THE SANDBOX ~ Issue #32 ~ February 28, 1999 

"A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always 
 depend on the support of Paul." 
           -- George Bernard Shaw   1856-1950 
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Today's Specials:  Ray Wells (54),  Joe Ford) (63), 
Barbara Seslar Brackenbush (60), Jack Grouell (61), 
Eva Clark (49) Perry, Margaret Hartnett (72) 
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From: Ray Wells (54) 
Subj:  Clinton Haters? 
To:  Joe Ford (63)   

In Sandbox 30, you used the inciting words "Clinton 
 Haters," and I wonder if the stereotype image these 
 words connote is really what you are trying to say. 
 First let's cite a current example of hate.  I'm referring 
 to the drama that's taking place in Jasper, Texas. 
 Along with 2 other men, John William King has been 
 charged with murdering James Byrd, Jr. (a black man), 
 by using a 24 foot logging chain  attached to the rear 
 of a pickup track, and the other end attached to the 
 ankles of James Byrd to drag Byrd along a three mile 
 stretch of road, tearing his body apart and killing him. 
 And yes, James Byrd was conscious when he was 
 dragged down the road.  The press has said that John 
 William King is a white supremacist and that he has 
 racial slurs tattooed all over his body.  If there are such 
 people as Clinton haters, I would expect that they 
 would have Clinton slurs tattooed on their body and 
 that they would like to drag a conscious Bill Clinton 
 behind a pickup truck. 

To my mind, we have Clinton sympathizers, and 
 Clinton detractors.  I have heard from many Clinton 
 detractors, but I have yet to meet a bonafide Clinton 
 hater.  I guess on the other side of this coin you could 
 say that there are Clinton "lovers," but I would limit 
 this description to Hillary and Monica. 

 Ray Wells 

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 245,  kinda broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip 
 and everybody knew you didn't give no lip to ..." (2 
Subj:    Re: Clinton Haters? 
Date:   2/19/99 6:02:56 PM PST 
From: (Joe Ford) (63) 
To: (Ray Wells), 


Thanks for your message and for the thoughtful 
 presentation. I was quoting Anthony Lewis of the NY 
 times, who made the argument I summarized. I'm 
 sorry to say that at least some of the postings I read, 
 including some made to the Sandbox, suggest that 
 there *are* folk out there who hate the President. 

One of my concerns in reading the Sandbox is the 
 vehemence, the heated rhetoric, and the sweeping 
 generalizations about character (one comment: "if 
 you voted for Clinton, you have no character"). The 
 all-upper case phrases and ad hominem attacks on 
 people who post to the Sandbox are my evidence for 
 heated rhetoric. 


--Joe Ford 
Bomber Baby Boomer Trivia #23. Where did Fats 
 Domino find his thrill? (3 words) 
From: Barbara Seslar Brackenbush (60) 
Subject: Response to Ray Wells (54) 

Thank you for asking which group I belong to.  There 
 has been a lot of poll-taking lately and none of them 
 has called me.  : ) 

I believe I fit mostly in group 3 but I also consider 
 myself conservative and right wing.  I want the 
 constitution and rule of law followed by ALL and I 
 place a high priority on personal freedom.  I think it 
 could be frightening to let too much power rest on one 

Barbara Seslar Brackenbush (1960) 
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 Calabash, ..." (3 words) 
From: "Joe Ford" (63)