Issue #20 ~ January 3 1999 

If We Aren't Talkin' About What YOU Wanna Talk About 
                Who Are YOU Gonna Blame? 

                 Who Are YOU Going To Fault? 

               T H I S   IS   Y O U R   F O R U M 
                Y O U R   O P P O R T U N I T Y 
                      T O   S P E A K   O U T ! 

 Everything Said Here (Or Not Said) Depends On YOU 
                So WHO Is Holding YOU Back? 

Paula Beardsley (62), Patty de la Bretonne (65), 
Ron Richards (63), Steve Carson (58), 
Patty Stordahl (72), Marc Franco (66), 
Mike Franco (70), Willard Ule (73). 

Express and Share YOUR Ideas, YOUR Opinions, YOUR 
Inspirations, YOUR Adventures, YOUR Retorts with other 
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From: (Mike Franco) (70) 
Subject:  Discussions With Bombers More Meaningful? 

Happy New Year and thanks for this forum....I do seem to 
have some of the same debates here as elsewhere but it 
seems more meaningful to be discussing with fellow 
BOMBERS than the less significant populous (tongue in 
cheek) !!!!!! 

--Mike Franco (70) 
From:   Paula Beardsley Glenn (62) 
Reply To: 

Re: President Clinton: 
If I swore an oath not to lie in my testimony before any 
legally seated jury in the United States and then 
proceeded to do just that and was convicted of perjury, 
there is no question in my mind what would happen to 
me.  Why is citizen William Jefferson Clinton any better 
than I?  Because he is the President- I DON'T THINK SO. 

--Paula Beardsley Glenn 
From: (Patty Stordahl) (72) 

Regarding the comments of Tony Sharpe, 

Hello- Where is your memory? 
Kennedy's were all womanizers, murderer's & charming. 
Lied under all circumstances, Mafia tied, pig headed ego 
maniacs who had daddy's boot legged illegal $$ to get 
fat & sassy off of.  When little AK back woods man had 
feds crash his still.  Kennedy's ran openly rampant 
making $$ by the millions.  Charming Clinton - Kennedy, 
NO difference.  All members of good old boy political 
club demo or rep are all the same.  Small potatoes who 
first enter office may really want to change things.  But if 

the game is not played they are not re elected.  Don't kid 
your self Electoral votes are bogus.  The American poll is 
for appearance only & for anyone to stand for our 
politicians is anti-American. 

Legislation, House or Senate.  All are overspenders at 
our expense & the only way to really get what we want 
is for all to stop paying taxes I mean, ALL for only 1 year. 

We may just then get their attention.  I am pro America 
but want the government as it is set up now to be 
disbanded.  Start over.  Pick up the 10 commandments 
&try to live by those laws. 

Any one who thinks that we are still the greatest is living 
in a dream world.  Our country is a joke to the rest of the 
world.  Our tax payer $$ are wasted on everything from 
sex with interns to over-priced screw drivers.  Our country 
lost its integrity when men & women forgot God.  God is 
still the same, we as a country are not.  I wish all over 50 

white men would be kicked out of office.  Place women & 
minorities in power & let them have a go for a while. 
The Good Old Boys Over 50 Club has really run our once 
great nation into the mud.  Let fresh blood try for a while. 

I for one am tired of all the BS that people are saying. 
No excuses right or wrong.  America, don't vote for any 
existing candidate & watch them win any way.  Rep or 
Demo the days are gone of America's greatness. 
Somewhere the little guys who support their phat A _ _'_. 
need to rise up & not support the gov as it exists today. 

United we stand Divided we fall.  We are a country totally 
torn from within.  We, my friends, are going to fall & it 
be great.  We have done it to ourselves.  No country is 
going to bomb us.  We the people will destroy ourselves. 
Read Daniel chapter 2 verses 31 - 45.  Pay close 
attention to verses 40-45.  This is America.  From 
Nostradamous predictions to Daniel's dream 
interpretations to the book of Revelation, even the words 
of Lenin & Marx.  The Eagle will destroy herself from 
within.  Infiltrate the schools get away from prayer & 
morality & intermingle the races & it will fall.  I am not a 

racist.  I believe now that meant there are so many 
nationalities represented in our country.  English, 
German, Norwegian, Russian, Icelandic, African, 
Hispanic, Ethiopian, British, Asian ... that there is no 
real integral pride of where are we from as a unit.  This 
has nothing to do with inter racial marriages.  Every one 
has their own holidays every religion is divided. 

We are a country with clay & quicksand for a 
foundation.  Someday whether we as a nation or state 
or individual believe it or not, something big is going to 
happen & we will fall hard.  I believe that we need to 
either stand as one voice or fall as many.  Impeaching 
Clinton would be standing as one voice.  Censorship 
would be compromise Forgiveness would be fatal.  Yes, 
it is my soapbox day.  I love my country & I love what 
we used to stand for but as of this date I despise what 
our government has come to be.  Prayer, rosary, 
chants, what ever it takes can't we all agree there is 
only One God.  Call on him/her to purge our land & trust 
again in God, as we individually picture God, to open our 
leaders eyes & slow the ticking hands of time & 
destruction of our once great country? 

--Patty Stordahl 
From: (Steve Carson( (58) 
For:  Ray Wells 

Ray Wells, Thanks for the relief.  Great list and I'm sure 
we will need more as this moves forward.  We should get 
some comments from the first OJ Jury, they had the 
same mentality as the democrat party and it's lock 
step partisan members. 

--Steve Carson (58) 
From: (Steve Carson) (58) 

For Cami Addkisson: 

If we are going to look at the money we spend on (all of) 
the Special Prosecutors (which is where the $40 Million 
numbers come from) we should also look at the $40 
Million Clinton spent on his China Trip.  If you think 
Clinton cares about hungry children, beyond using them 
for personal advantage politically, you have one more think 

The man is a disgrace to his party his office and to his 
marriage.  Hillary is a terrible example to family values. 
--Steve Carson (58) 
Subject: HI, ROB! 

Hey, Rob McCollough(sp) sorry. 
Hi!  Good to see you're still around.  Still remember 
those good old strange old Jr. Hi days. 

--Patty de la Bretonne 
From:  (Ron Richards) (63) 
Subject: WHO ARE THEY? 

For: Tony Sharpe 

Yes, Tony, I'm still reading your wonderful editorials. 
However, you didn't name the two Republicans who 
are on the scoreboard.  If you had named the two 
Republicans, I'm not sure you would think your side 
is winning.  There is also a question of who is losing 
(in addition to the side that you think is winning).  That 
might be the bigger issue. 

--Ron Richards 

P.S.  I must admit that I am spending less and less 
time reading Ray Wells' editorials. 
From: "Marc Franco"  (66) 
Subject: RE:Reason and Logic 

For: Tony 

Thanks for your reply, Tony.  You did seem to 
misunderstand in your earlier letter that you thought 
that I was defending Clinton.  I was not defending 
Clinton at all, and I am still not.  I don't see how 
anybody can.  I was simply replying to an earlier 
letter from a writer who said that a Republican 
president would have resigned by this time.  I brought 
in the Iran-Contra Affair and also Watergate as 
examples of cases where Republican presidents did 
NOT resign.  Nixon finally did, obviously, but only 
under extreme duress.  These cases, however, have 
absolutely nothing to do with Clinton, Monica, or 
anything else.  It was purely a response on my part to 
show that Republican presidents do not resign any 
faster than Clinton has.  (This issue, incidentally, 
has since been cleared up satisfactorily, and I am not 
trying to reopen it.)  I have NEVER claimed or thought 
that the one justified the other, or had anything to do 
with it in any way.  Concerning "the record is clear" that 
Republicans helped to push Nixon out- well, no, they 
really didn't until the very end.  Though it was always 
clear that there was a very real problem there, and 
many Republicans were genuinely horrified, there was 
still a strong central core of Republicans that held out in 
defense of Nixon until the very end- until the "smoking 
gun" was found- then ALL the support for Nixon 
evaporated.  Wiggins of California comes to mind- there 
was also some abrasive guy from New Jersey, whose 
name I have forgotten, and there were several others. 
Fully half of the Republicans on the Judiciary 
committee were still defending Nixon until the smoking 
gun was found- and this was in Watergate where by any 
measure there was scads more evidence (the tapes are 
the obvious starting point) and crimes than are present 
here with Clinton.  Clinton committed perjury- 
his obstruction of justice does not begin to compare 
with Nixon using the IRS, FBI, and other agencies to go 
after his personal enemies.  Please understand this time, 
Tony- I am simply NOT defending Clinton.  I am not 
comparing Iran-Contra or Watergate to Clinton.  I used 
those examples only to indicate that Republican 
presidents don't resign gracefully either.  The record is 
not as clear as you seem to indicate that Republicans 
showed bipartisanship to oust Nixon- because they really 
did not until they had to- some did, of course- but not a 

In honesty, Tony- I really can't believe that you really 
believe that Democrats are "proud" to have Larry Flint 
as a "poster boy" as you put it.  That sounds a little 
hysterical to me, if you really believe that.  Are you proud 

of ALL Republicans?  How about David Duke of 
Louisiana- the KKK and neo-Nazi boy, who has been 
repudiated thoroughly by the Republican party in 
Louisiana, but still runs as a Republican, anyhow.  Are 
you proud of him, just because he's Republican? 
Actually, I am sure you are not proud of him.  The point is, 

both parties have skeletons, both parties have strengths 
and weaknesses, and that's why I vote independent.  I 
certainly have no quarrel with you or anybody else who 
wants to vote straight ticket.  But please do not make 
statements like the one you made, that Democrats 
might be proud to have Larry Flint. 

Finally, you said that Oliver North was hailed as a hero 
because he refused to allow the Democrats to smear 
Reagan's presidency.  Tony, you proved the point that 
I was trying to make in my earlier letter.  First off, if 
Reagan had really done nothing wrong, then obviously 
his presidency wouldn't have been smeared and there 
would have been nothing to worry about.  That 
Democrats were snapping at his heels- well, that's 
what opposition parties are for.  Both sides do that, and 
you know that perfectly well.  However, what you said 
very clearly is that North was considered a hero because 
he protected Reagan.  But he lied in so doing- 
that part is pretty well proven and accepted.  The point 
that I had made in my earlier letter is that Republicans 
are being hypocrites because they seemed to consider 
lying under oath to be a crime only if they did not agree 
with the reason for the lying.  You basically confirmed my 
statement.  For me- who cares why he lied- a lie is a lie. 

As far as whether I vote for both parties in equal numbers- 
I have no idea.  I never really cared to keep track. All I 
can say is that I vote for both parties. 

Hope this cleared up some misunderstandings. 

--Marc (Not Mike) Franco (66) 
From: (Mike Franco) (70) 

Happy New Year all....and I will preface my note with a 
few FACTS: 
1) I am MIKE (not Marc) Franco 
2) I vote mostly but not ALL Democratic...which makes 
me a flaming liberal, a moderate Dem or a mushy 
middler depending on who YOU are and how you like to 
compartmentalize millions of us citizens. 

I continue to be absolutely amazed that so many of us 
think all this trashy behavior in Washington DC can be 
neatly defined as typical Dem or Republican activity.  Do 
you REALLY feel one "party" is moral while the other is 
not?  Is it possible that those that called Anita Hill a 
and an opportunist now call Clinton a harasser?  Is it 
possible that we ALL feel Clinton is splitting hairs with 
legal wordsmithing in claiming guiltlessness while some 
of us claim ..."Ollie North was never 'charged' with 
perjury before Congress?" 

Can someone in power today leading the charge against 
Clinton dispel his own affairs as "youthful indiscretion?" 
Can one of the leaders of the "moral revolution," 
(JC Watts) just wave off the fact that he, (like most of the 

NBA), fathered a child out of wedlock? 

I personally feel that the procedure needs to play itself 
out, and it will.  If the votes are there Clinton is gone. 
Fine with me, I really couldn't care less.  But don't ask 
me to make a choice between following Clinton and 
following many of the current Republican leadership. 
I don't HAVE to respect any of them, I don't have to 
consider ANY of these donkeys as role models or 
"moral leaders".....and for the most part I don't.  And 
listen everyone....get over the approval ratings.....the 
fact is most Americans approve of the current condition 
of the country in terms of crime, economy and national 
security...period.  I don't think ANYONE approves of 
Clinton's behavior.  I don't, and I am one of those 
Democratic Liberal bogeymen some of you fear so 
much !!!! 

Oh...on the poll regarding should all presidents be 
castrated prior to taking office: my vote is that we 
NOT castrate female presidents.  (You GUYS really 
think these things out well !) 


--Mike (Not Marc) Franco (70) 
From: (Willard Ule M.D.) (73) 

In the future I see our Nation healing from 
the Social Retardation that We seem to be 
suffering over the Clinton matter. 

I also see the Day that we force the issue 
of Welfare Reform and the Homeless will be 

I also see the day that Handicapped 
will not have to fight for equal access, 
and the Handicapped will be equal 
to all People. 

I also see the day that Prisons 
will be come responsible 
and make where they punish to the 
point where People will not want 
to return. 

Then I realize that my dream is really my hope for 
the Future.  May 99 be the year our World begins 
to change. 

May GOD'S Speed keep you and bless 
You and may his love  forever shine upon You. 
MayYou all have a happy 1999. 

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