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THE SANDBOX is designed primarily for the Opinions, Ideas and Personal Experience of Richland Bomber Alumni. Therefore, there is no room for long quotes or verbatum "copying" from outside sources. You may cite websites as references for the points you make. Entries from Bomber Families and "Bomber Boosters" are also welcome. As far as "allowable" topics are concerned, I have no desire to "censor" any of the voices heard in THE SANDBOX. We don't wish to inhibit honest feelings here. "Coarse" language isn't reccommended because it is likely to diminish, rather than enhance, the value of what you want to say. You are encouraged to be courteous and respectful of your fellow alumni in this forum as you discuss the issues at hand.

We will avoid publishing any material that could in any way be considered by any party to be libelous or slanderous. Any negative opinions of past teachers, etc., specifically named, would be an example of that.

When introducing factual information, it is always advisable to document your sources.

When responding to a particular SANDBOX article, you will help us understand the background of your reply if you include the SANDBOX Issue Number, Author and Subj:_______ that has prompted your response.

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