THE SANDBOX ~ Issue #48 ~ Dec 13, 1999
              Illuminated by the alumni of RHS

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   "There are more Sand Castles in a bucket of sand
                than atoms in the universe." 

          --- The Internet Center For Sand

This issue's contributors are:

               Annette (Bradley) Forsythe (51)
           We're Giving Away The Panama Canal

               Norma (Loescher) Boswell (53)
                 Some Things to Think About

          Dennis Robertson Beatty (Class of 60)
                       Memories and More
                           Al Parker (53)
               We Can Build Sand Castles Here
            The News From Shippenville Borough
         Also:  A Question for Your Consideration
         "Should Perjurers Hold Elective Offices?"

              And:   How Do You Know If That
        "Urgent" E-Mail Message is Only a Hoax?
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                           Al Parker (53)
               A Sandbox is for building things-

               Like roads 
               And bridges, 
               And Sand Castles,
               And very important dreams.

              A Sandbox is for finding things-

               Big things,
               Little things,
               Very special things,
               Even brand new things.

               A Sandbox is for digging together in-

                Uncovering things,
                Discovering things,
                Sharing things,
                And learning things.
                A Sandbox is for expressing things-

                For shouting out what passion brings,
                Exploring some new fashion things, 
                Sharing our compassion,
                Bemoaning all the trashin.'

                A Sandbox is for saying things-

                And talking about the things
                We want to change,
                And things we want
                To stay the same.

               A Sandbox is for feeling things-

               When we are laughing,
               When we are crying,
               When we are wondering why,
               Or wanting to know how.
               This Sandbox is for all of us-
               Walking together,
               Talking together, 
               Building together,
               SAND CASTLES

             That reach to the sky.
               We Really Should Try!
              -  Al Parker (53)

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       WELL, IT'S BEEN A WHILE, FOLKS, since Issue 
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       The 2400 mile journey from Yakima to Shippenville 
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       Your comments can be about almost anything going
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       You can tell us about places in the world or on the 
Internet you'd like us to see.  You can respond to what 
others are saying here, or share an idea of your own.  
Maybe you have an idea for us that none of us have ever 
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questions here, share information here and encourage 
one another, too.  It's entirely up to you.  Common 
courtesy, of course, and a mutual respect for your fellow
Bombers is always appreciated and enjoyed.

       So, if we aren't talking about what you want to talk 
about, who are you going to blame?  Talk with us today.
We'd love to hear from you!


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        From:   Annette (Bradley) Forsythe (51)

       There is so much patriotism among the grads of
 Richland High School--so much pride in what part we
 and our families before us brought about.

       But as a nation we have many issues of great
 importance.  This issue came to my attention recently. 
 I offer it for any who would be concerned.  The
 Panama Canal is to be turned over to Panama on
 January 1st, per the Treaty of 1977, ratified by the US
 Senate and amended by the DeConcini Reservation
 which stipulated that the US would have priority of
 naval entry when requested and could use military
 force to keep the canal open.

       A Gen. Omar Torrijos signed the unamended
 treaty  for Panama.  Under Panamanian Constitution,
 ONLY the President of  Panama has that authority.   
 Communist China is now operating the east and west
 canal entrance ports.  Rep. Helen Chenoweth, R-Idaho
 has introduced HJR 77 (The Panama Canal Treaty
 Nullification Act.  This declares the 1977 treaty null
 and void,  and would confirm the canal zone remains
 US territory. 

       To support this Resolution, e-mail your
 congressmen.  For details go to  E-mail to:  Call 202/224-3121 to connect
 to the Capital switchboard.  I credit Norm Fisler of
 Richland, who wrote the Editorial in the Tri-City

                Annette (Bradley) Forsythe (51)

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                         Author unknown

    Forwarded by: Norma (Loescher) Boswell (53)

     To the world you might be one person, but to one
 person you might be the world.

     Going to church does not make you a Christian any
 more than going to McDonalds's makes you an expert
 on hamburgers.

     Real friends are those who, when you feel you've
 made a fool of yourself, don't feel you've done a
 permanent job.

     A coincidence is when God performs a miracle, and
 decides to remain anonymous.

     Sometimes the majority only means that all the fools
 are on the same side.

     I don't have to attend every argument I'm invited to.

     Lead your life so you won't be ashamed to sell the
 family parrot to the town gossip.

     People gather bundles of sticks to build bridges they
 never cross.

     Life is 10% of what happens to you, and 90% of
 how you respond to it.

      Life is like an onion; you peel off one layer at a time
 and sometimes you weep.

      Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live
 long enough to make them all yourself.

     There are two things I've learned: There is a God.
 And, I'm not Him.

     Following the path of least resistance is what makes
 rivers and men crooked.

     Your worst days are never so bad that you are
 beyond the reach of God's grace.  And your best days
 are never so good that you are beyond the need of
 God's grace.

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                   MEMORIES AND MORE
           Dennis Robertson Beatty (Class of 60)
I just discovered this site and realize again how varied
 and diverse the Col-Hi gang always was.  I read with
 great interest and consternation the past issues of the
 Sandbox and was quite amused.

For the last 7+ years I have lived, with my new wife,
 here in Utah in the Salt Lake Valley.  The dissertations
 on politics were wonderful but from the point of view
 of the residents of this state you were mostly off kilter
 by 180 degree's.  I have learned since living here that
 Republicans act mostly like the Dem's in DC (Tax and
 Tax and Tax and Spend) while the Dem's are almost
 non-existent.  In this state there is still literary
 censorship in the schools, TV and radio as well as in
 the Book Stores and supermarkets. For any given issue
 of Glamour, or other such "ladies" magazines, you will
 find pasted covers covering the too explicit body
 views.  On of the local affiliates (ABC) takes it upon
 itself to censor the national network and what is shown
 locally.  It may offend someone of rather prurient beliefs.
 Of course it is owned by "The Church" so they have 
 everyone's best interest at stake.

The political climate is very interesting.....Of the 100
 State Rep and Congress persons, 98 belong to the
 same church.  The heads of all State Agencies, political
 groups, and quasi-political groups all have the same
 thing in common (white, male, LDS, republican).  The
 state liquor control board is 4 white-male-LDS-
 Republican-lawyers and one female-Republican-LDS-
 lawyer who all swear they have never taken a drink
 and do not understand why anyone would want to.

The National Rifle Association lobbyist is also the
 senior state legislator. The governor disbanded the
 Department of Water Resources board when it filed
 a complaint against his  brother for letting   
 contaminated fish from the family hatchery into the
 lakes at two large reservoirs.  The governor and
 the state legislature passed a law that stated the
 Attorney General had to only pursue those cases as
 assigned by the Governor.  She is not allowed to
 pursue polygamists, tobacco, NRA, or any of the other
 areas causing so much trouble in the state.  She is
 allowed however, and directed, to pursue assisting
 other states fighting abortion, same-sex marriages, or
 other LDS belief's and help in their attempts to defeat
 these measures.

Discrimination is a way of life in Utah.  It is the rule
 rather than an exception.  You can get a ticket from
 the police for walking across the tracks of the light rail
 ($175.00) but you can park with immunity and block
 businesses, homes, whatever, if you are attending a
 state event or a University of Utah or BYU event.

Polygamy is practiced openly and with impunity.  Child
 abuse and spousal abuse are a way of life in many of
 the small communities in the state.

You wonder why the rambling......Reading, again,
 about the Bomb symbol, tax cuts, and the cat fights etc
 in past issues is alarming.  We must all learn to let the
 other person live in an environment free from harassment,
 fear, ridicule and in peace.  I lived near
 Columbine and many of my friends had kids going to
 that school.  I have traveled all over the country the
 last 40 years and in Europe for two of those years and
 saw what bickering and discrimination can do to a
 people.  I currently have friends in Bosnia and
 Kosovo and hear the stories they tell of conditions
 there.  A Bomb symbol, although maybe tasteless, still
 was just a symbol.  No more threatening that
 the symbol of the Minuteman standing ready with his
 rifle which has killed more than  all the A Bombs ever

The Sandbox is a great idea and should be used to let
 everyone know what is going on in the world in their
 own little corners.  Share with each other the good
 times, the pains, the disappointments, the shock, the
 grieving, but lets not keep the jabs going at each other
 over an anonymous medium.

Hope to see more about the Over 40 Club and
 Reunions.  We are having the Winter Olympics here in
 16 months and will do what I can to get info for you
 on this event if you wish.

Wishing all of you God Bless and have a Happy and
 Joyous Holiday Season.

         Dennis Robertson Beatty (Class of 60)

Remember......Life begins at 40 and we are just
 Teenagers (Again)

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   Should Convicted Perjurers Be Disqualified From 
 Representing You and Making Laws that Govern You?

In Pennsylvania, no person convicted of perjury is
 allowed to serve, or continue to serve, in the State
 Legislature.  Would you like to see a similar law
 applied to national offices?  Would our nation benefit
 by such a law?  Would national security be threatened
 by such a law?  If such a law were put into effect,
 should prosecution for perjury be withheld until after a
 term of office is complete? Should such a law apply
 both to members of congress and to the Presidency? 
 What about members of the President's cabinet?  How
 do you think legislators from YOUR district would
 vote if a bill were introduced barring anyone convicted
 of perjury from holding either state or national offices?
 Why do you feel that way?

Should any of you feel challenged to ask your elected
 representatives how they would vote if should such a
 law were proposed, either on a national level, or at the
 state level where you live,  please let us know. We'd
 be more than happy to read your legislative
 representatives' honest (or evasive) answers in The    

                               - - - - - - -

                          Al Parker (53)
Shippenville is near the village of Marrianne, which is
 not too far from Clarion Borough, which is adjacent
 to, but not a part of, Clarion Township in Clarion
 County, through which the Clarion River Flows, but
 The Clarion Mall is in Monroe Township, not too far
 from the townships of Elk and Paint which are
 somewhere in the middle of all of this wonderful rural
 Pennsylvania countryside. 

That is where I am and I am lovin' it!  The forests are 
 beautiful, the squirrels and  chipmunks have lots of 
 acorns to eat and the friendly  smiles are plentiful.  
 But even more exciting than all of that is this:  My 
 most excellent daughter,  Jennifer, who also lives in
 Shippenville Borough, will  be giving birth  to my first 
 grandchild, Blake, before the end of this  month.  
 More  news from Shippenville  next week


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From time to time you've probably received E-mail
 messages saying things like,  "I have it on reliable
 authority," "Quick send this message to everyone in
 your address book," "Such and such a game is a
 Trojan Horse or has a virus that will send your
 computer into orbit, set your house on fire and blow
 up your car," "Bill gates wants to give you his
 money," and other such messages just tingling with

Most so-called "urgent" messages are hoaxes and
 serve only  to congest the Internet.   If you receive
 such a message and would like to check out it's
 authenticity before passing it on, several good sites 
 can tell you if the message you've received is a

One of my favorite "Hoax and Virus information sites"
 is The SARC Online Virus and Hoax Encyclopedia.
 Its key word search engine helps you identify hoaxes

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     See you again next time, everyone.  Remember...        
   Whatever comes in by Friday, goes out on Sunday.  
         Don't MAKE me send an Empty Box!

       I'll send you the box.  You put in the sand.
        Together we'll build some Sand Castles!
                         --Al Parker (53)
                  Your Sandbox Moderator
            Wishing you Peace, Love and Joy
                 For all the days of your life!