THE SANDBOX ~ Issue #44 ~ Published in Cyberspace July 14, 1999
           Dedicated to a Diversity of Opinion, 
      Useful Information and Personal Experience

        "What is your sex's earliest, latest care,
            Your heart's supreme ambition? --
                           To be fair."
        - Lord Lyttelton George (1709 - 1773)

                  Advice to a Lady (1733)


  ~~ Here's What We're Talking About Today ~~

Part A:
    Inserts- One-liners sprinkled throughout.
                  Forwarded by Vera Smith Robbins (58)
Part B.     Ins and Outs 
                with contributions from:  
        Brad Wear                    Rick Maddy
        Tony Sharpe                Larry Bruggeman
        Patti Eckert Weyers     Jay Siegel
                       Dennis Clinton

Part C.   It's About Relationships:
                        Free Speech and Civility
                        Radiation and Coffee
   (Drink lots of coffee before hand -  but never after      
    you've been hit by the bomb!)
                        By  Norma Loescher Boswell

Part D.   Three Things About The Daily News
          (It's not just about reading the funnies, folks!)
                          By Mike Pearson

Part E.  SANDBOX Scoop!
            Yakima Police Officer Retains Sense of
             Humor After Being Shot in Chest.
                         By D.P. Clinton

Part F.  Additional Commentary:
    Mike Pearson on Free Speech
    Jay Siegel on Pogo and the World We Have Built
    Arthur Roberts on Principle Above Party
    Maren Smyth on Names

Part G.   Butterfly Collection
              Responses To Butterfly Link

With:   Jean Armstrong,   David Rivers,   Shirley
 Collings Haskins, DPClinton, Patricia de la Bretonne,
 Norma Loescher Boswell, Vickie Andersen Simmons,
 Hugh  Hinson, Ramona Miller Garcia
Part H.   To Chat or Not To Chat
              (Have you seen ICQ's "cop-out" clause?)
                        From PC World

Part I.  Your Opinion Please!
            (Questions for Your Consideration)
                        From The SANDBOX

Trivia: What is the longest word in the English
 language you can type only using your left hand?
                       From Paul Harvey News

   (Answer appears somewhere in this dispatch.)

Part B.  Ins and Outs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Featuring comments by:  
           Brad Wear                  Rick Maddy,
          Tony Sharpe                Larry Bruggeman
           Patti Eckert Weyers    Jay Siegel
                        Dennis Clinton

Ins and Outs #1
Brad Wants In---
Subj:   Add me to the list
From:   Brad Wear (71)

Thank you for hosting the site, it's great.  I found it
 today (6/29) and now I'll have to read some of the
 archived topics.  I would appreciate being added to the
 mailing list if possible.

[You're in, Brad. Welcome -ap]  

Joy Stanfield--- you might be approaching 50
 chronologically but it's all in the mind, I'm still 25 in
 my physical endeavors.  --Brad Wear '71.


Ins and Outs #2
Rick's Still Out - But Says Nice Things
           Rick Maddy (67)


I forgot to mention thank you for all your work in the
 Sandbox. Many accolades go out to Gary and Maren,
 and rightfully so, but I needed to tell you how I (more
 likely, WE) have appreciated your time and energy in
 "The Box."

Being removed from the Sandbox isn't giving up my
 rights on anything. I'm only exercising my right to not
 receive it.


                   --- Rick Maddy (67) ---

[O.K. EVERYONE - I really appreciate Rick's very
 kind words.  But since Rick probably won't be reading
 this issue of The SANDBOX, he's bound to be feeling
 lonely.  So how about EVERYBODY send him a nice
 little E-mail at  just to say "hi!" 
 Hundreds of friendly notes  are certain to brighten his
 day! -ap]

Ins and Outs #3
Jay Wants In!
Subj:    Every day is an adventure!
            JAY A SIEGEL (61)

I don't know why I never visited the Sandbox before - I
 can't remember the link before, but it is great. Please
 start my subscription. - Jay Siegel (61)

You're in, Jay.  Welcome!

Ins and Outs #4
Tony Wants Out Unless Positioning Was an Accident

Subj:   John Allen Banished to The Credits Section
From: (Tony Sharpe) (63)

Al, Surely you didn't succumb to the
 Liberal/Moderate/Centrist whine and threats to leave
 the forum because ol John got under their skin with a
 few of the remarks in his various "letters to the editor".
 Was John almost last and only before Millie's new
 E-Mail address in Issue #43 by accident or are you
 putting him there so those that really know what's best
 for the rest of us won't have to scroll on by or use the
 energy to delete before reading what is often excellent
 political commentary.  If that's just the way it worked
 out this time, no problem, but if it's intentional, please
 remove me from the list. I get enough of the lefty point
 of view from the media in Seattle.

Ain't it fun being a publisher?

[Yes, it is, Tony...  most of the time.  By the way,
 have you seen the movie, "The Paper?"  A great one
 to rent! -ap]

                     --- Tony Sharpe ' 63  ---
    (Standing To The Right and Damn  Proud of It)

Tony Continues:
PS my spell checker said that "ain't" ain't spelled
 correctly. Is there any one out there who is gifted in
 the King's English, who can enlighten me as to the
 proper way to spell "ain't?" I feel that I must have
 spent too much time at MOO U learning about
 business, and not enough on dem liberal arts, where I
 would know better spelling and such.

                       -- Tony Sharpe --

[In answer to Tony's query: After all is said and done,
 "placement" of Sandbox Content, both in terms of
 what contributors send in and how readers "read"
 what's in The SANDBOX has a lot more to do with
 each members personal choices than it does with me! 

Placement of contributions is largely effected by
 the order in which the items are received, but other
 factors, such as how articles relate to each other and
 the general sense of flow from beginning to middle to
 end are sometimes considered as well. I may also at
 times, all other things being equal, try to encourage
 newer contributors by giving them some degree of
 prominence.  If contributions to a particular issue seem
 to lend themselves to a kind of theme, I may try
 to arrange the entries in an order that helps support
 that theme.  My real satisfaction as Sandbox
 Moderator comes from Supporting ALL OF YOU, in
 any way I can, to make this forum as informative,
 stimulating and entertaining as possible.

Nobody gets hidden in the back pages here.  There are
 none. All the names are at the top. You can go directly
 to any contributor you desire.  You can scroll, delete,
 word-search forward, or whatever. You can even
 move the stuff at the end right up to the front if that
 makes you feel good..  In almost every issue
 somebody's entry is going to be last. I may intervene    
 if necessary now and then, to prevent the same person
 from enjoying a "last word advantage" repeatedly.

But have you actually considered this: If you were
 giving an important speech, would you not consider it
 just as vital to have a strong, compelling, "inspire to
 action" Ending as it is to have a "captivating attention-
 grabbing" Opening?  That is exactly where the talking
 stops and the real action begins.  That's a power spot! 
 The best bands and the best teams always play last and
 are remembered the most.  I'll take that position
 any time, Tony.  Wouldn't you?  -ap]


Ins and Outs #5
Larry's Turned On.
           Larry Bruggeman (54)

I am one of the class of 54 survivors.  Recently turned
 on to the class 54 renown page, club 40 and 

Regardless of how many (or few) of the opinions I
 agree with I would like to send my kudos to Al for the
 faith and persistence to keep this forum going.  

Al you are doing a great public service at the same time
 threatening the livelihood of a growing number of
 professional counselors who make there living
 listening to and agreeing with the opinions voiced on
 these pages.  Keep the faith Al!


Ins and Outs #6
Patti Wants Back In After Move

From:   Patti Eckert Weyers (68)

Please send the SandBox to me here now in the Tri
 Cities:  I have been
 forwarded several copies and would like to read this
 from my own mail box now, thanks.  Patti Eckert
 Weyers (68) thanks !!!


Ins and Outs #7
Dennis Likes it Here

From:   Dennis Clinton  (Bomber Friend)

Thanks for the site check, [butterflies] it's cool...

And thanks for keeping me on your mailing list.
Although it seems you have lost a few subscribers, 
those of us who have a more open mind seem to be 
able to accept the good with the bad.  The whiners 
are just as welcomed as those who praise.

                     --Dennis Clinton --

One Liner:   If all is not lost, Where is it?

Part C.   It's About Relationships ~~~~~~~~~~
                        Free Speech and Civility
                        Radiation and Coffee
   (Drink lots of coffee before hand -  but never after          you've been 
hit by the bomb!)
From:        Norma Loescher Boswell (53 )

Subj:    Free Speech, Civility and Radiation Protection
I had the intention of writing to support freedom of
 expression and lack of censorship, but packed my
 suitcase and went to judge roses in Spokane instead.
 Now I see that others have expressed my point of view
 and taken off  the pressure.

 Nevertheless, I will add my plea for civility. We can
 maintain civility by avoiding name-calling. It is fair play
 to describe a situation, tell what happened, and give
 one's personal feelings about it. It is unfair,    
 inflammatory--and untrue--to use "pigeonhole" words
 like "bleeding heart liberal" and "right wing extremist"
 to categorize another person. I have  never known a
 human being who fit a pigeonhole. We are
 multi-faceted  individuals, each one of us performing
 both goodness and villainy. We will  rarely be as good
 as we could be, but we can often make good choices.
 Let us strive for civility.

Now, with that off my chest, here is an interesting
 nuclear-related oddity of a story:
Study Says Coffee Protects Against Radiation  June 24,
 1999  LONDON (The Independent) - If you hear a
 warning that a nuclear attack is  imminent, you should
 hope that you have some coffee brewing. If you
 manage to drink 100 cups before the bomb hits, you
 might be able to survive an  otherwise lethal dose of
 radiation.  Scientists at the Bhabha Atomic Research
 Centre in Bombay have discovered that rats injected
 with caffeine are able to stand high levels of gamma
 radiation.  In a research program, rats injected with
 100 mg of caffeine per kilogram of  body weight an
 hour before radiation exposure survived for more than
 a month  afterwards. Those with no caffeine, or lower
 doses, died before that, the team reported in the
 Journal of Radiological Protection.  For a man
 weighing about 175 pounds, the 100 mg-per-kilo
 requirement would  demand a coffee intake of at least
 100 cups in a matter of minutes before  the bomb hit.

But beware not to drink coffee after the blast. "Caffeine
 administered after irradiation seems to induce
 chromosomal aberrations rather than preventing
 them," said Dr. Mike Clark of Britain's National
 Radiological Protection Board.

Copyright 1999 The Independent. All rights reserved. 

            --- Norma Loescher Boswell (53) ---


One liner: It is easier to get older than it is to get wiser.


Part D.   Three Things About The Daily News ~~~~
          (It's not just about reading the funnies, folks!)
                       By Mike Pearson (74)

Al Parker wrote: Scan today's Newspaper.  Which
 three topics do you think are the most important or
 life-affecting there? 

   Crossword Puzzle: Most people give us inadequate
   clues:  With courteous company excepted,
   "A wienie is a wienie"  is about typical of all
   the advice we get.  Yes, "a rose is a rose is a rose."
   What's a word with 11 letters and begins with "x!"
   The Horoscope:  Pretend we  know everything and
   can give advice to everyone daily, Just like
   real life -- the less we know, the simpler it all seems.
   I don't want them flying me anywhere.

   Want ads:  Obviously  a scam.  They never read:
   Wanted:  Multi-millionaires with crazy life philosophy 
    to ignore the Constitution and impose various 
    errors upon folks too worn down by a lifetime of
    work to resist or effectively  question them.  Also 
    seeking ambitious yes-men (& women) to be 
    unquestioning media spokespersons.

   Adults and kids have something in common: 
   someone big is not telling us everything they should; 
   they're  probably thinking of their own advantage
   with all the depth of these three topics.
                  --- Mike Pearson (74) ---


One Liner:  If at first you do succeed, Try not to look


Part E.   SANDBOX SCOOP! ~~~~~~~~~~~~
Subj:     News Behind The News

         Yakima Officer Retains Sense of Humor
               After Being Shot In Chest

From:    Dennis Clinton

[The following is in reference to Yakima Police officer
 Doug Robinson who was shot during a routine traffic
 stop in Yakima on June 24, 1999.  He is now fully
 recovered and back on duty, thanks to the protection
 of a Kevlar vest.  The 17 year old alleged assailant is
 now in custody facing charges of first degree
 attempted murder. -ap]

The officer who was shot was my *FTO during my
 rookie year, he's quite a character. He called the
 dispatcher a couple of hours after being shot, from the
 hospital, requesting if he was clear to have his dinner
 break. He has done other humorous things since then
 to help all of us work through those little demons that
 rise to the surface under these conditions. He is
 actually one of our more humorous guys on the force,
 he has a wicked since of humor, no doubt. And yes, we
 all wear our vest and there wasn't too much he could
 have done differently to avoid this from happening. It
 is a dangerous job at times but one that has to be done
 never the less.

                      --- Dennis Clinton ---
   [D.P. Clinton is a Yakima Reserve Police Office and
 worthy SANDBOX friend.  In addition to his regular
 job associated with the aeronautics & space industry, he
 publishes the Yakima Reserve Officers Newsletter and
 is active in a number of other community events.

[Interesting Side Light: Dennis graduated in 1972 from
 William M. Neff High School in Los Angeles whose
 teams, emulating UCLA, also adopted "Trojans" as
 their team name.  William M. Neff High School was
 the film locale for the popular movie, "Fast Times at
 Ridgemont High."  The property has since become
 part of an industrial park.]

    [In a later conversation with Dennis, I learned that
 one of Officer Robinson's earliest comments after
 arriving at the hospital was, "Sure glad I was wearing
 clean underwear."  His wife then confirmed the fact
 that, even after being shot, his shorts were still
 clean. -ap]

*FTO: Field Training Officer


One Liner:   It was so different before everything


Part F. Additional Commentary ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                 Mike Pearson on Free Speech
                 Jay Siegel talks about Pogo
                 Arthur Roberts:  Principle Above Party
                 Maren Smyth: Something About Names

Subj: There's Something to be Said About Free Speech
From:   Mike Pearson (74)

To Peggy Hartnett:

The idea of protecting freedom of speech "by any
 means necessary" is new to me, but I like it.  Is this
 speech to be equally free, or are we protecting the
 freedom of mass circulation media while allowing
 well-informed individuals only the freedom to keep
 their mouth shut when the group, claiming powers
 beyond the Constitution, disagrees?  By the way,
 whose Constitution said, "If you don't work, you don't
 eat?"  The Soviet Constitution... the U.S. Constitution
 would never say that.  I have worked pretty hard much
 of my adult life, but in the old Soviet Union, I would
 probably have died in a Gulag by now.

  The tyranny of percentile 64 has had much less power
 here in the good U.S. of A.  

                   ~~ Mike Pearson  74 ~~

Subj:   A thought on the world that we built!
            Jay A. Siegel
To: (The Sandbox)

I really enjoyed Eva Perry's message in issue #40. There
 have been many others that I have enjoyed or not
 enjoyed, as the case may be, but I would like to add
 this to Eva's.
I went into the Marines straight out of high school. It
 was then that I realized that I had been raised in
 "Eden." That is another story all together.
The Corps eventually sent me to Cherry Point NC
 where I was effectively stationed for about 15 years. I
 retired and spent another 6 years in North Carolina.
 Cherry Point, NC is right in the middle of what is often
 referred to as the "Bible Belt." I was an active church
 member and became a member of an organization
 called "The Gideons." For those of you not acquainted
 with the group, their whole purpose is to place a Bible
 in the hands of every person in the world.
Before I left to come back to Washington, the Gideons
 were welcomed into nations all over the world,
 including the Soviet Block nations.
When I arrived in Washington, I looked up the local
 Gideons and made an astonishing discovery: we were
 not allowed to enter the schools to distribute Bible to
 the students. Why I asked, are we not under the same
 Constitution as they are in other states. The reply that I
 was given was that the State Attorney General at that
 time had sent a letter to the various school districts
 that "he personally felt that it was not in the best
 interest of public education to allow the Gideons to
 distribute Bibles in schools. The saddest part is that we
 let his personal opinion override our Constitutional
 rights and said nothing!
For those of you who remember Pogo, I remind you of
 that acute piece of insight: "We have seen the enemy,
 and we are they."!
This morning I was thinking about some article in the
 "Alumni Sandstorm" and the thought struck me that
 we were all so fortunate to have grown up in the "City
 under the mushroom cloud." Then I was struck by a
 great remorse that my grandchildren won't have that
 opportunity - unless we are able to give it to them!
                      --- Jay Siegel (61) ---

Subject: Principle Over Party
From:   Arthur Roberts (48)

John Allen's thoughtful, perhaps painful, but
 certainly forthright and honest appraisal of 
 Nethercut's going back on his campaign promises
 and running again could be summed up as

  "Don't vote for someone who doesn't keep his
 promises."  Gotta give Mr. Allen credit for principle
 over party on this one!

Subj:  About Names and Feelings
From: Maren Smyth (64)

TO: Ray Wells (54)

My last name is SMYTH.

Read my message to you again.  I was NOT *sure*
of what you suggest. It's not nice to 'poke fun'
at anybody's name. I try to consider the feelings
of the person who is the object of the poking in
the Sandstorm.

-Maren Smyth (class of '64)

Trivia Answer:

Trivia Answer to: "What is the longest word in the
 English language you can type only using your left

Answer:  "Stewardesses."  (Heard on Paul Harvey,


Subj:   Responses to "Butterfly" Link
           Sent by The SANDBOX on July 3

Jean Armstrong,   David Rivers,   Shirley Collings 
Haskins, Dennis Clinton, Patricia de la Bretonne,
Norma Boswell, Vickie Andersen Simmons, Hugh 
Hinson, Ramona Miller Garcia

On July 3, 1999, The SANDBOX said:
"Sometimes it is helpful to add perspective to our trials, 
 our stress, our arguments with life. So, instead of
 debating the heady issues of the day today, let's just
 do this:

Click here: butterfly

Here are some of the responses received from Sandbox
 subscribers who tried out the link:
From: Jean Armstrong,
          Thank you, My Friend... You, too.. 
          Happy Fourth..
David Rivers, says--
           Thanks, Al!
           Thank you, Al!  What a beautiful site!!!
           May God bless you,
           Shirley Collings Haskins, '66
Ditto buddy... Have a safe and sane 4th.
thanks for the site check, it's cool, I did send 
it along to a friend, just cuz
From: (Mike Pearson)

Thanks, Al!
From: (Sandi Cherrington)
Just wanted to thank you for sending this out.  The only
 problem I have with the page is that I am unable to see
 the floating butterfly.  I get a couple of dots floating on
 my screen where it should be.  Wonder if anyone else
 has had this same problem.????

--Sandi (66)
Thanks Al.
Patricia de la Bretonne

           (Norma Loescher Boswell)
Wonderful suggestion, beautiful site. 

           Vickie Anderson Simmons (67)

Hi Al,
In response to your beautiful 'butterfly' message on the
 4th, I hope you will enjoy the following site. It, too, is
 beautiful and thought provoking.  The musical piece is
 one of my favorites.  My daughter played it on violin
 with her friend on flute - it was awesome.  I hope this
 is not presumptuous of me, just trying to share
 something in return.

Vickie (Andersen) Simmons Class of '67

From:   Hugh Hinson, (52),

Al, thanks for the nice note. I liked it very much. Have
 a great holiday. Hugh Hinson


From:   CADESNANA1 (Ramona Miller Garcia) (54)

Thanks for butterfly...the butterfly message really
 means so much to me right now.  Thank you, I'll play
 it again and again.


One Liner:  Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.


Part H.  To Chat or Not To Chat ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
              (Have you seen ICQ's "cop-out" clause?)
                       From PC World

Subj:       Do You Feel Lucky?
Source:   PC World September 1998

     "While it may be fun to chat in real time over the
 Internet, chat programs such as ICQ and AOL Instant
 Messenger expose your system to come serious
 security risks. ...  ICQ carries strong warnings in its
 Terms and Conditions, including the following
 statement. and information on the ICQ
 Services and Information may be subject to privacy
 and security invading activities that include but are not
 restricted to criminal acts such as electronic
 trespassing, sniffing, spoofing, imposturing,
 eavesdropping, breaking passwords, harassment, and
 fraud."  The cold, hard truth is that risk-proof chatting
 over the Net simply isn't an available option.  So the
 question is, do you feel lucky?  If not, don't chat."

[Note: if any ICQ users are aware of an updated ICQ
 Terms and conditions statement that represents a
 favorable change, please let us know.  -ap]

Did you know: Crocodiles, Tasmanian devils and
 elephants are not allowed to be kept as house pets in
 New York City?

Part I. Your Opinion Please! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
            (Questions for Your Consideration)

                     Just take your pick!
                     New topics added from time to time.

Exercise your brain!  Keep in touch with what is
 happening!  Bridge the lapses between your synapses. 
 Alleviate your stress.  Excrete some endorphins,
 express yourself!  This helps you to continuously
 refresh the electrical energy that empowers you to live
 a longer, more balanced, energetically empowered, 
 healthier, happier and more abundantly purposeful life! 
 It also helps you to stay young!

Pick One, Any One, of the following topics and tell us
 what you think.  There's bound to be something here
 you are just aching to comment on.  If you wish, you
 may even discuss whether the long honored taboo
 against ending sentences with prepositions is an
 outmoded concept in this modern USA.
     Should laws similar to laws regulating Internet
 "spamming" also be applied to the US Mail?

     Should Olympic Pipe Line be allowed to run a
 pipeline through the Cascades to Pasco?  (This is the
 same company whose employees, (according to the
 Seattle P.I.), are now "taking the fifth" regarding an
 investigation of a recent pipeline rupture and fire that
 killed three people.)

     Any ideas about great vacations spots?

     They're on the way:  Honeymoon suites in space at
 zero gravity, 400 miles up with a beautiful view of
 earth and space! You will have a second room with
 one-third earth gravity.  Spent booster rockets linked
 together will be retrofitted beautifully for your
 comfort.  Your host will be Hilton Hotels. When? 
 Possibly as early as four years from now.  Souvenir
 brochures are already being sold.  
     Tell us if you Wanna go!
     More info:

      Do you believe the US economic "surpluses," so
 widely discussed, are real?  How should we spend
 them, invest them, apply them, or hold them in
 reserve and/or return some of the surplus to those who
 paid the money in?

      How should we fund prescription drugs, if they
are added to Medicare benefits?
     What happens to all the above mentioned "goodies"
 should our economy cycle into serious decline?

     If you were suddenly appointed to the position of
 United States "King or Queen for a Day," with
 complete power to create and carry out a particular
 national law, policy, action, or change of any kind in
 how things are being done---  What would that be? 

     How about a world wide lottery to help pay down
 the US national debt?  Maybe this would also help us
 with our international trade imbalances?

     Do you ever worry about what some people,
 suddenly enriched by huge lottery winnings, such as
 "Power Ball," might do with the money that could
 actually effect your own life adversely?  What are some
 of the things you would do should $141 million dollars
 or so suddenly land in your lap?

     What about school uniforms?  Good idea or bad?
     Speculation: Before being ejected from the garden,
 did Adam and Eve use garden tools, or did they just
 talk to the plants?
     Any favorite web sites you'd like to recommend?

     Should men carry handkerchiefs?

     The Coral Reefs are Dying.  So what?

     How about picture ID cards for buying guns?
     Anything else you'd like to talk about, ask about,
 learn about?

OK. #44 is ready to send.  Now who wants to listen to
 some Barry White Music with me?  Or how about we
 go listen to Vonda Shepherd as she belts it out so
 eloquently in the bar downstairs in Ally McBeal's
 building.  Gotta be careful if Ling happens to be there,
 though.  She might want to sue me for what she is
 thinking I might be thinking about her.  Now there's
 an idea for a song!  Who wants to write that?  Send it
 in!  And by the way, if you ever go near Ally's
 building, please take some food to her!  Now
 everybody touch hands!

                                  --- ap ---

                            The SANDBOX
            Wear something green and gold tonight.