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            Issue Number 13 ~ December 15, 1998

Col-Hi / RHS alumni or spouses Participating in The
SANDBOX today: John Allen, Glenna Hammer Moulthrop,
Jinnie Eckert Stephens, David Rivers, Tony Tellier,
Kelly Weil Austin, Cheryl Simpson Whitaker, Dick

Classes Represented: 1966, 1958, 1965, 1957, 1981, 1957,
1966, 1964, 1952.

Subj:    Replace the Mushroom Cloud?
From:   Ghammerm@aol.com (Glenna Hammer Moulthrop (66))

Replace the mushroom cloud?  You've got to be kidding!
It is plain ignorance that leads people to think it
should be dropped.  We aren't using it to celebrate
lives lost due to bombings and any real Bomber knows
this.  It's a symbol, strictly a symbol.  What shall we
replace it with?  A Brave?  A Lion?  A Dog?  Gee, those
are original!  The mushroom cloud distinguishes us from
all other High Schools, let's face it, just like the
mushroom cloud we Bomber Alumni ARE different from all
other kids from other High Schools!  We are the RICHLAND
BOMBERS!!!! And proud of it!
 -Glenna Hammer Moulthrop
Subj:    Dick Epler (52)-Sandbox #12
From:     jinnie@owt.com (Jinnie Eckert Stephens) (58)

Thank you for your very insightful words.  I personally
think you said it all and very well I might add.
Subj:    Seatbelts and Murder
From:    Nevertowed@aol.com  (David Rivers)

Here I go again, sticking my two cents worth in the
Sandbox.  In '63, my folks were coming back from the
Elks club in whatever town it was in (Kenn. or
Pasco)...anyway, as they took one of the ramps,
something rolled in front of their car.  It was one of
those yellow concrete poles that divided the ramp from
the highway. Naturally they hit it and it did some front
end damage to their car.. more importantly was the car
on its side at the bottom of the ramp with the door open
and the man (Johnny Goggins) lying beside the car.  He
had been ejected into the pavement head first so all my
dad could do was cover him.  Goggins did not have
seatbelts. They weren't standard in his year car.  When
I got home later that night, I was met by my dad.  (Oh
crap...what Have I done now!). He slapped down $20.00
and told me to go someplace (he named the place) I think
it was near Tasty Freeze and get seatbelts installed in
my car.  It had to be serious...my dad was giving me
more money than he'd ever given me in my life!  He was a
believer and I am a believer, having survived a few
rollovers back in my drinking days.

That was a personal choice by my dad to wear them and
the local authority telling me to wear them.  So far so
good.  I don't know if I used them or not back then.
However, seat belts somehow appeared in cars...not as an
option, but as a mandated cost to the consumer.  How did
that happen?  Who made that decision?  Not the consumer.
So you say the "Gubment done it"...but how did the
gubment decide for me that I had to have this device in
my car.. I can choose most of the extra stuff in my
car...Later, for a while at least, the gubment would
tell me that my seatbelt would have to lash out at me
and grab me whether I wanted it to or not...it would
tell me I had to drive with my lights on without doing a
thing...it would tell me lots of stuff.  It would tell
my State what to mandate on its highways, as well....but
how did the gubment do that?  A law?  Congress shall
pass no law that abridges my right to life liberty and
the pursuit of happiness...so it couldn't be a law...the
Commerce Clause allows congress to pass such a law?
Pshaaww...Okay, I guess we can live with that....You say
The feds are now prosecuting murder?  But murder is a
local offense.. You say the feds are saying no prayer in
the classrooms?  But Education is a local decision left
to the various states to determine!  You say that I
can't see that movie because some people don't want to
see it?  You say my kids can't make a book report on
that book because some people don't want their kids to
read that book?  You say you want a chip in my TV
because Mrs. Jones has to work and can't keep her kids
from watching that show without it?  You say the lady
living in the Apartment complex whose little girl was
snatched wants to sue because she thought "someone" else
would be watching out the windows of their apartments to
make sure her kid was safe?  You say the people in the
HUD housing lost their home because they were "mislead"
into believing they could afford to live there by the
low move-in cost...you say they didn't realize it wasn't
an "entitlement" to live in a house ...they didn't
understand about mortgages?  You say it isn't the war
department...its the department of defense... you say
the mushroom cloud offended someone and it just
disappeared?  You say the Bombers are now the Pixies...

There was a delicate balance to be maintained between
the feds, the states, the counties, the towns and the
individuals occupying those towns.  I am responsible to
my neighbor to refrain from imposing my "freedoms" upon
his.  I do not dictate my morals to him.  The town is to
maintain order among the folks...the county among the
towns and the state among the counties and the feds
among the states and with other countries.
Somewhere...most say during the depression, there
appeared to some, a temporary national need...then it
wasn't temporary...then it wasn't a need ... it just was
and is.

Its not about seatbelts.  Its about the balance of power
between local and national.  It's all out of balance.
There are no lines. Kidnapping became a federal offense
over a single child...it was awful but a local
crime...until one incident tipped another side of the
scale.  We have all learned the hard lesson that the
gubment do lie to the people.  My favorite line from the
movie Armageddon is:  "They'd like to know who really
killed Kennedy."  Wouldn't we all.  We can't tell the
difference between national security and some guys sex
life.  National security is what "they" say it is. And
you want "them" to tell you to wear a seatbelt?

David J. Rivers ('65)

From:  Tony_Tellier@compuserve.com (Anthony Tellier)
Re: comments by Dick Epler in Sandbox #7 "I suspect that
both the Internet and School Choice will be the primary
agents of change in this process, as both empower people
to make self-directed choices based on what they
intuitively know is right."


Your discussion (of which I have pasted a portion so
that we can tell of which I refer) was very well thought
out and presented.

I wish that I  had the wherewithal to have made those
thoughts come across so well on (electronic) paper.

Tony Tellier ('57) ~ Yuma, AZ

Subj:    Seat Belts
From:    kaustin@austin-home.com (Kelly Weil Austin) (81)

In reference to Chuck Monasmith's entry in the 12/13/98
Sandbox regarding seat belts, I, too, agree with you.

My husband also is an avid race car driver.  He has not
"hit the wall" going 100+ mph, but he has spun his car
on Laguna Seca raceway, as well as driven very safely on
Portland International Raceway.  I thank God for seat
belts, in race cars, and in our personal vehicles.

If I may interject an interesting note.... Since my
husband is an avid car enthusiast, he has subscribed to
Autoweek magazine. In one past issue (I'm not sure which
one), there was an article about seat belts,
specifically for cars built in Europe and importing into
the U.S. The article stated that in high performance
European cars, 5- and 6-point harnesses are standard
equipment.  When those automakers import their cars to
this country, our "seat-belt" laws/regulations require
them to replace these more secure seatbelts with the
type of seat belts that we, as Americans, are typically
used to, the lap/shoulder belts, which may save lives,
but not as securely as the 5 or 6-point harnesses.  God
forbid you ask a woman in a business suit or dress to
strap herself into a car using a 5-point harness -how
unlady-like!  Which would you rather be?  Fashionable
and lady-like or DEAD?

I'm in favor of restraint systems that hold us securely
in place. Even my son's car seat holds him more safely
in our car than the seat belts that secure my husband
and me.

I feel that until we, as responsible individuals, decide
to take our survival seriously, there will always be
those who would choose to have the government make those
decisions for us.  Our forefathers didn't come to this
country to have government choose for them.  They came
to establish a country where they could escape the
tyranny of those who would choose unwisely, and allow
their decisions to adversely affect entire nations.
They came to establish a country where we would have the
freedom to pursue life, liberty, happiness, and to
worship as each individual sees fit. You cannot pursue
these things if you leave it up to the government to
choose for you.  I choose personal responsibility!

Kelly Weil-Austin (Class of '81)

Subj:   "Got a $10.00 Head?
From:  Tony_Tellier@compuserve.com (57)

Responding to Chuck Monasmith in Issue #12 who said: "I
race sports cars because it's fun and a good way to keep
from having any money in the bank.  We drivers espouse
several witticisms.  Wear a helmet that reflects how
much you value your head.  My helmet is a carbon
fiber/kevlar composite. Very expensive.
Next saying: Do away with air bags and lap belts, all
vehicle occupants should wear a five point harness."


10-4 on that.  Remember the Bell Helmets ad?  "Got a $10
head?  Then wear a $10 helmet."  I race off-road cars
and have been upside and everyside down.  No harm, no
foul .. just 5-points.  The auto industry does not want
scare people into thinking that an accident is even
possible.  Same with the commercial airlines ... I'd
rather be inside a steel cocoon when we are tumbling and
smashing and crashing.  If others do not wish to use
belts, hey, OK.  That's freedom.  Just don't tell me
that belts are not best.

Tony Tellier ('57)

Subj: THREE QUESTIONS (Just to Stir the Pot a Little More)
From:   miles2go@cheerful.com (John M. Allen) (66)


1.  If people are so concerned about what happens to
Bubba's backside, where are all the hippie protesters
and their placards on the eve of his possible
impeachment?  Of course, by the time you read this, I
guess we'll know if he has been extended membership in
the very exclusive Andrew Johnson Club.

2.  If Clinton mouthpieces and defenders are correct in
claiming that where he did or didn't touch Monica is no
better than a "he said/she said" argument, how is it
that Bubba didn't perjure himself when he testified that
he was never alone with the little homewrecker?  Just so
you libs don't have to stretch your powers of logic too
far; only if there WERE witnesses to the "improper
activity" he has almost admitted to, could he truthfully
claim he was never alone with her.

3.  By the time this appears, will Bubba have told us
yet again that he is really, really, seriously, no
foolin', honest to God (?), cross his cheatin' heart,
SORRY???   Will the Holy Land have given him a character

 ---John Allen ('66)

Subj:    Petition for Censure
From:    bchome@icontech.com (Cheryl Simpson Whitaker (64))
Cheryl Simpson Whitaker relayed the following:

Countdown to the impeachment vote From: "Browning, Jane"

Dear MoveOn Petitioners,

I know you're furious -- and maybe a little sad for our
country. I am.  The only cure for this feeling is

Over this weekend, email may be the best way to reach
Congress. As outlined on our webpage, an email version
of your petition has been automatically sent to your
representative.  But you can do more.

We've set up a special group email address to make it
easy to forward a note to swing votes.  The email
address is: swingvotes@list.moveon.org   If you send a
letter to this address, we will automatically bounce it
to three dozen Members of Congress on our swing list --
the ones who have email.  You can see our swing member
list at http://www.moveon.org/swingvotes.htm Compose an
email and send it to "swingvotes@list.moveon.org" --
there is a sample letter at the bottom of this message.
You will feel better, and it could make a real
difference. We have one week left before a House vote on
impeachment.  We can turn this around.  The three day
call-a-thon we promoted this last Wednesday through
Friday delivered 94,659 anti-impeachment calls through
the 1-877-TO-MOVEON number.  This isn't counting tens of
thousands of direct calls made by our members.  The
phones on Capitol Hill are ringing off the hook.  The
Capitol Hill switchboard has been incredibly busy.  And
swing members are listening. A staff member from Speaker
Elect Bob Livingston's office told me they've been
swamped with pro-censure calls in the last three days  -
- that's us, folks.  And as censure becomes the key
issue in impeachment discussions, our efforts and
message have received great media attention, both local
and national.

Because of the overwhelming success of the toll-free
campaign, another organization, People For the American
Way, has agreed to fund the toll-free line until the
LIVE THROUGH NEXT WEDNESDAY.  [12/16] The call campaign
will begin again on Monday. [12/14]  ... You can find
instructions at http://www.moveon.org/actions.htm

And as we begin the final countdown to the House vote,
moveon.org has posted a live simulcast of all the
comments entered in the petition drive -- all 150,000.
Giving four seconds per comment, this simulcast will
take an entire week to play all the comments -- from now
until the House vote. If you have a Java enabled browser
you can view the simulcast at:

These comments are great.  They speak volumes on the
diversity of our backgrounds, yet unity of our message
and purpose. -Wes.

personal messages are best

To: swingvotes@list.moveon.org
Subject:  Don't impeach -- censure and move on

As a leading member of the House, I ask you to show
leadership and openly support the option of censure over
impeachment.  I am deeply concerned that a trial in the
Senate will continue to divide our country.  At a time
of global economic uncertainly and international
challenges, we must unite.  We have better work to do as
a nation.

It's time for healing.  It's time for true statesmen to
lead the way.


Wes Boyd.
Subj:   Brother Wants to Get Plugged In
From:   hipier@ruby.indstate.edu (Dick Pierard) (52)


My brother Burt Pierard ('59) would like to get plugged
into this empire of Bomber chat lists.  Could one of you
industrious guys/gals take care of this?  His address is
BPierard98@aol.com   Many thanks for your maintenance of
an amazing enterprise.

--- Dick Pierard '52

[Editorial Note: How many of you Bomber guys and gals
out there still have brothers and sisters, or other
kinfolk, and other Bomber friends, who are not yet
"plugged in" to the online Bomber Scene?   How many
previously not on line will, in just a couple of weeks,
be plugging in new computers, perhaps for the first time
in their lives?  Help them know the great fun of
communicating with Bomber brethren worldwide, sharing
memories, voicing opinions and ideas, visiting the
Websites, reacquainting with old friends and gaining new
ones, and in general, just KEEPING THAT LEGENDARY BOMBER
SPIRIT ALIVE!  Start asking around. LET YOUR PEOPLE
KNOW!  Tell every Bomber you know, every bomber you talk
to on the telephone, send a card to, meet on the street,
send a letter or an e-mail to, about this "amazing
enterprise," as Dick Pierard refers to it.  "If you tell
them, they will come!"  -ap
That's it for this issue of The Sandbox, folks Share
your opinions, your feelings, your ideas with all of us!