THE SANDBOX  ~ Issue #24 ~ January 17, 1999 

"Ah! don't say that you agree with me.  When people 
   agree with me I always feel that I must be wrong." 

--Oscar Wilde  1854-1900 

RHS/ColHi Alumni Sharing Thoughts and Measuring 
The Universe With You Today: 
Flossie McCoy Hatfield (GED), Robert Shipp (64), 
Marv Carstens ('61), Tony Tellier (57), 
John M. Allen (66),  Steve Carson (58), 
Ron Richards ('63), Carol (Wiley) Wooley (63) 
Exchange Your Opinions, Your Ideas, and Your 
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From:  Flossie McCoy Hatfield (GED) 
Subj:  Why The Cost of Postage Went UP 

Dear friends and Bomber Family, 

It's time I got in touch with you all to let you know 
what's been happening.  So I thought I'd better get 
this letter out right after the postage went up, 
hoping it would get better service than under the old 
postage rates.  You see, when Hector, our local mail 
dude, dropped all the outgoing mail down into the town 
outhouse hole it kind of raised a stink hereabouts.  I 
guess the reason the rate's went up is cause they had 
to pay big money to get Clyde Herkel to go down and 
get all them postcards and letters and things out of the 
hole and clean them up a bit before putting them back 
into the delivery system with all that postage way past 

We got a new mail person now, since the visiting 
Postmaster Inspector General, (PIG), used the town 
privy, during the use of which, associated with what he 
was doing in the privy, caused one of the talking 
Christmas cards down below to start singing Christmas 
Carols.  Of course the Postmaster Inspector General, 
(PIG), jumped up quick and ran out of there like the 
Devil was chasing him, thinking the outdoor biffy was 
haunted.  Further investigation by the PIG revealed the 
cause of the haunting.  So that's why Hector Hoople, 
our beloved mail dude for so many years, is no longer 
shucking out the mail hereabouts no more.  And that is 
why also it costs a penny more to mail this here letter 
to you than it would have, had I done it a couple of 
weeks ago. 

I hope you all are doing well.  Please write me when 
you get work.  The well is working fine and the wood is 
piled high and we've got plenty of candles on hand.  We 
got a couple of elk on the rack right now and are salting 
them down real good.  There is plenty of kerosene for 
our lamps, no plumbing to worry about, and boy, do we 
feel sorry for all them suckers out there with their 
outdoor biffys on the inside, (How fowl can you get?), 
and needing electric power lines to keep things 
going around their place.  I know not what course those 
poor souls may take, but as for me and my darling 
hubby, Chubb, we are ready already for Y2K.  We 
don't worry about no global warming, neither, so long 
as we got each other to hold on to. 

Now, as soon as we can raise the money to buy 
another one of them high-priced postage stamps, I will 
write again and tell them lying hummers in Washington 
how to run the government. 

I hope you all get this letter OK.  Please let me know if 
you don't.  Chubb says "howdy" and Hector Hoople, 
Pasco Hi (67), is lookin' for a job if ya know of any. 

Love to ya all! 

From: Robert Shipp (64) 
Subject: Slick Willie & Premature Evacuation 

I have to agree with David McAdie's(79) observation that 
the worst consequence of Bill Clinton  leaving office 
prematurely (voluntarily or otherwise) would be the head 
start it would give to Al "Treehugger" Gore on the 2000 
election (talk about your Y2K horrors!).  I personally 
believe Clinton's actions meet the constitutional 
requirements for removal, but I really hope he isn't.   If 
the Republicans were truly acting in a partisan fashion, 
they would do everything in their power to avoid that 

Regardless of your political slant, you have to admit that 
Mr. Clinton is probably the most brilliant politician in 
century.  Consider what he has accomplished:  He 
managed to win the most powerful office in the world, 
even though the overwhelming majority of the electorate 
believed the allegations about his womanizing, draft 
dodging, pot smoking, and participation in 
anti-American demonstrations overseas.  After vetoing 
several budgets passed by Congress, when the 
Republicans refused to go along with his "play by my 
rules or I'll take my ball and go home" attitude and 
continue to spend unbudgeted money, he was able to 
put the blame on them for shutting down the government. 
After months and years of  stonewalling, lying and 
stalling, he convinced the public to be angry with Ken 
Starr for dragging out the investigation. After admitting 
to  lying under oath, lying to his family, and lying to the 
American people, he still has a large majority of the 
public believing he is doing a good job. 

I am firmly convinced that Slick Willie could be caught 
on video tape cavorting naked with a half dozen 
schoolgirls on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and 
still find a way to convince the general public that the 
Republicans are to blame. 

--Robert Shipp (64) 
From: Marv Carstens (61) 
Subject: Clinton, et. al. 

Let's examine (in a bi-partisan display of fairness, 
PLEASE) some of the recent B.S. that has 
emanated from Washington, D.C.: 

1.  The violent crime rate is the lowest that it has been 
in 30 years, thanks to Clinton's Anti-Crime bill of 1994. 
(I don't know about the city you live in, but here in the 
Pacific-Northwest, according to local police department 
statistics, the violent crime rate is up by anywhere from 
8-21% in large population areas, and more than that in 
many medium and smaller centers.  Maybe it's a 
situation peculiar to our part of the U.S. ... anyone else, 
from anywhere else, give me some info from their 

2.  Employment is up, to near record numbers, thanks 
to the Democratic party's aggressive actions on behalf of 
the nation's workforce.  (How much of that is full-time, 
with benefits such as medical insurance, retirement, 
share options, etc., which was THE definition of 'full-time 
employment' from post-Korea through the mid 90-s? 
How many people are working two, three or more jobs 
to keep their heads afloat and provide for their families? 
How are YOU doing?) 

3.  The economy is moving along at terrific rates, and 
the nation is in a new era of prosperity [paraphrased 
from several news sources over the past few months]. 
(The bankruptcy rate is higher than in any other time in 
our nation's history, personal debt is staggering, the 
stock market is exhibiting knee-jerk reactions to crises 
around the world, the nation is playing a losing 
cat-and-mouse game with Saddam Hussein, costing 
millions of dollars daily.) 

4.  In the infinite wisdom of the 'collective' mindset, the 
new head football coach of the U of W is to be paid 
$1M+/year for the next several years while the top 
professors in academia get about $50,000 yearly. 

People ... what are we being 'fed' by the news media? 
Does anyone else notice a disturbing similarity to 
German 'news releases' from the early-to-mid 30's to 
those of today, right here in the U.S.?  Do we, as a 
country dedicated to equality, individual freedom and 
rights of the common man, have our priorities in 

Where are we going? 

Marv Carstens ('61) 
From: Tony Tellier (57) 

For: Peggy Hartnett 
Ref: Jim Kolbe 

Peggy said"  <<>> 

How interesting!  I am/was an AZ resident and "know" 
of Kolbe ... as a political name.  Did this "outing" get 
any Phx paper press at all?  If "No," why not?  If so, 
what was the reaction ... or better yet, so what? 

Tony Yuma 
From: John M. Allen (66) 
Subject: Conversing with Alan Porter (67) 

Alan, you were absolutely, 100% on target with your 
correction of my statement in Issue #17 of the 
SANDBOX - seriously!  I'm just disappointed that it 
took this long for some Democrat (I won't call you 
a "lib" because you sound more intelligent than that) 
to fall into my little trap.  The point was to get a 
Clinton apologist, liberal, or just plain Democrat to 
jump on that bait and thereby admit that impeachment 
and conviction of Bubba would NOT, in fact, be the 
"coup d'état," the "overturning of two elections," or the 
"right wing putsch" that so many Clinton defenders have 
been whining about for weeks.  It would simply be the 
cleaning up of a badly soiled office and replacement 
with an adequate temp from the same political party 
who would hopefully set a less offensive example for 
the nation to follow. 

As for der Schlickmeister, I'm sorry for any pain you 
are experiencing while watching your ox being gored, 
but Bubba deserves everything he is currently getting. 
Unfortunately, it looks as though he won't get 
everything he deserves.  That IS the unspoken prayer 
of all politicians; not to be the recipient of what they 
truly deserve.  You know, of course, that with the 
demographics in the jurisdiction where Bubba would be 
indicted and tried after leaving office, he stands less 
chance than Marion Barry of ever being convicted of a 
crime.  So much for justice in America. 

Don't fall off your chair, but I agree completely with the 
elimination of Corporate Welfare.  Corporations 
NEVER pay taxes anyway.  They just collect them. 

---John Allen (66) 
From: Steve Carson (58) 

Mike Franco:    Well said, issues must be the focus 
and the constant heated hyperbole must be screened 
out.  I consider myself a conservative and though I tend 
to vote Republican hesitate to wear that label.  Rather 
than assuming I know what others think,  I just can't 
understand how issues which appear to be black and 
white, can be so effectively spun. 

-Steve Carson 
From: Ron Richards ('63) 

For: Ken Heminger: 

You might be short changing yourself with your two 
cents worth.  Your private detective story might have 
been worth twice that much to some people.  It might 
have even sent shivers up the spines of Henry Hyde, 
Robert Barr, and John Livingston, and joy to the heart 
of Larry Flynt. 

To Steve Carson: 

There is a consensus among scientists that global 
warming resulting from human impacts is very probably 
occurring.  Those who want you to blindly ignore that 
probability are those who also want you to think 
that there is no concessus on the issue. 

There is also a reason why there is expert scientific 
opinion on both sides of the issue.  The coal industry 
has deep pockets.  Just as the Bonneville Power 
Administration can hire "experts" to testify that dam 
reservoirs help salmon by making it easier for the 
salmon to swim upstream (imagine how those millions 
of salmon that used to spawn in the Columbia River 
must have so miserably struggled to swim upstream 
far beyond where Grand Coulee Dam now is for those 
thousands of years before man built the dams), the 
coal industry can hire "experts" who attempt to 
challenge the overwhelming scientific evidence 
supporting the consensus. 

A minus six temperature in Chicago with twenty-six 
inches of snow on the ground should not give you too 
much confidence that global warming is not occurring. 
First, as the consensus so frequently points out, 
temperatures over one year, let alone one day, mean 
very little on this issue.  It is the trend that matters, 
considered in the light of what the earth's temperature 
would have been with naturally occurring cycles.  The 
bottom line is that the earth's temperatures are warming 
at an unprecedented rate during a period where a 
cooling trend should naturally be occurring.  Second, if 
you think this winter has been cold, check out energy 
prices and gas storage inventories.  It's really no secret 
that this winter has been unusually warm. 

Third, twenty-six inches of snow on the ground should 
not give you too much confidence that global warming is 
not occurring.  High relative humidities, with resultant 
high rates of precipitation, are an effect of global 

Finally, if you're still here and if you are genuinely 
interested in global warming, I suggest that you read 
some of the speeches of John Browne, the CEO of BP 
Amoco.  Although Mr. Browne operates in an industry 
where you risk all influence by suggesting even the 
most remote connection between energy consumption 
and global warming, Mr. Browne has very responsibly 
taken the position that now is the time for precautionary 
action because the evidence supporting global warming 
is mounting.  He also recognizes an opportunity for profit 
resulting from precautionary actions due to increased 
efficiencies and better public relations.  See / world issues / climate change/ 

Have a warm and pleasant day. 

--Ron Richards 
[Widely reported in the news: 1998, (worldwide 
aggregate), was the hottest year on record. -ed.] 
From:  Carol (Wiley) Wooley (63) 
Subj:   Let's Talk About Something Else. 

The Presidential bashing is getting SOOOOOO boring! 
He screwed up, (which of course none of us has ever 
done), he has been found out by the world, his life and 
I believe, marriage is pretty screwed up.  Can we 
please get out of Bill's life and go on with ours??!!! 

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, but 
could we possibly have opinions on something else? 
Is it just possible that there are some other serious 
issues that could be of interest?  Suggestions: the 
Veteran's Administration, medical costs in our country, 
AIDS Research, Censorship, Parental Rights regarding 
minors in Washington State. 

Be brave fellow alumni, don't just go along with the 
crowd....discuss something the news media doesn't 
want to talk about! 

P.S. The donkey was in the stable when Christ was 
born, where was the elephant?? 

Carol (Wiley) Wooley 
What would you like to talk about or hear discussed? 

What do you think about playing baseball with Cuba? 
Seen any movies worth seeing?  Read any books worth 
reading?  Visited any Web Sites worth visiting?  What 
do you think the ever-nearer Y2K is going to bring? 
Is Global Warming just a cycular thing?  How about 
some of the topics suggested by Carol (Wiley) Wooley, 
such as the the Veteran's Administration, medical 
costs in our country, AIDS Research, Censorship, or 
Parental Rights regarding minors in Washington State? 
Tell us how you feel about things that are important to 
you, exciting, or just plain fun to talk about. We are 
listening!  Thanks, everyone, for your participation, 
both as readers and writers in Your Sandbox forum! 
See you again, soon! 

--Al Parker - Sandbox Coordinator