Additional Text on Global Warming - 4/24/08 
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4 Bombers sent stuff on Global Warming
Ray Wells ('54), Steve Carson ('58)
Frank Whiteside ('63), Marjo Vinther ('77)
>>From: Ray Wells ('54)

Re: Global Warming for the Sandbox

Yes, I am convinced that the concept of Global Warming (GW) is a
hoax. The question has been asked, "Have they even read Al
Gore's book; have they seen the movie?" Yes, I have read the
book, and seen the movie, but I didn't buy the T-Shirt. I have
also been researching the possibility of GW for the past three
years, and I have read extensively on the subject, and gone to
numerous web-sites that discuss the subject. I am prepared to
share all this information. However, there is so much
information to share, that the only way I can thoroughly cover
the subject of GW, is to present multiple E-mails to the
Sandbox, over a period of time.

You must have an open mind. You must be willing to at least look
at the information I am presenting. The comments submitted to
the Sandbox, so far, indicate that the writers who believe in GW
are not even willing to read what those of us who don't believe
in it, have to say.

In this first E-mail I am presenting the conclusions that my
research has led me to believe. In subsequent E-mails I will
share specific books, web-sites, conferences, and data that
support my conclusions. Here are just a few of my conclusions:

1. Al Gore is a politician. He is not a scientist. He has an
agenda that is politically driven, and not supported by his
flawed "scientific data". He has been using his political clout
to force others to support him in his GW hoax.

2. The polar bear in Al's movie was a computer produced image.
He couldn't find any real polar bears that were drowning.

3. Yes some glaciers are being reduced by melting, but more
glaciers are actually growing. There are over 180,000 glaciers
worldwide, and the majority are not even being monitored.

4. GW is all about the money. Billions of dollars of your tax
money are being wasted on pork barrel projects in the name of
GW. Worse yet, the production of ethanol is causing a world food
shortage, and it is diverting money that should be spent solving
water shortages and the demise of our pollinating bees, just to
name a few problems that are more real than GW.

5. There is no consensus of qualified climatologists who support
GW. No one yet has been able to show me a list of these
scientists. There is a list of qualified climatologists that are
debunking GW, and I can give you their names and credentials.

6. Yes, the climate has been gradually warming. But it is a
phenomenon that has been occurring over thousands of years
during the time that the planet has been recovering from the
last ice age, i.e., man's use of fossil fuel is not responsible
for GW.

7. Major sources of global warming include increased solar
activity, increased undersea volcanism, and deforestation.

8. The entire solar system has been warming up -- not just the

9. Currently, the Earth is undergoing global cooling, and has
been since 1998. There have been no solar flares and no sun
spots for the last four months. Some scientists are of the
opinion that the Earth has started into the next ice age.

10. You need to understand the difference between pollution,
greenhouse gasses, and naturally occurring gasses. Carbon
Dioxide (CO2) is not a pollutant. CO2 occurs in nature -- plants
cannot survive without it -- it is not poison! History has shown
that the global temperature has increased when CO2 levels have
decreased, and history has also shown that when CO2 levels have
increased, the global temperature has decreased.

10. Question: If the seas have been rising due to GW, then why
haven't the tide tables been changed?


More to come.

-Ray Wells ('54)
>>From:  Steve Carson (Championship Class of '58)

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warming" or at least salve your concience. And this is provided
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-Steve Carson Championship Class of 58 ~ Chicago, IL
>>From: Frank Whiteside ('63)

Re: Global Warming (Sandbox)

MAN-MADE Global Warming has always been a political issue. It is
the darling of the far-left under the "leadership" of Al Gore.
The debate has almost always been totally one-sided, mainly
because the "man-made" warming forces have a $50 billion war
chest while the opposition has around $19 million. And, of
course, the vast majority of media and academia consistently
brainwash the public and especially young people into believing
it is a FACT as opposed to a theory. 

In the last million years, there were about 600 warming periods
and around 599 cooling periods. Hmmm. Could nature itself
possibly be responsible? >From 1940-1976 temperatures actually
went down and the same forces that are hysterically crying
"Global Warming" were crying "Global Cooling." Cooling despite
WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the growth of heavy polluting
industrialization that wasn't even regulated! Industry wasn't
required to use all the fancy non-polluting devices that are
required today. Cars, trucks, and other forms of transportation
certainly didn't have pollution-control devices, as well. Nobody
was using $4 "curly" light bulbs (that contain mercury).

I'm sure that everyone is aware that the world went through Ice
Ages and then non-Ice Ages. The Bering Straight was solid ice at
one time, and as the world warmed, it melted and became water.
Oceans rose as the ice from the Ice Ages melted and, naturally,
land forms were swallowed by the rising waters. As the earth
cooled and other Ice Ages enveloped the world, more ice was
created thereby reducing the volume of water, and the ocean
levels went down exposing land that was previously underwater. 

I am astonished that so many people have been brainwashed by an
angry, losing presidential candidate who has concocted a
hysterical campaign to "save the world." Guess he needed some
kind of job since he was no longer Vice-President. I find it
ironic that this entire campaign has made him so wealthy and
famous. His "carbon credit" companies are doing well. His main
house in Tennessee uses 20 times the average energy of other
homes in the U.S. He just recently converted his house to being
"green." He admitted that what he did was very expensive and
that normal families couldn't afford to "go green." He has
plenty of money from all of his brainwashing speeches, so he can
easily afford it.

I saw his movie, "An Inconvenient Truth," and found it to be
more of a "convenient lie." A number of the scenes were phony
and some scenes were recently discovered to be from the
blockbuster movie "The Day After Tomorrow." It was laughable to
hear Gore lecturing everyone else while he rode in the back of
limousines and flew hundreds of flights in fuel-guzzling jets
while making millions for his speeches. Much of his data was
very speculative theory, much of which has been challenged by
scientists. He and the leftists want us to sign the Kyoto Treaty
based on his theory--a very good way to further drag down the
American economy at the expense of the American people. This
while exempting India and China who with their huge industrial
growth have sent oil prices through the ceiling.

To put it simply, there is no conclusive evidence that Gore's
THEORY is correct nor is there a consensus by scientists (except
by left-wing ones). While most people are for conserving things
and keeping a clean environment, "human activity" cannot be
halted. 95% of greenhouse gases are from water vapor while CO2
comprises less than 3% of the total. Volcanoes, animal gases and
termites add much to the total. A small fraction is man-made

Want balance? Go online and watch, "The Great Global Warming
Swindle," ( if you can even find it) and read the book,
"Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 Years," by Avery and

Man-made Global Warming is nothing more than a theory promoting
a leftist agenda conceived .by Al Gore who has become extremely
wealthy while not practicing what he preaches. Nature is nature
and man cannot control it. If it were possible, we wouldn't have
hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and other natural

-Frank Whiteside ('63)
>>From: Marjo Vinther Burt ('77)

Re: For the Sandbox

As I see it, the global warming debate is too often
mischaracterized as being between those who care about the earth
and those who don't. The real debate, however, is whether or not
global warming is caused by humans and whether or not there is
anything humans can do about it. There is also debate over
whether the "remedies" put before us would do any good, or if
they just make us "feel" like it's doing good and in the process
would profoundly affect (in a bad way) our economy and way of
life. And good, earth-loving people have an honest disagreement
about it. We need to let the science dictate our response, not
emotions. That being said, I have to admit that I have not read
Al Gore's book (or seen the movie) for very childish, emotional
reasons: I can't stand him. But, it seems to me that many people
have just accepted his premises without questioning his facts -
which have been disputed (by scientists) ever since his book
came out. I find those arguments compelling, and want to see
them fleshed out scientifically - not emotionally or
politically. The assumption that those who disagree with Gore
don't care about the earth or the legacy we will leave to our
future generations couldn't be more wrong - that's exactly what
we do care about.

-Marjo Vinther Burt ('77)