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                Sunday - March 19, 2000 

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         "Nothing ever becomes real till it is 
    experienced ~ even a proverb is no proverb 
         to you till your life has illustrated it."  
                --John Keats 1795 - 1821

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   About The GASOUT Idea:
                   Mari (Leona Eckert) Leahy (65)
                   Jerry Lewis ('73)

   McCain as an Independent?
                   Mari (Leona Eckert)Leahy (65)

   Smoking, Death and Politics 
            Andrew Eckert (54)

   It Takes More To Be President
                   Patty Stordahl  (72)

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          "Shell Games" 
                   by John Allen (66)

         "Ludicrous Lawsuits" 
                   by Mary (Ray) Henslee (61)

         "More In Common Than Many Would Guess"
                   by Dick Epler (52)

  R2K All Class Reunion:  "Snake Dance Precautions"
                   by  Denny Damschen (62)

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Subj:   Re: GASOUT
            Mari (Leona Eckert) Leahy (65)

Maybe it would help but I doubt it. What I
 personally feel would be more effective is for at
 least a month, buy only enough gas at one time
 to get you where you need to go for a day or
 two at a time. During that month, share rides as
 much as possible and limit leisure driving to a
 minimum. Gas companies would be beside
 themselves by the end of that month--I think! 

         Mari (Leona Eckert) Leahy (65)

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Subj:   Gas Out
From:   Jerry Lewis ('73)

You wonder, can the 'gas-out' be an effective
 tool? In short, my answer is NO.  For a variety
 of reasons, this is a misguided (I was going to
 say idiotic, but that might be too strong) effort. 
 Going to my favorite source for myth debunking,
 the Urban Legend website, I quote "the 'gas
 out' is an ineffectual, misguided effort that hurts
 the wrong people and does nothing to change
 gasoline prices, this time backed by news reports
 about last year's non-event."

To read all the gory details: 

                  Jerry Lewis ('73)

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Subj:   McCain As An Independent?
From:   Mari (Leona Eckert)Leahy (65)                              
McCain running as an Independent? He has
 already said no, but I wish he would say yes.
 Yes, I would vote for him if he did. Third parties
 don't stand much of a chance but maybe McCain
 could change that. Whatever he decides to do,
 my own opinion is that we owe him, if nothing
 else, a debt of gratitude for all he has already
 given to this country. Viva la America! 
          Mari (Leona Eckert)Leahy (65) 

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Subj:   Smoking, Death and Politics 
From:   Andrew Eckert (54)

In reading Mari (Leona Eckert) Leahy (65) two
 contributions, the first on smoking and death, I
 was unable to determine any direction or
 conclusions that she was making.  Certainly hope
 she wasn't defending the tobacco company's, but
 if she was, I'M not surprised many smokers
 make all the excuses.

She also spoke on McCain for president and that
 would be my wish as well. The Reform Party has
 been in turmoil and at one time not along ago
 there president/Chairman was asked if he
 thought the party could or would consider
 nominating McCain and his reply reportedly was
 yes even if he had been nominated by the
 Republicans.  Maybe he will come in late and do
 the same as Jessie Ventura did.  About the only
 ticket that I think could beat him if he did this
 would be the Clinton/Gore or said more
 properly, the Gore/Hillary Clinton ticket.  As we
 know the Clinton's are very clever people and to
 run Hillary on the ticket it was necessary to make
 her a national politician.  This maybe is what's
 going on in NY.  The house in Westchester
 County is just what Bill needed to be close to his
 new job with his golfing buddy and partner,
 some job, eight million a year for playing golf
 and making phone calls, with bonus's of another
 two million, as reported in George Magazine. So
 Hillary will be available to run with Al if a
 woman is needed on the ticket, she certainly
 would trump Lizzy Dole.  If this scenario was to
 play out what about that senate seat in NY?  I
 see two candidates waiting, that either one could
 likely win it fairly easily, Mario Coumo or Rubin
 who is back in NYC.  This year certainly has the
 possibilities of being very exciting.  This Bush W
 is unbelievably dumb, once again the hard right
 of the party is steering straight towards a cliff. 
 Robertson, Falwell, and Reed are calling all the
 shots as they did four years ago, maybe after this
 next election there will be another party and we
 the people will have more input in selecting

                    Andrew Eckert (54) 

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Subj:   It Takes More To Be President
From:   Patty Stordahl  (72)

Responding to Ms. Leahy.

No one is questioning moccasins sacrifices but
 being president takes more than being a POW
 from any war. It takes a skilled articulate savvy
 leader, a political manipulator to turn other
 aggressive leaders in a way that is favorable to
 the desired results.  It has nothing to do with
 service to ones country in a military fashion.
 It has to do with what image they portray to the
 foreign countries as well as to their own.
 Some may not like Clinton's morals but he is a
 hell of a politician.  Some may even fear an
 Afro-American leading our country because they
 are different.  I remember when my grandmother
 told me not to go to a minority or woman Dr.
 Why, because they were different.  She said they
 were not as clean, Where did she get that one? 
 Women would only make good nurses? Get real.
 This is progressive America.  Prior to her death
 in ‘87 she had eaten her words many times.  I
 personally find it hard to go to a male Dr. now.

Question raised in my mind was: If you are in the
 military for 20 years and only rise to rank of
 Captain you lack leadership skills somewhere. 
 Whether it is in actual follow through during the
 tough time or where I can't say but somewhere
 he was deemed qualified to lead the few- not
 qualified to lead the masses. A President must
 lead the masses.

I respectfully disagree with your feelings that he
 has more right to run.  I don't think that one
 person has more right to run for office than
 another.  Please try to remember this is
 AMERICA the land of opportunity.  Look at the
 reaction temper McCain displayed at the loss of
 his nomination.  Would you want that temper
 erupting in a heated international political forum? 
 I would certainly hope not.
Did you watch the way he blew up after he found
 out the republican nomination went to Bush?  He
 was way out of line with people just doing their
 job.  I do agree a temper at times is a good thing. 
 But a temper out of control or unchecked for
 even a minute can devastate all progress made.
 I was very involved with being a McCain
 supporter in the beginning.  I joined his web sight
 to the troops group.  But I also got involved
 with all the other candidates as I wanted to make
 a solid decision.  I got in chat rooms with vets as
 well as young people and old alike.  Being
 politically informed to the best of my ability is a
 need for me as I am sure it is for you. I have a
 hard time just rooting for the cute one or the
 underdog just because he appears to have a
 charismatic personality.  I have learned though
 the years that not always but usually someone
 who shows all his cards to soon is a very poor
 long term strategist.  Unfortunately this proved
 to be true in McCain's tactics even by his own
 camp's admission.  Luke Skywalker image was
 way to immature for me and beat to death. I
 switched after much informed conversation and
 political review.  I personally loved the way Alan
 Keys handled himself and how he openly was
 sick of the candidate bashing debates.  He stuck
 to real issues. He gave hard to swallow but true
 solutions.  Why would he be so far fetched to be
 a real leader?  He was the ONLY one to say hard
 things that would be good for the country as a
 whole.  He is the only one who did not have to
 apologize for any of his stands or actions.
 I am not afraid of change nor a Minority
 president. His stand was strong.  No loop hole
 flat tax. It is time all free loading Americans got
 out of their special interest hand out lines and
 got a job and worked and paid taxes and supported 
 their own kids and country.  Dead beat parents-
 take care of your own children.  Stop running away.
 If you supported your own kids there would be no
 tax supported Child support agencies.  
 Tax supported welfare lines would be smaller.
 You are not keeping your money from an ill
 spending father or mother you are keeping your
 money away from your child.  Be a true
 American belly up to the bar in tough times it is
 our duty to teach our own children responsibility. 
 Keyes message shoulder the blame for your own
 actions.  Stop blaming others for what you lack. 
 Revive your faith (what ever it may be) and roll
 up your own sleeves and get back to what made
 America great.  The family and God.

I hear White moms say if my son was black he
 could get a grant.  If my kid was a minority he
 could get a better opportunity.  Why do white
 girls have to date black guys, I have heard young
 white underachievers say this also!  IT MAKES
 ME SICK.  The remark you made about Jackson
 & Keyes- Please, what was that all about?
 What do you think If Jackson and Keyes got in
 office all whites would be shackled as their
 ancestors were by Whites many years ago?
 I feel if we really want change we need to be
 honest and not just vote for the pretty face, race,
 or the party nomination, We should vote for
 someone who is strong in leadership can speak
 to the masses with common sense, can also wield
 a big stick when necessary and is above
 castrating his or her opponent when given 30
 minutes of tax paid air time. Personally I don't
 care if you are green. If you are right for the job
 you are right for the job. After I read and
 listened to some of the vets who actually said they
 were POW's with McCain and their feelings
 regarding him and his abilities under pressure is
 what really opened my eyes. McCain in my
 educated, researched opinion, though a
 tremendous, deeply convicted man was found
 lacking in presidential progressive leadership
 skills I feel that are needed to run the country I
 live in. Of course, as you know, opinions are like
 belly buttons, Every one has one and they all
 stink. In the end we all have to live with our own

Thank you for your comments regarding my
 entry. And though I am also saddened by GORE
 getting the nomination. Was there ever a doubt?

                      patty stordahl (72) 

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