The Weekly SANDBOX
        Sunday - February 12 - 2000
                     Issue #50

"The years teach much 
                which the days never know."

     ----- Ralph Waldo Emerson  (1803-1882)

The SANDBOX is an online forum of ideas and
opinions expressed by the alumni of Columbia
High School, AKA Richland High School,
Richland, Washington.

This week's contributors:

            Steve Carson (58)
        Bob Mattson (64)
        Eva (Clark) Perry (49)


Subj:   Death Penalty
From:   Steve Carson (58) 

New Sandbox topic, the death penalty.   In Illinois
 this week Govenor Ryan put a hold on any
 scheduled executions and I found myself (to my
 surprise) agreeing with him.  I had always been in
 full agreement with the death penalty until the last
 18 months when new DNA evidence has freed
 several in Illinois who were convicted and
 sentenced to die.  It is time to review this in depth
 and perhaps come up with a different penalty, like
 hard labor and a true "without possibility of parole"
 statute.  There are situations where only the death
 penalty seems just but there are too many mistakes.

Steve Carson (58)

                                - - - - - 

Subj:   Breaching The Dams
From:   Bob Mattson (64)

Well, being away from the tri-cities for so long, I'd
 like to know just how the dam breaching would
 affect the area as far as jobs and related economic
 issues. Most of the talking around here is sports
 fishing related and  the dwindling salmon runs. I'd
 like to hear the views from those in the area that are
 willing to express their concerns pro breach or not.

 I'll withhold further comment until I get some more
 input, Bob 64

                                - - - - -

From: Eva (Clark) Perry (49)

Dear ones, please go to the following website and
 get educated.  Everyone has the right to choose
 whether they want to help out with this or not, but
 please at least give everyone you know the choice
 to survey the information by forwarding them this
 web page:

                              - - - - - 

If any of you have something you'd like to talk
 about this week, send it in!

You may express your opinion about
 how things were, or are, or how they ought to be. 
 You can persuade, encourage, explain.  You can
 listen to and talk about the important concerns of
 today. You can even add some humor if you like. 
 It's entirely up to you.  

Remember:  If what you have to say is worth
saying anywhere, it's well worth saying here!

-Al Parker (53)
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