Sandbox Quickie 
                 Sunday February 6, 2000
                        ( Sandbox #49)     

     Starting Anew After Two Severe Disasters
                 With A Prior Computer

      "No time like the present."
               From The Lost Lover
                    ---Mrs. Manley 1663 - 1724

There is only one short item to share with you
 today.  But we've got to start (again) somewhere, if
 we're going to start again at all.  Don't you agree?

If any of you have something you'd like to talk
 about this week, send it in.  The next edition of The
 SANDBOX is scheduled to appear next Sunday,
 empty or full.  The SANDBOX starts where the
 ALUMNI SANDSTORM leaves off.  It starts with
 YOU Today.  You may express your OPINION about
 how things were, or are, or how they ought to be. 
 You can Persuade, Encourage, Explain.  You can
 listen to and talk about the important concerns of
 today. You can even tell a few jokes if you like. 
 It's wholly up to you. 

In any event, if you'd like to keep this thing going,
 as Mrs. Manley always used to say, there's "No
 time like the present..." to send something in!

Please send all items you'd like included in The

                               - - - -
 Today's entry is from:
 Rick Maddy (67) (R- Mad)
 RE: Linus Toland (67) - Bomb Debate

Yes, there was once a "debate" in the Sandstorm
 about the bomb mascot. The discussion got a little
 heated (no pun) and was moved into the newly
 made "Sandbox" for such hot (no pun) topics. So,
 when you discuss the mascot in here, Linus, do not
 make that whistling sound before the impact.Wait...
 I think they went off above ground; nevertheless, no

 Rick Maddy (67)

                                 - - - - -

Apologies for lost mail due to computer crashes,
including address changes that were not updated
before the computer failures occured.