The Richland Alumni SANDBOX 
             Issue #8 ~ November 14, 1998

Bombers talking to Bombers-
         "...*in notes, by distance made more sweet..."

*phrase borrowed from William Collins, 1721 - 1759  in
his "The Passions, an Ode for Music."
Subj:   Three Special Veterans Remembered
From:   Irene Gostnell Goodnight
e-mail: (Irene Goodnight)

Re: Veteran's Day (Belated thoughts......)

Not having any close relatives or friends who are war
veterans, I am left with the realization that there are
three guys who have played a great part in my life, who
are veterans, and were able to take what they got from
the experience and turn it into something beautiful.
Three former bandleaders of mine.  The first, Andy
DePaul, living in California, played bass and sang with
a raspy voice, and made everyone laugh with his witty
comments from every bar stage.  He had the shakes from
shell shock so bad that I always wondered how he
repaired and built the instruments he did as income for
his small family.  He loved music and his family and
people, and he had been a field cook in Viet Nam.  He
also set us up with gigs at some Army bases along the
coast.  I learned how to stand up to a club owner who
tried to stiff the band's paycheck from Andy.  In later
years I would use that lesson......

After him was Bob McComb, ex-marine, who also played
bass, sang lead, and made people laugh.  He got us gigs
at Camp Pendleton in Southern California.  His band was
my first "on the road" band, and I traveled to places I
never would have seen in those days, including the Grand
Canyon.  The band would live as "locals," not tourists,
thereby making friends with people we worked with at the
club, who would turn us on to, and host us at local
flavor events.  Bob's organizational abilities were

And later in Oregon was Gary Battles, bandleader who
bought a bus, had it painted and designated it as the
Band Bus for our travels north and south.  He played
mean rhythm guitar, wrote great songs, and sang with his
heart up front.  He could charm a snake, and his big
smile and jokes got everyone going, but sometimes these
were replaced by very sad or very wild behavior. That
part gave him a lot of trouble.  He had seen combat and
the worst war had to offer, I believe, and had escaped
physical wounds, but the mental and emotional ones were
evident over and over again.

So these are the veterans I honor, (though I do not
honor the wars that used them.  But that's another
column, one I'm not ready to write yet....)  These three
men shared vision, going out and getting things done,
not being afraid to go for it, and best of all, shining
out to people.  There are so many people who were
touched by their bands, and particularly by these guys
who turned their WAR experience into something so
positive it surely made even Spirit laugh with pleasure
to see them sing........ Thanks so much, Andy, and Bob,
and Gary, wherever you are now.

From Irene Smith Gostnell Goodnight ('59)

Subj:    About Veterans
From:     From Joe Largé
Mail To:

Thank you, All, for your comments about Veterans Day and
Vietnam Vets!  What a thought provoker, what a message,
filled with reasons to be thankful for!

What was it that Lincoln said:

"Yet in a greater sense, we cannot dedicate, we cannot
consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground.  Those brave
men who died here have hallowed this ground far above
our poor powers to add or detract... "  The Holy Water
poured out was their blood! -from all wars!


Subj:    Responses to Vet Related URLs
From:    Cyndy Brooks Cowman)  (Class of '68)

I want to thank Bob Mattson for the *URLs concerning our
Veterans.  I posted some of them on a message board that
I frequent and had 2 responses.  One long letter stating
that parents should not send their children to war,
etc... And, another from a Vet., simply thanking me for
the URLs.  Controversial subject.  I respect and in some
cases love (my nephew and brother in law) for choosing
the military.  But, if there was to be another conflict
like the one in Vietnam, or police action, like the one
in Korea or declared war, like WWII I am not so sure I
would want any of my loved ones to be involved and
Canada sounds like a good place to live.  However, all
of those who have and are serving deserve our respect
and recognition.

Note: *URLs were supplied via editorial net surfing, not
by Bob Mattson.  However, his, and other inspiring
contributions to the special Veterans Issue of The
SANDBOX compelled me to find and share those sites. -ap

Subj: Should we release all now imprisoned for lying
under oath about sex? From:
(Cyndy Brooks Cowman)

About Clinton.  There are approximately 115 people in
prison for lying under oath concerning sex.  Shall we
set them free?  Clinton has done OK with our country I
guess, but when it comes to personal matters he lies.
But, these lies effect the view I have of him and I
can't listen or look at his face anymore. So there :)

Cyndy (68)

Subj:   Address Request
From: (W. Kenneth Wright)

        Read the submission from Byron Logman (56), re:
Dr. Richard V. Pierard's article "Christians Make the
First Bomb".  Would like to contact him via Email, could
you send me his address?  Thanks Kenny

      Kenny Wright
 Locke Computer Center
 a man who likes to play with mice Health Sciences is a
man whose mind you can easily entice UW Box 357170
University of Washington 
Seattle, WA 98195-7170
if opportunity doesn't a door (206) 543-9275

Dr. Pierard's Email address is:

A partial review of Richard Pierard's article appeared
in Issue #7 of The SANDBOX.  In a future SANDBOX I plan
to offer for your consideration and discussion some of
the problems to which he reffers that have been
associated with Hanford projects and products through
the years.  Thank you all for your great contributionsto
this, as well as past and future editions of The
Richland Alumni SANDBOX!  Keep them coming!


      Reply To:    -Al Parker

Subj:    Violations of Trust
From:    Daniel Gire (Class of '83)
To:       Joe Large', Subject: Lewinski

Joe, I read your note with great interest and would like
to add a few points of my own, respectfully.  I think
you're getting the issues confused.  Bill Clinton's
actions violated two trusts: The first being moral -
having "sexual relations" (whatever THAT means) with
someone other than his wife (married partner).  The
second, legal - lying under oath to a Grand Jury.
Perjury.  A Felony Offense.  We could spend all day
debating Bill's carefully "word-smithed" answers, and
whether there was entrapment used to catch him, but how
many separate instances of "entrapment" does it take to
equal a lie???  He didn't just lie to the Grand Jury,
Joe.  He lied to his family, his staff, his party, and
to every one of us - the American public.  It wasn't
just a little "white" lie, was it?  He was bluffing,
lying to the bitter end, until his bluff was called.  By
then it was too late, though, Perjury had been committed
not once, but SEVERAL times, and over a long period of
time.  One final question...  What do we tell the

Dan Gire ('83)

P.S. - if anyone sees my father-in-law, Ken Johnson
('65), around Richland, say Hi to him for me.  He's a
great guy...

Subject:   The More Things Change.....
From:       John M. Allen
Mail to:

Over the last several years, and in particular since the
first of this year, I have been intrigued to observe
how, AS A SOCIETY, we have changed our behavior so
imperceptibly since the year before, or the day after,
we graduated from high school.

This summer in Portland, Oregon, we had a situation
where the student body president of Grant High School
decided it would be worthwhile summer employment if he
and a handful of his classmates would engage in the
armed robbery of several convenience stores around town.
While the identity of the perpetrators DID escape the
Portland Police for several weeks, it was eventually
revealed that their identity did NOT escape many Grant
High students, most of whom were not involved in the
robberies.  These students knew the truth of what was
going on but the student body president was an EXTREMELY
popular kid and an effective leader (from the standpoint
of getting people to follow and believe in him), and the
students who knew about his activities, somehow
rationalized not holding the boy's feet to the fire for
his felonious behavior.  Does any of this begin to sound
vaguely familiar?  It should.

The truth is, whether we like it or not, within the
greater society there will normally be precious few
leaders.  The vast majority will be quite content to
remain lemmings.  One of the most (formally) educated
graduates of RHS Class of '66 has, over the past few
years, taken great relish in pointing out to me that he
is in "the mainstream of American political thought" and
that I ........... well, I'm somewhere else.  Beyond the
fact that "the mainstream of American political thought"
has itself become a tired, "herd mentality" phrase, this
individual is, in reality, saying how proud he is to be
a part of that herd.  I worry about pride like this, and
when you warn your children (and grandchildren) about
"peer pressure," remember that it is nothing more than
the fear of not being a member of the herd.

So now, as a society, we are faced with the dilemma that
like some other societies in history, we have by any
REASONABLE standard, made a really bad choice in a
leader.  Unfortunately, like those students at
Portland's Grant High School, we have to date chosen to
accept a plethora of sorry rationalizations rather than
hold this man's feet to the fire for HIS felonious

We are told by Bill Clinton's legal lackeys at ALL
levels (even in the SANDBOX), that his behavior does not
rise to the level of "High Crimes and Misdemeanors."
Personally, I find it impossible to argue that there are
two more crucial factors to the survival of any
democracy than the Nuclear Family and the Rule of Law.
But Clinton, with his behavior and his lying about it,
has assaulted both of these institutions to their very
core.  Moreover, having been caught like a rat in a
spotlight during a Saturday night's sport at the local
dump, he has sent forth his lesser rats to offer the
American people the most pitiful of justifications for
retaining his services. We are told for example, that
there is somehow a correlation between Clinton's long
history of philandering and Franklin Roosevelt's
"wheelchair romance" with Lucy Mercer; a decades long
friend of the Roosevelt family.  And in the face of
absolutely no evidence beyond innuendo, the same
argument is made about Dwight Eisenhower and his WW II
aide, Kay Summersby.  Fellow citizens, THIS is what is
meant by "defining deviancy down."  That is, when a man
can't measure up to acceptable standards, he attempts by
ALL MEANS AVAILABLE to bring everyone else down to his
personal hellhole in the gutter.  Those "means" include,
but are not limited to, repeating lies loudly and
frequently enough that the herd eventually accepts them
as truth.  And finally we are told by the virtuous likes
of Geraldo Rivera and other fallen lawyers, that "this
is all about sex," when everyone knows it is perfectly
acceptable in our country to lie UNDER OATH to a Federal
Grand Jury, so long as the lie is about sex.
Interestingly enough, we have yet to see a single lawyer
reciting this mantra, who has also had the personal
courage to introduce legislation codifying the
proposition that it is OK for the president to lie under
oath about sex (providing of course, that he is a
POPULAR president). But this IS the very soul of Bill
Clinton; divide and conquer.  Who will argue that
Clinton, shamefully, and by himself, divided the
American people with his escapades, his arrogance, and
his complete lack of personal honor.  Personal honor,
after all, is defined by what we do when no one is
looking; and we now know for certain what Bill Clinton
has been doing when he thought no one was looking.

Until recently, I have allowed myself to be pretty
discouraged by the swollen herd which is so willing,
even eager to be deceived by the "popular guy" rather
than confront the unfortunate choice it has made; not
once but two times.  However, I am now heartened by the
unusually high number of leaders I see who are unwilling
to have this sociopath spit in their face and then tell
them it's just raining.  I encourage those of you who
are still in the herd to buck up and shed your
politically correct aversion to being "judgmental." Have
a little faith in your country which was well and
specifically designed by its founders to withstand the
loss of any one "leader." This great nation has
weathered far greater losses in the past, and we and our
precious mutual funds can certainly weather the loss of
Bill Clinton.

John M. Allen      Class of '66

Subj:     Older Driver Testing
From:   Tom Matthews  (Class of '67)

I agree with Marguerite Tompkins about State of
Washington Department of Licensing procedures with the
elderly.  There definitely needs to be some procedure
based on medical checks or notification by relatives.
The problem is that there are those who continue to
drive safely into their 80's, and it is possible that
some dysfunctional relative might try to stop a person
from driving for other than safety reasons.  I was
totally surprised when my Father, in his late 80's, was
able to  renew his drivers license without any testing
other than the usual eye test.  He has no car and no
longer wants to drive but likes to have the license for
identification.  I'm wondering if he will be able to
renew again now that he is in his 90's (without telling
them he just wants identification).

Tom Matthews (57)

Subj:      Lies, Secrets and Toxic Waste
From:      John Wingfield (Class of '66)

I want to say I appreciate Jim Vache's lesson on
impeachment and the presidency.  For these past weeks
and months I have listened to and read other people's
commentaries and criticisms and Jim's is one of the most
intelligent insights from a legal perspective I have
received.  What has bothered me, upon hearing people
complain about the President not telling the truth about
an affair is that we have been lied to for decades by
Presidents while they have been under the oath of
office.  We were lied to about American Indians being
savages and less that human.  We were lied to about
slavery being morally acceptable.  We were lied to about
women not being capable of voting.  We were lied to
about the Japanese needing to be rounded up and put in
prison camps. We were lied to about Black people being
inferior.  We were lied to about the Red Scare during
the McCarthy Era.  We were lied to about Viet Nam and
the "Domino Theory," by JFK, LBJ and RMN. Not that they
were giving us false information, but they were giving
us only partial and/or propagandized information.
President Clinton has not killed anyone, has not started
any war and has not committed us to a policy or
direction of our country that would lead to unlimited
debt and economic or military turmoil.  He made a stupid
mistake, but he has been the first president to admit
it. (I know Jimmy Carter admitted lusting in his heart.)
Another thing that has bothered me about the national
debate has been all those individuals who have tried to
seize the moral high ground.  Certainly Jesus'
admonition "He who is without sin cast the first stone"
has been ignored or twisted to the heights of WWF
Wrestling standards. And remember, there are sins
(mistakes) of commission and omission.  I must say that
I have enjoyed the many comments and stories of
neighbors about my home town and days gone by.  But for
me it has been tempered by the awareness that the idilic
childhood that I enjoyed with a Father Know's Best
environment all happened on top of a secret that has led
to the largest toxic waste depository in the world.  Was
that secret, in the name of national security and
patriotism healthy and the best thing for us and our
nation?  Who knows.  But now it is up to us to pick up
the pieces and clean up the mess and make the best of it
in our lives and in our world.  It is our world and we
are responsible for it. Peace,   John Wingfield ('66)
Joe Largé (68) wrote:

Dear Eva Clark Perry,

DEMOCRATIC:     Government by the People
REPUBLICAN:     Government through Representation

Joe Largé (68)
Subj:    Re: Fwd: Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/9/98
Date:   11/11/98 3:10:16 PM PST
From:   Rob Teats (Class of '70)
Mail To:

In light of the recent elections my thoughts went back
to one peculiar political event that I attended with Ray
Nelson ('70).  This was our senior year and as the
Student Body President I was interested in politics.
Ray and I somehow were invited over to a meeting of the
Young Americans For Freedom chapter in Richland. I am
fairly certain we met at Loren Sharp's (70) home.

I discovered that evening that the Young Americans For
Freedom was the youth division of the John Birch
Society.  I remember there being about fifteen high
school kids, most of them wearing their green and gold
bomber jackets, and some adult from the John Birch

We saw a political movie and heard a presentation.  I
was stunned by what I heard.  First of all President
Dwight Eisenhower was a stooge of the communists and so
was our current President Richard Nixon.  They were both
under the spell of the United Nations which was a front
for the communists.

Then we heard how the Supreme Court was controlled by
"Reds" and how they were destroying White Man's America.
They were selling our country to the "coons," their term
for African Americans. By now I was really beginning to
feel uncomfortable.

The presentation went on to conclude that we needed to
win the Vietnam War and that the generals needed to use
nuclear bombs in order to get rid of the "Reds" in
Hanoi.  Further, they said it was essential that we
unilaterally drop H-bombs on Communist China, because
they were by far worse than the Russians, since they
were the "yellow menace."  There were some other
comments about fluoridation being a communist plot and
some other really way out ideas.

Ray and I were totally freaked out.  We knew that we
were never going back to one of those meetings.  A few
weeks later, one of the more thuggish looking members of
the group cornered me and asked why I had come to their
meeting and insinuated that maybe I was a spy.  I
assured him, that the Young Americans For Freedom just
wasn't my thing and so what was he going to do, beat me
up? Anyway nothing further ever came of it, and thank
God no one has dropped any H-bombs!  I still wonder if
any of those kids grew up and still have such a
paranoid, extreme politics of hate?

-Rob Teats (70)

Subj:    Affordable Internet Access Crucial
From: (Tom Hemphill)  (Class of '62)

Hello Sandbox Playmates:

I didn't think that I would ever jump into this sandbox,
but the issue of the FCC and potential taxes or any
other fees for Internet access concerns me.  My prime
concern is  keeping the cost of internet access low so
that senior citizen and children would be encouraged to
communicate and take advantage of educational
opportunities.  So I did send the following letter, via
email, to the FCC Chair and Commissioners:

Dear FCC Chairman and Commissioners, I am opposed to any
action, taxes included, that could discourage the use of
the Internet by children and senior citizens.

I am 54 years old and my wife is 53.  We have four
grandchildren ages 3 to 10, and more on the way.  We
have several close family members in their 70s and 80s.
Because of the Internet and email, we are now
communicating weekly, and sometimes daily, with our
family members, some of which are more than two thousand
miles away.  We have been able to re-kindle our
relationships and many old friendships, because of

We are also very aware that here in the United States,
the most powerful country in the world, many of our
children are not getting the education that is needed to
ensure the world status of our nation. Affordable access
to the Internet is of paramount importance to the
educational development of our youth.

Any action that will increase the cost of the Internet
for communication and education, will most certainly
have a very negative impact on our senior citizens and
our youth. Communication is crucial to keep our families
emotionally healthy. Education of our young people is
most important for the future of our country.

Please consider all of the negative consequences that
will result from a tax or any other action that may
increase the cost of Internet access.

Sincerely, Tom Hemphill Friday Harbor, Washington

Subject: Are Drug Users Putting Needles in Telephone Coin Returns?
From:   Al Parker,

I have seen two separate warnings regarding this come
over the Internet so far, and seen one E-mail dismissing
the warning as a bit far fetched.  I'll just paste in
some of what I've seen and let you decide for yourselves
to whence you want to let your fingers do the walking,

"A very good friend of mine is in an EMT certification
course.  There is something new happening that everyone
should be aware of. Drug users are now taking their used
needles and putting them into the coin return slots in
public telephones.  People who are putting their fingers
in to recover coins or just to check if anyone left
change, are getting stuck by these needles and infected
with hepatitis, HIV, and other diseases.  This message
is posted to make everyone aware of this danger.  Be
aware!  The change isn't worth it!"

"P.S. - This information came straight from phone
company workers, through the EMT instructor.  This did
NOT come from a hearsay urban legend source."


"A friend of mine who is a anesthetist wrote me back and
said: 'Speaking as someone who works with all sizes of
needles, daily, there is no size that could be concealed
in the coin return slot of a telephone.  Most (not all)
people who get HIV, get it from UNPROTECTED SEX and
sharing drug needles.  As far as I know, there has never
been a documented case of a health care worker getting
HIV from work activities.  And we get stuck with used
needles quite a few times during our careers....'"


"Sometimes I wonder where people get these warnings
from. However, it did make sense to me about the chance
of needles being in those slots.  Just today I made a
phone call and when I hung up, I put my fingers in the
slot!  Sure glad there were no needles."

Subj:     Keep the Bomb!
From:    Joe Large'
Mail To:

Dear Jenny Loper Buchanan,

I'm for keeping the Bomb!  Not that I'm in love with
Nuclear War and have a appearance like that of *Dr.
Strangelove (which, by the way, was a character
patterned after Edward Teller), but that it was a part
of our history that brought the war with Japan to an

If we were looking for a mascot at this current time and
RHS had never had one, I would probably choose something
like - "The Rattlers", or "The Scorpions", more keeping
in-line with the "Desert" motif.  [Note: According to
Historian Richard Pierard, Col-Hi-'52), the original
Col-Hi teams sported a Beaver as their logo.  Do some of
you remember a few beavers in some of the irrigation
ditches around Richland years ago?-ed.]

However, Richland will always be known by that bit of
history along with Oak Ridge, Tenn. and Los Alamos, NM.

Because of the Nuclear Bomb, we also have things such as
Nuclear Medicine, Carbon Testing, Chemotherapy, just to
name a few. However, I CAN'T see Richland High Students
called by: "The  Chemotherapists"!  It JUST doesn't have
the same ring! Don't you think?

Carefully I state my claim, HUMBLY PROUD to be a Bomber!

Joe Largé (68)

Subj:   driverztests@70.yes?
From:   Joe Large'
Mail To:

To:     Marguerite (Groff) Tompkins,

Here, Here!  I agree wholeheartedly with what you said
about the suggested Mandatory post-70 Year testing.  My
dad FINALLY stopped driving around 84 or so.  As it was,
it was a frightening experience to be in the car with
him when he was driving. Fortunately, he would always
have me drive him around when he went places.  My
cousins and sisters would come away with white knuckles
whenever he drove, a pretty good feat being that our
skin color is a good shade of olive.

Joe Largé (68)

Subj:    Due Process and Bermuda Shorts
From: (Irene Goodnight) ('59)
To:     Steve Carson

Yes, Steve, I do remember the big Bermuda shorts issue
at Col. Hi.  I've thought of it many a time and used it
as a measurement of where we've come from, (or to?) in
the last 40 years.  Those were definitely important
practice issues for us.  Seeing you guys argue and
debate the "authorities" for your "rights" seemed kind
of scary to me then, but it made sense and probably
served as precedent in other later issues for us.  The
importance of due process, wherever possible, and as
long as possible (which can hold some kind of order) vs.
revolution (which can cause great fear) was well

-Irene Smith Gostnell Goodnight  ('59)
Subj: Observations and Opinions on Sandbox #5
From: (Ray Wells) (Class of '54)

I agree with Dick Epler's comments in Sandstorm #7, save
one. According to Ken Hamblin, Bill Clinton had a 10
year affair with Susan McDougal with the full knowledge
and permission of her husband.

According to the Today show and it's counterpart in the
evening, there are 110 Americans in prison, right now,
for lying under oath. They interviewed 3 women, two in
prison, and one confined to her home by electronic
surveillance device, who are where they are because they
lied about sex under oath.  One of these women, a
psychiatrist, has been forbidden to practice her
profession again. We are supposed to have equal justice
for all so why is Clinton exempt?  A president who is
above the law is a despot.

-Ray Wells ('54)

Subj:       Talking Points
From:      Joe Large'
Mail to:

Just some suggestions, (should people be running out of
things to fight over):

How about topics like:

Christian Bashing, Fact or Myth!  (I'm a born-again
Christian). Do you really think that Christians are
attempting to force their beliefs on the non-christian
world - especially in the light that the Christians are
forced to be happy and accept the beliefs of the non-
christian world.  (That ought to bring out the steam in
some people's ears).

[I respect your claim, Joe, of being "Born Again."  To
some Christians, however, becoming "born again" is a
process that begins with "impregnation" (in a spiritual
sense), by God's Holy Spirit via Baptism.  Directly
paralleling the mortal model we are given to begin with,
a spiritual gestation period follows, with all due care
and nurturing, culminating ultimately, in a spiritual
resurrection, (or rebirth) from a corruptible mortal
human into an incorruptible and immortal member of the
very family of God.  -ap]

More Possible Subjects for Discussion Suggested by Joe Large':

Should we really be allowing our kids to sleep with
someone when their 18 years of age (or younger), or
should we be promoting sexual abstinence in an attempt
to sway our kids away from the idea that Sex is a
Teenager Contact Sport.  Don't get me wrong -I Love Sex!
I wouldn't have been here without it!



Joe continues, "I could get SHOT just for suggesting
these things! Anyway, just thought I'd throw a tire iron
into the works.  For as you know, you can open any door
if you only have the key! lololol!"

[And, as Kenny Wright says above, "If opportunity
doesn't knock, build a door!" -ap.]

Then Joe signs off as, "Joe Largé (68) - alias:  The Pot
Stirrer .... Which, he says, brings to mind another

But the issue isn't described.  So, I guess that means
the next topic to be discussed is  Entirely Up to YOU!