
 extent that the head football coach does a completely 
 different job than a professor, do I make this 
 comparison with the attorney.   One must also consider 
 the relative good done by the athletic program as a 
 whole, and how much the football program contributes 
 not only to that whole program, but to the academic 
 side of University life as well.  I doubt that any single 
 fund raising method contributes to the University, 
 anywhere near the amount of raw cash that the football 
 program does.   Even in situations where the overall 
 good is far more suspect than college football 
 (specifically professional sports in general, and the 
 NBA in particular) I still believe in the market system. 
 Even if the public wishes to continue demonstrating its 
 overall ignorance by paying outrageous sums to 
 horribly spoiled athletes and team owners so that they 
 may prey upon that same public and its daughters in 
 the pursuit of their own private Sodom and Gomorra, I 
 still maintain it is NOT up to the government to 
 legislate against the public's ignorant behavior.  While 
 contrary to popular opinion, we can and DO legislate 
 morality, we cannot AFFORD to legislate against 
 ignorance; at least not in adult society.  There is simply 
 FAR too much of it. 

As for Mr. Carstens' comments about the state of 
 employment in this country, I agree with the point he 
 SEEMED to be making that neither the Democratic 
 Party nor (presumably) the Clinton Administration is 
 responsible for current economic conditions, whatever 
 one perceives those conditions to be.   I would say the 
 same about any Administration regardless of party. 
 This stems once again from the basic Conservative 
 belief in capitalism and the market system; specifically, 
 that in general, market dynamics are primarily 
 responsible for the state of any nation's economy.   A 
 GOOD administration of government is rather like a 
 good referee in a football game.   It applies the rules in 
 as inconspicuous a fashion as possible and does not 
 attempt to make lots of new rules or become the focus 
 of the game.   But as for Mr. Carstens apparent 
 complaints about what he perceives to be inadequate 
 benefits, I can only say that no Administration, 
 regardless of political party, should insert itself into 
 this process.   A good argument can be made that in 
 many cases, it has been precisely the inappropriate 
 involvement of the government that has screwed things 
 up.   One example, without doubt, is the Social 
 Security System and its so-called Trust Fund which 
 DOES NOT EXIST due to the federal government's 
 meddling and lack of self control when it comes to 
 spending.   That's what happens when one party 
 is left in control of the House for 40 continuous years. 
 When it comes to business, there are few bodies less 
 qualified to control it effectively than the US Congress, 
 since most of the Congressmen, Congresswomen, and 
 Senators have so abysmally little experience in 
 business.  They all have lots of IDEAS but those ideas 
 almost always involve spending your money and mine, 
 all the while thinking it is really theirs. 

As for my little traps, I have tried only the one so far, 
 but I will not be advertizing any future ones in 
 advance.   I had really expected that it would be one of 
 the Francos or maybe Ron Richards who would take 
 the first bite at the bait, and the fact that they didn't, 
 MAY be an indication of how completely libs have 
 come to believe their own swill about this 
 impeachment being equal to an attempted coup d'état. 

---John Allen ('66) 
From:   Howie Mandel's TV Show as aired 1/28/99 
Subj:    Evolution 

Howie's son: Dad, if man descended from apes, why 
are there still apes? 

Howie: Because the ones that are still apes are the 
slow learners. 

That's all for today's Sandbox, folks.  Say what you 
are itching to say today and send it right away to: 

Not sure what you want to talk about?  Well, then, 
here are some ideas for you: What do you think 

1.  Will we... Should we... soon be sending U.S. 
troops to Kosovo to help restore peace there? 

2.  Is Russia still a threat to the U.S., to world 

3.  What do you think should really be done with the 
so-called national budget "surplus?" 

4.  Why would you like to have yourself cloned? 

5.  Why would you not like to have yourself cloned? 

6.  What is your "favorite" pet peeve? 

See you next time! 
                    -- Al Parker 

THE SANDBOX ~ Issue #29 ~ February 13, 1999 

           "Oh what a tangled web we weave, 
           When first we practise to deceive." 

            -- Sir Walter Scott 1771 - 1832 

History This Week 

Sun Feb 7, 1999-- King Hussein Dies.  Son Assumes 
Throne.  World Leaders Attend Funeral and Offer 
Support.  Will Middle East "Peace" Hold? 

Friday, Feb 12, 1999-- The U.S. Senate clears 
the president of perjury and obstruction of justice 
charges, making William Jefferson Clinton the 
second U.S. president to be impeached, but not 
convicted.  Paul Harvey comments:  "Senate 
Completes Cover Up." [to paraphrase]  Popular 
Consensus: "The President engaged in despicable 
behavior not [sinking] to the level of impeachable 
offenses."  The Country, the President, The 
Presidency, the Congress and the Constitution 
appear to have survived the a monumental and 
tedious ordeal.  Only with time will all the 
ramifications of that ordeal and its outcome be put 
to the test(s). 
RHS/ColHi Alumni Speakers of The Day: 
Bob Rector (62),  Willard Ule (73), Ray Wells (54), 
Gary Behymer (64), Mike Franco (70), 
Bob Rector (62), Sandy Carpenter McDermott (61), 
Kent Sinkey (59), Arthur Roberts (48), 
Robert Frost (1874-1963) (Bomber Guest) 
Special Feature Today:  "Bomber Boomer Baby Trivia" 
Trivia questions throughout.  Can you pass the test? 
Share Your Opinions, Your Ideas, and Your 
Responses with Richland Alumni All Around The 
From: Bob Rector (62) 
Subject: Dream Interpretation for Arthur Roberts (48) 

"Doctor Bob" subscribes to classic assumption that 
 dreams are metaphors. i.e. the cat coming out of the 
 refrigerator (ice box) is the admonition "Don't let the 
 cat out of the box."  The woman complaining that you 
 could not keep the cat in the box, is claiming you have 
 "spilled the beans." Boy are you in trouble! 

— Bob Rector 
Bomber Boomer Baby Trivia #1: 1. Name the Beatles, 
first and last names. 
From:  Willard Ule (73) 
Subj: Black and White and Gray 

May we  forever respect the indulgence of the simple 
 minded.  Those whom only see in black and/or white. 
 The only gray they know is the matter which separates 
 their ears.  If you lie, then you shall burn!!!!!  But how 
 quick do They expect us to forget all of the lies which 
 they told to win the office in which they attempt to 
 serve the People.  Even though the majority of the 
 people make their wishes known via- Polls. But they 
 excuse this with comments like, "They don't know 
 what's  good for them."  This bothers me whenever 
 another adult thinks they know what's best for me, 
 because of  their moral convictions.  It's like when 
 someone tells you to trust him while he has his hand in 
 your pocket.  This whole thing reminds me of my days 
 at Jason Lee.   If we didn't get our way we would 
 search out the play  ground Teacher who would give 
 us our way. Then came the day that we were forced to 
 realize that some  times we were just plain wrong.  No 
 matter how many teachers we asked, we were still 
 wrong.  I often wish  others would learn this lesson. 
 Maybe then we could come to the important vote. 

            THANK YOU MUCHLY 
                 LATER,  "DOC" 
Bomber Baby Boomer Trivia #2:  Finish this line: 
"Lions, and tigers, and bears ..." (2 words) 
From:   Ray Wells (54) 
Subj:   Best Y2K information 

Best Y2K information I have found yet --- 
Bomber Baby Boomer Triva #3:  "Hey kids, what 
time is it?" (4 words) 
From: Gary Behymer (64) 

     We convince ourselves that life will be better after 
 we get married, have a baby, then another.  Then we 
 are frustrated that the kids aren't old enough, and we'll 
 be more content when they are.  After that we're 
 frustrated that we have teenagers to deal with.  We 
 will certainly be happy when they are out of that stage. 
 We tell ourselves that our life will be complete when 
 our spouse gets his or her act together, when we get a 
 nicer car, are able to go on a nice vacation, when we 

     The truth is, there's no better time to be happy than 
 right now.  If  not now, when?  Your life will always 
 be filled with challenges,  It's best to admit this to 
 yourself and decide to be happy anyway.  One of my 
 favorite quotes comes from Alfred D. Souza.  He said, 
 "For a long time it had seemed to me that life was 
 about to begin - real life.  But there was always some 
 obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through 
 first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, 
 and a debt to be paid.  Then life would begin.  At last it 
 dawned on me that these obstacles were my life." 

     This perspective has helped me to see that there is 
 no way to happiness.  Happiness is the way.  So, 
 treasure every moment that you have.  And treasure it 
 more because you shared it with someone special, 
 special enough to spend your time...and remember that 
 time waits for no one.... 

     So stop waiting until you finish school, until you go 
 back to school, until you lose ten pounds, until you 
 gain ten pounds, until you have kids, until your kids 
 leave the house, until you start work, until you retire, 
 until you get married, until you get divorced, until 
 Friday night, until Sunday morning, until you get a new 
 car or home, until your car or home is paid off, until 
 spring, until summer, until fall, until winter, until you 
 are off welfare, until the first or fifteenth, until your 
 song comes on, until you've had a drink, until you've 
 sobered up, until you die, until you are born again to 
 decide that there is no better time than right now to be 
 happy.  Happiness is a journey, not a destination.  . 

     Thought for the day:  Work like you don't need 
 money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like 
 no one's watching. 
— Gary Behymer 
Bomber Baby Boomer Triva #4. What do M&M's do? 
From: Mike Franco (70) 
Subj: The Good, The Bad, And D.C. Parking Spaces 

I see my ole buddy John Allen still truly feels that all 
 good is driven by anything/anybody conservative and 
 all bad by anything/anybody liberal. Well since those 
 are totally relative terms, John and any who share 
 those all-left or all-right views....will always be correct. 
 Me, I think most of those guys back there (Wash DC) 
 really do work the same side of the street. When it 
 comes to spending money, the only difference between 
 the right and left is what they spend it on.....national 
 social programs or unwanted C-130's....Well John, I 
 am still more liberal than conservative. I don't think  all 
 or hardly ANY conservatives are bad. What I do think 
 IS bad is people who advocate minimal or NO 
 spending......back in those "good old days" we all talk 
 about we called these people "deadbeats". And that is 
 what we have created....a generation of deadbeat 
 taxpayers. Anybody out there care about the $140 - 
 $160 billion a year in income taxes that go 
 UNCOLLECTED ???? If we collected even 20% of 
 that would that give us a little tax relief ? Why does 
 NO conservative OR liberal EVER even mention 
 this???? Not even one ....I really would like to hear 
 everyone's view on this. If I were a conspiracy buff, I 
 would believe there is one at work here.....fill me in. 

As far as open market belief.....I have always supported 
 ALL open markets, including free trade, elimination of 
 ALL corporate income taxes (the middle class will 
 ALWAYS pay the taxes in our economic structure, 
  live with it) and inheritance taxes. I also believe we 
 ALL should pay our share and tax cheats belong in the 
 slammer at LEAST as much as cheats 
 steal from me and you !! (Just a thought, if ALL the 
 tax cheats and adulterers were run out of Wash DC a 
 lot of parking problems would be solved!!!)  Please 
 accept my humble apologies if any of these views do 
 NOT neatly fit with anyone's neat views of us "libs".... 
 I am sure any conflicts can be explained away... 

Thought for the day....with "the trial" going on, things 
 seem to be going ok out here in reality land. I would 
 like to hear any support out there for declaring a two 
 year recess for both houses of congress....and 
 whenever Clinton leaves office (lots of folks will run 
 out of things to fill their life with when that happens!!!) 
 let's just leave the office vacant...we do it with Judges, 
 corporate officers....Just a thought...take care 

Remember: Things are NEVER as bad as they appear. 
 They are either better or worse! 

— Mike Franco 
Bomber Baby Boomer Triva #5. What helps build 
strong bodies 12 ways? 
From: Ray Wells (54) 
For Arthur Roberts  (48) 
Subj: Please Interpret My Dream 

Since your dream is fraught with Freudian Symbology, 
 I will answer you off line. 
Bomber Baby Boomer Triva #6. Before he was 
Mohammed Ali, before he was The Greatest, we knew 
him as ... (2 words) 
Subj: Food For Thought Ray Wells (54) 

It seems to me that the population our country can be 
 classified in four general groups: 

1. Those who are out to get Clinton any way they can. 
 These people believe that Clinton is without redeeming 
 social value.  These people are zealous, conservative, 
 right wingers who believe the end justifies the means. 

2. Those who are willing to overlook Clinton's 
 misbehavior, no matter how serious because they 
 believe he will guide the country in a direction they 
 agree with.  These people are allowing main stream 
 media to do their thinking for them.  These people 
 prefer to have the government decide what is best for 
 them.  These people are zealous, liberal, left wingers 
 who believe the end justifies the means. 

3. Those who want the constitution and rule of law 
 followed irrespective of whether it allows Clinton to 
 remain in office or causes him to be removed from 
 office.  These people place a high priority on personal 

4. Those who don't want to be bothered about Clinton 
 one way or the other, i.e., the apathetic.  These people 
 are willing to let the future take care of itself.  As long 
 as they have access to food & water, booze, clothing, 
 shelter, TV, healthcare and sex, they are happy to let 
 someone else provide direction for their country. 


1. Which group do you belong to? 
2. Which group do you believe is best for America? 
3. Which group would provide the least resistance to a 
 takeover by a dictatorship? 
4. Which group would provide the most resistance to a 
 takeover by a dictatorship? 
5. The majority of the world's population lives under a 
 dictatorship. History has shown that a democracy can 
 be taken over by a dictatorship. Could it happen here? 
 If so, why?  If not, why not? 

Ray Wells ('54) 
Bomber Baby Boomer Triva #7. "You'll wonder where 
 the yellow went, ..." (7 words) 
From: Bob Rector (62) 
Subject: More lame advice to Vince Bartram ('62) 
 about Y2K. (And when it is, or was, or still may be) 

OK, so what this all means...that we ain't got no idea 
 what year it is really.  (I learned my English at RHS) 
 Guess my advice is to party no matter what. 

 Addenda to earlier diatribe: 

 (1) Yes, there is another day's discussion over probable 
 calendar errors made by Dionysius the Less....along 
 with his poor formula.  We are probably already into 
 the second millennium.   (2) And yes, there is another 
 day's discussion over possible calendar errors made 
 since the sixth century.  Some questions through the 
 Dark Ages, you know, when the sun didn't shine so 
 bright. (little humor there) 

(3) Remember the Millerites, who waited on the hillside 
 for Christ's return years ago.  Today they are Seventh 
 Day Adventists and still waiting. 

(4) If you happen to be Mormon, better head for 
 Independence Missouri, cause that's where Joseph 
 Smith said Christ would return. 

(5) Our good friend John Wingfield, (64?) reminds us 
 for our Jewish relatives, it is year 5759,  for our 
 Muslim  brethren it is 1420,  and for our Chinese 
 sisters it's 4697. 

(6) For Goodness Sake, I just want to know what year 
 it is for "Kennewick Man"? 

Vince, as for making dumb mistakes, heck, I can still 
do  those!  Semper Bomberus, Bob 
Bomber Baby Boomer Triva #8. Before he was the 
Skipper's little buddy, Bob Denver was Dobie's best 
friend, ... (First and last names, and middle initial) 
AS BAD AS IN 1948? 

In issue #28 of The Sandbox, Lee Johnson  pointed to 
 the possibility of major snow packs accumulating in 
 the mountains now, combining with fast-melt  run-offs, 
 becoming a real threat to the Richland Area again.  He 
 wondered, with such potential developing, why 
 developers were now seeking permits to take out the 
 dykes that were built to hold back the Columbia as a 
 result of the floods of 48.  He also asked how many 
 remembered the floods that threatened Richland then. 
 Responses from Ray Wells and Sandy Carpenter 
 McDermott follow below. 
Bomber Baby Boomer Triva #9. "M-I-C...See ya real 
soon. K-E-Y..." (+5 letters) 
From: Ray Wells (54) 
Subj:   Also Remembers The Floods of 1948 

For Lee Johnson (54) 

Yes I remember the 1948 spring flood.  It was 
 proceeded by a very cold (the Yakima River froze 
 over), high snow fall winter.  It either disabled or took 
 out the bridges from Richland to Kennewick and West 
 Richland, and it was months before you could drive 
 across the Yakima on a bridge from Richland. As kids, 
 we particularly enjoyed it when the warm weather hit 
 because we were able to swim (actually skinny-dip) in 
 the numerous pools that  were left in the land west of 
 Richland.  No one told us how polluted they were, and 
 not knowing this, we did not get sick.  Like you, I 
 cannot accept the logic behind wanting to remove the 

— Ray Wells 
Bomber Baby Boomer Triva #10. A 'streaker' is 
someone who might run across campus wearing what? 
From: Sandy Carpenter McDermott (61) 
Subj:  Re:  Lee Johnson's comments on 
the Great Flood of '48 

Yes, I remember well the Flood of 48.  We had just 
 moved into our new house on Davison Street across 
 from Jefferson Grade School.  The yards were not yet 
 landscaped or planted with grass, so the dust blew 
 pretty freely.  When they built the dike to keep the 
 flood waters back, they hauled sand bags in large 
 trucks.  I remember how noisy it was day and night, 
 because they used our back yard to take the trucks to 
 the dike site, and our front yard for returning trucks. 
 It was just constant traffic, noise and, of course, 
 DUST.  Who could forget THAT???? 

-- Sandy Carpenter McDermott 
Bomber Baby Boomer Triva #11. "Brylcream: ..." 
(6 words) 
From: Kent Sinkey (59) 
Subject: 40th reunion this year 

I've enjoyed reading postings in the Sandstorm and 
 Sandbox and bringing back old memories of growing 
 up in Richland.  I just wanted to take a minute, in the 
 hopes that I won't get badly flamed, to mention that a 
 friend of mine and I have started a travel agency last 
 year. If anyone would like to use our professional 
 services to attend the 40th reunion we can be reached 
 at:  We're available for all business 
 and leisure travel. 

Thanks,  Kent Sinkey (59) 

[No problem, Kent.  Here's wishing  you the best 
 success in your travel business.  If  anyone else would 
 like to plug your own business or service, feel free to 
 tell us about it.  If, at the same time,  you could share 
 an amusing or interesting experience that has occurred 
 during the course of your business, we would enjoy 
 hearing about that too! -ap] 
Bomber Baby Boomer Triva #12. Bob Dylan advised us 
never to trust anyone .... (2 words) 
To: The 
Subject: Quiescence. 

All is quiet and the children are sleeping. 
From: Robert Frost (1874-1963) 
(A Bomber Guest) 
Subject: Miles To Go Before I Sleep 

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, 
But I have promises to keep, 
And miles to go before I sleep, 
And miles to go before I sleep. 

--Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening 
Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 
The often heard phrase--- 
"You can fool all the poeple some of the time, and 
some of the people all of the time, but you can not fool 
all the people all of the time,"  are words attributed 
to Lincoln in a speech given at Clinton, Sep 8, 1858, 
according to Autobiography of A. Lincoln, 1927. 
(N.W. Stephenson).  (Attributed. also to 
Phineas Barnum.) 
 That's all for today's Sandbox, folks.  Say what you 
are longing to say today and send it right away to: 

Not sure what you want to talk about?  Well, then, 
here are some ideas for you: What do you think 

1.  Kennewick Man? 
2.  Irradiating food to preserve it? 
3.  National I.D. cards? 
4.  National Park Entry Fees? 
5.  Indian Casino Slot Machines? 
6.  Online Casinos? 
7.  A National Sales Tax? 

See you next time!
           -- Al Parker 
           -- your Sandbox coordinator 

Oh, were you looking for the answers to the Bomber 
Baby Boomer Trivia Quiz?  Well, if there were any of 
those questions you don't know the answer to, perhaps 
Gary Behymer, who supplied the trivia questions will be 
kind enough to supply us with theanswers in time for 
the next issue of The Sandbox! 

THE SANDBOX ~ Issue #30 ~ February 17 1999 

    Now that the trial is over, T.S. Eliot (1888 - 1965) 
                     Just might have said: 

   "A way of putting it-- not very satisfactory; ... A 
    paraphrastic study... Leaving one still with the 
    intolerable wrestle With words and meanings." 

Traffic Stopper:  On Thursday, Feb 18, 1999 
A rally to "Save The Dams" Will Be Held On The 
Cable Bridge Between Kennewick and Pasco 
between the hours of 5 PM and 7 PM. 
 RHS/ColHi Alumni Speakers of The Day: 
Marc Franco (66), Joe Ford (63), 
Ray Wells (54), John M. Allen (66), 
John Northover (59), Dick Epler (52), 
Willard Ule (73), Gail Cherrington (56), 
Alan Porter (67), Patty Stordahl (72), 
Dustin Rector (88), 
The Sandbox Is: A SHARING of Your Ideas, Your 
Opinions, Your Experiences and Your Responses 
To Richland Alumni All Over The World! 
Marc Franco (66)> 
Subject: No witnesses 

Ray Wells made the comment that it is the Democrats 
 and liberals who are opposed to calling witnesses for 
 the impeachment trial. Unfortunately, he is quite 
 correct. As opposed as I am to this entire waste of 
 taxpayer money, etc., I have been quite irritated about 
 the Democrats stating on the one hand that they do 
 not see the need for calling witnesses, and on the other 
 hand stating that they see nothing new coming in the 
 trial, so why have the trial. Well, if they refuse to call 
 witnesses, then of course there will be nothing new. 

                Marc ('66) 
 From: "Joe Ford" (63)
CC: "Kathy Rathvon"
Subject: Government business 

Old Richlanders (and some not so old) --- 

I vote with Kathy Rathvon, the voice of reason and 
 sanity, in regard to the charade underway in DC. 

Whatever Clinton did or did not do, he has the great 
 majority of our country's support. Anthony Lewis, 
 journalist for the New York Times, has made a cogent 
 argument worth reading. As a librarian, I should be 
 able to give you a better citation, but you might start 

The point of his comments are that the Clinton-haters 
 have had him in their sights for years, and have spent 
 millions in pursuing him. What they found at the end of 
 the day that was even remotely actionable was that he 
 was involved with a young woman, and that they could 
 likely make him uncomfortable with that piece of news. 
 Four years, and $50 million, and it came down to 

And so, in their pursuit, they've wasted our time, and 
 worse, their time. We pay them to take care of critical 
 business; health care, education, Social Security, 
 foreign affairs and national defense. Instead, they've 
 diminished themselves, the Government, and our trust 
 in them. Clinton, whose political skills I admire, had 
 already diminished himself. 

End the farce, before it descends into tragedy. 

Two predictions: The hard right will begin blaming 
 ordinary citizens for their lack of zeal, shortly after 
 Clinton is acquitted. Those of us who have little 
 stomach for kangaroo courts will become responsible 
 for Clinton. The Republican party, which should be 
 angling to attract those of us who have become more 
 cautious in our middle age, will, instead, lurch further 
 to the right seeking to purify itself. 

Back to business. 

Best to all. 
--Joe Ford ('63) 
Subject:  Executive Order 
From:   Ray Wells (54) 
To: (Richard Epler) 

Dick, I think you came out in favor of executive orders. 
 After reading this I'd like to know if you would 
 reconsider.  Ray 
>From Rush Limbaugh's Web Site: 

Below is the latest Clinton Executive Order (13107) 
 that will become effective January 10, 1999, UNLESS 


It will place the actions of all government within the 
 United States under the review and veto of the United 
 Nations (See Section 4 (c)(iii). 

The only way to stop it is by beating the drums. I spoke 
 with Congressman Cox's office 12/23/98. They were 
 not aware of it!!! Help me to get the word out! 
 THIS ORDER!!!!!!!!!!! 

From: "John M. ALLEN"> 
Subject: Pay Back, OR Just Too Late?? 

To all my Democrat "friends" who were SOOOO 
 outraged at the incredibly scurrilous behavior of the 
 Speaker of the House two years ago, how many of you 
 even bothered to notice the complete vindication given 
 him last week by no less than the one and only 
 legitimate agency of the Federal Government charged 
 with investigating his alleged criminal/unethical 
 activities.   Oh, the unbiased National TV media 
 covered the story......for about a day and a half; to 
 which they will all proudly point in future as proof of 
 their unbiased coverage of national politics, but this 
 amounts to the page 22 retraction of an initial Front 
 Page Story of accusation in a newspaper.   How many 
 days in late 1996 and early '97 was this the lead story 
 on every major network and on the Front Page of 
 major newspapers across the land?   And further, 
 Bonior was the hammer that kept pounding Gingrich 
 and eventually caused him to have to pay a $350,000 
 "fine" to the House as repayment for costs of the 
 investigation for which he (Bonior) was primarily 
 responsible.   Will Bonior now be repaying Gingrich 
 out of his pocket for the money Gingrich was 
 erroneously assessed? Democrats, liberals, and 
 so-called independents who contribute to the 
 SANDBOX, please explain to me why this should 
 NOT happen.   Perhaps Mr. Bonior should even be 
 censured for his Left-Wing Extremist, PARTISAN 
 WITCH HUNT that has been completely rejected and 
 refuted by the Internal Revenue Service.  It cost an 
 honorable man a good part of his reputation, and no 
 matter how many letters like this one are written in the 
 future, most Americans will remember Gingrich as an 
 unethical criminal who cheated on his taxes. 

The problem with this and so many other situations in 
 Washington D.C. is that if you're a liberal Democrat, it 
 doesn't really make any difference if what you say is 
 true.   It only matters that you say it and that it gets 
 repeated incessantly; the truth be damned. 

---John M. Allen ('66) 
FROM: John Northover (59)> 
Subject: Y2K Hysteria .... ??? 

Mr. Sandbox... 

I Am Sending this as a Possible Sandbox Entry.  Do 
 Not Know What People Are Doing, in Their 
 Personal Lives,  to Get Through the Y2K Thing, 
 but Thought this Would Be Useful Information.  I Will 
 Leave it to You, Whether You Feel it Should Be 
 Included.  No Problem with Me Either Way. 
A Naval Message with Possible ... Good Info ???   I 
 Have Stripped the Headings and All the Secret Stuff, 
 So I Will Not Have to Kill Anyone!!!  Sorry about the 
 Capital Letters ... but the Navy Only Operates With 

[No problem re the capital letters, John.  I enlisted 
 WordPerfect to diminish the shouting a bit by lower- 
 casing  all but the first letter of each word. -Al] 

[Note to Sandbox Subscribers: Because of the length of 
 this comprehensive evaluation of Y2K problems, 
 preparations completed or under way, testing already 
 done and things you can do concerning Y2K, this 
 information "package" will be continued over the 
 course of more  than one Sandbox issue, possibly 
 three or more.  This is one of the most thorough and 
 "official" evaluations I have seen so far of anticipated 
 Y2K problems, what is being done throughout industry 
 and government and what you, personally, can do to 
 meet the Y2K challenges ahead. - Al P.] 

Subj/guidance on Year 2000 (Y2K) Related Issues// 
 Rmks/1. It Is Important That We Provide Our Sailors 
 with Sound, Useful Information on the Potential 
 Impact of Y2K on Their Personal and Professional 
 Lives, as Well as the Lives of Their Families. 

2. The Year 2000 (Y2K) "Millennium Bug" Is 
 Becoming an Increasingly Popular Subject for the 
 "Talking Heads" of the World as Mass Media Focus 
 On Possible Y2K Disruptions and Extremists Predict 
 Catastrophic Social Breakdown. Additionally, an 
 Increasing Number of Entrepreneurs and "Scam 
 Artists" View Y2K as an Opportunity to Capitalize on 
 Fear and Uncertainty for Personal  Profit. 

3. This Is the First in a Series of Messages Prepared by 
 the Navy Office of Information (CHINFO) Addressing 
 How Sailors Can Expect Y2K to Affect Various 
 Aspects of Both the Domestic and the Military 
 Infrastructure.  Commanding Officers and Officers in 
 Charge Should Ensure Widest Possible Dissemination 
 Of this Information via Plan of the Day (POD), 
 Command Newspaper, Familygram, Site TV, Daily 
 Quarters, Captain's Call and Other Appropriate 

4. The Following Information Is Drawn from a Variety 
 of Private Sector and Official Sources Including 
 Commercial News Media Products. This Information 
 Is Considered to Be Reliable, but Not Necessarily 
 Authoritative, as No One Can Predict Future Events 
 With Complete Certainty. This Particular Message 
 Addresses Only a Few of the Wide Array of Y2K 
 Topics. Future Messages Will Continue to Address 
 Other Areas in More Detail. Together, this Series of 
 Messages Should Provide a Current, Comprehensive 
 Database of Y2K Information. Look for Additional 
 Information about Y2K Related Issues to Be 
 Communicated on a Regular Basis Through Navy 
 Internal Media Such As All Hands Magazine, 
 Navy-marine Corps News, Direct to Sailor and Navy 
 News Service. Y2K Information Is Also Available 
 Through [various] Navy Web Sites: 

A. Y2K Bug--general/background: 
Q1. What Is the Year 2000 Challenge and How Did it 

A1. The Year 2000 Challenge Potentially Affects Any 
 Digital Computer System, Equipment or 
 Product That Uses Date Information. It Arises from 
 The Nearly Universal Practice in Academia, 
 Government and Business of Using Two Rather Than 
 Four Digits to Designate the Calendar Year 
 (E.g.,Dd/mm/yy).  It Also Has Its Roots in the 
 Common Practice of Using Two Digits to Shorthand 
 References To the Year (Just as People Commonly 
 Refer to "The Class of '99'" Instead of The "Class of 
 1999"). This Common Practice Can Lead to Incorrect 
 Results Whenever Computer Systems, Software or 
 Microchips Perform Arithmetic Operations, 
 Comparisons or Data Field Sorting Involving Years 
 Later than 1999. Non-compliant Systems May 
 Interpret 00 as the Year 1900, 01 as the Year 1901, 

From:   Dick Epler (52) 
ReplyTo: (Dick Epler 
Subj:   Lessons of Impeachment 

I  suppose the biggest lesson from the Clinton 
 Impeachment is NOT that "it's over," but rather that 
 it's just the beginning. This trial seems to be paving the 
 way for an entirely new phase of American Politics. 

Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised, but the Senate 
 trial wasn't so much about Clinton as it was about 
 consolidating party power. The Repubs have some, the 
 Demos want it … all of it, if possible. And the 
 Constitution and associated Oath of Office be damned. 
 After the votes were counted, it was interesting to 
 listen to the justifications offered to dismiss. Though 
 all agree that Clinton is guilty as charged, most of the 
 Democrats assert that the offenses aren't impeachable, 
 while the Republicans contend that the offenses, 
 though impeachable, weren't proven as given by the 
 Senate's trial record. Of course, the Republicans (Lott) 
 were willing accomplices in crippling the trial process 
 (no live witnesses) and in tying the hands of the house 
 managers (no new evidence) so that a proper trial 
 record couldn't be built for the voting process. Neat, 
 eh? Everybody's covered, politically. 

The end result, however, is clear. We are no longer a 
 "nation of laws." The "great experiment" is dead. In 
 the United States, as in the rest of the World, the "rule 
 of men" dominates the "rule of law." I suppose we've 
 been moving in this direction for a long time now, but 
 the Clinton trial has removed any doubt that remained 
 and for that alone, the trial was important. While I 
 worry that our nation is now more susceptible political 
 corruption, we may yet be able to fix it before another 
 Clinton comes along ... so long as we recognize the 

But first, we need to clear up one very important point. 
 The "Clinton lesson" has very little to do with his 
 sexual indiscretions. As Ray Wells (54) likes to point 
 out, Clinton has committed (and continues to commit) 
 a good many more serious offenses than his abuse of 
 women. How Starr decided on the Lewinsky strategy 
 has bothered me from the beginning. At the time, I 
 rationalized his choice as being the easiest to prove, 
 which, though true, became irrelevant. In hindsight, 
 many say that Starr is a political neophyte who failed 
 to realize that such charges would be mischaracterized 
 as only "lying about sex," thereby serving as more of a 
 political vindication than as anything serious enough to 
 warrant impeachment. 

There are other, perhaps more insightful, 
 interpretations. Some foreign correspondents, who, 
 unlike our own press, don't have the problem with 
 access to Washington news sources, make some 
 interesting observations. They point out that Starr is 
 pretty much a product of the system. He has never 
 been an "independent" counsel. Starr is a former 
 chief-of-staff at the Justice Department and his team in 
 Washington is dominated by fellow Justice Department 
 insiders. Moreover, he has relied primarily on the FBI 
 (another Clinton-tainted agency) for most of the 
 investigative work. The point here is NOT that these 
 people are corrupt themselves, but rather that they are 
 most assuredly NOT independent. Anybody that was 
 able to survive Clinton's purge of the Justice 
 Department and the FBI, in 1992, has to know that the 
 key to survival depends on being able to ignore the 
 most serious offenses of the Executive office. 

That's another thing that has bothered me from the 
 beginning. When Clinton took office in 1992, one of 
 the first things he did was to fire all the senior 
 prosecutors at the Justice Department. Next he did 
 something no other President has ever done. He fired 
 the director of the FBI, a NO-NO, since that office is 
 appointed for 10 years (to ensure political 
 independence). But since the press was silent, I guess 
 we all assumed it was OK. In retrospect, these two 
 acts effectively gave Clinton direct control of most of 
 the Government's investigative machinery and thereby 
 cleared the way for him to ignore any laws he wished, 
 something he continues to do even today. 

Many point out that this couldn't have happened 
 without the complicity of the press. I hesitate to say 
 that we don't have a "free press" any more, but with 
 the pressures of advertising, political pressure groups, 
 circulation numbers, Nielsen ratings, and the like, I 
 know our press has nowhere close to the integrity it 
 once had. More honest reporting now seems to come 
 from a guy with modem connected to the net (Matt 
 Drudge) and from foreign correspondents than from 
 anything our national media puts out. Consider that in 
 recent days, the Washington Post has been caught 
 feeding media intelligence to the White House 
 counsel's office and that NBC Television is sitting on 
 an interview with an Arkansas woman (Jane Doe #5) 
 who was allegedly raped by Clinton. These are only 
 two instances of a "pressured press." 

So now let me ask: What do you think YOU could do 
 if you ran an office with a annual budget of 
 $1,770,000,000,000 (1.77 trillion dollars), had no 
 political opposition to speak of, had a spin-control 
 machine that the media loved, which, coincidentally, 
 allowed you to pretty much ignore the Constitution 
 and the law of the land? I suspect there are quite a 
 number of people out there with an answer to this 
 question. At least one investment journal believes that 
 Steven Spielberg is interested. Hmmm … could be. 
 Interesting how American Politics has changed in the 
 last few years. 

Dick Epler (52) - Mt. Vernon, Oregon 
From: (Willard Ule  M.D.) (73) 

When I wrote last I mentioned the simple minded, well 
 with our help they got something right. "We find 
 William Jefferson Clinton not guilty" even though it 
 took millions of dollars and longer than it takes to 
 bear and deliver a child. we were able to get the right 
 result.  The only thing I fear is a repeat performance, 
 God help us if I am right. We may find ourselves in the 
 middle of a war. I feel it would be the marks of all civil 
 war's. It would be the conservatives against the rest of 
 us as we would be forced to protect ourselves against 
 Moral Displacement. this would be when others 
 morals dis-place our basic civil rights.  may we 
 remember that it happened before. when we had our 
 last civil war. Let us be of more common sense this 

            THANK YOU MUCHLY 
                  LATER  "DOC" 
From: Gail Cherrington Hollingsworth (56) 
Subject: Re: Trivia questions 

 Not sure you are asking for us to send you these 
  answers, but just in case you are, here are mine: 

[Note to readers— since Gail is giving the answers here 
 to triva questions asked in Sandbox #29,  You can, just 
 for fun,  in the privacy of your own home, ask 
 yourself, or whoever is home with you, what the 
 questions are.  (You know, like in Jeopardy.) Or, you 
 can play the same game with Patty Stordahl's set of 
 answers further on. -ap] 

     1. Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and 
 George Harrison 
     2. Have I...... (not sure about that one) 
     3. It's Howdy Doody time. 
     4. Melt in your mouth, not in your hand. 
     5. WonderBread 
     6. Cassish (sp?) Clay 
     7. When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent. 
     8. Maynard J. Krebbs. 
     10. Nada-nothing 
     11. A little dab 'll do ya. 
     12. over 30. 
Thanks, was fun ... 

Gail Cherrington Hollingsworth 
From: "Alan Porter" (67)> 
Subject: Food for thought 

Thanks for the trivial questions I answered all but one. 
 Now I'd like to answer Ray wells 5 questions. I belong 
 to group 3 - those who believe in the rule of law. It is 
 important to note that there can be legitimate 
 difference of opinions on just what the rule of law is in 
 this case. As I have stated previously I do not believe 
 that Clinton should have been impeached because it 
 does not rise to an impeachable offense and I believe 
 that the senate followed the rule of law - thanks to 
 moderate republican senators.  Since I find myself in 
 group 3 I also feel that group 3 is the best group. For 
 questions 3 and 4 my best answer is - the strength of 
 this country is the diversity of opinions and actions, all 
 four groups add some strengths and weaknesses. 
 That's the purpose of a democracy is to acknowledge 
 and respect the differences. we need liberals and 
 conservatives and moderates. Even it I do find it hard 
 to understand why a person would want to be a 
 conservative I do believe it is important to have some 
 of them around. I just hope that my vote can keep 
 them from getting everything they wish vote for. So 
 Ray, lets encourage people to disagree and to continue 
 to cast their votes and to express their opinions. 
 Thanks for the questions. 

Alan Porter (67) 
From: Patty Stordahl (72) 
Subj: Regarding Trivia 

[Editor's note: Patty is supplying the answers here.  All 
 you have to do is remember the questions.  Kind of 
 like jeopardy.  But keep on reading.  She has more to say!] 

1. MaCartny Lennon Star Harison 
2. "Oh My!" 
3. "It's Howdy Dudey Time!" 
4. melts in your mouth, not in your hands! 
5. Wonder bread 
6. Cassius Clay 
7. when you brush your teeth with pepsodent ( I still do) 
8. Maynard G. Krebs 
9. Mouse 
10.birthday suit ( nothing at all ) 
11. A little dab will do ya 
12.  Regarding Bob Dylan, my memory fails me on only 
 two words,  to my recollection Bob sang almost 
 exclusively about lack of government or society trust. 
 Please help me on this one. 

Also to the one who interprets freudian dreams. 
 Contact me. 

Any one know the where abouts of RHS Mr. Stevens, 
 Mr. Nash or Mr. Vandenberg? What ever became of 
 the Skinners? They had a great club going in High 
 school for the Afro American students to increase 
 visability & awareness.  I remember Belinda but was 
 not really close to her. What is she doing now?  I 
 would imagine a governmental office or a leader 
 whereever she is.  Meryl Husties?? Jessica Allen? 
 Karlyn Jerrish?  Randy Woodby? Keith Brown, Bill 
 Church. List goes on & on but these are ones I have 
 not  seen or heard of in a long while.  Most every one 
 else still is in the loop somewhere out there.  Densows 
 drugs just came into conversation with a group of us 
 Friday night.memories of J P Harris's visits to pick up 
 his parents scripts. He couldn't remember the name of 
 the pharmacist back in the 60's any one out there 
 remember?  JP only remembered he was the nicest guy. 
 JP says that when his dad passed away, he inherited a 
 really unusual gift.  His dad was the town lock smith & 
 kept a spare key to every job he ever did & marked the 
 key with the address & name of each client.  The gift 
 was, the huge safe that holds ventrally every original 
 key to government houses in Richland as well as every 
 time the same address had a new lock added & key 
 made he added it to the original key ring.  Pretty 
 scarey huh.  Great thing that John Paul is very trust 
 worthy.  Wonder if Richland has a museum that would 
 be interested it this collection? have a great Valentines 
 day every one. 

— Patty 
From: Dustin Rector (88)> 
Subject: Millennium Bug and other Y2K thoughts 

Darwin Perkins: 
For somebody offering no proof about what you're 
 claiming, you're awfully confident. I guess the work 
 you did was pretty minor. 

Personally, I'm planning for 2 weeks of no power (I 
 figure if not Y2K, one day the Big Quake's gonna hit 
 and then we will REALLY need 2 weeks of food 

At this point, I'm mostly worried about 2 things: 
 Cascade failure. Back in the late 80's a power company 
 had on their books that a customer owed them .001 
 cents. Rounding off, for several months they sent a 
 bill for $0.00. When they threatened to turn it over to a 
 collection agency, the confused customer wrote a 
 check for $0.00. This crashed the Federal Reserve and 
 sent a hiccup through the nation's banks. 

The lesson is: 99% of the banks have a good handle on 
 this, I'd guess 99% have probably built in some solid 
 testing software to reject checks dated 1/1/1900, and 
 that sort of thing. But all it takes is one bank to have 
 missed one thing, and it's error could echo through the 
 system. If  we have one power company, one traffic 
 signal timer, one airplane, one coal train, one 
 distribution company all choke, the waves could get 
 really rough real fast. 

My main concern, though, is other countries. Russia 
 has just begun to discover that it has a problem. Their 
 military is already experiencing starvation, missed 
 wages, desertion, and a high rate of suicide. I don't 
 know if we have much to worry, maybe it'll just 
 implode and the soldiers will return home and be 
 producing members of society. 

The big worry is if security will stay in place around 
 (nuclear/missile) weapons. 

I've heard that while Russia isn't as dependant upon the 
 PC as we are, almost all are fairly old systems, which 
 means what few systems use the computer almost 
 certainly need work to keep running. 

Has anyone heard what China's situation is? How 
 about our closer neighbors to the north and south? 

-Dustin Rector 
 KwikNotes: From Gary-: " Dancing Like Nobody's 
 Looking was just forwarded... I did not write it." 
 From Mary to Gary- "Hi Gary. I just read the 
 "Dance..." and loved it...Are you familiar with the 
 Kathy Matter song that uses those lines?  If you like 
 Kathy Matter, you'd  like the song. Thanks for sharing 
 the message.  I think we all need to be reminded of 
 things like that occasionally." 

Trivia:  Did you like the trivia questions?  More are 
 planned for next time. If you have some trivia you'd 
 like to send along for future issues, please do so. 

Table Topics: Not sure what you want to talk about? 
 Well, then, here are some ideas for you: What do you 
 think about the following: 

1.  A "Save The Dams" rally is planned to be held on 
 the Cable Bridge between Pasco and Kennewick on 
 February 18 between 5 and 7 PM.  Are any of you 
 going to go?  Please write and tell us your impressions 
 if you do.  What do you think?  Should we start 
 breaching (tearing down) the dams that provide 
 power, irrigation navigation and recreation on the 
 Snake and other rivers in Washington and Idaho in 
 order to try to save the native salmon runs?  There is a 
 very strong effort being mounted by forces in favor of 
 having the dams removed. Is that something you favor, 
 or not? 

2.  What do you think about the policy of "social" 
 promotion in school?  Does it serve the student? 
 Does it serve society? 

3..  Should gun makers be sued? 

4..  Where do you plan to be as 1999 turns into 
 the year 2000? 

See you next time! 
That's all for today's Sandbox, folks.  Say what you 
are longing to say today and send it right away to: 

        -- Al Parker, Gatherer of Your Thoughts 

THE SANDBOX ~ Issue #31 ~ February 20, 1999 

"I have got no further than this:  Every man has a right 
to utter what he thinks truth, and every other man has 
a right to knock him down for it..." 

         -- Samuel Johnson  1709 - 1784 
Share Your Opinions, Your Ideas, and Your Responses 
With Fellow Richland Alumni All Over The World! 
RHS/ColHi Alumni Speakers of The Day: 

Andrew Eckert (54), John Allen (66), 
Alan Porter (67), Patty de la Bretonne (65), 
James Moran (86), Mike Franco (66), 
Dick Epler (52), Ron Richards (63) 
Also Featuring: More Bomber Boomer Baby Trivia! 
Answer the questions and fill in the missing words! 
From:  Andrew Eckert (54) 
Subject: Please! think for yourselves! Lets get back to 
 running this country. 

I certainly do not understand why issue no 30 is a 
 backdated issue dealing with the past.  I barely began 
 reading all these ridiculous right wing writings and felt 
 compelled to ask JOHN M. ALLEN (66) to just reread 
 his  hate letter and just substitute Bill Clinton for the 
 name Gingrich and you would have the majority of 
 thinking Americans attitudes.....but don't let me stop 
 you right wing hypocrites your doing a wonderful job 
 of destroying the new "hate" republican party.  I was a 
 republican for all my voting life and only when this so 
 called religious right took over the party and started 
 giving the marching orders, did I finally come to my 
 senses and finally realize that  the very best president 
 in my time has been Bill Clinton.  If you people would 
 stop letting Rush do your thinking and try doing some 
 of your own, you  might just see that your head is up 
 where the sun don't shine.  You're old enough to know 
 better!  Do your own thinking, It really does matter 
 what you think  and how you vote.  At 63 I've learned 
 the right to speak out  please forgive me if  I offend 
 anyone.  Andrew Eckert (54) 
Bomber Baby Boomer Trivia #13. "I wonder, wonder, 
wonder, wonder who ..." (6 words) 
From: Alan Porter (67)> 
Subject: Y2K vs ( as in the days of Rome) Y-Zero-K 

This was sent to me and I found it amusing and thought 
 a historical look at  Y2K bugs was worth sharing. Just 
 how many of you learned about the Y zero K problem. 
 It seems we missed out on some important history 


While browsing through some dust-covered archival 
 material in the recesses of the Roman Section of the 
 British Museum, a researcher recently came across a 
 tattered parchment. After some effort he translated it 
 and found that it was a letter from a man called 
 Plutonius with the title of "magister fastorium," or 
 keeper of the calendar, to one Cassius.  It was dated, 
 strangely enough, 1 BC, January 7--or 2000 years ago. 

(Remember, there was no year zero). The text of the 
 message follows: 

Dear Cassius, 
Are you still working on the Y zero K problem? This 
 change from BC to AD is giving us a lot of headaches 
 and we haven't much time left. I don't know how 
 people will cope with working the wrong way around. 
 Having been working happily downwards forever, now 
 we have to start thinking upwards. You would think 
 that someone would have thought of it earlier and not 
 left it to us to sort it all out at this last minute. 

I spoke to Caesar the other evening. He was livid that 
 Julius hadn't done something about it when he was 
 sorting out the calendar. He said he could see why 
 Brutus turned nasty. We called in the consulting 
 astrologers, but they simply said that continuing 
 downwards using minus BC won't work. As usual, the 
 consultants charged a fortune for doing nothing useful. 

As for myself, I just can't see the sand in an hourglass 
 flowing upwards.  We have heard that there are three 
 wise men in the East who have been working on the 
 problem, but unfortunately they won't arrive until it's 
 all over. Some say the world will cease to exist at the 
 moment of transition. 

Anyway, we are still continuing to work on this blasted 
 Y zero K problem and I will send you a parchment if 
  anything further develops. 

Vale, Plutonius 

Alan Porter (67) 
Bomber Baby Boomer Trivia #14. "War, uh-huh, huh, 
 yeah, what is it good for? ..." (2 words) 
From: Ron Richards (63) 
To Ray Wells: 

     Will your next communication inform us that you 
 are in Group 3?  There might be those that think you 
 belong in Group 1, along with all the House Managers. 
 Their claim to have been upholding the constitution is 
 as deceitful as anything Clinton was alleged to have 

      Ron Richards '63) 
Bomber Baby Boomer Trivia #15. Where have all the 
 flowers gone? 
From: Patty de la Bretonne (65) 

THANK YOU GARY BEHYMER [In issue #29] for 
 reminding us to live our lives today. It seems as if it 
 takes so much time and experience to finally come to 
 this place..  Very well said, I appreciated it very much. 


[Note" Patty also responded to the Bomber Baby Trivia 
 in SB29- Does everyone still remember the questions?: 
 Her answers were]: "and things' or 'and such', Paul 
 McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, John 
 Lennon, I don't think It was Holsum maybe that other 
 more famous bread, Cassius Clay,'when you brush 
 your teeth with pepsodent', MAYNARD G. KREBS!, 
 M_O_U_S_E!, nothing(or your birthday suit), 'a little 
 dable doya',over 30!!!! --THANK YOU." 
Bomber Baby Boomer Trivia #16. Superman, disguised 
 as Clark Kent, mild mannered reporter for a great 
 metropolitan newspaper, fights a never ending battle 
 for truth, justice, and ..." (3 words) 
From: "John M. ALLEN"> 
Subject: For Mike Franco 

Mikey, I know to a reasonable certainty that you are 
 neither an ignorant nor a stupid person but about a 
 year ago, I offered you two suggestions you would do 
 well to reconsider.   The first is to learn to read what is 
 ACTUALLY on the written page rather than what you 
 THINK is on it.  You should understand that I am not 
 referring to spread sheets here, which I know you can 
 read very well, but rather the kind of prose that 
 one finds in the NY Times and the SANDBOX, or 
 between the covers of a novel, a history or a 

I reread my submission to SANDBOX Issue #28 just to 
 be sure, and I found that indeed, my rant was almost 
 entirely economic opinion and, taken as a whole, the 
 least partisan thing I have ever submitted to the 
 SANDBOX.   Read it again, Mikey, the way it was 

The second suggestion I made to you is closely related 
 to the first and equally important.   Mike, you really 
 should learn to WRITE your native language as well. 
 Here again, I am not referring to spreadsheets. 
 Learn to write in complete sentences (it helps if you're 
 trying to convey complete thoughts) and to use 
 paragraphs to indicate where one idea leaves off and 
 another begins.   When it comes to ideas, rather 
 than simply grabbing a handful and throwing them at 
 the page in some scatter gun fashion, give the ideas 
 some meat and try to construct a modicum of logical 
 thought progression so that your readers might arrive 
 along WITH you at whatever conclusions you are 
 leading them to.  Finally, NEVER end a sentence with 
 a preposition!   I realize that in general,  following 
 rules is more of a Conservative than a liberal "thing" 
 but once you have mastered those fundamental rules, 
 perhaps you can learn the proper way to break them. 
 At that point, I'll refer you to the SANDSTORM 
 submissions (however infrequent) of Jim House ('63), 
 so that you might develop a sense of writing STYLE 
 and the ability to turn the occasional, clever phrase. 

---John Allen ('66) 
Bomber Baby Boomer Trivia #17. Who came from the 
 University of Alabama to become one of the greatest 
 QB's in NFL history and appeared in a TV commercial 
 wearing women's pantyhose?  (But do you know his 
From: "James Moran" (86) 

It is interesting to read people's response / discussion as 
 it relates to "dead beats" who abuse the tax system, or 
 yet skip-out and do not pay their taxes.  In fact one 
 person claimed these deadbeats should be placed in 
 the same category as "adulterers".  But as I read the 
 many  E mails from Bomber alums, I can't help but 
 notice  how many are government or Hanford Email 
 extensions.  In short, government contractors or 
 subcontracts who are on the job, and using 
 government equipment for personal Email.  Is there 
 any difference from this and a tax cheater???  Not 
 much.  Only one shafts a hard working tax payer like 
 myself in the end of the money chase instead of the 
 beginning.  Also, after living over twenty years in the 
 Tri-Cities, (over fifteen in Richland), I find it very 
 strange to hear how many people complain about "Big 
 Government", in a community which has been living 
 off of the "Big Government" bosom for over 50 years. 
 In fact, what I discovered was many of the people who 
 wanted less government, usually were the best paid in 
 the "area". 
So as a liberal, I'm all for a smaller government 
 expenditure at Hanford. 

Jim Moran (86) 
Bomber Baby Boomer Trivia #18. "I'm Popeye the 
 sailor man! I'm Popeye the sailor man! I'm strong to 
 the finish ..." (5 words) 
Subj:   Some taxing questions. 
Mike  Franco (66) 

Just another quick note on taxes and how we all seem 
 to cheat...I just read a fellow Bomber's 
 characterization of Newt as ,,,"an honorable man"... 
 well honorable is another one of those relative terms. 
 But I ask again, why does NO ONE out there care to 
 even comment about the $140-160 BILLION per year 
 in uncollected income it OK to cheat 
 because "we all do it?"  Why do neither Dems OR 
 Republicans show any interest ? If you thought 
 everyone on both sides of the aisle in DC were 
 fathering children out of wedlock and having affairs 
 what do you think is the  % that cheats on their taxes 
 ????? comments out there ? 

Bomber Baby Boomer Trivia #19. Who played Peter 
 Pan before all these other imitators? 
From: Dick Epler (52) 
Subj:  Instructions for Life 

I came across the following "Instructions for Life" a 
 while back (author unknown).  Every once in a while, 
 I get them out and try to edit them below 25, with 
 little success.  I always seem to find other things to 
 add ... like "lessons" in the recent past.  Try it. See 
 if you can do it ... 


    1.. Good relationships are achieved when both work 
 to make the good times longer – and the bad times 
    2.. Give people more than they expect -- and do it 
    3.. True happiness is basically three things: someone 
 to love, something to do, and something to look 
 forward to. Two out of three often wins. 

    4.. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have, or 
 sleep all you want. 

    5.. When you say, "I love you" - mean it. 

    6.. Believe in love at first sight. 

    7.. Never laugh at anyone's dreams. 

    8.. Love deeply and passionately. You might get 
 hurt, but it's the only way to live life completely. 

    9.. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name-calling. 

    10.. Give people more than they expect -- and do it 
    11.. Don't judge people by their relatives. 

    12.. Talk slowly but think quickly. 

    13.. When someone asks you a question you don't 
 want to answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want to 

    14.. Remember that great love and great 
 achievements involve great risk. 
    15.. Call your mom. 

    16.. When you lose, don't lose the lesson. 

    17.. Remember the three R's: Respect for self; 
 Respect for others; and Responsibility for all your 

    18.. Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship. 

    19.. When you realize you've made a mistake, take 
 immediate steps to correct it. 

    20.. Smile when picking up the phone. The caller 
 will hear it in your voice. 

    21.. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you 
 get older, their conversational skills will be as 
 important as any others. 

    22.. Spend some time alone. 
    23.. Open your arms to change but don't let go of 
 your values. 
    24.. Don't close your mind until you have something 
 in it. 
    25.. Remember that silence is sometimes the best 
    26.. Read more books and watch less TV. 
    27.. Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get 
 older and think back, you'll get to enjoy it a second 
    28.. Trust in God but lock your car. 
    29.. Do all you can to create a tranquil, harmonious 
    30.. In disagreements with loved ones, deal with the 
 current situation. Don't bring up the past. 
    31.. Read between the lines. 
    32.. Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve 
    33.. Be gentle with the Earth. 
    34.. Pray. There's immeasurable power in it. 
    35.. Never interrupt when you are being flattered. 
    36.. Don't trust a man/woman who doesn't close 
 his/her eyes when you kiss. 
    37.. Once a year, go someplace you've never been 
    38.. If you make a lot of money, put it to use helping 
 others while you are living. That is wealth's greatest 
    39.. Remember that not getting what you want is 
 often a blessing in disguise. 
    40.. Learn the rules before you break them. 
    41.. Judge your success by what you had to give up 
 in order to get it. 
    42.. Remember that your character is your destiny. 
Bomber Baby Boomer Trivia #20. In "The Graduate," 
Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) was advised 
about his future and told to consider one thing. What? 
Y2K Questions and Answers, Continued: 
(This continues a series of Y2K info forwarded to us by 
John Northover, based on U.S. Navy advisories to its 
personnel early in 1999.)  While this info has been 
researched primarily to benefit Navy personnel in 
preparation and planning for their personal and family 
needs, much of what we are excerpting for this and 
future Sandbox issues relates directly to the civilian 
population as well. 

C. Personal Finances: 
Q3. I Heard Lots of Conflicting Advice on How I 
 Should Handle My Personal Finances in Order to Be 
 Well Prepared for Jan 1, 2000. What Should I Do? 

A3. The Best Advice Is Don't Do Anything Rash with 
 Your Finances. Most Banks Are in Good Shape, since 
 Things like Loan Calculations and the Like Have 
 Required Year 2000 Compliancy for Years. So Keep 
 Your Money in The Bank and Don't Cash in Your 
 Investments. Beware of the Scam Artists Who Prey on 
 Your Fears.  Their Interest Is in Getting Your Money, 
  Not Your Well-being. Many Y2K Sales Pitches Are 
  Designed to Scare You into Doing Something Rash. 
 If  an Offer Sounds Too Good to Be True, it Probably 
 Is.  As with Any Sound Financial Plan, You Should 
 Have  Good Paper Records of Your Accounts and 
 Bank  Statements. Having These Statements Allows 
 You to  Quickly Resolve Any Administrative Errors 
 That  Might Occur at Any Time, Not Just in The 
 Event of A  Y2K-caused Administrative Error. If You 
 Have  Specific Questions Concerning Your 
 Investments and  Accounts, Contact Your Financial 
 Institutions Directly  and Ask Them about Their Y2K 

D. Telephone Systems: 
Q4. What Will Happen to My Telephone Service? 
A4. There Are Varying Answers to this Question. 
 According to Ameritech Spokesman Frank Mitchell, 
 "Basically, Nothing Will Change. Your Caller ID 
 And Network Will Work. And We're Currently 
 Updating the 911 Services We Are involved with So 
 There Will Be No Disruptions." Most Y2K Observers 
 Believe That Widespread Disruption of Service Is 
 Extremely Unlikely.  Incorrect Billing Is Much More 
 Likely to Occur. Obviously Unforeseen Events, 
 Including Issues Not Related to Possible Y2K 
 Problems (i.e. Ice Storms) May Make it Impossible for 
 the Phone Companies to Maintain All Service. Navy 
 Switches on Bases and Installations Have Been 
 Inspected and Only 21 of 165 Switches Still Require 
 Modifications to Meet Billing and Maintenance 
 Functions Related to Year 2000 Requirements. Work 
 Is Underway to Implement The Required Fixes and All 
 Work Will Be Completed by 30 June 1999. 
Bomber Baby Boomer Trivia #21. In 1962, a dejected 
 politician, having lost a race for governor, announced 
 his retirement and chastised the press saying, "Just 
 think, you don't have ... to kick around any more." (2 
 words)  And he lied! 
Table Topics: Not sure what you want to talk about? 
 Well, then, here are some ideas, still outstanding, 
just begging to be discussed. 

1.  What do you think about the policy of "social" 
 promotion in school?  Does it serve the student? 
 Does it serve society? 

3..  Should gun makers be sued by states and 
municipalities because "bad guys" use them to 
kill people?  Or is there more to the story than that? 

4..  Where do you plan to be as 1999 turns into 
 the year 2000? 

5.  Do you want "them" to tear down the dams? 

6.  Should our troops go to Kosovo? 

See you next time! 
That's all for today's Sandbox, folks.  Say what you 
are longing to say today and send it right away to: 

    -- Al Parker ~  Gatherer of Your Thoughts 

THE SANDBOX ~ Issue #32 ~ February 28, 1999 

"A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always 
 depend on the support of Paul." 
           -- George Bernard Shaw   1856-1950 
Sharing Your Ideas, Your Opinions, and Your 
Responses With Richland Alumni Worldwide! 
Today's Specials:  Ray Wells (54),  Joe Ford) (63), 
Barbara Seslar Brackenbush (60), Jack Grouell (61), 
Eva Clark (49) Perry, Margaret Hartnett (72) 
Also Featuring: More Bomber Boomer Baby Trivia 
and Information You Can Use Regarding 2YK. 
From: Ray Wells (54) 
Subj:  Clinton Haters? 
To:  Joe Ford (63)> 

In Sandbox 30, you used the inciting words "Clinton 
 Haters," and I wonder if the stereotype image these 
 words connote is really what you are trying to say. 
 First let's cite a current example of hate.  I'm referring 
 to the drama that's taking place in Jasper, Texas. 
 Along with 2 other men, John William King has been 
 charged with murdering James Byrd, Jr. (a black man), 
 by using a 24 foot logging chain  attached to the rear 
 of a pickup track, and the other end attached to the 
 ankles of James Byrd to drag Byrd along a three mile 
 stretch of road, tearing his body apart and killing him. 
 And yes, James Byrd was conscious when he was 
 dragged down the road.  The press has said that John 
 William King is a white supremacist and that he has 
 racial slurs tattooed all over his body.  If there are such 
 people as Clinton haters, I would expect that they 
 would have Clinton slurs tattooed on their body and 
 that they would like to drag a conscious Bill Clinton 
 behind a pickup truck. 

To my mind, we have Clinton sympathizers, and 
 Clinton detractors.  I have heard from many Clinton 
 detractors, but I have yet to meet a bonafide Clinton 
 hater.  I guess on the other side of this coin you could 
 say that there are Clinton "lovers," but I would limit 
 this description to Hillary and Monica. 

— Ray Wells 

Bomber Baby Boomer Trivia #22. "Every morning at the 
 mine you could see him arrive.  He stood 6'6", weighed 
 245,  kinda broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip 
 and everybody knew you didn't give no lip to ..." (2 
Subj:    Re: Clinton Haters? 
Date:   2/19/99 6:02:56 PM PST 
From: (Joe Ford) (63) 
To: (Ray Wells), 


Thanks for your message and for the thoughtful 
 presentation. I was quoting Anthony Lewis of the NY 
 times, who made the argument I summarized. I'm 
 sorry to say that at least some of the postings I read, 
 including some made to the Sandbox, suggest that 
 there *are* folk out there who hate the President. 

One of my concerns in reading the Sandbox is the 
 vehemence, the heated rhetoric, and the sweeping 
 generalizations about character (one comment: "if 
 you voted for Clinton, you have no character"). The 
 all-upper case phrases and ad hominem attacks on 
 people who post to the Sandbox are my evidence for 
 heated rhetoric. 


--Joe Ford 
Bomber Baby Boomer Trivia #23. Where did Fats 
 Domino find his thrill? (3 words) 
From: Barbara Seslar Brackenbush (60) 
Subject: Response to Ray Wells (54) 

Thank you for asking which group I belong to.  There 
 has been a lot of poll-taking lately and none of them 
 has called me.  : ) 

I believe I fit mostly in group 3 but I also consider 
 myself conservative and right wing.  I want the 
 constitution and rule of law followed by ALL and I 
 place a high priority on personal freedom.  I think it 
 could be frightening to let too much power rest on one 

Barbara Seslar Brackenbush (1960) 
Bomber Baby Boomer Trivia #24. "Good night, Mrs. 
 Calabash, ..." (3 words) 
From: "Joe Ford" (63) 
Subject: Acquittal; can we get on with life? 
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 12:20:07 -0800 

Fellow alums and Richlanders; 

Following the President's acquittal, I'm hoping for 
 toned down rhetoric from our friends who supported 
 removing the President. Senator Lott has reduced his 
 level of anti-Clinton talk, and so has Representative 

We don't have a parliamentary form of government, so 
 replacing the chief executive officer of the government 
 is/was a very serious matter. While about 25% of the 
 population (maybe more) wanted Mr. Clinton gone, 
 the great majority of us (60+%) did not think his 
 behavior warranted the most serious step our 
 constitution contemplates. Most Americans felt that 
 the efforts to impeach the President were based on 
 partisan politics, and the Senate failed to even reach a 
 majority. Representative Hyde had said, early on, that 
 to be  successful, impeachment would have to be 
 bi-partisan, and he was correct. 

The impeachment effort failed. It's time to move on. 
 We have Social Security, education, health care, 
 environmental matters, and other real world concerns 
 facing us, and I for one would like to see civil debates 
 about the choices we have to make. 

For my part, I'll promise a close reading of reasonable 
 commentary, whatever the source, and no demonizing 
 of people who don't agree with me or my positions or 
 values. It seems reasonable to ask the same from other 
 folks. No name-calling, no ranting, no sweeping 
 generalizations about people (after all, we have a great 
 deal in common). 


— Joe Ford 
Bomber Baby Boomer Trivia #25. "Good night, Chet. 
 ..." (3 words) 
From: Jack Grouell (61) 
Subject: Y2K -  NOT! 
(Short note on Y2K:) 

In computerese, 1k is 2 to the 10th power or 1024. 

2k = 2048 

2048 is NOT the problem. 

2000 is the problem 
2000 divided by 1024 is 1.953125 

The correct statement is not we have a Y2K problem but we have a 
Y1.953125k problem. 

Please help me correct this glaring error by replacing all references 
to Y2K 
with the correct value when ever you encounter it. 

Thank you for your support. 
Jack Grouell '61 
Bomber Baby Boomer Trivia #25. "Good night, Chet. 
 ..." (3 words) 
From: Eva Clark Perry (49) 
Subject: The Government 

As I continue to read all the thoughts and complaints 
 and  solutions given, I never seem to hear anything out 
 who  actually controls the whole situation.   People 
 seem to  fear the Y2K, but not Yah, they seem to give 
 leeway  and forgive all the moral sins that we all live 
 with, and  excuse them, yet leave them wide open for 
 an example  for all the little ones to follow.  The taxes 
 of today, are  no less or more than putting the straw in 
 the bricks of  Egypt.  I would much rather take my 
 chances with  Yah, than Clinton. 
  Love and Prayers to all of you. 
Bomber Baby Boomer Trivia #27. "When it's least 
 expected, you're elected. You're the star today!  Smile, 
 _ _ _ _" (four words.) 
 From: A modern hotel in a timeless town-- 
Margaret Hartnett (72) 
Write to her at: 
"My Bit to Conquer That Nasty Y2K bug!" 
Subject: Oh, all of it... 

I love this gooey exercise we are engaged in and I 
 thoroughly understand the heating up of emotions, 
 why I get high blood pressure just seeing John 
 Allen's name in the list of contributors but I fear there 
 is a growing tendency toward digging in our heels and 
 dividing the camps pretty narrowly, I don't believe 
 anything is that black & white. My example of that 
 belief is myself. I am at heart a socialist, no, that even 
 begs the issue, so are most of the French, I am at heart 
 a Marxist but I am petit bourgeois in practice as I own 
 a small business which I run with soft glove 
 totalitarianism.  I believe some crimes are so horrible 
 and evidence so clear that a trial is a mere formality, 
 one I agree to but I wouldn't feel robbed if , for 
 example: Mr. King in Texas got drug over 3 miles of 
 road [recently]... I believe that the drug crisis in this 
 country is largely the doing of COINTELPRO and that 
 African Americans should have listened to the 
 Panthers, stayed clean and fought back. I believe we 
 should not start from the question of "How can we 
 solve the problems of poverty and health care in this 
 country" but ask "Why the hell do we have problems 
 of poverty and health care in this country?" I believe 
 that if Afghani women formed hit squads and went 
 after everyone in this country who helped establish the 
 Taliban in Kabul, we should be able to understand 
 why. I think Boxers are the supreme expression of 
 canine development and all Akitas and Chows should 
 be shot (since they are cannibals and tried to eat one of 
 my Boxers). I could go on and on and on but the point 
 of this wee personal outing is that I have never, and I 
 do mean never, met a person who is totally consistent. 
 We all have our personal paranoias and chances are 
 there is a person or a group plotting to undermine 
 many of our personal sacred cows. I'd feel a little 
 better if I felt reason had the upper hand most of the 
 time but I think emotion rules and the best I can hope 
 for is to echo the motto of the Southern Poverty Law 
 Center: Teach Tolerance. I think that should do it for 
 now! Peace. 

 — Margaret Hartnett (72) 
Bomber Baby Boomer Trivia #28. Who put the bop in 
 the bop she-bop she-bop? (Socratic answer 
  Subj:  John Knows His Trivia 
From:    John M. Allen (66) John M. ALLEN (66) 

It was just in the most recent issue of the BOX that I 
 noticed the BB Trivia Quiz, so you have only my word 
 as a good Conservative that my answers to the first 
 issue's questions are given as of today without 
 researching anything but that space between my ears. 

    1.  Ringo Starr, George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul 
 McCartney (and I still don't own a Beatles album.) 
    2.  ? ....Really blank on this one. 
    3.  "It's Howdy Doody time." 
    4.  They melt in your mouth, not in your hand. 
    5.  Wonder Bread 
    6.  Cassius (Marcellus, for extra credit) Clay 
    7.  "....when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent." 
    8.    Denver's name in the Dobie Gillis show was 
 Maynard T. Krebbs (sp? on the Krebbs part). 
    9.  "Y, because we like you." 
    10. Rien de tout. 
    11. "A little dab'l do ya"  ("Use more only if you 
 dare.  But watch out, the girls'l all pursue ya; they love 
 to get their fingers in your hair."  -  for more extra 
    12. over 30 
    13. who wrote the book of love. 
    14. "Absolutely nothing"  (which is essentially the 
 translation for my answer to #10) 
    15. "Gone to young girls, every one." 
    16. the American way. 
    17. Joe Willie Namath (Broadway Joe) 
    18. "....'cause I eats my spinach." 
    19. Mary Martin 
    20. Plastics 
    21. Richard (Milhouse, again for extra credit) Nixon 
 ---Big John (in Oregon) 
Y2K Questions and Answers, Continued: 
(This continues a series of Y2K info forwarded to us by 
 John Northover, based on U.S. Navy advisories to its 
 personnel early in 1999.)  While this info has been 
 researched primarily to benefit Navy personnel in 
 preparation and planning for their personal and family 
 needs, much of what we are excerpting for this and 
 future Sandbox issues relates directly to the civilian 
 population as well. 

Q5: Will I Be Able to Place Local and Long-distance 
 Calls in the Normal Way After Jan 1, 2000? 
A5: Yes, According to U.S. West's Year 2000 
 Initiative  Executive Director in An Interview with the 

 Glenwood Post Jan 4, 1999. U.S. West Is a Telephone 
 Company That Provides Long-distance Service to 
 Customers in 14 Western States. Executive Director 
 William White Explained That Most Telephone 
 Switches, Which Relay Long-distance Calls to Their 
 Proper Destination, Are Not Date-Dependent. "Most 
 Switches Don't Care What Day it Is," White 
 Explained, When It Comes to Completing Calls. "If 
 You Can't Program a Date into It, It's Likely to Be 
 Very Date Insensitive." White Said Regional 
 Telephone Companies Have Collaborated to Ensure 
 the Switched Network Works Smoothly Through the 
 Date Change. 

E. Electric Power Supply Systems: 
Q6. Will the Electrical Systems Be Y2K Ready in 
A6. Based on Recent Analysis, on Average, the 
 Electric Industry Is Close to Its Y2K Readiness 
 Targets. According to a Report Prepared for The 
 Department Of Energy by the North American 
 Electrical Reliability Council, "Nearly All Electrical 
 Systems Necessary to Operate into the Year 2000 Will 
 Have Been Tested, Remediated, And Declared Y2K 
 Ready by June 30, 1999." 

Q7. Some Reports Predict That There Will Be 
 Widespread Power Outages Anticipated at the Year 
 2000 Mark. Is this True? 
A7. While We Can't Be Certain There Won't Be Some 
 Minor Power Disruptions, Industry Experts Do Not 
 Predict Widespread Outages. Speculation That Power 
 Distribution Systems Will Experience Widespread 
 Failures Are Not Based on Facts or Rational Analysis 
 Of Information from the Industry. Continuity of 
 Service Is a Historical Hallmark of the Nation's Utility 
 Industry. Electrical Industry Efforts Are On-target to 
 Maintain That Same Quality of Service Through the 

F. Water Utilities: 
Q8. Will the Water Utility Companies Be Y2K 
 Compliant by 2000? 

A8. Industry Experts Offer a Range of Answers to this 
 Question.  Some Experts Predict That Some Water 
 Suppliers May Be Temporarily Unable to meet 
 Customer Demand. However, Water Utilities and 
 Government Agencies Have Comprehensive 
 Y2K-compliance Programs under Way and Are 
 Spending Large Sums of Money to Prepare Their 
 Computer Systems to Become Y2K-compliant or 
 Y2K-ready. Most Experts Believe Water Treatment 
 and Distribution Should Not Be Greatly Affected by 
 the Y2K Problem. 

Grist For Your Mull: Not sure what you want to talk 
 about?   Well, then, here are some ideas still 
 outstanding,  just begging for your input. 

Note: when responding to another item or person, it 
 would be helpful if you would describe or quote very 
 briefly the gist of that to which you are responding. 

1.  Where did you go on you honeymoon(s)?  Wanna 
 go there again?  Why?  Why not? 

2.  Anything you want to say about the Sonics?  The 
 Seahawks prospects? 

3.  Essay question if anybody wants to take it: Why 
 does it seeem like everyone is acting like the teacher is 
 out of the room? 

4.  Any comments on recent headlines?  Such as: 

A.  BONN, Germany (Feb. 21) -- Finance officials from 
 the world's richest nations met in Bonn [recently] to 
 try to find ways to prevent economic crises like the 
 ones that  have swept across Asia, Russia and Brazil. 

B. The Independent Counsel Law: "End it, Don't Mend 
 It,"  says Susan Low Bloch, columnist for Intellectual 

C. Taxes Are Taking More Time Than Ever 

By CURT ANDERSON .(c) The Associated Press 
WASHINGTON -- It takes more than 22 hours for a 
 taxpayer who itemizes deductions and has some 
 investment income to finish this year's required Internal 
 Revenue Service forms, the tax agency estimates. 
 That's three hours longer than last year. 

D. Report: Tyson Throws TV at Guards; Early Release 
 in Doubt .(c) The Associated Press 

E: Albright Critical of Serbs at Talks 
 Allies Divided Over Approach to Take 
That's all for this issue of The Sandbox, folks.  Join 
 others  already waiting in line to speak their piece! Say 
 what you are itching to say today and send it right 
 away to: 

Stay happy and remember: "If anything you have to say 
 is worth saying at all, it's well worth saying here!" See 
 you next time! 

— Al Parker, Collector of Your Thoughts 
         End of JAN and FEB, 1999

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