THE SANDBOX ~ Issue #37 ~ April 17, 1999

 "You shall see them on a beautiful quarto page, where a
neat rivulet of text shall meander through a meadow of

     --- Richard Brinsley Sheridan 1751 - 1816

   (Referring, in anticipation of course, to your own
personal comments soon to be read in a Forthcoming issue
of The SANDBOX. These Words were repeated by Sheridan
after a recent time machine visit to our current time
and space continuum.)

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This Issue's Correspondents:
Norma Loescher (53), Geoff Rothwell (71), 
Patty Stordahl (72), Jerry Lewis (73), 
Sherry Nugent (62), Michael Curtis (70), 
Richard Pierard (52), Eva Clark (49)
From: Norma Loescher Boswell (53)  
Subj:  GasOut Plan Propsed in Sandbox #36

One gasless day will not work to reduce gas prices,
especially if the boycotted gas is bought the day before
and after. What might work is a consumer boycott over a
longer period. That means consumer  sacrifice— walking,
car-pooling, taking public transportation. Long-range,
it could mean buying smaller cars, so the auto industry
knows we're serious about getting better mileage for our
gas dollars.

From: Jerry  Lewis (73)  
Effect of The Bomb on WWII, GasOut & Y2K

Stu Osborne said: "It just caught me as funny but kind
of tragic that people forget that if it hadn't been for
the work on the bomb at Hanford, Japan or Germany
would've beat us to it and America would most-likely
have lost W.W.II and..."

Actually, we beat Germany into submission and they
surrendered before the bomb was finished. Afterwards, we
discovered that they were way behind on developing the
bomb.  Japan was also way behind us, and it's very
unlikely they would have been able to develop it in time
to make any difference in the WWII.  There is no doubt
that the production and use of the bomb accelerated the
end of the war with Japan, and got us the unconditional
surrender that we were demanding.  Check out "The Making
of the Atomic Bomb" by Richard Rhodes for the details.

Also, I've kept my silence about this Gas-out message
that's been floating around the net, but it kind of
annoys me.  I doubt that it would have any effect on
prices even if a large number of people didn't buy gas
on one particular day.  It's a fairly harmless message,
I suppose, but I get tired of that kind of post.

Lastly, the Y2K info may have given the impression that
Excel can't handle dates beyond 20** (whatever it was,
depending on the version).  Excel can handle dates far
beyond 2030 that are input in the full four digit
format.  The problem is the windowing it uses for dates
that are input in the two digit format.  This is a
solution that a number of programs use, but there are a
number of different windows used, so you have to be
careful when transferring data stored in a 2 digit
format, or if you type it in the two digit format.  One
program may cut off at 2030, another at 2040. The first
program would interpret the two digit date 35 as 1935,
the second as 2035.

Jerry  Lewis (73) 


From: Sherry Nugent Dupuy (62)  
Regarding a comment in Sandbox 36 by Patty Stordahl:

<<  I think it is a male orientated control issue of
some  base nature & need to conquer. >>

Patty.......interesting thought, but what do you make of
Ms. Albright?  She is quite the "hawk-ess." . Remember
the phrase..."Make love, not war"??  Think of it on the
same page as our President.  Monica is   gone, Hillary
has most likely froze him out, and he is being watched
closer now than anyone in the country.  In other "stuff", so bombs away!


From: Geoff Rothwell (71)  rothwell@leland.Stanford.EDU
Subj: "If it hadn't been for the work on the bomb...?"
(Responding to Stu Osborn's (71) comments in Sandbox #36

   Stu, Are you willing to discuss the sources of your
conclusion, "that if it hadn't been for the work on the
bomb at Hanford, Japan or Germany would've beat us to

I realize that plutonium bombs are a source of pride to
many of the early Richland residents, but there is no
reason to glorify weapons of mass destruction by
assuming that if the US had not been able to use them in
Japan, that we would have lost WWII. WE BEAT the Germans
and Japanese with conventional weapons. The bomb had
been designed to use against the Germans. We used it
against the Japanese for many reasons.  We dropped it
WHEN we did to stop the Russians from invading Japan and
ending the war with a divided Japan.  Why do we need to
keep telling ourselves that we saved millions of
AMERICAN lives by killing 100's of thousands of Japanese
civilians? It was RUSSIA that was going to invade Japan.
Why aren't the Cold War reasons for the bomb good enough
to justify Richland pride in its existence (decades of

Geoff Rothwell (71)

From: Eva Clark Perry (49)  
Subj: Wants to share an article.

When I read this article, thot I would like to share it
with  you all.  Sure fits my place in life.


[Sorry, Eva. I wasn't able to download the article you
sent.  Perhaps I had too many programs open at the time
and  not enough memory.  I'll plan on trying again
later.  In the meantime, please keep in mind that I have
to be very careful regarding any republication of
copyrighted articles.  It is always best, if you wish to
share ideas with us from articles you have read,  if you
can either summarize your own personal impressions of
the subject or pass along a web address, (URL), we can
go to should the article happen to be posted somewhere
on the net.  The Charlton Heston Speech referred to in
Sandbox #36 would be one example of this.  Your input is
always appreciated.

-Al Parker (53) for The Sandbox]

From: Patty Stordahl (72)  
Re: Gas-Out IRS-Out & Tea Anyone?

Regarding the Gas Out. I feel the same way about the
IRS.  Just one year don't send it in.  Your self
incriminating information which as far as I can
remember, I was taught that it was my legal right not to
incriminate myself.  Wonder if we can unite for gas how
many brave souls out there would unite for a flat
percentage tax & no loop holes or tax credits.  Lets
make life simple again 10% cross the board.  Don't get
me wrong I pay my fair share & then some & I know our
government must have someone pay for all those $3,000.00
screw drivers.  I for one need gas to run my car.  I can
fill up on the 29th or the 1st of May either way every
one who abstained from gas purchasing on the 30th will
eventually have to come sputtering in to the gas
station.  If we are going to do it realistically, we
should all buy a bicycle & ride to work for the entire
summer.  Great benefits would be: 2-3 months without the
average Joe buying gas would help the environment with
car pollution. Stop many DUI's. Who would be able to
give you a ticket for peddling while under the
influence? Think of how many lives would be saved with
no car accidents.  2-3 months with every one riding a
bicycle would probably add 10 years to our hearts & trim
our waistlines.  That would be great then we could keep
in touch longer. 2-3 months would put most gas moguls on
their proverbial ass financially & then we would be
considered without having to stage a boycott.

                  Anyone want TEA?

                     - - P. Stordahl 

From: Michael Curtis (70)  
Subject: Curious.

I am curious to know how many of my fellow classmates
have "come out" since our high school days.  I'm aware
of at least 3, but given a class of over 600 and the
10% estimated ratio... there are about 57 others out

From:  Richard Pierard (52)

I don't know what you have in mind about a TV debate or
when it would occur, but keep me posted.  Sounds
interesting.  Dick Pierard

Prof.Dr. Richard Pierard  
Department of History  
Indiana State University  
Terre Haute, IN  47809  U.S.A.

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