Additional Text on Global Warming - 4/27/08 
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2 Bombers sent stuff on Global Warming
Marilyn De Vine ('52) 
Ray Wells ('54)
>>From: Marilyn De Vine ('52)

I just found this site [http://THE.SANDBOX.tripod.com], thanks 
to Maren's note in the Alumni Sandstorm.

Many thanks to those who have contributed thoughtful items about
Global Warming. Based on scientific articles I've read, I have
long thought it was more a sun-related, cyclical thing than a
"we did it". I have neither read the book nor seen the movie
presented by Al Gore. Most likely the local Library has a copy I
can borrow. I, like most people, am for greening and reduction
of pollutants, when we can…but out of respect for the Earth and
quality of life for ALL its inhabitants…not because I think it
will change Nature. There is a pressing need to recycle and I
can't believe my own kids "don't bother". On the other hand, I
saw, recently, that a land-fill is being used to power a whole
industrial complex. (Don't remember the details, but it was very
interesting. I think it was S.C. Johnson & Co.) Did any of you
see it? We know there are energy sources out there that we
haven't begun to tap. Unfortunately, the "politicos" try to keep
us in the dark, so to speak.

-Marilyn De Vine ('52)
>>From: Ray Wells ('54)

Re: Global Warming for the Sandbox (climate change conference)

If you wanted a real climatology expert -- well here he is!!!

Excerpt from the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change
on March 4 in New York:

"Dr. William Gray of Colorado State University has also been in
the climatology field for more than 50 years. Much of this was
of an observational research, field research, a point Gray
emphasized. He emphasizes that too much of climate research work
today is dominated by the use of huge computer models with
little apparent use of actual field data. Energy policy should
never be determined by such questionable means. Dr. Gray
informed us that he and many colleagues familiar with climate
field data have never been contacted by computer modelers."

Also from the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change on
March 4 in New York:

John Stossel's luncheon talk was entertaining. He said that the
media's non-support of the realists was not so much because
there were "evil", but because they were dumb. He also noted the
media's large and common hatred for free market capitalism,
defying all logic. Socialism failed around the world during the
20th century, killed tens of millions and creating deprivation,
destitution, and enslavement for hundreds of millions more. This
forces one to ask whether the media has any analytical skills
with which to produce the news. Seven figure salaries among the
news anchors apparently haven't purchased much wisdom.

More on this conference that really tumbles the global warming
house of cards. Please paste this into your browser to get more
on the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change:
An excerpt from this web site: Gray criticized NASA scientist
and global warming alarmist James Hansen, calling him “the most
egregious abuser of data.

-Ray Wells ('54)