Issue Number 51
                Sunday - February 20 - 2000

    "The only reward of virtue is virtue.  The only way
     to have a friend is to be one."

             --- Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803 - 1882

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              This week's articles and comments:

                      SAVE OUR DAMS
                      Gary Behymer (64)
                    "Not just a fish issue..."

                      STOCK TRADING
                   Mary (Ray) Henslee (61)
              Funny views on ups and downs.
               Info and insight on the Internet.

                    BELIEVE IT OR NOT
                    Eva (Clark) Perry (49)
          Hillary: Was she, is she, will she be?
                  THE DEATH PENALTY
            Carolyn (Renaud) Carson (60)
            Responding to Steve Carson (58)

The following articles and comments will appear in
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                         Dick Epler (52)
              "The ... process has changed..."

              THE MORE THINGS CHANGE....
                        John Allen (66)

                        Mike Cram (95)
          Have you considered the silt factor?

               MORE TO TALK ABOUT
                         Al Parker (53)
              Sales Taxes and The Internet
                     Credit Card Fraud
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Subj:    Save Our Dams
From: Gary Behymer (64)

This e-mail is to let you know that I am against
the removal, a much better word than the glossed
over term, "natural river draw down," of the
four Snake River dams.

This is NOT a 'fish issue'.  If it were, then wouldn't
it make sense to remove the 300+ gill nets that 
stretch across the Columbia River?  Wouldn't it 
make sense to stop the ocean harvest of fish?  
Would we not remove the 'terns' from the mouth 
of the Columbia?

Why would the removal of just 4 'fish friendly' dams
on the Snake River do any good?  These 4 dams are
all equipped with fish ladders.  How many dams in
the state of Idaho have fish ladders?  Answer. NONE.

If these four dams are removed, where do we stop?
Remove all on the Columbia River?  Remove Grand
Coulee Dam.  It DOESN'T have any fish ladders.

Replace a renewable source of power (hydroelectric)
with coal or gas fired generators?

(1) Dam breaching is an extremely risky action.
(2) I oppose EIS Alternative 4, the dam breaching
(3) Dam breaching WILL hurt the economy and may
    NOT help the fish.
(4) Jobs and our way of life are at stake.

Let's use some common sense rather than taxpayer
dollars to make these decisions.

I do support the Corps' John Day draw down study
conclusion that no further study is necessary.
There are few biological benefits and extremely
high economic costs.

The headline read 'Holy Smolts Batman.'  I would
rather replace that with "We have met the enemy and 
he is us." (Walt Kelly's Pogo)

Here is the 'save our dams' web site if you have 
specific questions.

                  - Gary Behymer (64) -

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From:   Mary (Ray) Henslee (61)

Helium was up.
Feathers were down. 
Paper was stationary.
Fluorescent tubing was dimmed in light trading.
Knives were up sharply.
Cows steered into a bull market.
Pencils lost a few points.
Hiking equipment was trailing.
Elevators rose, while escalators continued their slow
Weights were up in heavy trading.
Light switches were off.
Mining equipment hit rock bottom.
Diapers remained unchanged. 
Shipping lines stayed at an even keel.
The market for raisins dried up.
Coca Cola fizzled.
Caterpillar stock inched up a bit.
Sun peaked at midday.
Balloon prices were inflated.
Scott Tissue touched a new bottom.
And batteries exploded in an attempt to recharge the

Three new Bonds are being issued: 

* Lewinsky Bond:  Has no maturity
* Gore Bond:  Has no interest
* Clinton Bond:  Has no principle

If anyone is looking for a worthwhile stock Web site
 to add to their favorites, I recommend checking out
 the following site.  The information on individual
 stocks is very extensive and includes
 over-the-counter stocks, which most sites do not. 
 It gives the split history for each stock, which is
 very helpful information if you are looking for
 stocks that split frequently like I am.  It also gives a
 list of brokers and their recommendations for each
 stock, which I have found to be information that
 many sites do not offer.  The forums for each stock
 are the most active that I have found.....Raging Bull
 and Yahoo are their forum links.  Yahoo needs to
 clean up its act because their forum gets pretty
 raunchy sometimes, but does have some worthwhile
 postings.  This site seems to grab onto the latest
 press releases for each stock very quickly.  You do
 not have to register to get information off of this

If you are interested in keeping up with the after
 hours trading activity on your NASDAQ portfolio,
 checkout the following Web site.  It is also helpful
 during trading hours because it is real-time and it
 shows how many sell orders there are compared to
 buy orders.  It is not a total indicator of a stock's
 activity, but is helpful.  You do not have to register
 to get information off of this site.

Click on Island Book and then click on the version
 that best suits your computer system.  The JAVA
 Viewer will give you continuous changes whereas
 with the HTML Viewer you must keep hitting their
 refresh option to get updates.

The following site has after hours quotes for all of
 the stock exchanges.  You do not have to register
 to get information off of this site.

Click on Quotes & Research and then click on after
 hours and enter stock symbol.
If anyone has other stock site suggestions, I would
 be interested. 

                Mary (Ray) Henslee (61)

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Subj:    Fw:   WOW--Believe It Or Not--
                         It's up to you

From:   Eva (Clark) Perry (49)

This ought to give us something to think about for
 sure.  Read this.... It'll blow your mind.

Back in 1969 a group of Black Panthers decided that
 a black man named Alex Rackley needed to die.
 Rackley was a fellow Panther suspected of
 disloyalty.  Rackley was first tied to a chair. Safely
 immobilized, his "friends" tortured him for hours
 by, among other things, pouring boiling water on
 him. When they got tired of torturing Rackley Black
 Panther member Warren Kimbro took Mr.  
 Rackley outside and put a bullet in his head.
 Rackley's body was found floating in a river about
 25 miles north of New Haven, Conn.  Maybe at this
 point you're curious as to what happened to these
 Black Panthers. Well, in 1977, that's only eight
 years later, only one of the killers was still in jail.
 The shooter, Warren Kimbro, managed to get a
 scholarship to Harvard. He later became an
 assistant dean at Eastern Connecticut State College.
 Isn't that something? As a 60's radical you can
 pump a bullet into someone's head, and years later,
 in the same State, you can be an assistant college
 Dean. Only in America!  Ericka Huggins was the
 lady who served the Panthers by boiling the water
 for Mr. Rackley's torture. Some years later Ms.
 Huggins was elected to a California school board.
 How in the world do you think that these killers got
 off so easy?  Well, maybe it was in some part due to
 the efforts of two people who came to the defense
 of the Panthers. These two people actually went so
 far as to shut down Yale University with
 demonstrations in defense of the accused Black 
 Panthers during their trial. One of those people was
 none other than Bill Lan Lee. Mr. Lee or Mr. Lan
 Lee as the case may be, isn't a college dean. He isn't
 a member of a California school board. He is the
 head of the U.S. Justice Department's Civil Rights
 Division. Lee is serving in that capacity illegally, by
 the way, but that's another story -- another part of
 the Clinton saga of ignoring the rule of law.  O.K.,
 so who was the other Panther defender? Is this
 other notable Panther defender now a school board
 member? Is this other Panther apologist now an
 assistant college dean? Nope, neither. The other
 Panther defender was, like Lee, a radical law
 student at Yale University at that time. She is now
 known as "The Smartest Woman in the World." She
 is none other than the unofficial Democratic
 candidate for U.S. Senate from the state of New
 York ---- our lovely First Lady, the incredible
 Hillary Rodham Clinton.

                Sent by Eva (Clark) Perry (49)

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Subj:    Death Penalty
From:    Carolyn (Renaud) Carson (60)
To Steve Carson (58)

I agree with your radically turned-around stance on
this issue in some cases Brother, however, I don't
believe our crippled justice system will ever figure
out a way to punish murderers appropriately.  You
say life at "hard labor"?  Yeah - sounds good but
that would violate the criminal's civil rights and the
state would have the ACLU all over them, tying up
the courts and spending Millions of $$ over each

I do believe all evidence should be considered, DNA
specifically, and, when there is compelling evidence,
the death penalty should be carried out swiftly (after
a maximum of 2 appeals if those appeals have
revealed new and meaningful evidence). 

Even if we have found a new topic to debate, I still
love you Brother -- Sis

Carolyn (Renaud) Carson ('60) 

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