Additional Text on Global Warming - 4/25/08 
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2 Bombers sent stuff on Global Warming
Bill Berlin ('56)
Robert Avant ('69)
>>From: Bill Berlin ('56)

Re: Global Warming

This might get relegated to the Dust-up Storm edition, but my
point is this. I don't know if you agree with Al Gore or not and
I am not going to ask unless you ask me, but my point is that
given Global Warming or not, cutting down on our emissions,
cleaning up our water and adding positive things to our
atmosphere is a good thing no matter what is happening. Global
temperatures are cyclical, as we all know, but what we have done
to our air and water with our modern technologies and practices
have had, and will have, consequences if we don't do something
to address those problems.

 One of my companies in China is environmentally directed in
that we have technologies that will not only make a coal-fired
power plant more efficient, it will also emit less in the way of
toxic matter. We have a process that takes fish waste and turns
it into fertilizer that can be used in orchards and on farm
applications that actually builds up the soil and eliminates
toxic waste runoff. We also address water pollution in China,
which is a bigger problem than their highly advertized air
pollution problems [20% of the LA smog comes from China] that
can purify potable water or remove many of the toxins from waste
water for use in agricultural applications or a lot more pure
outflow into rivers and lakes. Lastly we have a 100kW windmill
with very short blades and doesn't cost a ton of money that will
electrify a lot of the small rural area of China that are not on
the grid or are taken off the grid if Beijing or Shanghai needs
more electricity to run their air conditioning units.

 Now before you get the idea I am going to write a book, do a
movie or change my name to Gore, we do this for profit. Yes, we
make money on these projects but there is still a lot of
satisfaction in finishing a job, albeit for profit, that has
some real benefits to the local population and to that of the

-Bill Berlin ('56)
>>From: Robert Avant ('69)

IMHO, Al Gore is an ideological hack whose book and movie
contains at minimum; lies, oversimplifications, junk science,
and Hollywood hype treated as fact. If you believe DDT was
banned because of REAL science then "An Inconvenient Truth" is
just as fact based and important. The IPCC and Gore are both
political agendas hiding behind white coats. Sorry for the sugar

-Robert Avant ('69)