THE SANDBOX ~ Issue #40 ~ June 5, 1999
   "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."
                      --William James

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Subj: Our Youth: Our Future.
From: Gayle Walley Burnhamn (79)~

This is the first time I have written in, but I wanted to
 say 'thanks' to L. Alan McMurtry for sending in that
 commentary by Bob Lonsberry. And amen, amen,
 amen to what he had to say.  I fear that we in America
 and in other parts of the world are becoming a society
 that feeds too much on sensationalism; the more
 negative, the more horrific, the more tragic the media
 can make something, the more we hang on every   
 word. ( What about that influence on our young
 people?)  I didn't read this in any of the commentaries
 that I read concerning the Littleton tragedy, but I think
 it would behoove all parents to be aware of what
 music their children are listening to, what programs
 they are watching, what books they are reading.  Most
 of us are doing our best to teach our children to be 
 honest, caring, responsible, morally upright individuals
 who can and do and will make positive contributions
 to society.  It was wonderful to read Bob Lonsberry
 pointing out to us that many of us are succeeding in 
 our efforts--that the world is still full of great young
 people.  What about the parents of those two boys
 who did the killing?  I'm sure they had great hopes for
 their boys as well.  Their pain must be almost
 insufferable.  But we're all asking ourselves, what
 happened? And, of course, nobody really has the
 answers.  But if the parents of those boys didn't teach
 them the things that brought them to the point of
 killing others--and I don't believe they did--where were
 they learning the beliefs and attitudes behind their
 eventual actions?  Many people believe that the fact
 that those two boys were made fun of and ostracized
 and picked on were their motivations for what they
 did.  What about you?  Have you ever been made fun
 of, or ostracized, or picked on?  I have.  Lots of
 people have.  There will always be unthinking,
 immature, selfish individuals in the world who don't
 understand the hurt they cause others until 'what goes
 around, comes around'.  But kill those who taunt you?  
 There were other choices.  They could have dropped
 out of school, ignored the tormentors, etc.  It's not like
 they were trapped.  At least they had each other, so
 one was not alone without a friend.  They had cars to 
 drive and were well provided for.  But where did they
 come up with the idea that killing these 'problems' in
 their lives was the reasonable answer?  I'm sure their
 parents didn't teach them to solve their problems with
 murder.  But that is the message played over and over
 again in much of the music available to teens these
 days and in many of the programs they watch   
 (including cartoons), and is the subject of many
 modern day novels and writings.  Hollywood loves to
 glorify the 'bad guys' and the teens love to watch those
 kinds of movies.  I'm not saying I know this is the
 reason behind what went wrong, but just offering food
 for thought.  I have 3 teenagers of my own, and   
 though I do my best to give them standards and
 guidelines of behavior to model to keep their minds
 and actions 'out of the gutter' so to speak, I am aware
 that they are bombarded continually by music and
 other influences that do not support what I am doing. 
 Sometimes I'm sure my voice is only like a whisper 
 amongst a myriad of loud voices in the world 
 clamoring for their attention.  So that's why I say I
 think it wise for all parents to be aware of what voices
 in the world your children are listening to so you can
 keep encouraging them through a good and positive
 course.  We must believe in our youth and glorify their
 goodness. They are our future.

  --Gayle Walley Burnham (79)
[Note: ...Gayle is the daughter of Linda Anderson and 
Galen Walley who also attended Col-Hi.  We have lots
of second and third generation Bombers writing to The
SANDBOX.  It would be interesting to include such 
information when you send your us your letters.!]  


Subj:   There is Wellness, Too!
From:   Barbara Chandler (59) 

To:    Alan Mc Murtry
Re:    Your article by Bob Lonsberry

Thank you, thank you, thank you.   I needed to hear
 what he had to say.  It is the absolute first "anything" I
 have read in the media or otherwise (leave it to the
 Sandbox to let it be viewed) that had anything to say
 about what went right about the tragedy in Littleton.

It made me think of many kindnesses, small acts of
 courage, love made known I have witnessed in my 58
 (oh God) years on this planet. It brought tears to my
 eyes and uplifted me from the dregs of that awful
 sinking feeling I get when horrible atrocities are visited
 upon our lives.  I just wanted to tell you that I, for one,
 appreciate your thoughtfulness in sharing something
 that we needed to hear.  Like I have witnessed many
 times in my life, it is not the "uglyness" that is a part of
 life that we need to hear over and over, but humanity's 
 "wellness", how we react and overcome that will help
 us to be a better society.  I'm not good with this,
 words are so hard to express the very deep feelings
 that were evoked, but I needed to, again, thank you for
 sharing something that I needed to hear.  Thanks,

              Barbara Chandler - Class of 59


Subj:    Information: Am I a fool in Paradise?
From:    Mike Pearson (74) ~

This Internet could be such a beautiful world.
 It's not there yet.  For example, my incoming email
 could have been lost, and how would I know?

With that, are the Constitution and our modern world
 in danger of being overrun by power-mad Old World 
 mind sets?

The following opening paragraph is from an article
 on a U.S. Army web page at

I think we have a serious challenge.

             ---   Mike Pearson  (74)

 ****  Opening paragraph ****

Information Warfare:  

Task Force XXI  or Task Force Smith?
by Major Curtis A. Carver Jr., US Army

The US Army is on the verge of suffering its greatest
 defeat in history; a defeat that will redefine revolution
 in military affairs on the informational battlefield. Why
 will this defeat occur you ask? Because the United
 States is not taking the defensive steps necessary to
 limit the effectiveness of a sophisticated, coordinated
 cyberwar attack, despite the availability of proper
 tools. This article examines the growing potential for
 an informational disaster by ex-ploring recent cyberwar
 attacks and the threats posed by these attacks. After
 winning the first information-age war in the Persian
 Gulf, the United States could well be the next victim of
 information warfare.


Subj:      MEA CULPA (or NOT)
From:      John M. Allen

FELLOW BOMBERS:  I find that I must make a
 terrible confession, and I can only hope that you will
 see fit to extend your forgiveness to me.  I am forced
 to admit that, prior to composing and submitting my
 rant on "Example" to Issue #38 of the SANDBOX, I
 did NOT consult with Mike Franco's 13 year-old
 "straight A" daughter.   Certainly no attempt at logic
 which has not been previously cleared with a 13  
 year-old girl has any chance at validity.   I should have
 been more truthful with you about this failure to
 adequately research my conclusions.

Come on, Mike!   Do you really believe that if YOUR
 13 year-old doesn't know something this year, then
 most teenagers of any age also don't know it?   And do
 you believe that whatever happens in her school is  
 first, last and always cleared through YOUR daughter? 
 What incredible pressure she must endure!!   Good
 grief, Mike!  Jonesboro, Springfield, Paducah, Conyers
 and Columbine are not cities on some other planet. 
 Your daughter's experience aside, it is infinitely more
 reasonable to assume that the vast majority of high
 schools (and a significant number of grade schools) in
 this country, HAVE had firearms pass through their
 doors in the possession of students, and that most
 children who know about them, choose not to tell their
 parents for any number of reasons - especially if those
 parents don't encourage their children to inform. Even
 from the way you wrote about the knives in your
 daughter's school, it sounds as though you didn't
 initially hear about them from her.   And if you didn't,
 what else might she have chosen not to tell you?   If
 anyone OUGHT to understand about teenagers trying
 to keep their parents in the dark about certain things,
 it's YOU.

There are things that parents, whether they like it or 
 not, simply don't get to decide for their children.   For
 example, they DON'T get to decide what is and is not
 "quality time," and especially WHEN that occurs.
 Those are decisions that only the child can make.  
 However unfair it may seem to parents, in the eyes of a
 child, there are some absences parents can never make
 up with the parents' version of "quality time."   Of
 equal importance, parents DON'T get to decide what a
 child will tell them.  They can encourage their children
 to tell them difficult things, and by their EXAMPLE,
 they can make it easier for children to open up, but it
 will always be the decision of the individual child.   To
 believe otherwise is simply to continue with the 
 delusions and rationalizations too often typical of Baby
 Boomer parenting.   I stand by every word I wrote
 about "example" in Issue 38.

Mike, as for the progression from Columbine to the
 demonizing of Linda Tripp, I can only say that it is
 well that you are not involved in law enforcement.   If
 my 4-5 step trail was too difficult or convoluted for
 you to follow, try reading Vincent Bugliosi's book,
 HELTER SKELTER, so we can have you tell us all
 how Charles Manson couldn't possibly be guilty of the
 Tate-LaBianca murders.

Finally, I'm sorry you seemed to have missed my
 mention of parents as the PRIMARY role models for
 children.  You DO believe in that, don't you?   In any
 event, aside from having your head conveniently buried
 in the sand content-wise, I must say that your last
 submission shows significant improvement in terms of
 its literary construction.   Keep it up!!

--John Allen ('66)


Subject: Try This:
(Forwarded by Ray Wells (54))

This was funny! Try this it worked for me. Here is
 proof that either Bill Gates has a sense of humor or
 that he is part of that right wing conspiracy Hillary
 keeps talking about.

 1) Open a new Microsoft Word document 
 2) Type the phrase: I'd like Bill Clinton to resign
 3) Highlight this phrase as if you we're going to check
 for spelling 
 4) Select: Tools - Language - Thesaurus 

[Moderator's Note: Alright... not all of us have
 Microsoft Word installed on our computers, so please,
 will  some of you who do use WORD,  Please write
 and let us know tell us what you get when you do as 
 prescribed above? Inquiring Bombers want to
 know--- (maybe)]

Flower Essence Pharmacy
 800-343-8693 (toll-free in the USA & Canada) or 503-
 668-7160. Fax: 503-826-1408 PO Box 1147 Sandy,
 Oregon 97055 USA 


Subj:    PUT UP OR SHUT UP !!
From:    John M. Allen (66)

To: MIKE FRANCO (and other flaming liberals). You
 have no idea how encouraged I am to see that you are
 a Bradley supporter and so, in the furtherance of
 EXCELLENCE (as opposed to mediocrity or worse)
 in government, I am publicly challenging you to match
 just HALF of my $1000 contribution to the Bradley
 for President campaign.   You have a good job, so
 here's your chance to put your money where your
 mouth is.   The man needs your money early (read that
 NOW), not next year when the primaries are all over
 by March.   If he wins the primary, you can contribute
 again up to $1000.  According to his official web site
 at, your check should be
 Mike, you send me your CASHIER's CHECK (my
 requirement) to mail for you, and I'll send you mine to
 mail for me - or vice versa, if you like.   I'll be
 contributing even if you are too...............tight to do
 the same.   As a died-in-the-wool Republican, I feel I
 can be a credible clearing house for publicizing those
 Democrats who are serious about who their next
 president might be.   By the way, anyone who wishes
 to contribute more than $200, please go to the Bradley
 web site mentioned above to print out, and then fill
 out, the contribution form to send along with the
 check.   However, according to the official RULES
 (FEC Law, which we REPUBLICANS try to abide by)
 you may not contribute more than $1000 per candidate
 per campaign.   Unfortunately, your contribution(s)
 will have to be from pure conviction because federal
 campaign contributions are NOT tax deductible.

Contributions to the Gore campaign count ONLY
 toward furthering mediocrity in government, so don't
 bother to forward any checks for his campaign.

VOTE BRADLEY; the candidate for the THINKING
 (as opposed to the emotional/feel good) liberal.

---John Allen ('66)

Subj:          Whoa!  What a Concept!
From: Eva Clark Perry (49) ~

 Whoa! What in the world is happening with our kids
 today? Let's see...I think  it started when Madalyn
 Murray O'Hair complained  that she didn't want any
 prayer in our schools, and  we said OK. Then someone
 said you had better  not read the Bible in school-the 
 Bible that says thou  shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal,
 and love your  neighbor as yourself. And we said, OK.

 Remember  Dr. Benjamin Spock, who said we
 shouldn't spank our children when they misbehave,
 because their little  personalities would be warped and
 we might damage their self-esteem? And we said, OK,
 we won't spank  them.  Then someone said that
 teachers and  principals better not discipline our
 children when  they misbehave. And our administrators
 said whoa, no one in this school better touch a student
 when they  misbehave because we don't want any bad
 publicity,  and we surely don't want to be sued.  Then
 someone said, let's let our daughters have abortions if
 they want, and we won't even have to tell their
 parents. And we said, that's a grand idea.

Then someone else said, let's give our sons all the
 condoms they want, so they can have all the "fun"
 they desire, and we won't have to tell their parents.
 And we said, that's another great idea.

And then  some of our top officials said that it doesn't
 matter what we do in private as long as we do our
 jobs. And we said, as long as I have a job and the
 economy is good, it doesn't matter to me what
 anyone does in private.  So now we're asking
 ourselves why our children have no conscience, why
 they don't know right from wrong, and why it doesn't
 bother them to kill. Probably, if we think about it
 long and hard enough, we can figure it out. I think it
 has a great deal to do with "we reap what we sow".
 Whoa! What a concept! 


Subj: Passing On
From: Kevin Ott (81)  ~

I'd like to send my condolences to my dad, Don Ott,
 Class of '61.  His father, Donald Lewis Ott, my
 grandfather, passed May 12, 1999 at Kadlec Hospital
 in Richland.  "I'll miss the smell of your pipe tobacco,

Kevin Ott
Bomber Class of '81 


 That's all for today's Sandbox, folks, so what do you
 want to talk about next?  Here are some things you
 might wish to consider:

1.  Do we really need to be all that concerned about
 saving the whales?  Don't they consume a lot of the
 ocean's resources, after all?

2.  What did you see in the news during the past week
 that upset or pleased you the most?

3.  Do you have faith that the State Initiative now being 
 petitioned for, reducing vehicle license tabs to $30
 annually with the proviso that citizens must approve
 all future tax increases has merit and that it will work?
 Should the heavier and more expensive road users
 really pay the same as the less expensive and lighter
 compact vehicles?

4. As the situation in Kosovo proceeds, do you believe
 now, that it was a good or a bad idea to intervene
 along with other NATO nations as we have?  Do you
 have a different opinion now than you did have earlier? 

5. How many of you are going to reunions this
 year?  Is there anybody in particular, or others in
 general, you would like encourage to come?  Are you
 going to "crash" another class's bash? 

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Al Parker (53) 
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