THE SANDBOX ~ Issue #27 ~ January 29, 1999 

"A wise Tory and a wise Whig, I believe, will agree. 
Their principles are the same, though their modes 
of thinking are different." 

          --- Samuel Johnson 1709 - 1784 

Top News: Wash D.C. -- Clinton Impeachment Trial 
Enters Deposition Phase.  Richland -- Ten year study 
involving 3,400 people has found no link between 
"Cold War-era radiation releases from the Hanford 
Nuclear Reservation and the rate of thyroid disease 
among people living downwind.  (Associated Press 
Release.)  See Tri-City Herald and Yakima Herald- 
Republic 1/29/99 for more info. 

LONDON (Jan. 29) - The United States took one step 
deeper into the quagmire of the Balkans this week 
when it put NATO's military might behind a drive for a 
quick political settlement in the Serbian province of 
Kosovo. --Reuters 
RHS/ColHi Alumni Speakers of The Day: 
Peggy Roesch  (71), Richard Henderson (62), 
Jerry Lewis (73), Sandi Cherrington (66), 
Peggy Lewis Johnson '62, Peggy Hartnett (72), 
Elizabeth McAllister McCardle  (78), 
Nancy Fellman Lysher (62), John Wingfield (66) 
Peggy Lewis Johnson  (62), Ray Wells (54) 
Dick Epler (52), Kathy Rathvon (63) 
Patty de la Bretonne ( 65), Rob Teats (70), 
Jim Fowler (72) 
Share Your Opinions, Your Ideas, and Your 
Responses with Richland Alumni All Around The 
From: Peggy Roesch (71) 
Subj: Y2K and Dan Quayle, 
Two Seemingly Unrelated Topics 
Or: Y2Quale: Start Hoarding Potatoes? 

Ohmigod.  Dan Quayle.  Now I WILL pray that the world 
ends at the stroke of midnight December 31, 1999 ... or 
2000 ... or whenever the gosh darn new millenium is 
supposed to start ... Maybe I should hoard money and 
water and food ... including the everlovin' potatoe. 

-- Peggy Roesch 
Subj:   Progressive Government 
From:  Richard Henderson (62) 

The recent State-of-the-Union speech was an example 
of why the liberal/socialist holds fast to the belief that 
"progressive government" knows what is increasingly 
best for you and wants to take care of you.  This 
speech, (wish list), was riddled with paybacks, perks, 
power and pork that truly validates such mindset... 

Offered is a poem, styled after the 91st Psalm, that 
reflects the opinion of many about the increasing 
intrusion of "progressive government" into our lives. 


Government is my shepherd, 
therefore, I shall toil no more; 
entitling me to collect benefits 
off those that labor. 

My individuality and initiative 
matter the least; 
politicians insuring that my 
dependency shall not cease. 

An economic utopia is promised for me; 
confiscating future earnings, of others, 
as far as the eye can see. 

Yea, though I walk through 
the valley of dependency, 
and fear no loss; 
government goodies 
shall remain my boss. 

Surely, in my old age, they 
will care for me evermore; 
I shall dwell in a fantasy of bliss 
until they pull my life support. 

This is the creed and motto 
they hold fast to; 
progressive government - giving 
and requiring more from you. 

-- Rich Henderson 
From: Dick Epler (52) 
Subject: Y2K Computer Compatibility 
[Personal and Network Sharing Computers] 

Regarding Y2K compliance for IBM and Apple PCs, I 
might weigh in with just a few comments. 

First, there IS an Official Y2K Specification that any 
general purpose computer must meet to be called Y2K 
compliant.  Right now, some machines are close, but 
very few are fully compliant. 

Second, there are five areas of computer operation that 
need checking: The Hardware (BIOS for PCs) level, the 
OS (Operating System) level, the Application Software 
(e.g., Quicken), any critical Data Bases with embedded 
dates, and lastly, the sharing of Data Files between 
different computers. 

The latter two areas, legacy data bases, and 
inter-computer data sharing, is the most difficult and 
time consuming to verify and is where most systems 
continue to fail at this time 

Having said that, however, not even Win98 out of the 
box is Y2K compliant.  You can get closer by 
downloading 6Mbytes of files from, but 
you still won't be fully compliant.  As another 
example, a class action suit was filed against Intuit for 
marketing NEW versions of Quicken and Quickbooks 
that weren't anywhere close to being compliant ... 
thereby requiring another upgrade in the near future 
(which the plaintiffs wanted for free). 

Third, the reason that data sharing compatibility may 
take quite some time is that programmers have used 
different techniques to implement quick Y2K fixes 
(which are incompatible with each other).  For example, 
consider the "Windowing" technique, which is fairly 
popular.  This is where a window consisting of the 
years between 00 and 49 are assigned 20, whereas the 
years between 50 and 99 are assigned 19.  However, if 
a different programmer chooses a breakpoint of 60 
rather than 50, data sharing will fail.  Many IT 
(Information Technology) managers in small business' 
are under the false impression they've addressed 
their Y2K problem and don't need to test.  WRONG! 

Fourth, date rollover from 12/31/1999 to 1/1/2000 is only 
part of the problem and is far from a comprehensive test. 
The other part of the problem is the calendar algorithms 
used to compute dates throughout the year 2000 and 
beyond.  These are often flawed (different rules are 
required than pre-2000). 

Lastly, Apple computers ARE much more Y2K 
compatible on all levels than are WinTel computers as 
I believe all dates are expanded to four digits. 
However, I don't know if their calendar algorithm is fully 
compliant with the Y2K specification. 

If Darwin Perkins is still reading the SANDBOX, he 
might be able to offer some other observations, 
especially with respect to LMSI compliance.  And there 
may be other computer experts out there who could 
Dick Epler 
From: Kathy Rathvon (63) 
Subject: Apathy 

Are Americans apathetic?  I don't think so.  I think they 
just want our congressmen and women and Senators 
to get on with the business of running our country. 

-- Kathy Rathvon 
Subj:    Urban Legends 

Jerry Lewis (73) wrote: 

I must step in to quash yet another Internet urban 
legend.  In fact, I highly recommend checking out any 
dire warning before posting it to a) your entire address 
book, b) all mailing lists that you belong to c) the world, 
or d) anyone else. 

(References for this legend follow my diatribe) 

Some questions to ask about any such post are: 

- where did the poster (or you) get the message 
('a retired friend').  If there is not a specific source or it 
is not a credible source for that particular warning, 
start questioning the veracity (no offense meant to the 
'retired friend'). 
- are there any credible references in the post, such 
as links to articles at or  Do 
they work and do they describe the problem with 
references to credible sources.  If quotes are 
included for print pubs. without reference to day/pg, 
etc., consider that they are fabricated.  (Even if there 
were day/pg, I would be suspicious). 
- is there no specific dates (or bill numbers) in a 
post like this that would give a reference.  A 
message that refers to something happening in two 
weeks could circulate for a long time.  Hoaxes don't 
have dates in them because they diminish the viability 
of the hoax. 
- anything that has lots of exclamation points in the 
heading or has been forwarded to a half dozen other 
e-mail lists (usually still included), is totally suspect. 
- anything that says it's not a) hoax, b) urban legend, 
c) chain letter, etc., probably is. 

(Hmmm, can this be generalized to the Clinton 
discussion: "1. It's not about sex, 2. It's not about 
removing Clinton from office, 3. It's not about 
partisanship." I don't think I'll go there). 

A little bit of critical thinking can go a long way 
towards avoiding the panic, waste of time and 
effort that these messages can engender. 

You can find out about this particular legend by 
going to and clicking on 
"Currently Circulating", or you can go directly to the 
page if you don't like frames: 

Just call me "Mr. Throw Cold Water on It." 

Jerry  Lewis           * 
Some Web Pages: 
From:    Elizabeth (McAllister) McCardle  (78) 
Subject:  About  Prayer [Referred to by Mary Lou (63) 
In Sandbox #26] 

About that prayer-- AMEN! 

[Referring Sandbox #26 -- "A Prayer For Our 
Leaders" given by Pastor Joe Wright, when he opened 
the new session of the Kansas Senate on 1/23/96] 
From: Nancy Fellman Lysher (62) 
Subject:  What To Say To A Telemarketer 

"I'm really busy right now.  How about you give me your 
home phone number and I'll call when I've got time? 
No, you can't do that?  Well, you are calling me on my 
home phone.  I could call you back at say 3 a.m. your 

Or....I tell them I have a policy not to do business with 
anyone who does telemarketing.  I have a private home 
phone for my convenience, not theirs.  Any questions? 

- Nancy Fellman Lysher 62 
From:    Sandi Cherrington (66) 
Subj:     Mandatory Support of Designated Drivers 

There is a new petition added to the 
"E-The People" site! 

Go to the E-The People site at: 

Click on: 

"Mandatory Support of Desiginated Drivers" 

You will then be able to read what this petition 
proposes and add your name if you wish. 
From:   Peggy Lewis Johnson  (62) 
Subject:  Capitalism 

Peggy Johnson wrote: 

O.K. Gee whiz I guess I better jump in the skillet with 
the rest of you.  First of all, what really can you all 
expect when this capitalistic country defines success 
as it does?  To argue from a democratic or republican 
point of view is a bit passe at this point when these 
opinions are driven not from the ideals which 
originated them but from the power and wealth behind 
them.  Is it possible that it is neither the democratic nor 
the republican "camp" that is driving this massive, 
on-going move to remove Clinton from office?  Of 
course Senators and Congressmen represent certain 
areas geographically but much more influential are the 
financial interests behind them - and I certainly don't 
mean little financial interests. 

In this global economy that we, from the class of '62 
could only think of as a science fiction novel, there is 
a greed for power unknown to the masses - yes like 
you and I. This global struggle to dominate is 
powered by money from both legitimate, as well as 
illegitimate commerce. 

I'm as concerned as most hard-working Americans 
about ethics, honesty, truth and being represented 
appropriately by elected officials but it would be 
foolhardy to think in a second that we are dealing 
with politics as usual when this global economy has 
an agenda we could barely fathom. Resources, 
corporate take-overs, the politics and ethics of the 
Internet, the environment, and education and work 
opportunity for the masses, viruses (both 
technological and biological), resistance to antibiotics, 
not to mention man's obsession with violence and war. 
all weigh heavier on my mind and in my heart than this 
president's weakness for a "non-sex" sex act and an 
unfulfilled "Elvis Presley-like"  drive to be something, 
achieve something, for something or someone that it 
doesn't seem he really has the answers to - like who 
would want that job, anyway?  So, he lied - and I think 
in the real world he should take the fall - but folks, his 
world ain't the real world. If it was, idealism would reign 
and he would resign with a humble apology to the 
country and we would know "he did the right - 
honorable thing" 

But, once again, we are forced to look at the way, and 
the reason we make judgment calls, moment to 
moment in this country, based on perception of 
evidence, and often, how it is fed to us so we can see 
it as it is intended we see it, based "what the cost is to 
us" as individuals in money, face, survival, rightness 
about who we  are, prejudice, race, ethnicity.  One truth 
is that we are individuals as long as we choose to be 

I'm happy that my children are fine, my days are worth 
looking forward to, that I have a history, that I have 
friends, that I live in a wonderful community and I can 
make a difference here and a contribution.  I question 
the luck of being gifted with being born into this 
relatively safe life when so many in this country live in 
poverty and there is such incredible brutality waged 
against men, women, children here and especially in 
war-torn countries.  The furor about Clinton has a 
"thorn-like" aggravation about it that we should not 
take lightly - but it's a human - condition, survival of 
ethics issue with some mass of wealth and greed, 
too big for us to imagine, driving it on. 

Nice chattin' with 'ya      Peggy Lewis Johnson '62 
From: A modern hotel in a timeless town 
Subject:  Telemarketer Stoppers 
Also:  Likes Mayan Calendar better than Julian 

Peggy Hartnett (72) writes: 

I let them prattle on a little while, then very quietly I say, 
"excuse me, (pause), what are you wearing?"  They 
hang up.  Quick, simple and I hope slightly unnerving 
to them. 

Calendars & the Millenium: I personally prefer the 
Mayan calendar, no heads of state or religious figures 
vying for special status and it makes a lovely 
decorating accessory. 

-- Peggy Hartnett 
From: Patty de la Bretonne ( 65) 
Subj:  Table Topics:  How to Cook Okra 

Okra is best lightly breaded and quickly deep fried. 
I like the taste, but in soups and such, the texture of 
okra is, well, slimy. 

Patty de la Bretonne 

PS.  Mari Eckert, thanks for writing in.  I am in 
agreement with much you say.  I am not watching any 
of the "trial" on tv. 
From: Rob Teats (70) 
Subject: Re: The Year 2000 Date 

For Bob Rector (62) 

Thank you for your detailed view on the date of Jesus' 
birth.  Very enlightening. 

You mentioned the calculations made by Dionysius 
the Less, (could be translated as, Denny the Dwarf), 
that created the dating of our current calendar. 
Marcus Borg, professor of Religion and Culture at 
Oregon State, suggests that Dionysius' calculations 
were incorrect because of a mathematical mistake. 
The result is that, even if his assumption of Jesus' 
birth were correct, the date he calculated was 
mathematically off by four years.  Correcting 
Dionysius' calculations places Jesus' birth at 4 B.C. 
This would mean that the 2nd millenium of Jesus' birth 
has already happened in 1997.  Those who think the 
world will end 2000 years after Jesus' birth are wrong! 

Rob Teats (70) 
From: Jim Fowler (72) 
Subject: Internet Charges 

The rumor about the Government taxing Internet access 
is an Urban Legend.  It's been around for a while. 

Jim Fowler 1972 
From:  John Wingfield (66) 
Mail: (Unity of Beaverton) 

Regarding Lloyd Swain's great idea about reply to 
tele-dinner-interuping-marketeers.  I like your 
suggestion, but my Spanish would not convoke anyone. 
However, last year my older son was studying in Poland 
and when you call a home in Poland they always 
answer with "Hello."  And then with that familiar greeting 
I would always start speaking English only to get a full 
onslaught of Polish in reply.  So Lloyd's suggestion fits 
right into that.  Perhaps a mixture of German, Polish 
and Japanese after the caller's opening line:  "Ah, ser 
gut, haben zie einer mushi mushi, so des nei, dochira 
no ho, vershten zei?"  Any gibberish would improve on 
every other reply I've come up with to date. 

Peace,    -- John Wingfield (66) 
Subj:    None so blind as they who will not see 
From: (Ray Wells) (54) 

These national news web sites have enough on Clinton 
to destroy him.  When this kind of stuff (and more) is 
available to anyone who takes the time to surf the net, 
why, in God's name, is Ken Starr, The House, and the 
Senate fooling around with small stuff like Monica? 

Please check it out today as the stories will probably 
change by tomorrow on these websites. 

P.S. - I found out why the Chinagate thing is not being 
pursued.  According to Ken Hamblin, too many 
Republicans also had a hand in Chinagate.  God, what 
a den of thieves we have in our government. 
From:   Howie Mandel's TV Show as aired 1/28/99 
Subj:    Evolution 

Howie's son: Dad, if man descended from apes, why 
are there still apes? 

Howie: Because the ones that are still apes are the 
slow learners. 

That's all for today's Sandbox, folks.  Say what you 
are craving to say today and send it right away to: 

Not sure what you want to talk about?  Well, then, 
here are some ideas for you: What do you think 

1a.  In the military: Would you recommend that women 
be assigned to combat roles side by side with males? 
     A U.S. senator, no longer in office, stated that she 
believes the separation of sexes in the armed forces 
has outlived its usefulness.  Know who she is? 
     (Someone else recently suggested that it might be 
better to have all-female units assigned to combat 
rather than mixing the sexes together in front line 
combat situations.) 

1a.  Should men and women in the military train 
and live in barracks together, in order to enhance 
team cohesiveness and esprit de corps? 

2.  Should your government hire a company such as 
     Monsanto to create a designer fungus with the 
     express purpose of killing hemp plants worldwide? 

3.  What will you be doing (or what did you do), while 
your spouse is (or was) watching the Super Bowl 

4.  After the game: Which commercial, (costing 
$1,600,000 for a 30 second spot) did you find to be 
the most effective or most memorable or most 
entertaining or the biggest waste of over one and 
one half million dollars? 

5.  Did you team win?  Did you bet the farm on the 
losing team? 

See you next time! 
-- Al Parker