THE SANDBOX ~ Issue #39 ~ Published in Cyberspace ~ May 25, 1999

"Where so many hours have been spent in convincing
myself that I am right, is there not some reason to fear
I may be wrong?"
                 --- Jane Austin 1775 - 1817
               In Sense and Sensibility, ch. 31


 Richland Bomber Correspondents For This Issue Are:

Mike Franco (70), Cyndy Cowman (68)
L. Alan McMurtry (61), Ray Wells (54)
Mike Pearson (74), Patricia de la Bretonne (65)
John M. Allen (66), Arthur Roberts (48)
Joy Stanfield (71), Ramona Miller (54)
Joseph Choate (60), Jack Clark (66)
Dave Miller (67), Bill Yandon (68)


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Subject: Virus Alerts and Hoaxes
(Reprinted with permission.)

Q: Which of these things is not like the others?

1.  "Win a Holiday" computer virus alert
2.  "Returned/Unable To Deliver" computer virus alert
3.  "Join the Crew" computer virus alert
4.  "Word.Concept" computer virus alert
5.  "Penpal Greetings" computer virus alert

(Find the answer somewhere in this issue of


Subj:   Columbine Highschool Tragedy
From:   Mike Franco (70) ~

Following the tragic events in Littleton I  continue to
 be shocked at the number of people who think they not
 only have all the answers for this tragedy but that those
 answers all seem to be political. The whole event was
 caused by the media, violent TV, working mothers, the
 NRA, the conservatives, the liberals...and on and on.
 John Allen, you started with these murders and ended
 up with Linda Tripp as an honorable "whistle blower".
 Your premise on "not snitching' and what goes on with
 kids, and role models is way off target.

I have a thirteen year old straight A student in seventh
 grade. They have had no weapons problems at the Jr
 Hi she attends but I found a few knives and such have
 been discovered.  In each case the weapons were
 reported by other students and the offenders were out,
 period. My perspective is these kids are just like
 normal kids but they are aware of this danger and don't
 take it lightly. My daughter and her peers are much
 more socially aware than I ever was at that age. My
 daughter does not know who Linda Tripp is. Your
 concern with our children's role models is a little
 dramatic. Most of the kids in this crowd worship a
 particularly handsome math teacher, their basketball
 coach, the Backstreet Boys...In other words, the usual
 and normal (to me) kinds of people to look up to. I
 understand everyone's concern with politicians as role
 models and I agree that Clinton, Ollie North, Newt,
 Rostenkowski(SP), Spiro, Nixon, et al leave something
 to be desired. But let me assure you.....most of the
 youth I know utilize their all-American apathy to avoid
 the pain that some of us here seem to suffer from.

John Allen and I agree on very little politically but I
 was shocked to read your words about Bill Bradley. I
 have always like him....does this mean we have
 something in common? I really don't think Gore is as
 bad as some think...but I also don't think he will win.
 Anyway it will be a great campaign. The Chinese
 demonstrations have those  yearning for the cold war
 all excited again.

Good wishes to Bombers everywhere. Take care of our
 children and support our schools. There is no
 substitute for being there !.

               Mike Franco  Class of 1970


Subj:    The Sandbox
From:   Cyndy Brooks Cowman (68) ~

To Marriem (Sampson) Bradford `68: My heart goes
 out to you as you personally endured the tragedy in
 Littleton. It was hard enough for us who viewed it on
 TV. I am sure they appreciated your support.

Still on the issue of the shooting in Littleton, CO, I
was sent this editorial which expresses still another
view to the occurrence:

[Excerpts from the referred to editorial appear below:
It is from OCWeekly, May 21-27, 1999. It was written
 by Richard Goldstein. The URL, (Web Address) is:

The Chickens Came Home to Roost at Columbine High

When Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold opened fire in
 their high school on April 20, they couldn't have
 imagined how many people would benefit...

Law and order types found a platform for their
 long-standing plan to turn high schools into military
 camps, while liberals saw a powerful opening to pound
 home their demand for regulating guns. The president
 seized the triangulating moment, calling for both
 stricter gun laws and a Hollywood summit on teen

What's missing from this litany is any sense of how the
 culture on the ground contributed to the massacre at
 Columbine High. It's easier to crack down on nose
 rings than to confront a system that assigns status
 in proportion to gender conformity, relegating boys
 who can't meet the standard to the ranks of America's
 most despised minority, that legion of failed men
 known as "faggots." That's what the ruling jocks called
 members of the Trench Coat Mafia...

... at Columbine no one dared to be openly gay. So the
 "fag" treatment was reserved for kids like Harris and
 Klebold who didn't make the macho grade...

 ...Take a kid who's seething with insecurity, bait him
 on a regular basis, and you've given him a good reason
 to celebrate Hitler's birthday.

Harris and Klebold responded to their degradation in a
 typically compensatory wayŚ they assembled their
 own cult of rogue masculinity. But the jocks who
 oppressed them didn't have to go in for Hitler or

Marilyn Manson. For these top men, homophobia was
 a socially sanctioned way to rebel. It made them sexy,
 proved their power over boys who had to take the
 burn, and reclaimed the throne of a reviled masculinity.
 Athletic achievement was only the surface sign of their
 status; bigotry was what made these jocks local gods.
When John F. Kennedy was murdered in 1963,
 Malcolm X had a shocking reaction: "The chickens
 have come home to roost," he said. It's possible to see
 the massacre at Columbine High in the same unsparing
 terms. But it's much more satisfying to round up the
 usual suspects.  After all, they're "faggots."

Research: Steph Watts"

Article forwarded by:
Cyndy Brooks Cowman Class of 1968


Subj: A Different Perspective about Columbine & America
From:    L. Alan McMurtry (61) ~

        The following perspective about Columbine:

[Note: Selected excerpts are from an article written by-
            - by Bob Lonsberry c 1999 ]


The president said ...  that the tragedy at
 Columbine should make us look critically at ourselves
 as a society and as a nation. That we should search out
 our obvious weaknesses and failings as a people and as
 a culture. The president saw Tuesday as a day of
 national shame.

I don't see it that way at all.  I look at Columbine and I
 am proud to be an  American. I am touched and
 inspired by the goodness and courage of average
 people, and the  extent to which decency and faith
 spring from the American breast.

I mean no disrespect, and I am not overlooking the
 great pain Tuesday's carnage wrought on so many lives
 and families, but as I look at what happened
 in Littleton I see proof not that things are going wrong
 in America, but that things are going right.

Countless people, from Joe and Betty America to their
 politicians and commentators, have waxed gravely
 about what the Columbine murders "say about us." A
 Utah state legislator said it all started when "they took
 prayer out of schools." Rosie O'Donnell ranted angrily
 that we must "stand up to the NRA." A minister at a
 Denver memorial service said "gun manufacturers
 must be  held accountable for this tragedy."

For two days on my radio show I have heard from
 people who blame abortion, poor parenting, a lack of
 personal responsibility, Bill Clinton, liberals in general
 and a growing lack of spirituality in our society. Each
 of them has seen some great flaw in the American
 heart  that gave rise to the butchers of Columbine.

And each of them has been wrong.

Because to see the two murderers and the evil they did
 as a product of our national soul, and then to
 simultaneously ignore the hundreds of heroes and
 the goodness they did is to misrepresent the truth. If
 the tiny evil minority is a product of this society, so too
 is the overwhelming good majority.  If you look at our
 failures, you must also look at our successes.

I'm humbled to belong to a society which produced a
 hero teacher who, shot through the chest, his lifeblood
 glugging away, led a group of students to the
 barricaded safety of a classroom. For three and a half
 hours, as he knew he was dying, he calmed the
 students, and gave them direction.

I am proud to know that my country raised the
 youngsters who clustered around that teacher, tending
 his wounds as best they could, keeping him conscious,
 using a cellular phone to call paramedics for advice.

I am honored to share citizenship with the boy who
 thought to pull out the teacher's wallet so that he might
 look upon pictures of his family as he fought to stay
 alive. It was this culture which produced another
 teacher, his charges hiding in a room, brave enough to
 stand with nothing more than a fire extinguisher to
 drive away a threat to his students' safety.

The teen-agers who knelt to shield and comfort their
 wounded classmates grew up in this society. As they
 carried the injured to safety and stopped to pray
 with the frightened, they were acting out of a set of
 values they learned as Americans.

The president who saw no flaw in himself is too quick
 to see a flaw in us. Those who hate our way of life, or
 who seek to use tragedy to advance their political
 causes, will see deep trouble in the American soul. But
 their perception is not true. It doesn't reflect us, it
 reflects them.

This is a good land. We are a good people.  The
 children we raise are overwhelmingly decent and pure.

For us to mistakenly assert otherwise is to deny them
 and their virtue.  It is to deny the testament of the
 heroes of Columbine.

      - by Bob Lonsberry c 1999
     Sent by:  L. Alan McMurtry Class of 61

Bob Lonsberry is a talk show host and commentator on
 News Radio 1180 WHAM, in Rochester, New York.
 He has received more than 70 awards as a journalist
 and broadcaster, including two nominations for the
 Pulitzer prize. He's a veteran of the U.S. Army, a
 college drop-out, and in addition to his talk
 show is a syndicated newspaper columnist.


From:      Al Parker (53)
Subject:   Submitted Articles

Ordinarily The SANDBOX avoids extensive quotations from
sources not written by Richland Bombers themselves.
Although The SANDBOX is not a commercial venture, and
publication here is not likely to adversely effect the
economic well-being of outside authors, we still wish to
respect all copyrights and emphatically  encourage the
original comments of our Bomber subscribers.

If you feel inspired, challenged, or even chagrined by
something you see in the media or in the life that's
happening around you, it would really be great if you
could tell just exactly how YOU feel about the issue
from your own viewpoint and from the depths of your own

Thank you for your support!

                   Al Parker - Class of 1953


Subj:    Solving the "Littleton" syndrome
From:    Ray Wells (54)~

I've read with interest, the analysis and suggested
 solutions concerning what happened at Littleton,
 Colorado.  While these solutions all have merit, most
 of them are "symptom" treatments, and few, if any,
 will remove the cause of the problem.

Realistically speaking, we are not going to change the
 way people feel about "snitching" on a peer, nor are
 we going to convince a society who worships,
 athletes and movie stars, that academic achievements
 and other worthwhile contributions to society are just
 as worthy.

You can only teach by example.  We must each start
 with ourselves.  The old adage, "Tis better to light one
 small candle, than to curse the darkness" really applies.
 You, the individual, must emphasize and praise, that
 which you would have the world embrace.  As
 Bombers, we are as guilty as the rest of the society
 with our jock worship.  If you have ever belittled
 another person, for whatever reason, you have
 contributed to the "Littleton" problem.  As long as we
 raise our children in a family atmosphere of
 belittlement and celebrity worship, we can expect the
 "Littleton" incident to be repeated over and over again.

It is time that we realized that everyone is important.
 Some are important because of what they can and have
 contributed to society in a positive way. All are
 important, because any one of us is capable of
 perpetrating enormous harm to society if when we feel
 we are abused.  When you abuse another person, you
 may have just lit the fuse to a time bomb.

                 Ray Wells - Class of 1954


Subj"  They Should Hide Some Tabloids Behind the Pornography.
From:  Mike Pearson (74) ~

If this is a lousy sand castle, sorry, but I'm a little upset.
 This week's assault on the family Jean Benet Ramsey
 ( God rest her Soul ) _tests the limits_ of how
 indifferent we are to billboards in the supermarket.  In
 recent weeks, they have declared, one  by one, each
 member of her family to have done the deed.  This
 week it is her brother. They figure we need to know
 just what he looks like -- so we can be on  the lookout,
 maybe.  This boy can't fight back.  Moms in the
 supermarket with their kids are confronted with a
 picture of an ordinary little boy BRANDED a
 cold-blooded killer with a sexual motif lingering  in the
 background, in that she was a little tot who wore a lot
 of makeup etc. It's not just bad journalism, it's evil.
 The supermarkets should hide this stuff.  We can't put
 everything in Alumni Sandstorm, but they can put
 anything into millions of those tabloids.

                 Mike Pearson (Class of 74)


From:  Patricia de la Bretonne (65)
Subj:   Not a favorite teacher.

Mr. B******  was not my favorite math teacher.  Back
 in the early 60s he was allowed to give "spats" for
 things like not bringing your math test back, signed by
 a parent, by a certain date.  Up in front of the class,
 bend over, get hit with a big wooden paddle. Give me
 a break!  Young adolescent boys and girls do not need
 to be hit with a stick in front of each other.  My Mom
 wrote him a letter suggesting he "find another form of
 punishment".  Mr. B****** probably thought I was a
 piece of work, but the feeling was mutual.

               Patricia de la Bretonne '65


Subj:       STANDARDS??
From:       John M. Allen (66)


Monday, May 24th, 1999 -  Today the Supreme Court
 of the United States ruled that one fifth grader may not
 sexually harass another fifth grader, and if this happens
 in a school environment, the school may be sued.   Of
 course, any popular, Democrat president with mostly
 "good hair days" may do whatever he wishes, to
 countless women, with absolutely no legal
 consequence.   From these situations we simply "move
 on."   Another great example we are setting for our
 children.   Where DO these fifth graders learn about
 sexual harassment, anyway?

---John Allen
From: Arthur Roberts (48)
Subj:   How come?

How come, when you rent videos, that little window
 through which you can view whether the tape is re-
 wound or not, is always covered up by the sticker that
 says,  "Please Be Kind, Please Re-Wind?"


Subjects to Discuss:

Should the UN bombing continue?
Should we believe in Milosevicks concessions?
Could our government have prevented (or helped) this

                Joy Stanfield - Class of 1971


Subj:   Answers to "Virus Alert" Quiz:

The Question Was:

Which of these things is not like the others?

1.  "Win a Holiday" computer virus alert.
2.  "Returned/Unable To Deliver" computer virus alert.
3.  "Join the Crew" computer virus alert.
4.  "Word.Concept" computer virus alert.
5.  "Penpal Greetings" computer virus alert.

The Answer Is:

(4). The "Word.Concept" virus is real. The rest are
 hoaxes designed to frighten you.

Don't panic about a virus alert...

Visit and for more information
about computer virus hoaxes and myths.



Subject:  Re-Subscribe
From: Ramona  (Miller) Garcia (54)

Thanks for "resubscribing" me to the Sandbox.

I thought John Allen's contribution was great.  Glad to
 know someone else thinks like I do.  I don't usually
 print all the  Sandbox but I did this one just to get his
 portion.  Good points all around to think about.

                          Ramona (Miller) Garcia
                          Class of 1954



Please add my e-mail address for the sandbox. Have
 missed receiving it.

Bill Yandon
Class of 1968
E-mail address is


From: (Josef Choate)

you are doing a good job, I have been able to keep
 abreast of all your moves and current changes.
-- Joseph 60)


Please add this address to the send list for THE
 SANDBOX.  Enjoy your vacation.  Thanks.
 Jack Clark. (66)


Subj:   no mail
From:   UNCLED8102

Where is the sandbox? No bomber news is not good for
 my morning reading. Dave Miller 67



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