Issue Number 15 ~ December 19, 1998
Col-Hi / RHS Alumni and Classes Participating in The
SANDBOX today: Dick Epler (1952), Rich Henderson (1962),
Marc Franco(1970), Lee Johnson, Jim Hamilton, (1963),
Ray Wells (1954), Cheryl Moran Fleming (1966), Arthur
Roberts, (Whenever).

You will also find two poems, with virtually the same
name, each approaching the events of our day in a
somewhat different way.


December 18, 1998: Clinton Impeachment Debate Begins in
The U.S. House of Representatives. Bombing of Iraq
December 19: Vote Expected on four Articles of
Subj: Impeachment And Our Ability to Communicate
From: Dick Epler (52) (

Recent private communications from Cheryl Simpson-
Whitaker (64), and Ray Wells (54) have given me new
insight into the current impeachment debate.

It occurs to me, as I read the thoughts of reasonable
people (all Bombers), that to many, the Constitution and
rule of law is passe' -- that the principle of
relativism and multiculturalism is what's important
these days. The law is whatever we, as a people, want it
to be ... which is why the polls are so important. When
the liberals say the Republicans just don't get it --
they're right! But the reverse is also true when
conservatives say the same about Democrats.

I'm suggesting that what many are referring to as
"partisanship" is nothing of the sort, but rather is a
symptom of a major communication problem in this
country. It's as if the two groups are from different
worlds with entirely different cultures. Each use the
same words to mean entirely different things, that to
one makes perfect sense, but to the other is total

Communication, it seems, is effective only within the
groups but not between the groups. And so ... it seems,
we're losing our ability to communicate as a nation. The
result is the beginning of real hatred of the one for
the other ... hatred that, in my opinion, is unjustified
as both have honest motives. Both are concerned about
the direction of our nation, and sincerely want to make
it better as they visualize it.

The problem is that the meaning of the words used by
liberals are derived primarily from "the emotion of the
moment," while conservatives continue to depend on the
same dictionary they used in high school or college for

To understand what liberals are saying conservatives
need to throw away their dictionaries and instead try to
understand the emotion of liberals ... and that's hard!
It's not unlike asking men to understand women. Both are
hard, but the conservatives (and men) need to try.

On the other side, I would hope that liberals could
agree that while emotion is useful for the establishment
of goals, it needs to be set aside during the process of
implementation (rule of law stuff).

I would suggest it's quite possible to solve this
problem on the local level. Once we can admit to the
problem, all we have to do is to agree on a dictionary,
a culture, and the meaning and purpose of law. That's
not unlike what was done 150 years ago. And then we
simply ask our local schools to implement a self-
consistent curriculum that produces the desired result.

Currently a significant number of our educators seem to
have forgotten that the purpose of language is
communication, and that the purpose of law is an ordered
society. By teaching "relativism and multiculturalism"
we are effectively destroying our foundations, and
thereby sowing the seeds for conflict much as now exists
in Northern Ireland, old Yugoslavia, and, of course, the
Holy Land. I can't believe anyone really wants that.

We can say that the impeachment process of Bill Clinton
is all about power, and certainty there's some of that,
but it's also a harbinger of things to come. We, as a
nation, need to be careful. We need to consider the
consequences on future generations of our current
rhetoric and political decisions.

Both our rhetoric and our decisions need to reflect the
irrefutable principles that have made our nation great.
If our votes, and the polls, and the petitions, are
important then this is another way we can make a
difference as individuals.

-- Dick Epler (52)


Subj: The Night Before Impeachment
From: (Richard Henderson) (62)

T'was the night before impeachment
and all through the House;
nary a member was sleeping,
not even their office computer mouse.

The four articles were hanging
o'er the House chamber with care;
Clinton, knowing his presidency
would soon be decided there..

When out of the media
there arose such a clatter;
all the Capitol was a
buzz with the latest
rumors and chatter.

T'was it the White House?
T'was it the media?
No one would confess;
must be another FBI file to stir up a mess.

Names were leaked
and stories abounded;
no accuracy, no sources,
upon which it could be founded.

This was the stage
that now had been set;
the names, the reputations
that members would protest or protect.

So this is the story of how it must be;
the House, the Constitution,
and the truth that
will keep America free.

--- Rich Henderson Class of '62

Subj: Republican president resignation
From: (Marc Franco) (70)

Dick Epler made a remarkable observation that "Few would
disagree, I think, that given the same circumstances, a
Republican President would have resigned by April 1998,
and indeed, we, as a Nation, would have "moved on."

I would love to know how he arrived at this truly
unusual conclusion. The only two presidents of recent
memory who have had anything to resign about are Richard
Nixon, who never did resign, even with all the tapes,
etc. until after the smoking gun was found and the
impeachment hearings had voted in favor of impeachment-
exactly where we are now as I write this, and Ronald
Reagan, mixed up with the Iran- Contra affair. I believe
he did not resign either, even though his administration
claimed the record for most employees indicted. I think
most people would admit that Watergate was far more
serious than this tawdry affair is, although I know at
least one person who disagrees with that, and the Iran-
Contra affair would seem to be at least as serious.
Nixon did not resign, even under the weight of far more
serious evidence, until he absolutely had to, and nobody
else has EVER resigned. I would like to ask why anybody
thinks that a Republican president is more likely to
resign than Clinton. I see no evidence of that as yet.
As long as I'm here, I might as well add one more thing.
I have been somehwat bemused by the total hypocrisy of
the Republicans in this mess. I'm ot talking about the
obvious hypocrisies that seemingly half of the
Republican party has had affairs of their own. I'm
probably exaggerating a little, but I'm sure everybody
knows what I'm talking about. The fact is that most
people are aware that the real issue is that Clinton
lied under oath. Nobody can, or should, forgive him for
that. My bemusement concerns the reactions of
Republicans in general during the Iran- Contra affair
when Oliver North lied under oath to the Congress, and
was promptly hailed as a hero by no less than Henry
Hyde, present chairman of the Judiciary committee, and
by numerous other high- ranking Republicans. later, when
Newt Gingrich lied in his testimonies a few years ago to
the Congress, he was promptly re- elected as Speaker.
Seemingly, to the Republicans, lying under oath is only
a crime if you disagree with it. I do not intend to be
partisan, because I tend to vote independent, but I
think that the evidence is there. In reality, everybody
who lies under oath is guilty, and should be punished.

---Marc Franco
Subj: Panjandrums
From: Lee Johnson (
In Reference to: Northover

Does Makeover of Censure Petition (as seen in Sandbox
#14) which was sent by (john
northover) which is quoted, in part, within the brackets

["I have modified the email [suggested format that the
petitioners want sent to congressional members] ... to
reflect what should happen: For those that want the
scum-bag out of office please send this to as many of
those spine-less PANJANDRUMS that you can."]

AL: You must be distracted by something. You are not
going to let the word PANJANDRUMS slide by without
comment are you? Take care...Lee

Al Responds: Glad you called this to our attention, Lee:
So I looked the word up: And what a spiffy word it is!
According to my trusty Funk and Wagnals Standard Desk
Dictionary, a Panjandrum is: a mock title for an
official of exaggerated importance or great pretensions.
[Coined by Samuel Foote, 1720-1777, English dramatist
and actor.] Would you say then, Lee, that there's been a
lot of panjandrumony going on lately, in high places?
I'm not saying there is or is not, mind you, just asking
if you think there is. We may have to give Mr. Northover
the "Cool Word of the Month Award" for using
"Panjandrum" in a sentence so effectively. Then you
should get the "Cool Special Investigator Award" for
calling that word to the attention of all who might have
glossed over it without appreciating the full intrinsic
value of its nuansic essence. The plaques are in the
mail! -Al Parker

Subj: Dick Epler's Message in Sandbox #14
Also: An Invitation to Hear Bill Clinton Sing
From: (Ray Wells) (54)

Dick Epler's message is right on -- worth re-reading
several times.

BTW, If anyone would be interested in receiving an email
".wav" (audio) attachment of Bill Clinton voicing his
confession to music in very graphic, humorous terms,
send your email request to: and I
will email it free of charge.

Ray Wells (54)
Subj: Impeachment
Mail To:

After reading all the entries regarding the Impeachment
Hearings, it warms my Bomber Heart and renews faith in
our process, that so many fellow Bombers agree on
Impeachment and removal of office as the only solution.

Today's Spokesman Review announced the Special White
House Christmas Show, and said Vice President Gore and
his wife, Tipper, will replace Bill and Hilary in their
display of the decorations at the White House. This
small announcement confirms in my mind of the power loss
of our president. Even if he is not found guilty and
removed, there are those of us who already look at him
as a non-credible leader. He would do himself, his
family and the entire country a huge favor by
voluntarily leaving quickly and quietly.

Thanks for your HUGE EFFORTS in providing us the
Sandbox. It's been very educational.

Subj: Musings on a Saturday Morning
From: Jim Hamilton (

While Christmas always conjures up all kinds of
memories, this year I've had a new "Ghost of Christmas
Past." With the television impacted with all kinds of
overblown rhetoric, to the point that nothing else seems
to be coming out, I've given thought to individuals I've
known of Honesty, Integrity, and High Moral Purpose.

For several Christmas Vacations and summers, I had the
opportunity to be a clerk at Dawson Richards. I think
back to these times with Grover Dawson as some of the
more enjoyable working experiences of my life. Grover,
while as complex as a person can be, could always look
you straight in the eye and give you the time and
council you or he thought was necessary. A true Icon,
and one of the last TV Dads, Grover was passionately
devoted to his family and community. One of the driving
reasons for our great memories of growing up in
Richland, was Grover and men like him.

Much later in life, on a trip to Louisiana, I first
heard a term that now reminds me of Grover's philosophy
toward family, friends, community and business. No, not
"Let the good times roll," but he would have given that
some consideration. But, Lagniappe, "Something Extra."

The world is a much better place because of Grover
Dawson. It's been quite a few years since he was taken
from us, and I think of him often. Thank you Grover, for
being my friend.

---Jim Hamilton
Subject: 'Twas The Night Before Impeachment
From: Arthur Roberts (

'Twas the night before Impeachment
And All Through the House,
The Impeachers were saying,
"The Pres' is a louse."

"Just let him be censured,"
The others did cry,
Fine him a mill,
And let the bombs fly!

The votes were then counted,
Before they were cast,
Like stockings they hung,
In the chambers so vast.

The nation had heard,
Refrains of regret,
But admitting of lies?
You'd better not bet.

But when all had been said,
And all had been done,
Regardless what remedy
Should really have won,

The results would just be
Only one battle done,
In a war not won,
By anyone.

~~Arthur Roberts
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