The Richland Alumni SANDBOX 
             Issue #9 ~ November 21, 1998

BOMBERS TALKING TO BOMBERS -- From all Around The World!

    The Free and Informed Expression of Opinions and
Ideas of Columbia / Richland High School Alumni,
Richland, Washington,  USA

"Quot homines tot sententiae: suo' quoique mos."  (There
are as many opinions as there are people: each has his
own correct way.) --Terence c. 190-159 B.C.

Subj:   Innovative teaching prepared us and encouraged
us to THINK and PARTICIPATE in the Free and Informed
Expression of Opinions and Ideas.

Such as:   The pros and cons of portraying the Mushroom
Cloud as one of our School's Symbols.

From: Rhonda Miller Williams (Class of 78)

Jim Deatherage has been mentioned often; he also was a
fairly new teacher when I had him for English my senior
year (1977-78).  I don't think I've ever talked to
anyone who was in one of his classes that didn't come
away with some excellent memories: daily journaling,
interesting reading and class exercises, being allowed
to study outside if the weather was particularly fine
and, maybe most importantly, an atmosphere that allowed
and encouraged the free expression of a truly wide range
of ideas.

His promoting the continued discussion surrounding
retaining the mushroom cloud logo is exactly in keeping
with his character as I remember it, one of strong
convictions and no fear of speaking out, even when his
opinion is not popular.  Though I don't agree with him,
he certainly presents a clear, well thought out
argument.  I'm all for spirited debate of the issue,
whether you believe the mushroom cloud should stay or
go.  Whatever your point of view, it's reasonable to
expect you should be informed and intelligent enough to
defend it.

I took the "Free to Be" class from Ms. Hayes around that
time also, probably my junior year (1976-77).  It was a
very different type of class from the traditional
(occasionally boring!) English classes offered at the
time.  She, too, was an innovative teacher, emphasizing
the thinking process as being at least as important as
the "answer."  I always enjoyed teachers who weren't
afraid to let their students actually THINK!!

Subj:    Location - Location - Location!
From:   (Barbara Seslar Brackenbush (Class of 1960)
e-mail: (Brackenbush)

Someone mentioned "...and what he (the president) does
in bed with anyone is also his own business."  Just a
reminder, it was in the Oval Office.  That is what
bothers me.

I think it is very helpful to be able to talk about
things.  Thanks for the "Sandbox."


Subj:    No Wallflowers or Dummies In This Town!
From:   Margaret A. Hartnett (72)
e-mail: (A modern hotel in a timeless town)

My, oh, my, they didn't raise a bunch of wallflowers or
dummies in A-City now did they?  I am beginning to think
that Sunday perusal of the SANDBOX is a better contact
sport than football!  Where to begin, there were so many
topics, I think I'll take one that maybe wasn't intended
as one in John Allen's (66) contribution.  John, you
almost had me and I couldn't agree more with you vis a
vis "herd mentality" because I have been so far out of
the "mainstream" for so long that it looks like alien
territory to me, but I have to take exception with you
on the case of the 2 most important factors in saving
democracy.  Rule of Law, you bet, but are you really
sure you want to give the nuclear family that much
credit?  I am wondering where that puts me in the scheme
of things.  You see my parents both died when I was in
my mid twenties, my siblings and I was followed very
different paths, which isn't to say we are alienated
from one another but we aren't n close proximity to one
another, physically, politically, spiritually.
Furthermore, I am not able to have children.  So, is
there no role for me in this society?  I run a business,
pay tons of taxes, employ people, engage in hospice work
and other run of the mill charitable activities, but I
guess since I can't take the kids home to see the folks
this Christmas, I am undermining the safety and sanctity
of society.  Thanks for letting me know.

And since you brought up gutters and other hellholes in
which we may find ourselves, I always remember Oscar
Wilde's view from there: "All of us are in the gutter,
but some of us are looking at the stars."

Re: Veterans' Day--     I appreciated all of the
heartfelt and well written tributes.  I find it hard not
to feel profoundly sad and seriously angry whenever the
subject of Viet Nam comes up.  My closest and most
profound contact with veterans of that conflict came
through counseling, crisis intervention and as part of
teams of veterans and anti-war activists that visited
high schools in Oregon to discuss the war, the
opposition to the war and mandatory draft registration.
It was a lively group to say the least.  One of the
areas that we discussed amongst ourselves but doesn't
get covered much was how veterans, who had been sent to
help stop the communist spread in SE Asia, felt when
Nixon went to China.  No one I knew believed that was
about anything but future economic relations.  I
certainly saw a lot of anger and frustration on the part
of vets who were recently home, had left friends still
there and the President was having tea with Mao.  Did
that bother anyone else?

Re: Rob Teats (70) Thanks for the memories and the
cautionary tale.  How can you doubt that those young
people, or at least their counterparts, grew up with
paranoid, hate-oriented world view, gays don't get tied
up to freeze in Wyoming nor African-Americans drug
behind cars in Texas as acts of love.

I was in Scotland when that last event occurred, try
explaining American ehavior/sensibility in light of that
sort of event, it ain't easy.  And that isn't an
America-bashing sentiment, we don't have the corner on
the market of hate acts.  Someone much wiser, once told
me to stop trying to understand such behavior, it defies
comprehension beyond acknowledging that evil exists.

Re: Joe's Suggested Topics: Christian Bashing Wow, what
a new twist, from where I have found myself in the past
it appears to me that Christians are pretty practiced in
being the basher not the bashee! I live in AZ and our
governor Jane Hull decided that she should decree next
week Bible Week.  That is totally inappropriate, she
candidly replied that she was responding to the requests
of Christian groups and Bible publishers, enlighten me
if I am blind here, but I get a bit nervous when I see
my governor granting special consideration to specific
religious groups and their economic interests.  I wonder
when we'll see Koran Week.  Those of us who feel a
greater deal of security with a greater degree of
separation of church and state, acknowledge the
Christian hegemony that exists but don't expect us to
nourish it.

Subj:    Sandbox Fodder
From:   Dave McAdie (79)
e-mail: (David McAdie)
To:            Fellow Bombers, Everywhere!

Re:  Seniors and driving

Reading all this information about seniors driving
reminded me of a very funny thing I once read;

"When I Die
I want to go like my grandfather,
Peacefully in his sleep,
Not kicking and screaming
Like the passengers in his car"

My parents are both approaching 70 and have everything
intact, so they keep  telling me :)  They drive
thousands of miles a year doing what they love to do.  I
only hope I recognize the signs of trouble before it is
too late.

Re: Veterans Day.
I grew up in an era that did not require my service (I
only had to register).  I will always believe that, no
matter the circumstance, if you are required to put your
life in harms way in defense of your country, you
deserve nothing but the highest amount of respect.  It
does not matter that the war or "conflict" is shrouded
in political deceit - that is the last thing on your
mind with shrapnel flying.  I salute you all!

Hey Joe Large', was your Pot Stirrer comment a veiled
attempt at a heated discussion on our states' latest
initiative that legalizes the "Wacky Tobaccy" for
medicinal purposes.  I think I feel chronic backpain
coming up.....................

Dave McAdie

Subj:   Special Veteran's Issue
From:   Heather Pedlar
e-mail: (Heather Pedlar)

Thank you for this special issue.  I do not read this as
much as I read the Sandstorm, but it was quite moving
for me.  My father served in Vietnam for about 1 year
before I was born, and I forget how important it is to
recognize it sometimes.  This was a great reminder!
Subj:    Freedom
From: (Jinnie Stephens)

While I personally think inventions like seat belts and
helmets are good, I don't think they should be a law.  A
recommendation certainly but not something for the
government to be involved in. Unfortunately we did not
object when it became law to wear helmets.  Nor did we
object when it became mandatory to wear seat belts.  Nor
when cigarettes became such an issue that they could not
be advertised at sport events or on the air.  Plus the
price being raised to include a 'sin tax' (what about
alcohol, fast food, etc.)?  Then mandatory air bags.
And the list goes on. While all good ideas with good
reasons and results I believe these things should be our
choice.  But alas, they were decided by the government
which continues to regulate the way we live our lives.
Now our over worked police have to watch for smokers
that our government decided were too young.  Again
trying to curb young smokers is good but this is an
issue that a family can and should handle.  To quote
Jeff Jacoby who writes for the Boston Globe "Do you
think the lifestyle police will stop goose-stepping when
they get to something you do care about?"

We appear to be giving up our freedom piece by piece.
Every day there are new rules and regulations that have
nothing to do with running the government.  When do we
say stop?  We have minds, we can think.  Recommendations
are great.  But give us back our freedom of choices.  To
further quote Mr. Jacob "eternal vigilance is the price
of liberty.  Not because liberty is easy to shatter.
But because it can be softened and dismantled with the
acquiescence Of the men and women from whom it is being
stolen.  Many Americans no longer understand this, which
is why the government now dictates everything from the
words that may appear on wine labels to the volume of
water toilets may flush."  I urge you all to think about
this and write your local and state political figures.
Let them know enough is enough.  Next they will tax the
Internet or God forbid "the government should subsidize
the sale of healthy food, increase the cost on non-
nutritional foods through taxes and regulate food
advertising to discourage unhealthy practices."  Who
knows, if the government stays out of our personal lives
maybe taxes won't continue to escalate....

--Jinnie Stephens
Subj:    Another Bomber Found
From:    David G Wittenbrock

I just wanted to say thanks for adding my name to the
Sandstorm list.  And to the McMurray Street gang that
supplied you my e-mail address.

I have to admit that my initial reaction was: Oh-God not
more e-mail.  I get enough at work to satisfy my e-mail
cravings.  I sometimes find the weight of the e-mail
pouring out of the computer at work a little

However, after ignoring the Sandstorm for a week or so I
started reading it and am really enjoying the memories
and even some of the political commentary [in The

And my one thought on the political commentary is; I
wonder if we and our legislators may have lost the
vision of why we send people to Washington?  It is fun
and easy to follow the sex, lies, and games that are
being played.  But shouldn't we get back to the business
of governing the country and leading the world?

Dave Wittenbrock

Subj:   Drive or aim
From:   Driver Bob

Here in *Oyrgun there's a retesting of drivers.  Older
drivers do not face the loss of the of the last freedom
until there is a problem, it seems.  The death and
damage ratio is higher with them because of age.  But
then, the spokesman for the DMV states that age isn't
the real problem.  Often, older drivers seem to be able
to remain calmer and make educated decisions when in
traffic.  The other side is that age can be a spaced out
adventure like Mr. Magoo's "A Trip To The Store."  And,
Mr. Magoo is out there.  So is Nick Nimrod waiting to
get cut off and empty his 9 mm red rider.  What's my
point?  Only that there has to be a point of no ramps,
off or on. Many older folks are taking a nomadic
adventure, selling the house, kids are grown and don't
come to visit, off and meeting new friends and going new
places in a big 35 foot land yacht.  Cool.  Wouldn't
mind doing that myself.  The only thing is that I'll be
ready to do that in another 15 years or so.  Hummmmmm.
Insurance premiums don't seem to be a deterrent.  It
would be a burden only on the pocket book.  Who is up to
taking the last freedom? Where's the decision to be
made?  At home, the one I would prefer. The enforceable
power lays in the ability of the DMV to pull the plug on
the senior drivers via a battery of tests that will
convince the drivers themselves that everyone is in
harms way.  But not a video game test, maybe pinball
huh? Driver Bob  64

[Note: *Oyrgun is a western U.S. state located just
below Warshington -ed.]

Subj: Columbia River Beavers plus Advice for Republicans

To: Joe Large':
       There used to be quite a few beavers in the
Columbia River. They would build their homes along the
bank and not even attempt to dam the river (God created
the Army Corps of Engineers). There was a rather big
beaver home on the Richland bank across from the First
Island.  I suppose that before the dams were built there
were far more beavers.  Perhaps this had something to do
with the choice of the former mascot of Richland High

To Rod Brewer:
       I don't know where you got the idea that your
arguments upset me.  I thought I was very complimentary.
And I believed your arguments would prevail every time.
I guess the November 3rd election proved me wrong in
that regard.  But the Republicans shouldn't let that
deter them.  They should keep on attacking Clinton all
they can.  It's great for Starr to show the House
Judiciary Committee evidence concerning Kathleen Willey.
That will give Henry Hyde more of the gratification that
he is looking for and will bring back recollections of
his old times.  It's also great for Starr to bring 15
more criminal charges against Webster Hubble.  Heck,
because Webster was a friend of Bill's he probably
deserved to have 45 more criminal charges brought
against him, not just 15. The Republicans just have to
keep this up.  It won't fail them again. It is really
what they need to do to beat the Gore/Clinton ticket in
the year 2000.  In the meantime, it will really help
solve the problems faced by our country and the world.
Subj:    Repentance: A Prerequisite for Forgiveness
From:    Patty Stordahl

Regarding Cyndy (68)

Cyndy you couldn't be more correct.  How many of the
wives out there would forgive & forget their mate for
habitual affairs & habitual deliberate bare face lies
year after year?  Not only to you as the wife but to
your children?  No one with an ounce of confidence in
them say that they would be that great a martyr. To what
gain & evolution of womanhood would it lead.  Should we
all say poor baby, he wasn't understood?  Poor baby, she
was just such a conniving fox that he couldn't resist &
honor his vows, nor his position, nor his daughter's
feelings, what type of abuse in marriage is Hillary
setting Chelsea for anyway?

Internal integrity is & should be demanded in all people
regardless of their position.  I know how I felt when I
found my husband cheating with a judges daughter & the
response I got from that Benson County Judge regarding
his daughters conduct.  It was pro close your eyes &

Sorry.  I have way to much going for me to close my eyes
to someone who can take a vow before God & witnesses &
then deceive & plan & connive their way to secret
affairs.  Even God himself in the scriptures commanded
that the guilty party was to be punished by stoning them
to death & the innocent party was then free to get on
with their life.

Forgiveness is a virtue but there comes a time it is no
longer a virtue, it is a weakness.  Hillary shows either
lack of character & self esteem or she is just as power
hungry to be the "PRESIDENT'S" wife & doesn't give a
rats _ _ _ about the sanctity of marriage vows.
Acceptable in man's eyes or not. What woman out there is
so weak that the $$ & prestige her husband hands out
would cause her to sell out to her heart & to the common
good of women every where.  This farce of a man has been
& still is a coward.  Without Congress & the House,
nothing that Hillary started & Bill put his signature to
would have ever been accomplished.  Remember out there-
only weak women would side with a snake or maybe it
makes you all feel better about your own cheating
husbands or your self righteous religious experience to
turn the other cheek.  Even Jesus who taught us to
forgive said that the requirements to receive true
forgiveness was a contrite heart & broken spirit.  He
said.  "Go & sin no more."  Not, "Go & sin with someone
else."  There can be no forgiveness if there is no
repentance.  I am not a religious person but I am in awe
of what I deem to be my creator.  I also stepped out of
an adulterous marriage with 4 small children & walked
through tremendous hardship to retain my integrity so
that I could instill strength of character in my
children, You break your word & every one suffers but
you can all be winners if you chose to be.  My girls &
my boys know that they don't have to accept less than
the best & less than 100% honesty.

I could go on for a very long time but I won't.  I
remain unmarried to this day as I work in the traveling
sales circle & I have yet to meet with or hear of a
married man who hasn't tried or successfully scored
while on the road.  Women, believe me, even the sweetest
salesman slips off his wedding band when 500 miles away
from home.  I am in the Trade show industry business.
Do your husbands, or for that matter, do your wives
attend these business functions?  Better hire a
detective.  That is, unless you are like Hillary the 1st
lady Ostrich.

PS.  I do date & enjoy the company of men.  They are
fabulous creatures if you don't try to own them.  I
never ask if they are married nor do I ask for a phone
number.  I feel that a married man should not be trying
to take me dancing & dining & whatever else he may have
on his mind.  Unfortunately I usually find out the
majority of men I am asked out by are married with a
strong religious background.  Breathe, ladies, I do not
sleep with them, but that is my choice, as they are all
willing.  Sad but TRUE.

I vote impeachment.  Implied deceit is the same as
deceit in my book.  No, I didn't vote for him.  I saw
through him when he first came to bat.

Patty Stordahl

HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK -        Happy Thanks Giving!