THE SANDBOX ~ Issue #36 ~ April 10, 1999

    "People who like this sort of thing will find this
the sort of thing they like."
                   -Abraham Lincoln
(Judgment on a book.  G.W.E. Russell, Collections and
Recollections, ch 30.)

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This Issue of Your Sandbox Also Features: Continued
Assessment of Y2K Compliance and  Readiness of Critical

This Issue's Correspondents: (Nine Bombers and one
Bomber Spouse) Jerry Swain (54), Lloyd Swain (66),
Lee Johnson (54), From: Patty Stordahl (72),
Mike Swallow (69), Anthony H. Tellier (57),
Stu Osborn (71), Lee Ayers (Bomber Spouse),
Vera Smith Robbins  (58), Dick E. Nelson (59),


From: Jerry M. Swain (54)
Subject: Hot topics for alums.


I made a trip back to Richland via the Internet and the
Bomber Links web page and found Sandbox!  What a Gas!  I
agree about the fun of flying, its much better than
working!  I've made a few cross country trips myself and
find air travel from the front of the bus is best.  I
also appreciated the comments about Canadian residency.
I lived in Canada for almost three years (not enough
time to understand their politics).  I don't know about
B.C. but Ontario is a hotbed of loyalist socialists who
are always afraid the USA is going to "take them over"--
whatever that means.

I think I am too late to predict the events in 1999 but
I bet at the turn of the millennium we will still be
battling in Kosovo and wondering how to get out of it.
(Easy- throw out the Democrat president!)  I have
decided not to talk about Monica or Bill, Hillary,
Hitler, Eva Braun or Darth Vader, we've been slimed

Keep this forum alive for the Bombers!

Jerry Swain (54)

From: Lloyd Swain (66)
Subj: Live TV Debate Proposal

HEY!... what a great publication here...  If all you
folks want to get together this summer when we have the
Millenium reunion.....  I can provide a TV studio and
airtime to host a debate regarding any issue you may
wish to discuss.....  we can go live.. take calls... and
provide a real forum where views are heard..... it will
be on Falcon Cable Channel 3... and I am sure would be
interesting and lively... think about it...

So.. hey all you folks... I am running.... working for
ESPN today in Spokane.... it's olympic wrestling with
the US team vs Iran..... live to tape...

You all take care.

Lloyd Swain (66)

[To all readers: The Sandbox welcomes your comments and
thoughts regarding Lloyd's proposal.  Please also send
copies of all your comments regarding the debate
proposal to Lloyd, so he can be
kept up to date on your degree of interest.]

Especially important: If you are personally interested
in taking part in the proposed event, please contact
Lloyd directly as soon as you are able so he can begin
to put the program together.  His E-mail address again,

[Moderator's Note: Prior to publication of this Issue of
THE SANDBOX, I circulated Lloyd's proposal to a few
Sandbox subscribers to see what kind of feedback the
idea might receive.

One correspondent in a personal letter to me felt such
an event would not be a good idea because some of the
participants, even if adapt at expressing themselves in
a forum such as The SANDBOX, might not be equipped to
handle the challenges of a public debate environment and
could become embarrassed.

Comments from two others regarding the proposed
Millenium Debate are contained in the next two Sandbox
Entries:  -ap]
From: Lee Johnson (54)

I say...go for it.    -Lee
From: Patty Stordahl (72)

Lloyd: what an interesting & stimulating idea.  I may
just have to dig into my proverbial political Pandora's
box to make sure my thoughts & facts are correct for
this one.  I for one would love to find out why Clinton
is so up in arms to create his own moral genocide of the
Serbs when he has no morals of his own???  I may not
agree with war in general but when you are going to make
a move like NATO has we should just do it till the job
is done & done right.  Not pull out or play games like
Viet Nam My blood still runs cold when I think of Nam &
Jane Fonda.  No ground troops.  Just bomb the hell out
of them & get our boys back home & who made our country
so noble & pure that we can in-force our way of life on
every other country. Maybe it is the old theory.  My
bomb is bigger than your bomb so I am the right one.
Kind of like my dad is bigger than yours my car is
faster, it's my bat & ball.

 I think it is a male orientated control issue of some
base nature & need to conquer.  Close all borders & let
us mind our own business, try to get back to home land
issues & problems & fix us internally before we fix
every one else.  Am I right or am I just a PMS woman???

     - Patty
From: Mike Swallow (69)
Subject: Cultural War

I have not been keeping up on all of the discussion so I
hope you will all forgive me if this has been hashed
over.  For sometime I have squirmed in my discomfort in
dealing with the "politically correct" paranoia that has
been inflicted upon me (us).  I think it is good, right,
certainly safe, to be sensitive to what and who we are,
singularly and collectively.  But it seems that the
pendulum has swung well beyond reason.

 Sensitivity is no longer sufficient.  In our dealings
with others in the workplace and generally in society we
have to guard our every word and action, motivated by
self preservation.  It is not safe to be spontaneously

I have attached a speech given by Charlton Heston at the
Harvard Law School Forum which I felt to be valuable
reading.  It is lengthy, but worth the time.

[Moderator's note: because of the length of Heston's
speech entitled "Winning The Cultural War," given at the
Harvard Law School Forum on Tuesday, February 16, 1999,
the speech will not be shown here.

 However,  you may view Heston's speech in it's entirety
at the following web site:]
From: Anthony H. Tellier (57)
Subj: Y2K is OK Here.

Rest easy, travelers.  Last week our flight test program
(Boeing 717) synthesized the transition from 12/31/99 to
01/01/00 on the Flight Computers and nothing happened:
engines kept on engining; flight continued to fly, plane
stayed planar ... and, most important, the toilet
flushed "out" not backwards.  We did not explode,
implode or otherwise overrode the avionics and control

Phwew ... dodged another bullet!

Tony Yuma

BMW/Rolls-Royce Aero Engines
From: Stu Osborn (71)
Westside Radio People Raise Eyebrows at Bomber Name and Mascot

I was listening to my favorite sports talk radio station
KJR-AM a couple of days ago and they actually mentioned
the Bombers. I thought [the rest of you] would be
interested in what the West-sider radio personalities
think about the school's team name and mascot. Well, it
was during discussion of their "Bigger Dance" feature, a
kind of sweet-64 tournament of the most beautiful women
in sports, show business and local TV/Radio female
personalities as voted by the listeners, mostly men. One
of the places they said was the "home" of one of the
tournament brackets was, "Tri-Cities" and the discussion
turned to the individual towns. Mitch Levy, the host of
the "Mitch in the Morning" show on KJR was told by one
of the other hosts that the Richland team name was the
"Bombers" and Mitch immediately shouted, "No-way! I
can't believe that!" When the other host said no it was
true and that the mascot is a bomb and that there's a
big mushroom cloud on the Richland logo, Mitch said, No
way!" again and actually sounded flabbergasted on the
radio saying, "What's the team name for Kennewick, the
Kennewick Mutants? How about Pasco, is it the Pasco

It just caught me as funny but kind of tragic that
people forget that if it hadn't been for the work on the
bomb at Hanford, Japan or Germany would've beat us to it
and America would most-likely have lost W.W.II and those
radio guys would probably be somewhere near the Arctic
circle (the real one) working in forced-labor camps as
political prisoners because they certainly would've
gotten in trouble with their big mouths.

Thanks to all the scientists and laborers and a host of
others descending on the little town of Richland in the
early 60's we have a free country and I try not to
forget that unlike many people who are too young or to
stupid (as in Mitch Levy's case) to understand why the
Richland people are so proud of their history. Long live
the mushroom cloud! Go Bombers!

Stu Osborn (71)
From: Lee Ayers

I am married to a Richland "Bomber" - Judy Cameron (60),
so I read The Sandbox everyday, and enjoy it very much.

It's so enjoyable to read accounts of people's lives
when  they were in > high school; remembering the things
that most of us went through,  regardless of where we
went to school.

One thing I've noticed in The Sandbox is the lack of
response from athletes, or at least regarding athletic
experiences.  It seems most of  the responses deal with
the things that all of us experienced while going
through the development of social skills that are a very
important  part of our lives during those years.  And
these challenges and experiences, regardless of the
school and the generation, are the same for us all
during the middle-to-late teen years.

I would venture that The Sandbox has also served as a
therapeutic tool for many.  As the years pass, we all
have different experiences: Some good, and some not so
good.  Being able to reach back and remember doing
things with those persons with who we developed some of
our strongest and life-long friendships brings instant
pleasure from happy memories that occurred, for many of
us, long ago. So even though I'm not a graduate of your
high school, the events I read about are the same as
those at just about any school.  Only names of the
places where events occurred is different.

I would like to set up the same type of thing for my
high school -  Edmonds - but I don't know the procedures
involved in developing a home page.

Would you, when you have time, send me an e-mail
providing me with the necessary instructions?

Thanks, in advance, for your help.

Lee Ayers
[You will probably need more than just an E-mail to get
you started on your home page project, Lee. However,
some of those reading your letter may be able to send
you some good tips and resource info.  Some Internet
service providers have tutorials to help get you

 If yours does not, there are a number of good books
that could be very useful and a number of information
sources and free places on the Internet to help get you
and Arthur Bebak might be a great place to start,
published by IDG Books Worldwide, Inc. Such books will
be available at most larger book stores or on the net at or  Various editing programs are
available also, to make your job as a Webmaster easier.
Subj: "One Bad Spudnut (as reported by another
correspondent earlier), Does Not a Dozen Make!".

 In Issue #35 of The SANDBOX we announced that we would
sent a secret agent to The Spudnut Shop to ascertain
current Spudnut Quality. This was in response to a
report from another correspondent who became despondent
after encountering and consuming a Spudnut that did not
meet his expectancy.

In a message dated 4/4/99 7:51:32 AM PST, our Secret
agent filed the following report:

Well, I'm happy to report that the Spudnuts are alive
and well and still living in Richland.  I had 2 of them
AND a maple bar.  Mmmmmmm good.  The Spudnuts are a
littler smaller than they were 30 or 40 years ago, but
the rumors are wrong about them.  They are DELICIOUS!

Your SECRET AGENT in Richland

[After careful consideration, and because of the
positive nature of her findings, our brave, stalwart and
stealthy "SECRET AGENT" has chosen not to seek political
asylum in Canada after all. Even as we speak, she is
happily planning her return to the United States.  With
great appreciation for her hard work in the field and
the personal sacrifice she has made for Bombers
everywhere by testing and tasting such a massive
quantity of Spudnuts, we are at last able to reveal her
secret identity.  She is Vera Smith Robbins (58).

Thank you Vee! Bomber Cheers, and pass me another
Spudnut, please! -ap]
From: Dick E. Nelson (59)
Subject: Fwd: GAS-OUT!

If enough people do this, we might win. Pass it on:

[Moderator's Note: This is an idea that has been
circulated widely on the Internet.  The Sandbox welcomes
your comments on the potential viability of the idea.]


It's time we did something about the price of gasoline
in America!  We are all sick and tired of high prices
when there are literally millions of gallons in storage.
Know what I found out?  If there was just ONE day when
no one purchased any gasoline, prices would drop

The so-called oil cartel has decided to slow production
by some 2 million barrels per day to drive up the price.
I have decided to see how many Americans we can get to
NOT BUY ANY GASOLINE on one particular day!

Let's have a GAS OUT!  Do not buy any gasoline on APRIL
30, 1999!!!!! Buy on Thursday before, or Saturday after.
Do not buy any gasoline on FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 1999.

Wanna help?  Send this message to everyone you know.
Ask them to do the same. All we need is a few million to
participate in order to make a difference.
Subj:   Y2K Resources (Continued)
From:   John Northover (59)

(This continues a series of Y2K questions and answers as
forwarded by John Northover, based on U.S. Navy
advisories to its personnel early in 1999.  This info is
applicable to the civilian population as well.)

SERVICES --Continued.

 6.  Oil and gas.  Responses 11 through 13 are taken
from information provided on government and commercial
web sites and from the federal government's toll-free
Y2K hotline number (888)872-4925. Additional information
is available at the American Gas Association web site

Q11.  How could the oil and gas industry be affected by

A11.  Electric utilities and the oil and gas industry
depend on each other.  The electric sector depends on
oil and natural gas to generate electricity.  The oil
and gas sector depends on electricity to power its
control centers, business functions, and marketing and
sales. Both sectors also heavily depend on the
telecommunications sector and the transportation sector
to move oil and gas from production areas to end users
nationwide. Because of this interdependency, the
president's council on year 2000 conversion established
an energy working group to track progress of the energy
sector in achieving Y2K readiness.

Q12.  Will there be gasoline shortages because of Y2K?

A12.  An industry survey by the American Petroleum
Institute indicates that oil companies should be well
prepared to continue refinery operations after 1 Jan
2000.  76 percent of companies surveyed reported they
will have their embedded systems Y2K ready by Jun 1999.
73 percent reported they will have contingency plans in
place by Jun 1999.  Contingency plans address things
like identifying alternate electrical power sources and
transportation vendors ahead of time.  Year-end gasoline
lines and shortages at the pump could result from large
numbers of people all attempting to fill up their
vehicles just before the new millennium arrives.  Many
oil companies intend to increase reserves to address
this possibility.  Most major oil companies have posted
year 2000 readiness disclosures to their web sites.

Q13.  Will there be Y2K related problems with natural
gas supply?

A13.  An industry survey of municipal natural gas
distributors Shows 55 percent of those surveyed report
they have no electronic Systems whose failure would
affect their distribution operations.  Of the 45 percent
who report potential Y2K impacts, all but 6 percent
Expect to be Y2K compliant by Jun 1999.

Q14.  Is 1 Jan 2000 the only day that utilities could be

A14.  No.  The date 1 Jan 2000 is not the only date of
concern. Especially for embedded systems, other dates
can impact when a unit might fail.  Some computer
programs have used special codes to communicate with
host computers.  Codes such as 9999 often mean "the end
of a file or data transfer." 9 Sep 1999 could show up as
9/9/99, and be read as 9999 by some older systems.
Also, 9 Apr 1999 is the 99th day of 1999, and could also
be coded as 9999.  The following dates are significant
to all systems potentially affected by Y2K:

1999-04-09 99th day of 1999.
1999-09-09 9th day of 9th month year 99.
1999-10-01 government's fy2000 begins.
2000-01-01 overflows 2-digit years.
2000-10-10 first 10-character date.
2000-02-29 leap year.
2001-01-01 first day of 21st century and start of a new millennium.
2019-12-31 yy-date limit of Microsoft Excel 95.
2029-12-31 yy-date limit of Microsoft Excel (next major version).
2049-12-31 date limit of Microsoft Project 95 & previous versions.

7.  The president's council on year 2000 conversion
maintains a highly informative Y2K web site at
additionally, The white house has established a federal
year 2000 Information Center which operates a toll-free
Y2K hotline. The hotline Number is 1-888-872-4925.  The
hotline is manned by Information Specialists on weekdays
between 0700 and 2000 (EST) and provides recorded
information 24 hours a day.  Sailors and family members
Are encouraged to use these excellent resources.

8.  Commanding Officers and Officers In Charge should
continue to remind their people to beware of Y2K scams.
The associated press recently reported on con artists
who persuade people to withdraw money from the bank to
avoid computer glitches and invest the money with them.
Another common scam is unsolicited e-mail encouraging
people to invest in companies or products billed as
miracle fixes to the Y2K problem.  A credit card scam
recently surfaced in which "credit card insurance" or
"Y2K-compliant magnetic strips" for credit cards are
offered to victims via telephone solicitation.
Typically, a victim receives a call from an individual
claiming to be with a bank or other credit card issuer.
The caller offers to make the victim's credit card "Y2K
compliant" and immune to potential millenium-related
problems by mailing a new magnetic strip the victim can
affix to the card.  The victim is then requested to give
the credit card number to the caller.  Other related
scams include offering "credit card insurance" to
protect card holders from any Y2K-related problems.  Two
fraudulent companies associated with this scam are
"Credit Card Securities" and "National Credit Card
Protection." There are also scams which purport to
protect bank accounts, investments and other financial
assets. Credit card, bank account, financial or personal
information should never be given over the telephone to
unsolicited callers. Anyone receiving such solicitations
should contact NCIS, a local law enforcement agency, or
the national fraud information center at (800) 876-7060.

The nation's bankers recently told Americans not to
panic over the year  2000 date change, promising that
ATM  machines, credit cards, checks and  banking
services will be functioning  normally. - Associated
Press, Tuesday,  9 Feb 1999. (Remember, it is always a
good idea to maintain copies of financial statements and
account records.)

The federal government is expected to report to congress
(in mar 1999) that 75 percent of mission critical
systems are now Y2K compliant. - Matt Ryan, Senior
Policy Director, House Government Reform and Oversight
Government Management Information and Technology

DOD's Y2K problem will be more a nuisance than a crisis.
- Deputy Defense Secretary John J. Hamre.

Panic, greed and ignorance can all lead people to make
stupid mistakes - something con artists know well.

[Moderator's Note:  FAA and Nationwide Energy Plant
systems were Y2K tested during the past week and were
reported as Y2K-OK.  Still waiting for tests on grid
systems and whether railroads will be able to deliver
coal to coal fired power plants.]

That's it for this issue of the Sandbox fellow Bombers.
Let us know what you want to talk about.  Send your
opinions, ideas, comments on current happenings in your
life or in the life of the world to:


See you next time everybody..  In the meantime, please
do what you can to make this world a little nicer place
to live in than it would be if you weren't here.
  --- Al Parker,  Gatherer of Your Thoughts