THE SANDBOX  Issue #22 ~ January 10, 1999 
          He gave man speech, 
          and speech created thought, 
          Which is the measure of the universe. 

>From "TO BE" 
     -Percy Bysshe Shelley 1792-1822 
Express and Share YOUR Thoughts, YOUR Opinions, 
YOUR Measures of the Universe with other Richland 
Bombers All Around The World! 
Bombers Sharing Thoughts and Opinions and 
Measuring the Universe Today: 

Barbara Chandler (59), David McAdie (79), 
Sherry Nugent Dupuy (62), William L Porter (68), 
John Allen, (66), Bob Rector (62), 
Mark Woodward (81), Tony_Tellier (57), 
Steve Carson (58), Dick Epler (58) Ray Wells (54), 
Bob Mattson (64), Becky Tonning Downey (73), 
Norma Loescher Boswell (53) 
From: Barbara Chandler (59) ( 
Subj:  Your Opinons - That's The Key! 

To Al Parker, thank you for promoting and giving your 
input to the Sandbox.  I for one, am enjoying the 
insightful, heartfelt/gutfelt comments from those who 
take the time to express their opinions--THEIR 
OPINIONS.  This is key folks. 

Your Measure for Measure quotes are soooooo 
thought-provoking, especially the last in the 
1/6/99 SB...........won't quote it, but will give my 
interpretation.  "If we let the law be whittled away, 
lessened in any way, we are diminished, our way of 
life, our very existence will be no more." 

Thank you again, Al, and all of you who routinely take 
that precious time to inform, sway, piss-off and, in 
general, get all of us thinking.  Bless you fellow 
Bombers.  The most thought-provoking new year to all. 

From: Norma Loescher Boswell (53)  
Subject: Re: THE SANDBOX Issue#21 1/6/99 

Your Shakespeare quote prefacing the BOX is 
exquisitely appropriate! 
From: David McAdie (79) 

All this talk of Mr. Clinton and his shenanigans has 
prodded me into responding.  Three words should 
scare the hell out of all of us --- President Al Gore!!!! 
I am actually more disturbed by his "suspiciously" 
silent wife Tipper.  You realize that if Clinton is 
removed from office (either voluntarily or otherwise) 
before about Jan 20th, or so, he could only serve one 
additional term, but if it is after that date, he could 
finish Slick-Willie's term and serve 2 of his own!! 

Partisanship aside, if Bill Clinton was more of a 
man, he would have - with much humility - truthfully 
acknowledged his relationship with Monica 
Lewinsky, begged for forgiveness, and gone about 
business as President and taken his beatings as 
they came.  Instead, he has continued his lying 
ways, ("I did not inhale" started it all), in defiance 
and in the face of all of us.  He does not deserve to 
be called "President" and I have carefully not used it 
in reference to him.  Has anyone noticed his nose 
has become redder these days - like Boris Yeltsin 
?!?!?!?!?  The bottle will kill ya - if the cigars don't :) 

Best wishes for 1999 to you all! 

Dave McAdie 
From: Sherry Nugent Dupuy (62) 
Write to: 
Subject: Re- TEA PARTY 
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 11:24:40 EST 

For Patty Stordahl- 

You write: "...To Hell with the hungry,  homeless, & 
deprived in our countries..."  [Referring to perceived 
attitude of government subsidizing other countries 
before caring for our own homeless and deprived.] 

And what about to Hell with the average Joe 
who follows the rules and pays the taxes that the fat 
cats in DC play with?  Never mind the $40 mil spent on 
THE investigation....if Clinton had just had the testicles 
to come clean a year ago..may have been only $30 mil 
(g).  His recent China trip costing millions to take along 
his entourage just gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling 
I could spit. YES to the TEA PARTY!!!  One lump 
or two?? 

Sherry Dupuy 
From:     William L Porter (68) 
Mail To: 

In this digest format it is hard for me to try to respond 
to each thought presented. Has anyone considered a 
message board attached to the Bomber site? Probably 
not economically feasable.  Anyway, I enjoy reading 
the varying opinions. The only posts that concern me 
are the one's from people who want off because the 
Sandbox is left or right leaning. Maybe concern is too 
strong a word. Do what you want, but to leave because 
one viewpoint seems to dominate, means the viewpoint 
you don't like will dominate more. If people leave 
because they just dont care about the topics is a more 
legitimate excuse. I think its important to try to 
understand other viewpoints. In Northern Ireland, people 
would probably use the excuse to leave this board 
because there are too many Catholics or Protestants. 
In the 50's the excuse would be too many Communists. 
...I'll refrain from any other analogies. 

I still dont buy that Clinton's actions or the 'Republican' 
impeachment is doing harm to our nation. This is still 
an ongoing experiment in democracy. If we look at our 
lives, our family's, our neighbor's, or our community's, 
I dont see any catastrophic changes happening. And 
at the conclusion of this Federal government 'event', I 
still dont forsee any major changes. The question to 
me is, with the division of opinion that abounds, how 
many people, who find this an emotionally charged 
issue, will be able to accept the result of this 
'democratic process' if it doesnt turn out the way they 
think it should?  In the end it will be our own bitterness 
and feelings about lack of 'justice' served that will bring 
harm and breed diviseness far into the future. What we 
have here is a discussion that will have very little affect 
on the process in Washington D.C., as that process 
has little affect on our day to day lives, unless we let it. 
When each of us thinks how this will affect our children, 
think first how the children observe your behavior, for 
that is the most profound example, not the behaviour of 
a politician clear across the country. Will you be 
providing children an example of uncompromising 
bitterness long after the event has ended? I was 
reacquaintted the other day with the Chinese symbol 
of the word 'crisis', which is made up of the symbols of 
'danger' and 'opportunity'. We have an opportunity to 
be an example of how people of diverse points of view 
can work through issues at hand and become better 
people and a stronger democracy. 

William L. Porter 
"The right to suffer is one of the joys of a free economy" 
-Howard Pyle, aide to Pres. Eisenhower 
From: John M. ALLEN (66) 
Subject: TRULY Intelligent Women 

I have been eagerly awaiting the next knee-jerk, 
bleeding-heart, emotion-blinded, feminist to complain 
about "Insecure, Old White Guys" who are "afraid of 
intelligent women" and Kathy Hills Krafft (67) just 
couldn't help walking right through that door in issue 
#21 of the SANDBOX. Arizona is very probably the 
second most conservative state in the Union, (Utah 
being #1), and on Monday of this week, REPUBLICAN 
(read that  "Conservative") women were sworn in to 
FOUR of the five highest offices in that state's 
government (specifically Governor, Secretary of State, 
State Treasurer, and Superintendent of Public 
Education). These Republican women won while 
garnering between 58.2% and 97.5% of the vote, 
depending  on the individual race. The lone Democrat 
woman who won the Attorney General's race, won with 
a 2.9% margin of victory. Of course, I suppose that if 
you're a conservative woman, you don't really count as 
a woman, or at least not as an INTELLIGENT woman. 
By the way, approximately 1/3 of Arizona's legislators 
are also women.   That is the highest in the nation.  So 
much for your insupportable, Democrat Party 
regurgitation about insecure, old white guys. 

And if Elizabeth Dole happens to get the Republican 
nomination for president in the year 2000, don't count 
on any fall-off in male conservative voters.  I'm not 
predicting Dole in 2000, but I'll have no problem 
whatever voting for her if she gets the nod. You 
women's libbers better start figuring out how to 
explain that phenomenon if it happens to be the 
Republican Party which becomes the first in history 
to nominate a woman for the top job.  It could easily 
happen and  would be a striking example of what the 
Dems need more of (substance over style) instead 
of what they have in too great abundance (style over 

As for Hillary's intelligence, if you actually bother to 
read the history of the Clinton's investment in White 
Water, there is absolutely nothing intelligent about 
how Hillary handled that mess. (I recommend Blood 
Sport, written by a Pulitzer Prize winning LIBERAL, 
James Stewart, to educate yourself on the 
intricacies of White Water.)   She made money 
on the cattle futures because she WASN'T handling 
the guts of that investment.  Finally, if you know her 
history in general, you also know that she has 
accomplished next to nothing except on the coattails 
of her husband.  Let her run for something on her own 
hook and we'll see how far she gets with her 
condescending, "first grade teacher" oratory. 

Go back to your drawing board, Kathy, and see if you 
can come up with a few of your own arguments 
instead of the swill you hear airheads like Barbara 
Boxer and Patty Murray saying on TV. 

John Allen ('66) 
From:  Mark Woodward (81) 

[Mark sends us a copy of this correspondence, 
ostensibly written by a Hasbro Employee.] 

Sent:        Wednesday, January 06, 1999 3:50 PM 
To:           My Friends Reflector 
Subject:    Ferbie and Y2K!! 

"Just because I work for Hasbro doesn't mean I made 
this up.  This has been the laugh of the plant since we 
found out about it earlier today." 

"Lo and behold, of all the hype surrounding the Y2K 
problem -- the threat of downed banks, electric 
service, emergency government services, etc. -- the one 
thing that has been 100% confirmed to not work come 
1/1/2000 is last Christmas' toy craze - the Ferbie!  This 
is not a joke!" 

"The Ferbie contains a voice chip manufactured by an 
Asian company (a vendor of Tiger's - Tiger 
manufactures the Ferbie) that apparently was less 
concerned with the Y2K problem than with a quick fix 
for their economic woes.  A former Consumer Reports 
Engineer/Tester discovered the problem.  "lesser" (aka 
"cheap") chips were utilized, and because of a small 
component of the voice chip associated with the 
Ferbie's "Happy Birthday" routine, the little fur balls 
won't work come 2000.  I guess Greed breeds Greed 
as this year's holiday hit only has a shelf life of 1 year! 
Despite my objectivity, please pass this along to 
your friends." UNQUOTE 
-sent by Mark Woodward 
From:  Bob Rector (62) 
Subject: I stand with Vince Bartram '62 

For Vince: 

Howdy Vince!  I remember how much fun you and Jerry 
Liddell made our govt. class.  I should have paid closer 
attentiion....and read a whole lot more.  Anyway, now 
that we are adults, the truth can be "evaluated, argued, 
accepted, rejected, etc."  Along with "Facts, AKA 
objective evidence" there are two very important 
qualifiers that everyone adds to the mix.  **Remember, 
we are all adults here: 

*Number One: 
      "Folks are individually convinced that they do act 
"rationally," but in truth, we All act on emotion." 

*Number Two: 
       "People Believe, (especially in religion) what they 
Want to believe." 

Vince, I remember how Jerry Liddell could rattle off all 
of Elizabeth Taylor's last names.  I have lots of other 
fond memories in my "dept. of useless knowledge." 

--Take Care.  Bob Rector, '62 
From:  (57) 

>1.  Should we "disembargo" Cuba?< 
Absolutely:  We will convert them with capitalism and 
cash.  Not to mention car collectors flocking to the 
Commie-ridden island to gobble up those 50s and 60s 
Chevies!  The Domino Theory will work: look at the 
Eastern Bloc ... East Germany.  Bohemia, etc. 
Havana goes back to the mob.  Open a chain of 
Kentucky Fried Chicken shops. Ain't life sweet. 
I feel better now. I feel better than James Brown. 
How do you feel? 

Tony T, Yumaville, AZ USA 
From: Steve Carson (58) ( 
Subj:  "GET LOCAL" 

For Gene Tosper: 

Well spoken.  I particularly agree with your "Get Local" 
statement.  Education and Welfare are two issues that 
should be driven to the lowest Levels of government. 
There is no reasonable role for the Federal Government 
in education.  My Brother-in-law just retired as Supt. of 
Schools for a large district in Michigan.  The Federal 
Regulations were so onerous that they always took the 
course of least resistance.  For example they just gave 
everyone free school breakfast and lunches since that 
was easier than setting up to qualify and administer 
the program. 

Steve Carson (58) 
From: Richard Epler (52)  ( 

I think our SANDBOX moderator, Al Parker, may trying 
to encourage us to expand our subject matter a bit.  In 
this spirit, I offer the following opinions: 

1.   Should we "disembargo" Cuba? 
Yes.  Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see 
where it's in anyone's National interests to continue 
the embargo of Cuba.  Communism is no longer a big 
threat.  Russia is no longer able to support Cuba.  The 
Cuban people are suffering big time.  Castro seems 
amenable to closer ties with the US, and it's really in 
our best interests to do what we can to help all who 
are as close to our shores as Cuba.  Interestingly 
enough, it seems it's mainly the "Cuban Americans" 
who want the embargo to continue. 

2.  Does The Executive Order process give too much 
"legislative" power to the president? 

No.  The EO process as it was initially conceived is 
necessary.  On the other hand, Clinton's 
unconstitutional use of the EO process is bad for the 
nation and needs to be challenged by the appropriate 
branch of Congress or the Judicial branch.  We 
shouldn't get rid of a good law because an unprincipled 
President chooses to corrupt it.  To do that implies we 
should get rid of the Constitution itself. 

Here's something I find most people don't know or 
understand very well.  None of our laws are validated 
until litigated ... and then the law is only validated in a 
very limited context.  This is not to say you or I should 
ignore a law we believe (or know) is unconstitutional ... 
it means only, that if we disagree, the proper recourse 
is to litigate.  On the other hand, we might simply take 
our chances and ignore the law in the hopes no one 
will press the point, which is what Clinton and many 
others do. 

Clinton knows that his use of EOs is often 
unconstitutional.  In a remarkable moment of candor, 
Clinton essentially stated that he considers the law, 
including the Constitution and his Oath of Office 
optional, when he acknowledged that his permanent 
appointment of Bill Lann Lee without Senate 
confirmation in December 1997 was "... not entirely 
constitutional."  Unfortunately, that tactic wouldn't work 
for you or I. 

Here's another fine point: You generally can't challenge 
a law unless you have "standing."  In the matter of 
EOs, only Congress or the Judicial Branch has 
standing and can challenge Clinton's use of EOs. 
Clinton knows this.  He also knows that it is highly 
unlikely that the AG (Reno), or anyone in Congress, is 
going to challenge his use of EOs.  To play the game, 
you gotta know the rules! 

But that's the "lawyer mentality" of core democrats 
that I contend is so harmful to our Nation.  This lawyer 
mentality is, at its core, a sophisticated use of the old 
dictum "The End Justifies the Means."  A 
dictum embraced by revolutionaries and terrorists 
throughout the world as justification for their unlawful 
acts.  It seems a complacent Congress won't protect 
us against a corrupt Executive branch ... unless, as 
John Northover would say, we elect NOT to be ignorant 
any more. 

3.   Should professional football reinstate Instant 

Probably, but not in its previous form.  I'm sure the 
officials are no better or worse than they've ever been. 
It's just that the technology used by the TV replay 
crews is so much quicker and better.  Nevertheless, 
the officials must have the last say.  This is not yet 
like the Roman Games where a popular "thumbs up" 
or "thumbs down" vote is requested.  Ideally, the 
officials get to view questionable plays before the 
fans do, then make their decision and move on as 
quickly as possible.  No one liked the delays incurred 
by the previous system. 

Dick Epler (52) 
From: (Ray Wells) (Class of '54) 

Since you asked, Al, 

1.   Should we "disembargo" Cuba?  Only when they 
are ready to convert to a democracy -- this probably 
means not until Fidel Castro is dead. 

2.   Does The Executive Order process give to much 
"legislative" power to the president?  Yes, the 
Executive Order process needs some limitations 
attached to how it can be used. 

3.   Should professional football reinstate Instant 
Replay?  This is the easiest one to answer. 
Absolutely, yes!  However, the number of instant 
replay requests should be limited to each team, like 
timeouts, and the plays to be reviewed should be linked 
to a first down or touchdown or significant penalty. 

By the way, I'd like to see the Y2K bug and 
Weather/Earth Changing events discussed in the 

-Ray Wells 
From:   Bob Mattson (64) 
Subj:   What, Oh, Ha!  Fans, Players, Cigars, 
Executive Zipper Has Not Escaped Hilary's Grasp. 
NBA Pay Per Dribble Plan Proposed, HMO's too 

Gosh gang, I've been pointed out in a crowd of two.  A 
Hillary hater?  What, oh ha!  Get a few drinks in her 
then watch out huh?  Hey Kathy 67, I'm on your side. 
Those other knuckle draggers are the ones to watch 
out for.  They have been very bad, and should be 
spanked for thinking Mrs. Bill is a poor excuse of 
womanhood in the 90's.  What fun, but she isn't even 
reading this so... 

#1.  [Regarding NBA going back to work.}  Being a 
shop steward for the teamsters for 15 years I know 
that the players folded like a six bounce inbound 
pass, they bailed, and, they are back. 

#2.  [Should Cuba be Disembargoed?]  Of course, 
embrace Cuba.  I have to go through hoops just to 
get a few cigars [a very subtle suicide] not to mention 
all those wonderful images of fruit hats and rum on a 
sunset beach. 

#3.  [Executive Order- Too Much Power?]  Excuse me, 
but that's why they call it the Executive Order, better 
that than a great swell of excitement and then an 
agreement, who listens to the fans anyway huh? 

#4.  [Should Instant Replay Be Reinstated?]  Only if 
they can rewind to the phony touchdown that put the 
Seahawks out of the playoff's. 

Is Hillary really happy anyway?  Has she been 
putting up with this zipper indulgence for a while? 
>From what I gather, she's not so dense that it has 
escaped her grasp over the years.  I'll play an NBA 
basketball game for oh, a $100.00, no, $600.00 a 
dribble, OK, how about $1500.00 and a piece of the 
concessions.  Yes, That's it, $15.00 beers and 
$22.75 burgers.  Does the public really care?  Well, 
What's the offer?  Let them fall where they may, 
bomber Tuna, 64.  Lets start up on HMO's, 7% 
increase this year alone. OK? 
-Bob Mattson 
Subj:    Y2K Glitch 
From:    John M. Allen (66) 
Reply to: 


Microsoft announced today that there will be an 
unexpected delay in the release of the newest 
version of their popular browser software.   Due 
to a slight glitch, the "Windows 2000" program will be 
delayed until the first quarter of 1901. 
From: Becky Downey (73)  ( 
To: (Gary B.) 
[From a Bomber Web Site Guest Book] 

Hi Gary and Maren, 

I want to thank you again for all your effort and work 
on this wonderful site!!  I'm really enjoying all the 
readings from past and present alumni!! 

I know the Clinton thing is big right now, but is 
anybody else besides me getting a little tired of this 
whole thing???  It's 1999.  Can we find something 
brighter and more positive to start talking about?? 
I'm sorry if I offend anyone, I'm just sick of hearing 
about it all the time and then reading it here too.  It 
has been interesting, though, to read all the different 

Take care and thanks again! 

-Becky Tonning Downey (73) 

[Believe us, We feel your pain, Becky, but comments 
about the "Clinton thing" are likely to continue as 
long as Clinton does.  As one news commentator 
always used to say, "And That's The Way It Is." 
But believe this please: We certainly welcome also, 
the bright, the positive, the beautiful and whatever 
else you wish to talk about.  If anything you have to 
say is worth saying anywhere, it's well worth 
saying here.  WE ARE LISTENING TO YOU! 
Remember this also: Wherever you are in the 
world, right now, you are also here.  And regardless 
of how heated some of the exchanges may seem 
What could be more POSITIVE than that? 

-Al Parker,  YOUR SANDBOX coordinator.] 
(or more), if you like, and tell us what you think. 

1.    Any ideas on how to preserve SOCIAL SECURITY? 


Some think effects are begining to appear well ahead 
of 12:01 AM, January 1, 2000.  How about 
your bank accounts,  your computer, your VCR, your 
source of power, your water supply, your Ferbie doll? 
How will the sewers be functioning? What about 
computer controlled medical equipment. What about 
inaccesable  imbedded chips in systems that are not 
Y2K compliant?  Are nearby nuclear  reactors secure? 
Will there be automatic shutdowns or meltdowns when 
the year "00" is interpreted to mean 1900, not 2000? 
What about our military, what about sattelites, what 
about global positioning abilites, communications, radio, 
TV?  What about your car?  Will you be able to buy 
groceries and gasoline?  Will your employment 
collapse?  Does it concern you at all that Pacific Power 
is trying to sell itself off shore to an Irish company? 
Would it be prudent to make a few preparations, just 
in case?  What steps would be reasonable to take 
for the safety, health, comfort and security of yourself 
and your family? 
That's it for this issue of The Sandbox, folks. 
My personal thanks to everyone who has contributed 
to this issue of THE SANDBOX. 

--Al Parker (53)   -- Sandbox Coordinator --