THE SANDBOX ~ Issue #45 ~ July 25, 1999
           Dedicated to a Diversity of Opinion, 
      Useful Information and Personal Experience

          "Matters of fact, which as Mr Budgell
    somewhere observes, are very stubborn things.
              Will of Matthew Tindal (1773)

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  Throughout This Issue:  Unbelievably True Headlines

   ~ Area  A:   New Subscribers Welcomed!
  Janell Johns Turrentine ('71)  Bryon White (61)
  Bonnie Timmerman Glover (63)  Bill Wilborn (54)

   ~ Area B:    Is The SANDBOX a Sex Site?
                        (Net Nanny Might Think So!)

   ~ Area C:   Members' Commentary
        Commandments of God
                          - Barbara (Seslar) Brackenbush (60)

        Gideon Bibles and Nethercut
                          - Stephen Lewis (69)

        Left-Bias / Right-Bias Media
                          - Marc Franco (66)

 ~ Area D:  Some Very Kind Words and More

   - Tony Sharpe (63) 
              - Margaret Hartnett (72)
                          - Norma Loescher Boswell (53)
                                   - David Rivers (65)

 ~ Area E: Continued Members' Commentary
        Bombers in Bisbee     - Margaret Hartnett (72)

 ~ Area F: Members Recommend Web Sites

            - Janet Voorhies McCord (61)
                           - Norma Loescher Boswell (53)

 ~ Area G:   Some Other Things To Talk About

 ~ Area H:   More Incredible Headlines!

 ~ The Final Word:

                  - Viloa A. Parker (Bomber Mom)

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~Area A:
         Is The SANDBOX listed as a Sex Site?
         One SANDBOX Subscriber's mail Returned

Subj:    E-Mail Filter Violation
Date:   7/14/99 7:05:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (System Daemon)

Filter rejection reason:
No rejection reason was found for this message.

[What?  Too bashfull or ashamed to give the reason for
 this painful and insidious rejection?]
[Could the "sex's" in the opening quote in
 SANDBOX #44 been what activated the unknown
 "filter" and kept The SANDBOX from being delivered
 to this particular subscriber?  Here is how that quote

         "What is your sex's earliest, latest care,
            Your heart's supreme ambition? 
                           To be fair."
        - Lord Lyttelton George (1709 - 1773)
                  Advice to a Lady (1733)

[As of now, we have no actual way of telling just
 exactly  what "caused" this alleged "filter violation,"
 but please be assured, for your own safety and comfort
 that it is not the intention of The SANDBOX to violate
 anyone's filter.  We believe that is entirely a private
 matter between your filter and yourself.  -ap]

~ Area B: New Subscribers Welcomed!   ~~~~~~~~~

From:       Janell Johns Turrentine ('71)              

I like the site.  Please add me to the list.

To:  Brad Wear - In your comments to Joy Stanfield
 regarding age, I agree.  I believe our perception of age
 is all in the mind.  I too like to think that my physical
 endeavors are equivalent to that of a 25 year old, albeit
 spiced up with a lot more experience.  I do have to
 admit though that sometimes my aging body tells me

 - Janell Johns Turrentine ('71)

[Welcome, Janell.  Nice having you here!]


   Court Rules Boxer Shorts Are Indeed Underwear
                - Journal of Commerce, April 20


Subj:   Please Add My Name.
From:   Bryon White (76)

Interesting discussions! Please add my name to the
 distribution list.  I generally have an opinion on most
 everything, and feel others are entitled to it! (grin)

Bryon White 
Class of '76

[Welcome aboard, Byron!]


    How We Feel About Ourselves is the Core of 
         Self-Esteem, Says Author Louise Hart
  -Boulder, Colorado, Sunday Camera, February 5


Subj:   Mailing list
From:   Bonnie Timmerman Glover (63)
To:     SendBOX

Dear Al.........My name is Bonnie Timmerman Glover. 
 Susan Warren (63) told me about your mailer and sent
 me  copies of it.  Please put my name on your mailing
 list. My E-Mail address is 
 Thank you.......

[Gladly, Bonnie.  Welcome!]


   Fish Lurk in Streams
    Rochester, New York, Democrat & Chronicle,
        January 29


Subj:   Add me to list
From:   Bill Wilborn (54)

I was on list at one time but somehow got dropped.
 Please add me back on list. Bill Wilborn (54)

[Sorry we lost track of you for a bit, Bill.  Welcome


     Lack of Brains Hinders Research
                - The Columbus Dispatch, April 16


  ~~~~~ Area C: Members' Commentary ~~~~~~~~~

    - Barbara (Seslar) Brackenbush (60)
             - Stephen Lewis (69)
                       - Marc Franco (66)

Subj:   The Commandments of God
From:   Barbara (Seslar) Brackenbush (1960)
To: (Sandbox)

Dear Sandbox:

I have been wondering for some time what is so
 offensive about displaying the ten commandments
 upon a judge's wall or in the schools of America?  I
 would appreciate your comments.

The commandments of God
 1. I am the Lord thy God; thou shalt not have strange
 gods before Me.
 2. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in
 3. Remember thou keep holy the Lord's day.
 4. Honor thy father and thy mother.
 5. Thou shalt not kill.
 6. Thou shalt not commit adultery.
 7. Thou shalt not steal.
 8. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy
 9. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife.
10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods.


Barbara (Seslar) Brackenbush (1960)


Bible Church's Focus is The Bible
    -Saint Augustine Record, Florida, December 3, 1994

Subj:    Gideon Bibles
From:    Stephen Lewis (69)

Kudos to John Allen for consistency on the Nethercut
 issue. He limited his service when he started the
 campaign and folks in Spokane should honor his
 original intentions.

Jay Siegel-
I am grateful that Jefferson Elementary never made me
 feel uncomfortable just because my parents chose not
 to send me to a church. I doubt that even in my day
 they would have allowed distribution of bibles. Always
 glad to find them in motel rooms though.

Stephen Lewis 69 


Economist Uses Theory to Explain Economy
           Collinsville Herald-Journal, February 8


Subj:       Left-bias / Right-bias media
From:       Marc Franco (66)

Tony Sharpe commented that he is a little tired of the
 leftward bias in the Seattle media. Tony, are you aware
 of  KVI radio, 570 on the dial, which is pretty much
 dedicated to right- wing conservative commentary. As
 far as I know, KVI is much more right- wing than any
 of the other stations are left- wing, (although I am
 really not the one to judge), so that may be the thing
 you are looking for. Right- wing commentary is out
 there, even in Seattle.

                                   - Marc -


  Whatever Their Motives, Moms Who Kill Kids Still
      Shock Us.
               --- Holland Sentinel, date unknown.


~~~ Area D: Kind Words and More ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   Tony Sharpe (63) 
              Margaret Hartnett (72)
                          Norma Loescher Boswell (53)
                                   David Rivers (65)

Kind Words and More #1

Subj:   And the last shall be first.
From:   Tony Sharpe (63)

Al, Thanks for the thoughtful reply to my comments on
 Sandbox placement. It is quite true that the last to 
 speak may leave the strongest impression. I'm sure that
 if I were a practicing litigator, that I would always
 want the final closing argument. I am also sure that the
 time you devote to this piece of journalism is a labor of
 love and the rewards therein are few. I really
 appreciate what you are doing here. 

Tony Sharpe (63)


Survey Finds Dirtier Subways 
                          After Cleaning Jobs Were Cut
       --- The New York Times, November 22


Kind Words and More #2

From:   Margaret Hartnett (72)
           (A modern hotel in a timeless town)

Dear Al,

Thanks for the note and the Box, I like the format very
 much. I had a feeling I had dawdled too long to get my
 piece in and now I feel compelled to expand on my
 ideas on the defense of free speech. Yikes! So, I
 better get in the kitchen and do some prep work, that's
 when I do all my best thinking and problem solving
 (well my idea of problem solving!) but fear not, I'll get
 back to the keyboard soon and prattle on. Did you
 have a good Bastille Day? I think the Box is quite
 fitting and I just knew you were a McBeal fan.
 Secretly, I think Ling is fantastic and wish I could do
 that growl without moving like she can, what a tool!


[Oops, I forgot all about Bastille day this year, Peggy. 
 Can't help wondering, though... had Ling been
 standing in defense of that fortress named Bastille
 when it was stormed during the French Revolution on
 July 14, 1789, and done her little growl and said "that
 word," maybe the outcome might have set the course
 of history quite differently. Actually, characters on the
 Alley McBeal show do have vividly illusional moments
 all the time, don't they? Hmmm. Why not?  Let them
 play it out.  Such a scene should fit into one of the
 McBeal plots quite readily!]

[Speaking of illusionary moments, how about  
 Jack Nicholson in the movie, IRONWEED, with those
 three dead guys following him everywhere!  -Al]


Larger Kangaroos Leap Farther, Researchers Find
       --- The Los Angeles Times, November 2


Kind Words and More #3

Subj:   Bomber cheers!
From:   Norma Loescher Boswell (53)

Al, you have morphed the SANDBOX into a literary
 magazine! May your talented and caring mind be an
 inspiration to Bombers everywhere!

Bomber cheers,
Norma (Loescher) Boswell, 53


Study Finds Sex, Pregnancy Link
            --- Cornell Daily Sun, December 7, 1995


Subj:   Re: The SANDBOX ~Issue #44~ 7/14/99
From:   David Rivers (65)
To:     Al Parker

First let me say that you've become quite an editor in
 your close to middle age years.  I say close, because I
 have not yet determined what age is middle age, but
 I'm sure none of us from Col-High have reached it. 
 When we were 40, one of my partners and I decided
 we  would not wear Dockers till we were 45,  
 believing, I  suppose, that 45 was old enough to stop
 wearing jeans  and start wearing grown up pants. 
 Over time the age  has shifted and is about to shift
 again as we approach age 55.

Second, If there is an economic "surplus", why is there
 a national debt?  I've played those games with my
 check overdraft a time or two in my younger days with
 astonishing results...that surplus was not so surplus
 after all!

Finally, Who is Ally McBeal?  I remember the days of
 the guys hanging around the park across from my
 house at Stevens and Van  Geisen, hoping to get a
 glimpse of one of the Parkers in her evening attire, but
 don't recall this Ally person...

Again, Great job!
David Rivers (65)

[Thanks for the kind words and input, David.  Ally
 McBeal was not in my class or your class, nor in any of
 the Col-Hi classes, so far as I know.  Actually, I think
 you'd have to put her in a class all by herself.  She, as
 well as the Miss Parker you remember, looks pretty
 nice in evening attire, too.  She really ought to try to
 put more weight on though.  You can find Ally in my
 town, and in many other towns, on the Fox channel at
 9 PM on Monday Nights. You might also enjoy her
 various law associates as they litigate sometimes
 bizarre cases and often mingle, reveal their deepest
 secrets, and sing and dance together in their office's
 unisex bathroom. Last I heard, Ling was getting ready
 to countersue the environment.  -Al]


   'Light' Meals Are Lower in Fat, Calories
           --- Huntington Herald-Dispatch, November 30


  ~~~ Part E: Additional Member's Commentary ~~~

Subj:   Re: Bombers in Bisbee 
From:   Margaret Hartnett (72)
           (A modern hotel in a timeless town)

To:     Al Parker

Well, I think it would be great if a mess of A-City
 Youth wanted to descend on our quiet little spot on
 the border, but bring lots of ID because we are
 living in something resembling a police state with the
 free reign given to the Border Patrol--I would love to
 hear what people think about that topic.

I actually have an idea related to Bombers who might
 be headed to the Southwest. When I moved out here I
 contacted the Visitor's Information Bureau at White
 Sands to see if/how it is possible to visit the Trinity
 Site. I found out that it is open the first Saturday of
 April and October-anyone want to go? My dad was
 there several times and when he retired due to illness,
 he went to Los Alamos to help de-classify the
 mountains of records they had stored there. One of his
 favorites had to do with how much toilet paper was
 shipped to Hanford. I guess those crafty Russian
 spies with advanced mathematics degrees from
 Moscow State could figure out how many people
 worked in the area by TP consumption.

Since there has been some interest expressed in
 addressing issues related to Hanford. I had an
 experience concerning my father's autopsy report and I
 was curious if any others have had anything similar.
 My dad handled plutonium for nearly 30 years and
 understandably the government wanted his body when
 he died. They took it and gave it back and when I said
 I  wanted the autopsy report, they weren't very
 pleased. I think my siblings and I all expected to get
 something back describing a scenario that reflected
 how truly ill he had been. Instead we got a cause of
 death-heart attack and some figures related to size and
 weight of various organs. So I called and asked if that
 was it. They said yes. I asked if they really thought he
 "died" just from a heart attack (my dad weighed in at
 88 pounds and had spent a good portion of his last 6
 years in the hospital)-none of us were surprised that
 his heart finally stopped but that sure didn't feel like the
 whole story. Being the nag that I am, I took the report
 to two people.  One was Michio Kaku, he was at that
 time a professor of nuclear physics at NYU and his
 family died at Hiroshima.  He has been involved in
 disarmament issues. He was suspicious, but not being a
 physician didn't feel confident to comment on specifics,
 but recommended a doctor at the Rockefeller Institute
 whose area is the effects of radiation. He felt the report
 was intentionally obtuse, so that a lay person  would be
 confused, but that the weights and measures  of  some
 of my dad's vital organs told a story of someone who
 had long-term exposure at high levels-  no surprise. So
 I have always wondered why they didn't  want to be
 more forthcoming.  Were they afraid we would try to
 sue them? My dad was an intelligent man who knew he
 had a risky job, but he chose it and stayed with it. It
 isn't my place to sue anyone on his behalf unless he had
 been lied to and misinformed in a significant way. That
 one process stays with me, the  questions linger and I
 have a profound distrust that the government (under
 any administration) in its bureaucratic form is likely to
 be candid or truthful. I  think organizations like the
 Hanford Health  Information Network are a start but
 that what is  known and what will be told are worlds
 apart.  So I  was curious if anyone has had any similar

                  - Margaret Hartnett (72) -


 ~~~ Area F:   Members Recommend Web Sites ~~~~~
Subj:    Beautiful Web Site!
From:   Janet Voorhies McCord ('61)
   (Janet McCord)

Check out the following web site and those contained
 at the bottom of the site!!  Great inspirational,
 heart-warming  messages for the spirit as well as great

Janet Voorhies McCord ('61)


         Official: Only Rain Will Cure Drought
   - The Herald-News, Westpost, Massachusetts


Subj:   Recommended Web Site
From:  Norma Loescher Boswell (53)
Bombers interested in topics like Community Crime
 Prevention, Nuclear Weapons Abolition, Energy
 Efficiency and Land mines Ban might want to take a
 look at the Online PEN (Peace and Environment
 News). PEN is published ten times a year by PERC,
 the Ottawa Peace and Environment Resource Center at

Though the site originates outside the U.S.A., most
 topics are universal in  scope and any one of them
 could provide an active springboard for SANDBOX
             - Norma Loescher Boswell (53) -
Clinton Pledges Restraint in Use of Nuclear Weapons
           - Cedar Rapids Gazette, April 6 -


 ~~~ Area G: Some Other Things To Talk About ~~~

 Your Opinion Please!
            (Questions for Your Consideration)
                     Just take your pick!
                     New topics added from time to time.

Exercise your brain!  Keep in touch with what is
 happening!  Bridge the lapses between your synapses. 
 Alleviate your stress.  Excrete some endorphins,
 express yourself!  This helps you to continuously
 refresh the electrical energy that empowers you to live
 a longer, more balanced, energetically empowered, 
 healthier, happier and more abundantly purposeful life! 
 It also helps you to stay young!

Pick One, Any One, of the following topics and tell us
 what you think.  There's bound to be something here
 you are just aching to comment on.  If you wish, you
 may even discuss whether the long honored taboo
 against ending sentences with prepositions is an
 outmoded concept in this modern USA.
     Should laws similar to laws regulating Internet
 "spamming" also be applied to the US Mail?

     Should Olympic Pipe Line be allowed to run a
 pipeline through the Cascades to Pasco?  (This is the
 same company whose employees, (according to the
 Seattle P.I.), are now "taking the fifth" regarding an
 investigation of a recent pipeline rupture and fire that
 killed three people.)

     Any ideas about great vacations spots?

     They're on the way:  Honeymoon suites in space at
 zero gravity, 400 miles up with a beautiful view of
 earth and space! You will have a second room with
 one-third earth gravity.  Spent booster rockets linked
 together will be retrofitted beautifully for your
 comfort.  Your host will be Hilton Hotels. When? 
 Possibly as early as four years from now.  Souvenir
 brochures are already being sold.  
     Tell us if you Wanna go!
     More info:

      Do you believe the US economic "surpluses," so
 widely discussed, are real?  How should we spend
 them, invest them, apply them, or hold them in
 reserve and/or return some of the surplus to those who
 paid the money in?

      How should we fund prescription drugs, if they
are added to Medicare benefits?
     What happens to all the above mentioned "goodies"
 should our economy cycle into serious decline?

     If you were suddenly appointed to the position of
 United States "King or Queen for a Day," with
 complete power to create and carry out a particular
 national law, policy, action, or change of any kind in
 how things are being done---  What would that be? 

     How about a world wide lottery to help pay down
 the US national debt?  Maybe this would also help us
 with our international trade imbalances?

     Do you ever worry about what some people,
 suddenly enriched by huge lottery winnings, such as
 "Power Ball," might do with the money that could
 actually effect your own life adversely?  What are
 some of the things you would do should $141 million
 dollars or so suddenly land in your lap?

     What about school uniforms?  Good idea or bad?
     Speculation: Before being ejected from the garden,
 did Adam and Eve use garden tools, or did they just
 talk to the plants?
     Any favorite web sites you'd like to recommend?

     Should men carry handkerchiefs?

     The Coral Reefs are Dying.  So what?

     How about picture ID cards for buying guns?
     Anything else you'd like to talk about, ask about,
 learn about?


~~~ Area H   More Incredible Headlines: ~~~~~~~~
  Alcohol Ads Promote Drinking
                 - The Hartford Courant, November 18

  Teen-Age Girls Often Have Babies Fathered by Men
            -The Sunday Oregonian, September 24

  Malls Try to Attract Shoppers
            - The Baltimore Sun, October 22

  Low Wages Said Key to Poverty
            - Newsday, July 11

  Man Shoots Neighbor With Machete
           - The Miami Herald, July 3

  Tomatoes Come in Big, Little, Medium Sizes
         -The Daily Progress, Charlottesville, Virginia, 
                     March 30

  Man Run Over by Freight Train Dies
          - The Los Angeles Times, March 2

  Scientists See Quakes in L.A. Future
           - The Oregonian, January 28

Wachtler Tells Graduates That Life in Jail is Demeaning
            - The Buffalo News, February 26

  Free Advice: Bundle Up When Out in the Cold
             - Lexington Herald-Leader, January 26

   Prosecution Paints O.J. as a Wife-Killer
             -Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, January 25

   Discoveries: Older Blacks Have Edge in Longevity
           - The Chicago Tribune, March 5

  Biting Nails Can Be Sign of Tenseness in a Person
 -The Daily Gazette of Schenectady, New York, May 2

~~~    The Final Word   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      "If it isn't worth a Nickel, Don't pay a Dime."
                - Viola A. Parker (Al's Mom)