THE SANDBOX  ~  Issue #23 ~ January 16, 1999 

      "I do not mind lying but I hate inaccuracy." 
             ---Samuel Butler 1835-1902 

Mike Franco (70), Kathy Rathvon (63), 
Ray Wells (54), Ken Heminger (56), 
Peggy Hartnett (72), Steve Carson (58), 
Alan Porter (67), Shannon Lamarche (82), 
Jerry Lewis  (73), Patty Stordahl (72), 
Norma Loescher Boswell (53). 
Exchange Your Opinions, Your Ideas, and Your 
Responses with Richland Alumni All Around The 
From: Mike Franco (70) ( 

Hi everyone...I want to address some questions and 
issues raised concerning some of my comments of 
the recent past: 

Tony Sharpe....Marc and I are brothers (although 
neither of us admitted it until a few years ago)...and 
yes, we DID live in the Richland Village, on 
MacMurray.. was back in the late 50's...Marc would 
know the years. 

Dick spent a lot of words and thought 
explaining to a lot of fellow Bombers what I, my 
brother and Democrats in general think and feel.  I, 
for one am flattered!  I found your words interesting and 
revealing as you point out many things about my 
thoughts and feelings that never knew before.  I have 
always envied those of you who can be so comfortable 
in the absolute rightness of one political party and the 
absolute wrongness of another.  It must make one's 
entire outlook so easy and simple.  Once that is totally 
and blindly acceptable, life can be as simple as labeling 
and bucketing all ideas, world events and (especially) 
people into one category or another then attack the 
label as all good or bad, black or white, up or down...... 
An example is your statement that I feel Democrats 
are... " more compassionate than Republicans...."  I 
never used the word COMPASSIONATE and it is a 
word I would NEVER use to describe ANY large group 
of people, let alone an entire political party! 

Dick, some of your statements are absolutely 
fascinating..."Most prominent Republicans have strong 
character...most prominent Democrats have good 
image but often have poor character... "WOW!!!  Is that 
a serious statement? You just did that bucketing thing. 
I am truly encouraged that there are 25 million people 
identified with good character out there (and people 
worry about finding good baby sitters !!!) and that they 
conveniently all reside in the same political party.  If we 
ever have a Republican National Convention in Seattle 
we can all leave our cars unlocked!  (Sorry Dick.... I 
AM struggling with this, help me out.) 

Also you wrote the words..."Hollywood inspired 
Democratic Party... "I fly a lot on business so I do see 
a lot of movies on airplanes, but some of them have 
guys like Charleton Heston in they count? 

To close...I DO have relatively (all this is relative, 
everyone) libleral political philosophies. However, I 
have given myself permission to feel ANY way I want 
on any issue I want.  I admit that my political positions 
are much stronger concerning ISSUES (positions) 
than PEOPLE (politicians). I reserve the right to decide 
who I attach myself to and refuse to allow others to do 
it for me. 

One attribute that appears common to both vocal 
liberals and vocal conservatives....they both seem to 
be absolute experts on EACH OTHER....what the other 
guy thinks, wants, believes...... 

And finally, to all of us...don't drop out of The Sandbox 
(as some recently have).....For any of us to cease 
exposing ourselves to opposing views truely would be 
a tragedy.....keep it coming, we ALL need this!!! 

--Mike Franco 
From: Kathy Rathvon 
Subject: DEM REPUBS 

To Jerry Trosper: 

It's not the American public that is caught up 
in the Jerry Springer mentality, It's the repubs. 
From: Patty Stordahl (72) 

For what it is worth & in my opinion- 
Incredibly well thought out & written. 
Powerful in it's ability to cause a reasonable brain to 
think.  Very inspiring.  Are you a politician?  LOL 
I will be looking for more from you. 

Thank you for sharing your space with someone else. 
Good bye have a great life.  I am not paranoid just 
level headed & think rationally & logically. 
Hillary is spineless & needy & thrives on marital abuse 
& infidelity. 
OR Hillary really wants to train Chelsea that 
she deserves a lying scum for a father to her potential 
children & husband. 
OR Hillary just doesn't give a damn about any one but 
Hillary & her Insatiable climb for power. 
I for one don't believe men are paranoid over an 
insecure, overachiever nor [do I] think she is smart. 
Power hungry, starved for public recognition maybe, 
but "Hillary & smart" are like "oil & water."  Degrees & 
colleges don't produce smarts in my neck of the woods. 
Common sense & decency prevail.  Hey Dick want to 
go have coffee?  On me. 

-Patty Stordahl 
Subj:   Old White Guys 
From: (Ray Wells) (54) 

For John Allen. 

Thanks for your comments about Kathy's comment 
about "Old White Guys."  On first glance I thought 
Kathy was taking about Dick Epler and myself. 
From: Ken Heminger (56) 
Subject: MY 2 CENTS WORTH 

First let me say up front that I'm not glib and do not 
have the gift of expressing myself as some I have seen, 
but I have some thoughts that I would like to share. I 
have become a C-SPAN junky and I must admit I have 
had to buy me a sponge rubber brick so I can throw it 
at the TV when I listen to the liberal distortions of truth. 

I'm sure most will understand what I'm talking about so 
I'll not get into that. I have heard many say that we 
should not pry into Clinton's sex life. And that what 
happens in his bedroom we should not be concerned 
with. I totally agree.  What happens in his bedroom is 
his business. But.... ! What happens in the White 
house, be it in the Oval Office or a hall way is my 
business. The thing that gets me is Clinton had heads 
of state waiting in the garden while he and Monica 
were doing their thing. Had these heads of state knew 
what was going on they could have walked out and we 
would have an international incident on our hands. 
Private affair? I don't think so! Then there was the time 
hewas talking to a senator on the phone (while getting 
serviced) about sending troops to Bosnia.  I can see the 
possibilities here also. "Mr. President should we send 
more troops into harms way?" Clinton replies "Yes 
YES!, Ohh God, Yeeess" Far fetched? yes,  but with 
this guy who knows. All in all it shows total disrespect 
for the job and his office.  It gives me great cause to 
wonder why more attention was not given to these facts. 
The way the liberals defend Clinton with the "All the 
allegations against him have not been proven" just 
shows that what is obvious to a conservative is gray 
water to a liberal. The following story demonstrates a 
possible liberal conclusion to an obvious situation.  A 
guy had suspicions that his wife was cheating on him 
while he was out of town on business.  He hired a 
private detective to watch her while he was gone on 
one of his weekend business trips.  When he returned 
he contacted the Private detective and asked what he 
had found out.  "Well," the detective said, "about an 
hour after you left a guy came to your house and your 
wife let him in.  I went to a window where I could see 
inside and I could see them sitting on the couch talking. 
Then the guy gets up brings out some wine, while she 
puts a record on and they begin to drink and dance. 
After about an hour of this the guy picks up your wife 
and carries her into the bedroom.  I ran to the bedroom 
window where I could watch some more."  The husband 
asks "What are they doing now?"  The detective says, 
"They are standing in front of the bed and slowly 
removing each others cloths, after which they promptly 
jumped into bed.  The husband asks again what did 
they do next.  The detective replies "I don't know, your 
wife reached up and turned out the light and I couldn't 
see any more."  The husband says, "Damn there's 
always that element of doubt." 

---Ken Heminger 
>From Peggy Hartnett ('72) 
Subject: Re: THE SANDBOX Issue#21 1/6/99 

Dear Al, 
Happy New Year, I was wondering if your hard drive has 
melted from the heat. A few quick notes: "No" to the 
Instant Replay.  Please let humans make the few calls 
that are left to us and as far as I am concerned, don't 
let the networks show us.  It just causes unnecessary 
angst---like there isn't enough. 


To John Northover-surrogate big brother--did you have 
to hold your breath to get that all out in one fell swoop? 
Wow, and will you be on our spelling bee team? 
Seriously, I agree with you about the deplorable state 
of American intelligence.  Everyone should spend a little 
time in the service industry, any doubts or warm-fuzzies 
one might harbor disappear pretty quickly, per example, 
what is the proper response to someone standing in the 
lobby of your business, bellowing "We come to eat." 
Come to think of it, I'm not sure there is a proper 
response to some of these situations. 

Here at home in AZ our Congressman Jim Kolbe was 
outed a while back by a gay paper, I think The New 
York Native.  Jim had a woman companion who 
accompanied him on his campaigning for many of his 
elections, never said she was his wife, never said he 
preferred the company of men either.  So the other day 
he is quoted vis a vis Clinton, "He lied."  All I can say is 

"hum."  I remember Sister Margaret Joan drilling us on 
sins of omission vs commission--they're equally bad 
as I recall.  Granted most of us aren't violating the 
constitution of the US, just a more basic standard- 
ethical behavior.  Anyone want to hold themselves to 
that standard all the time? 

Before we go down the well-trodden road again-I know 
we are talking politics and given that it is being played 
out in the Constitutionally mandated fashion, let's let it 
be for a while and deal with the fact that it won't make 
a damn bit of difference what you or I think, it is not up 
to us. 

The other thing that is not up to us is how to spend our 
tax dollars.  I have always wanted the IRS to include a 
blank pie chart with our returns and let us fill it in as to 

how we would like to have the taxes divided, they could 
even offer categories.  I realize this would be another 
exercise in futility, but I would love to see the difference 

or similarity between what our choices would be and 
how they actually get spent.  I don't think you need to be 
a rocket scientist-or a nuclear engineer, as it were, to 
question the government's willingness to trust us to 
make those decisions. 

Best wishes for 1999 to us all, remember: cash in small 
bills and water.  Maybe all those fallout shelters weren't 
such a bad idea! 

--Peggy Hartnett 
From: Steve Carson (58) 

Cuba: Yes we should lift the embargo and establish 
a positive diplomatic relationship.  We need another 
cruise ship destination to relieve the congestion. 

Instant Replay: Yes it should be reinstated with the 
charging of a time out to a coach asking for a review. 

Executive Orders: The Congress can reverse. 
Sunshine on his (Clinton's) actions is the best 

Global warming: I find it interesting how there can 
be expert scientific testimony on both sides with no 
consensus.  It's six below in Chicago with 26" of 
snow on the ground. 

--Steve Carson 
From: Alan Porter (67) 
Subject: Corporate Welfare 

I'd like to thank all the people who have been sooo 
kind to help me out with my identity problem.  It seems 
that all this discussion about liberals/conservatives, 
democrats/republicans has pretty well defined who I 
really am.  FYI I am a democrat who typically votes 
democrat and I am actually able to sleep quite well at 

I would like to correct some misinformation: John Allen 
wrote "If the Dems lose this impeachment and removal 
battle, they will have lost the last of the three 
institutions they controlled when Clinton took office" I 
agree that they have lost the house and the senate but 
if Clinton is removed it still leaves a democrat as 

I'm also somewhat confused by David McAdie's 
comments, "Three words should scare the hell 
out of all of us --- President Al Gore!!!!"  "I am actually 
more disturbed by his 'suspiciously' silent wife Tipper." 
[Sure--]--bet old tipper is up to some type of dirty tricks 
and would be pretty awful as 1st lady. Maybe Ken Starr 
should look into what she's been doing - you never can 
tell about those Demos. 

Personally I'd prefer to have Al Gore as president.  I do 
believe that Clinton lied and the appropriate response 
would be to indict him on perjury and send it to trial. 
This trial would take place after he finished his 
presidency.  But if we must go through the trial and the 
republicans help more demos get elected - you won't 
get any complaints from me. 

I would encourage everyone to pull out their Time 
magazine from Nov 9 to Nov 30 1998.  Time reporters 
did an 18 month investigation of Corporate Welfare. 
The following quotes are taken from over those issues. 
"A TIME investigation uncovers how hundreds of 
companies get on the dole--and why it costs every 
working American the equivalent of two weeks' pay 
every year."  "How would you like to pay only a quarter 
of the real estate taxes you owe on your home? And 
buy everything for the next 10 years without spending 
a single penny in sales tax?  Keep a chunk of your 
paycheck free of income taxes? Have the city in which 
you live lend you money at rates cheaper than any 
bank charges?  Then have the same city install free 
water and sewer lines to your house, offer you a 
perpetual discount on utility bills--and top it all off by 
landscaping your front yard at no charge?" "The 
Federal Government alone shells out $125 billion a 
year in corporate welfare, this in the midst of one of 
the more robust economic periods in the nation's 
history." and finally "The justification for much of this 
welfare is that the U.S. government is creating jobs ... 
Bechtel, Boeing, General Electric and McDonnell 
Douglas (now a part of Boeing)--tell another story. At 
these companies, which have accounted for about 40% 
of all  loans, grants and long-term guarantees in this 
decade, overall employment has fallen 38%, as more 
than a third of a million jobs have disappeared." 

Congress decided two years ago to cut welfare to 
individuals because it didn't work and only kept people 
dependent on the government.  It seems to me if all you 
Republicans were truly interested in smaller government 
you would encourage your congressman to stop giving 
billions of dollars to corporations and we might even 
be able to get a tax cut. 

--Alan Porter 
From: Shannon Lamarche (82) 
Subject: Y2K Glitch 

We would all have more time to talk about things other 
than the Y2K problem if the whole world would switch to 
Macintosh!  Apple solved this problem 15 years ago. 
From: Jerry Lewis  (73) 
Subject: FURBIES & ETC. 

Regarding the post about "ferbies(sic) and Y2K": 

Whenever a post says "this is not a joke" or some 
variation ("this is not a chain letter, this is for real," 
you can almost discount it out of hand as being a hoax. 
Furthermore, you might expect an employee of the 
company that produces them to spell it right (Furby). 
And how likely is it that the chip in a Furby knows 
what time it is to begin with, let alone cares when the 
Y2K happens.  It's possible, but unlikely.  And even if 
it's true, how many Furbys out today are still going to 
be functional or of interest in a year?  Ha, it is a joke! 
We're back at the beginning of my argument. 

I was going to contribute to the Clinton exchange, but 
don't have time now.  Maybe later. 

Jerry  Lewis (73)  *  * 
           (Norma Loescher Boswell) (53) 

[Just when you might have thought you'd heard the 
last of our discussions on the subject of Senior 
Drivers, I couldn't resist passing along this "Report 
>From The Field" that someone sent to Norma. -ap] 

As a senior citizen was driving down the freeway, his 
car phone rang.  Answering, he heard his wife's voice 
urgently warning him, "Herman, I  just heard on the 
news that there's a car going the wrong way on I-82. 
Please be careful!" 

"Hell," said Herman, "It's not just one car. It's 
hundreds of them!" 
(or more if you like), and tell us what you think.  Or 
ask for information on any subject about which you 
would like to be better informed.  Chances are good 
there are fellow alumni out there who will have the info 
you need on just about anything. 

1.    HOW ABOUT "THEM" HMO'S?  Too expenseive? 
Too limited?  Too intrusive?  Too selective?  No 
complaints at all?  Good or bad experiences? 

$1 million dollars.)  Where will you go.  What will you do? 

3.  Here's a Question some of you might enjoy 
ACTUALLY BEGIN? (There MAY be more than two 
opinions on that.) 
That's it for this issue of The Sandbox, folks. 
My personal thanks to everyone who has contributed 
to this issue of THE SANDBOX. "If WE aren't talkin' 
about what  YOU wanna talk about, WHO are YOU 
going to blame?" 
See ya next time! 

--Al Parker (53)   -- Sandbox Coordinator --