The SANDBOX - Petty Gripes and Cat Fights - Issue Number One 10/12/98
Where The Never-Ending Richland Bomber Spirit Expresses Itself!


     PART 1: The SANDBOX Beckons YOU!
       (Welcome to THE SANDBOX - The Why, the What and the Who For.)

     PART 2: Eager Anticipation Expressed (Or Not).
       (Bombers' Comments prior to the Inaugural Appearance SANDBOX #1)


PART 1: the SANDBOX Beckons YOU
        (Welcome to THE SANDBOX - The Why, the What and the Who For.)

To introduce you to This, The Very First Edition of the
SANDBOX, let's hear how The SANDBOX Idea originated and
why it was proposed.  Our first speaker today is Bomber
Bob Mattson (64), (Applause.)  Go
ahead Bob.

"Mr. Sandbox, I want to express my gratitude to you who
carry the standard for the freespeech and sucker
punches alumni who are waiting in the wings. My
thoughts in offering this format was to ease any
hardship or harassment of our friends, Maren and Gary,
for keeping the Sandstorm as a walk down memory lane,
or was that George Washington way? Maren found that
some of my rambling IM's had some insights to the focus
problem of a censorship of input from 800+ readers of
the sandstorm. So, the Sandbox."

"Were we blind sided by science?  Can we find honor and
peace in the wearing of civilian clothes and our
parents did?  What about that study giving clams Prozac
to insure their happiness?  The trap has been set, sit
back and wait."

"Al, I have been a shop steward for the teamsters for
16 years and I know how it feels to be put in the
middle of things, and not have the resources to
accommodate everyone's wants and desires, so everyone's
off the hook but you, friend.  So, with that out of the
way, why did they think it necessary to drop the second
A bomb so soon after the first one?  Is that where the
ol' one-two punch originated?"  ---Bob
PART 2: Eager Anticipation Expressed (Or Not).
Bomber comments prior to the Inaugural Appearance of SANDBOX #1

From: Don Ehinger, Class of 54 & 55 (Donald M Ehinger)

Al, I think your Sandbox idea is a great one and look
forward to some healthy and lively discussion of some
of the controversial current events. I kind of  prefer
the Bill Maher/Politically Incorrect approach.  It
helps keep things in perspective and not too personal.

I appreciate that this is going to require some time on
your part, and would like to thankyou for taking the
initiative and sharing your time.
From:   Norma (Loescher) Boswell

You have surely whetted the interest of certain
Bombers! I will await the first SANDBOX eagerly.
From: John Northover  ('59)

Al, Thanks for taking on a rather large task.  I would
like to be on the list just to watch the sand and fur
fly ... maybe we will have a 'CATFIGHT'!!!
Patty de la Bretonne, (65), wrote:

I take issue with the idea that the sandbox is "petty
gripes and catfights." I do not feel that concerns for
health and welfare, emotional and physical are petty.
Some people responded in what might be perceived as
petty ways, but any of my personal concerns raised
regarding such issues as censorship were raised in a
very serious and concerned manner.  Do not assume
people bring up what could be termed "political issues"
just for the sake of a good argument, or catfight'!  I
am concerned with justice, and equal rights and free
speech under the law.  These are not issues I raise or
respond to lightly, as I really usually do everything I
can to avoid conflict--I don't do it well. But in some
cases I feel I must speak up.  Thank you.
Richard Anderson, wrote:

I NEED on this list!  Have any issues gone out yet?  If
so resend to me if possible.  Golly!  This seems a bit
imperious; how about "pretty, PRETTY!, please"?
John Bradley (65), wrote:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Councilmember Barbara Williamson)
says:  Yaaaaah for the "SandBox"......!!

On 10/8/98 11:06:17 AM PST, Gary Twedt, writes:

"Not interested in any more downers in this lifetime,
The Sandbox is a great idea.  Hope all the flaming
liberals and intellectuals enjoy each other."

On 10/8/98 11:06:17 AM PST, Al Parker,

Responds to Gary:
  Thanks for your valuable contribution to The SANDBOX,
Gary. I am not interested in any more "downers" in my
lifetime, either. As the designated "Sandman," I hope
not only to give all the "flaming liberals and
intellectuals" and Gary Twedt a convenient place to
"vent," and share concerns. I am dedicated also to
keeping the whole process from becoming a "downer" by
throwing a little sand of my own from time to time in
order to keep this vehicle as entertaining as possible
and funnier than anything you will ever see on CNN. The
Sandman Sez: If we can't learn to laugh at ourselves,
who will ever want to cry with us?

On 10/9/98 7:50:38 AM PST Gary Replies:
  Right-on Al, I like your perspective

Excerpted from John's  letter to: Bob DeGraw (66)

Great comments ... in particular the reference to the
symbols of death and destruction' that have been made
by yourself and others in this dynamic virtual real
chain letter.  The words: 'symbols of death and
destruction' struck a cord [f=sharp??] .. what ever,
those words started me thinking ... symbol, an image
that represents some real [or imaginary] thing or a
convenient concept that is recognized as the real
thing.  It is much easier to carry around a symbol.
Symbols are easier to understand.  They are tied to
images in our mind.  I think those symbols really
represent POWER!!

We humans understand power.  In order to survive in
this world we need POWER.  We need the ability to be
free from other influence(s) that would deter us from
seeking our own view and choice of life in this world.
We want to do what we want to do ...  We want freedom.
We want peace.  We have the strength to impose DEATH
and DESTRUCTION on anyone, anywhere in the world.  As
do others on us.  It is a choice.  We chose freedom,
which we have and we are still working on peace.
Others chose to enslave.  Our world is filled with
opposites.  Life - Death, Peace - War, Freedom -
Enslavement, ... in our present world unfortunately we
need both.  Someday we will not.

Having the power to chose to use the ultimate act:
DEATH and DESTRUCTION ... or use the threat of DEATH
and DESTRUCTION and have the ability to deliver that
concept to someone or some other entity, they will
listen.  They will be hesitant in trying to bend us to
their ways.

We have canned 'DEATH and DESTRUCTION'.  That is power
in a can and that symbol is a bomb or a mushroom cloud
[I wonder if mushrooms like our choice of symbols].  We
had used it as a vehicle to end a world war.  I am not
going to get into whether it was 'right' or 'wrong' ...
that choice has been made by most of us, as evidenced
in the responses in the Sandstorm.  There has not been
another world war since. There have been 'police
actions' one which is still on going [Korea] and the
other a great second place finish in the Far East War
Games [Viet Nam] name a few.

We are moving toward a more peaceful world.  We use
those symbols for the rest of the world to note.  Those
symbols are so much more than 'death and destruction'.
They are symbols of a strong nation.  They let the
world know that we mean business.  They let the world
know that we have the resolve to go our way.  Without
them we would be speaking... what language???

Look on the other side of the that a symbol
of 'POWER' or 'DEATH AND DESTRUCTION' that you see?
No, when we look on the other side of the coin we see
PEACE and FREEDOM!!!!!  It all depends upon whether you
see your martini glass, half full or half empty.  It
depends upon whether or not there is one olive or two.

Just remember that the cost of freedom is death in a can.

Yours in perpetual amazement, John (59)
FEATURED SPEAKER #2    Irene de la Bretonne Hays
Notice the comment by Billie Finch Gregg speaking of
girls' basketball:
"Dumb that we couldn't cross the center line.  What do
you think?"

This is a parallel kind of question to the one I asked
about the bomb/mushroom cloud, but it is even LESS
related to Bomber memories than the bomb/mushroom cloud
logo or Japanese internment/racism.  The sexist rules
for basketball existed everywhere; they were not unique
to Richland.  The logo/mascot for RHS was/is unique to
Richland.  The memories of fear and loathing of
Japanese that resulted in the internment and racist
revision of history were/are embedded in the unique
Richland experience.

(I do think we have completed our discussion -- for now
-- of those two topics and we did quite well; the sky
did not fall.  And of course, I am not objecting to
Millie's question; it is a perfectly reasonable
question -- rife with politics and wild disagreement.)

So Maren, you have chosen to be a censor and your
ability to do it well is based on your personal
political filters or depth of sensitivity to political
issues--or lack of it.  I suppose you could
include/exclude comments based on your own intuition of
the intent of the comment, but that is also a pretty
shaky position.  Memories and history itself tell us
that won't work--unless you are a true psychic.

And, yes, what I have just said could be called a
"political" comment--and a particularly American one at

-Irene de la Bretonne Hays


Did any of the comments in this issue of The SANDBOX
strike a cord, or discord with you?  Do you want to
talk back?  Do you have something to add?  What we talk
about here, Fellow Bombers, is entirely up to you.

In the SANDBOX, you may argue passionately,
satirically, or hysterically on almost any subject
without interruption unless you go way beyond 200
words, say something a little too prurient, or rudely
curse.  You can admonish, cajole, or joke.  You can try
to poke holes in someone else's views, if you wish.
Whether hilarious or serious, IF WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY

Is something really bugging you today?  Did something
funny happen at work you'd like to share?  Tell us
about it.  Does it trouble you that the kids in your
neighborhood might come knocking on your door October
31 wearing little blue dresses, dark wigs,berets, and
bearing cigars?  Tell us why that bothers you. Tell us
in 200 words or less if you can, or with up to 400
words if you must. And oh, yes, what do you think about
giving Prozac to clams?  Did we really need to drop
that second atomic bomb on Japan? The SANDBOX is HERE
for YOU, so tell us what YOU think! is YOUR ADDRESS for SPEAKING OUT!
How often The SANDBOX comes to a screen near YOU
Depends ENTIRELY ON How OFTEN I hear from YOU.  So Step
Right Up, Partner.  YOU are in the SANDBOX next!  -Al
Parker (53)
speak out... speak out... speak out... speak out... spout off!...