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            Issue Number 14 ~ December 17, 1998

Col-Hi / RHS Alumni or Alumni Mothers Participating in
The SANDBOX today:  Patty Eckert Weyers, Viola Parker,
John Northover, Steve Carson, Dick Epler, Mari Eckert
Leahy, Mina Jo Gerry Payson, Mary Collins Burbage, Ray
Wells, Patty Stordahl.

Class Years Represented: 1953, 1968, 1959, 1958, 1952,
1965, 1968, 1963, 1954, 1972.

Dec 16, 1998: President Clinton orders Bomber Strikes On Iraq.
Impeachment Hearings Are Delayed.
Dec. 17: Bombing and bombasting continues.
Subj:         Helmet Usage
From:         Patty Eckert  (68)

(Thank You Al Parker for your time and energy in getting
this site open and going and thriving!  Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year!)

I too want to say I was most impressed with the SandBox
#12 issue from Dick Epler and Arthur Roberts, very
interesting reading. Also, in #13's issue, the 5-6 point
harness standard equipment in European cars and for race
car drivers, I learned from those articles on the
advantages of them verses our standard belts, lap and
shoulder style.  Thank you David Rivers & Kelly Weil-
Austin.  Its a shame our U. S. of A. isn't also
equipping our vehicles with those harness styled belts
to save our lives.  I personally would love to have a
mandatory helmet law (in all states) for All Bicycle
Riders. (and motorcycle riders).  A safety course
written and designed to educate and clearly show why
having that "option or choice" NOT Available any longer
for the riders.  Unprotected heads verses safety helmets
worn by law if need be to enforce the lack of helmet
wearers.  If there were more education on these safety
aids in our schools right up there with sex education
and protection advantages from first grade clear up
through twelfth grades to insure its instilled in our
children's growth.  The amount of head injuries and
disabled Americans would lessen in our country as would
senseless deaths.  I recall now having a name (fellow
Bomber) in the Sand Storm 12/14 issue; a beautiful woman
who was close to my older sisters growing up, becoming a
young mother and riding her son's bike one day and that
ride ended with the loss of her life.....  This issue
should be strictly taught as importantly as vaccinations
and immunizations laws in this country?  How many of us
would want to have a child or friend injured in the head
and disabled the rest of their lives, never to be the
same again?  Where are our priorities? A law was made
and enforced to take prayer out of our schools, (which I
don't believe should ever have  happened!),  (puh
leeese!!!) the prayer was taken out like it was an act
of bodily harm in our schools, for the so called
betterment of our children's rights, so why isn't a law
or mandatory education classes in our children's
curriculum created just as importantly on this safety
issue? To me its as important as our law and
responsibility of seat belt wearing!

Patty Eckert Weyers (68)

Subj:   Northover Does Makeover of Censure Petition
From:    jnorthov@spawar.navy.mil (john northover)
FROM   dentover@funtv.com [John Northover '59]
In Response to: The Petition for Censure Appeal

I have modified the email [suggested format that the
petitioners want sent to congressional members] ... to
reflect what should happen: For those that want the
scum-bag out of office please send this to as many of
those spine-less panjandrums that you can.

Send this to all your friends, we cannot stand by and
allow this moral-dwarf to remain in office!!

 ************ MODIFIED version *****************

Subject:  Impeach -- Kick his ass out now!!!

As a leading member of the House, I ask you to show
leadership and consideration to the law that is meant
for all [wo]men I believe we are a strong people and
will be able to survive this impeachment.

Our forefathers saw into the future and realized that
something like this would happen.  The process is there,
the deeds and actions taken by this president make it
necessary for you to take the necessary action of
casting your vote for IMPEACHMENT!

All those that have served, given their lives and worked
for FREEDOM and LIBERTY will have worked for naught if
you fail to vote for IMPEACHMENT!!!!

If we do not do what is RIGHT, our children, our
grandchildren and all man kind will suffer forever.
LIBERTY, JUSTICE and EQUALITY will not be able to look
our children in the eye.  Our lives will be cheapened.

It's time for IMPEACHMENT.  It's time for true statesmen
to lead the way.  Do not become a member of the morally
bankrupt individuals in this nation that would over look
the seriousness of these charges.


(Your Name), ... protector of peace, freedom and right
is might!!!!

  ************ MODIFIED version *****************

I thank you for your time and effort.
john northover '59
Subj:   Lying to a Grand Jury Means Jail Time
From:   Steve Carson (58)
MailTo: SteveNitro@aol.com

In Chicago three (former) Northwestern students have
been convicted of lying to the Grand Jury.  They are
awaiting sentencing which looks like it will be 2-5
years in prison. The lie?  These former football players
lied to the GJ about betting on their own teams games.
It's just a game (sex).  How do we justify giving Mr.
Clinton a pass on such a serious issue. He took an Oath,
he repeatedly violated his Oath and continues to plead
that he didn't.  Video tape, phone tapes, compelling
evidence compiled by the special prosecutor and his own
"partial" admissions belie his position.  If we are to
be a country of laws, we must follow them for everyone.

Mr. Clinton has destroyed his own credibility.  The
House of Representatives must do their duty given the
evidence.  He will have an opportunity to defend himself
in the Senate.

Personally I don't think it will be good for the country
in the short term to remove him from office but
sometimes doing the right thing is uncomfortable.

On a lighter note, If the Senate does elect Censure
(which only that body can), the penalty should include a
fine and grounding. Take Air Force One away from him.

--- Steve Carson (58)

Subj:  Impeachment vs. Censure
From:  Dick Epler (52)
MailTo: depler@pdx.oneworld.com (Richard Epler)

Those who know me realize that my main political
interest when discussing controversial issues is in
minimizing sources of mischief.  Accordingly, I'm
primarily interested in promoting clear thinking,
meaning that our conclusions need to be traceable back
to foundation documents or to first principles.

I'm a registered Democrat but lately I find myself
voting Republican.  I find most Democrats to be likable,
fun-loving types; while I find most Republicans to be
relatively humorless, and overly serious."  When "caught
with their pants down," we tend to forgive the former,
while prosecuting the latter --because we know
Republicans know better!  Few would disagree, I think,
that given the same circumstances, a Republican
President would have resigned by April 1998, and indeed,
we, as a Nation, would have "moved on."

Along with Cheryl Simpson Whitaker (64), I'm interested
in moving on.  But in Clinton's case, the only way I
know to do that, while minimizing obvious sources of
mischief, is to transmit the clear message to Clinton
that we, as a Nation, are prepared to follow the

This is not a complicated issue.  Censure is clearly
unconstitutional.  To preserve a separation of powers,
it's unconstitutional for one Branch to censure another.
Each branch can censure their own, but not those of
another branch.  If censure is important, then Congress
needs to go through the amendment process, which would
provide the appropriate focus. What is really
interesting here, is that censure is Clinton's preferred
solution ... and that should tell you something.

One last thing.  This morning's news reports that
Clinton is getting ready to attack Iraq which will
necessarily require a postponement of the impeachment
vote.  I hate to be overly suspicious, but this seems to
be just a timing thing.  There is no clear and present
danger from Iraq.  We are not being attacked and no one
is currently being threatened by Iraq.  It's as if
Clinton is using Iraq as a trump card -- as a weapon to
delay congressional impeachment.  This seems to be
another clear abuse of power (impeachable).

Accordingly, I would advocate sending the following
letter to the swingvotes list:

To: swingvotes@list.moveon.org
Subject: Your Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution

As a leading member of the House, I ask you to show
leadership by openly announcing your intention to
support the Constitution of the United States by voting
to send Articles of Impeachment to the Senate.  I am
deeply concerned that any attempt by one branch of
Government to censure another is a clear violation of
the Constitutionís separation-of-powers doctrine.  Each
branch of Government MUST remain independent of the
other, taking their authority and direction only from
the Constitution.

At this time, a House or Senate Censure of the President
for improper use of the Executive Office is
unconstitutional, and even more so when driven by the
Executive Branch.  If you still feel strongly about
censure, you should propose an amendment to change the

For our future survival, there is NEVER any more
important work for any branch of our Government than to
uphold our Constitution...  which you have taken an oath
to do.

Richard J. Epler

IMPORTANT: To insure your message gets sent, it might be
better to go to the swingvotes web page
(http://www.moveon.org/swingvotes.htm) to get their
email list of Congressmen and use that.  I've tried, but
the site has been too busy. 
--Dick & Lynn Epler
Subj:    Keep the Cloud
From:   12147@aol.com (Mari Eckert Leahy (65))

Totally agree that the Mushroom Cloud needs to STAY.  It
is as unique as the students that have used it for all
these years as their logo.  It doesn't reflect death and
destruction, but the end of such!  Bet there isn't
another school in the country like ours was and is. We
ARE one of a kind, and I for one, am very proud to have
the Mushroom Cloud as  our symbol.
Subj:    Christmas Music in Schools
From:   Mina Jo Gerry Payson (68)
MailTo: payson4@owt.com

It is the time of year for me to get onto my favorite
soapbox and sound off about Christmas music in schools.
Each year at this time I read an article in the paper or
hear a story on the news about how a school is dealing
with Christmas Carols.  Case in point: Last week a story
about a school in Oregon that has traditionally ended
its holiday program with the singing of "Silent Night."
Teachers had gone out of their way to include as many
cultural beliefs as possible in the annual program.
Still there were complaints about the religious nature
of the closing song. Finally, cooler heads prevailed and
"Silent Night was allowed as representative of the
Christian culture.

As a musician, I am aware of the high place that
religious music occupies in western culture.  If not for
the church, we would have little in our musical heritage
from the earliest times.  Even our most highly revered
composers spent most of their careers writing church
music.  The three Bs are a good example.  Bach,
Beethoven and Brahms all wrote brilliant hymns,
oratorios and masses.

I respect other peoples' beliefs.  As I tell my
students, that is why we live in America, to have the
choice.  What I resent is the father who wanted
alternative lesson plans for his child, because of their
beliefs, when I was teaching over 200 other students
each week and making plans for four different grade and
ability levels. A student told me that he was told by
parents not to participate in singing Chanukah songs
since they weren't Jewish.  How can our children learn
to respect the beliefs of others if they cannot
experience some of their culture?

I have to chuckle when the most requested song on free
choice day is "Children, Go Where I Send Thee," a
spiritual.  It has ten verses.  What a good song to sing
to help memorizing skills. One year, all my 3rd graders
could sing the verses in correct order without even
opening the book!  Learning to sign "Silent Night" or to
sing it in German are two great ways to introduce kids
to other languages.  Besides, sign language is a
learning tool for those who are not hearing impaired--
another memory builder.

Maybe there are other things we could substitute and
granted I only allow Carols after Dec. 1 (I get tired of
hearing the limited selection in the music texts), but
why can't tolerance go both ways?  I go out of my way
not to insult other people.  So don't insult me.

---Mina Jo Gerry Payson

Subj     We Are The Government
From:   slburbage@aol.com (Mary Collins Burbage (63))

In response to the discussions about government
intervention in our lives (i.e., seatbelts).  I would
like to remind you that WE are the government.  We elect
those that represent us in the state legislature and in
congress.  It would be interesting to know how many have
actively campaigned for candidates who share the same
political philosophy they do.  Have your doorbelled for
your candidate?  Urged friends and family to vote for
your candidate? Donated time or money to the campaign?
And most importantly, did you vote?

Too many people complain about the way government is but
think they are powerless to change it. We do have the
power but we must use it and not count on someone else
to do it for us.

---Mary Collins Burbage (63)
Subj:    What Impeachment Means
From:   ray@transcribing.com (Ray Wells) (54)

Impeachment of Bill Clinton would essentially be a
Constitutionally appropriate censure by the House (a
rose by any other name is still a rose).  Everyone I
have questioned believes that impeachment means removal
from office, a recent poll of the American people
revealed the same thing.  Au contraire!  Impeachment is
the equivalent of indictment. Impeachment merely
instructs the Senate to hold a trial of Bill Clinton to
see if the articles of impeachment are true and viable
reasons to remove Bill from office. Since Bill
(unfortunately) has more support in the Senate than in
the house, Bill will probably survive a Senate trial.
---Ray Wells
Re:  The Constitution and The Law, Today and Tomorrow
From:  Viola Parker (Bomber Mom ~ Mother of a '53 grad)
c/o Adamstreet@aol.com

If the law and the constitution mean anything today or
tomorrow, we must impeach President Clinton for lying
under oath and for his indecent behavior.  The most
serious behavior was desecrating the sanctity of the
oval office with his sexual misuse of that office.

Some people say that we should let President Clinton
stay in office because the economy is so good.  We must
realize that it is the Congress, not the President, that
has made the good economy that we have today.

President Clinton is in deep deep trouble.  An apology,
that he tried to avoid, was too little, and too late.
He finally admitted that he had sinned.  He sinned
against himself, his wife, his daughter, the American
people, the office of the President, but most of all, he
sinned against the law of the constitution.  An
impeachable offense.

It does not matter, so much, of what he lied about, but
does matter, very much, that he lied under oath.  The
President cannot be above the law, any more than you or
I can be above the law.

The President should not be allowed to resign, he must
be impeached, in order to enforce and uphold the law and
the constitution.

Morality is at stake here, all the way from being a
draft dodger and many other scandals and sexcapades in
Arkansas, then onto other scandals, misuse of the oval
office because of his sex problems, on government
property and on government time. These are unforgiveable
and disgraceful abuses of the oval office, and surely is
very much an impeachable offense.  I other jobs in the
country, a person behaving this way would be fired, and
that is just what we must do, get him out of office as
soon as possible.

What a horrible example President Clinton is for our
people, especially for our young people, who could feel
that if it is O.K. for the President of our country to
get by with "living and acting that way then it must be
O.K. for me also."

With our President as an example to live by, it is no
wonder that we have so much crime in our country today.

I will not vote for anyone, in upcoming elections, who
will not vote for IMPEACHMENT NOW.

-Viola Parker


Updates on the Who The Why The When And Where of Bombers
Everywhere and Anywhere

Subj:  Patty Stordahl changes address, enjoys her
career, wants you to know she's still around.
From: DZIGNRITE@aol.com (Patty Stordahl) (72)

Not going far. Just invested some real bucks into a home
design computer with lots of bells & whistles so that I
could work even harder for my clients.  I still am at
exhibit Design Consultants, Inc. Seattle WA but that is
just a home base.  I live on lots of leashes, pager,
cell phone, a lap top & now home computer.

Next step is a computer chip in my brain that makes me
think of you prior to you even knowing it?  I love what
I do.  It takes me far away from home a lot but that is
OK I will be going to the UK to complete a project for a
very large company.  Have one going to Brussels, Paris,
Heidleburg, 3 to Mexico, & one to do a circuit in Asia.
That is just part of my 99 schedule I have many days I
will be all  over the US.  Actually my favorite place to
travel.  I speak the language but have to get serious
about my romance languages.  99 means tighten up on my
Spanish, Italian, French & what ever else comes my way.

But I really love the crude rude good old American
English.  No language quite like it.  I am by far not a
master of any language but I am working on the get-by
version of them all.  One of my partners is going to
teach me his native tongue Icelandic this coming year
also.  Hope my brain can keep them separate.

Thanks for the best wishes I will need them.  I am going
to be a busy girl.

Love & Holiday wishes to all in 98

You can send this out to every one if you have room.  I
would hate for people to think that I am going away from
Washington for any permanent stay.  Not at least for 3-4
more years Lord willing.  By then I want to start my
very own consulting firm & find my place as a National
Trade show trainer.

Patty Stordahl (72) alumna