Issue Number 58
               Wednesday - April 5 - 2000
         Ideas - Opinion - Personal Experience

"She that in wisdom was never so frail 
 To change the cod's head for the salmon's tail..."

        - from William Shakespeare's Othello -

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Look Who's Talking Today:
   About Salmon vs. Dams:

       "What  about the impact on power, prices,
 food production and continued mass net
 harvesting by native Americans?"                    
                      - Jeff Brown '70 

       "You can't have the Snake River salmon on
 the Endangered Species list, and on the menu at
 the same time."
              - Karen Schildknecht Mateo '67

       "The fishery was maintaining...until all the
 Fish processing ships and thousands of miles of
 seine and gill nets went offshore..."
                        - Gus Keeney '64

      "The fools in Portland need to clean up the
 sewer they call the Willamette before they EVER
 think about telling US what to do with OUR
                        - Paul Casey '70
   Other Subjects:

            "...if we deserve Bill Clinton..."
                       - Ray Wells '54

   "the kind of  intelligent discussion ... that befits
 the fact that we did get a useful education at
 RHS or Columbia High School..."
                 - Irene de la Bretonne '61

 A Tragedy and Warning Shared:
                  "We reap what we sow."
                 - Katie (Sheeran) Johnson (61)
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Subj:    Salmon vs. Dams: What will be the Cost?
From:    Jeff Brown (70) 

Response to Ron Richards (63).

Ron, your response to Gary Beyhmer (64)
 seemed a little harsh.  It sounds as though this is
 a passionate topic for you (It is for me).  Maybe
 you are a professional environmentalist. While
 your facts may be correct regarding the mortality
 of young salmon on the Snake river, it would be
 helpful if you could reference your sources. Also
 since you appear to be so well informed, maybe
 you can enlighten the rest of us as to what the
 impact of the removal of the dams would have
 with regards to power availability and cost to the
 Western consumers? What is the impact to
 farmers and food production? What is the
 Sociological Impact? Where will power to our
 communities be coming from over the next 20
 years?  Is it true that the Frasier river in British
 Columbia is a dam-less river and that the
 percentage depletion of the Salmon runs on this
 river are similar to the percentage depletion of
 salmon runs on the snake river? If so, could there
 be other major reasons for salmon depletion.
 What are the effects of salmon fishing in the
 Pacific ocean on the salmon runs for our rivers? 
 And what about the politically incorrect topic of
 Indian fishing on the mouths of many of our
 rivers?  Do you think that the indiscriminate
 stretching of multitudes of nets across the
 mouths of our rivers has any effect? If so how

I live in western Washington, where you may also
 live.  Over here we have all seen the way today's
 Indians fish. In just the casual course of
 observation when I travel locally, I have seen
 numerous instances of Indian nets stretched
 across the Puyallup river, the Nisqaully river,
 Chamber creek, and more. I have recently
 worked as an outside architectural consultant to
 a tribe on the west coast of Washington. In the
 course of my consulting I have seen a fish
 catching/processing factory at the mouth of one
 of our rivers. During the course of regular
 monthly visits I have seen seasonal runs of a
 variety of fish ranging from King Salmon and
 Sockeyes to Steelhead and rare Blueback
 Salmon being netted at the mouth of this river. 
 It is hard to believe that any fish is left to return
 after the massive catches I have seen.  The
 female salmon are stripped of there eggs and
 tons of these salmon eggs are shipped to Japan
 for consumption (not to mention the
While the dams have some obvious effect on our
 salmon, I would rather think that we could divert
 some of our 'passion for the environment' and
 'dollars to tear down dams', toward applying our
 selves to mitigating the effects of dams while
 also capturing the water resources of our region
 for power and farming.  Do you think we are
 capable of applying ourselves in that manner? 
 And what about the Indian? How long will the
 Indians remain immune to the scrutiny or our
 environmentally sensitive minds and hearts? 

Jeff Brown (70)

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Subj:    Re: Salmon Recovery
From:  Karen Schildknecht Mateo (67)

To Ron Richards (63)

I think the only question I have is how can the
 removal of the dams, and the expense it will be
 to the taxpayers, be the ONLY "reasonable"
 solution? I guess I must have missed something
 if it's possible to destroy 4 dams, that are the
 'supposed' cause of salmon extinction, while
 allowing ocean netting, river netting, destruction
 of salmon at the hatcheries, allowing the terns to 
 feed freely, and raising the salmon limits of the
 recreational fishermen on charter boats? And you
 say that hydro power is the MAJOR cause of
 salmon reduction? If the majority of the people in
 Washington, the Northwest, and indeed, the
 entire country, are really serious about saving the
 Snake River salmon, why are they still eating it?
 Until people can refrain from catching, selling,
 and eating the salmon, how will it ever replenish
 itself? I saw the following statement in the
 newspaper about 3 weeks ago, unfortunately I
 can't recall the name of the gentleman who said
 it, but it completely explains how I feel: "You
 can't have the Snake River salmon on the
 Endangered Species list, and on the menu at the
 same time." The only way the salmon are going
 to be able to replenish themselves, is to call a 3
 to 5 year moratorium on fishing and netting. I
 can't see how anything else will work. When the 
 Spotted Owl was placed on the Endangered
 Species list, no one was allowed to even set foot
 in the area where they were nesting. The owls
 survived, the lumber industry survived, and so
 will the fishing industry. What will happen 
 if, after tearing down all 4 dams, the salmon keep
 diminishing? Are YOU going to pay to have the
 dams replaced? I've also read studies that show
 the Snake River will take up to 50 years to
 recover from all the damage removing the dams
 will cause, so I guess it's really a moot point,
 since it's actually our children who will pay for it
 all in the end. Why not try to ban all salmon 
 fishing, and especially stop allowing the Japanese
 to use mile long nets in OUR waters (thereby
 saving the fish near THEIR shores), for a period
 of 3 years, and if it's determined that there is
 absolutely no increase in the salmon population,
 then we can tear out the dams. Isn't that, after
 all, the course of action with the least long term

         - Karen Schildknecht Mateo (67) -

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Subj:    Fisheries:
From: Gus Keeney '57

To Ron Richards(63)

I am glad to see you are so open minded that
 you failed to mention the fishery was maintaining
 (With the Help of the hatcheries) with all the
 dams in place until all the Fish processing ships
 and thousands of miles on seine and gill nets
 went offshore several years ago.  These nets
 are just outside our official offshore boundaries. 

Gus Keeney(57)

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Subj:  Bill Clinton
From: Ray Wells (54) (Ray Wells)

I appreciated (and agreed with) John Allen's (66)
 analysis of the Wayne LaPierre, Charleton
 Heston, Bill Clinton scenario.  Now I wish
 someone would take it on themselves to do the
 same kind of analysis to show why our current
 good economy was set into motion before
 Clinton took office.  And I'd like someone to
 explain why Bill Clinton continues to get high
 approval ratings in spite of having a disastrous
 foreign policy, and no realistic plans to solve the
 current problems  facing our nation, e.g., the
 current oil/energy crisis, failure of public
 education, high illegitimate birth rate, illegal
 drugs, single parent families, and (oh yes) failure
 to enforce the current gun laws.  Maybe the
 popularity of porn on the Internet and Bill
 Clinton's popularity go hand in hand.  In the final
 analysis, the people get what they deserve.  And
 if we deserve Bill Clinton, it doesn't reflect good
 on us.

                    -   Ray Wells (54) -
Subj: Likes Ron Richard's Response
From:  Irene de la Bretonne (61) wrote:

Excellent, Ron, I appreciate your response.  Your
 message IS the kind of intelligent discussion I
 believe the majority of the Sandstorm-reading
 alums welcome and that befits the fact that we
 did get a useful education at RHS or Columbia
 High School.  However, I fully expect that my
 response will be excluded from the Sandstorm
 just as yours has been by exception.   Alas, keep
 the faith!!!

Irene de la Bretonne (61)
Dr. Irene D. Hays

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Subj:   Where Is It Written?
From:   Paul Casey '70

Where is it written that we have to have Salmon? 
 I don't particularly care if salmon are "wild" or
 ranch raised  -- either way they taste nearly the 
 same.  The Indians should stop netting, and the
 commercial fishermen and Japanese should stop
 fishing for Salmon.  And the fools in Portland
 need to clean up the sewer they call the
 Willamette before they EVER think about 
 telling US what to do with OUR Dams.

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Subj:   Reaping What We Sow
From:   Katie (Sheeran) Johnson (61)

Recently Tom and I had a tragedy in our family
 that I want to share for a "heads up" to 
 everyone.  It might be a little long and you can
 cut it if you want but I'm going to tell my story.

Our Miniature Schnauzer Gracie, got out of the
 yard the other day and Saturday we received a
 call from someone saying they had found her and
 where we could find her body.  Someone had
 dragged, choked and stabbed her out by an
 orchard near our home.  She was our sweetheart
 and was everybody's friend. We lost more than
 our best friend this week.  We lost faith in the
 We're wondering how someone could have killed
 a helpless, friendly little dog.  Would it bother
 them to kill a child?  

 Food for  Thought: Someone else wrote....Let's
 see, maybe  it's because Dr. Spock said we
 shouldn't spank  our children when they
 misbehave because their little  personalities
 would be warped and we might damage their

 self-esteem.  And we said, an  expert should
 know what he's talking about so we won't spank
 them anymore.  Then someone said that teachers
 and principals better not discipline our children
 when they misbehave.  And the school
 administrators said no faculty member in this
 school better touch a student  when they
 misbehave  because we don't want any
 bad publicity, and we surely don't want to be
 sued.  We accepted their reasoning. Then some
 of our top elected officials said that it doesn't
 matter what we do in private as long as we do
 our jobs.  And agreeing with them, we said it
 doesn't matter to me what anyone, including the
 President, does in private as long as I have a job
 and the economy is good.  Someone said let's
 print magazines with pictures of nude women
 and call it wholesome down-to-earth
 appreciation for the beauty of the female body. 
 And we said we have no problem with that.
 Someone else took that appreciation a step
 further and published pictures of  nude children
 and then stepped further still by making them
 available on the Internet.  We said they're entitled
 to their free speech.  The entertainment industry
 said, let's make movies that promote profanity,
 violence, and illicit sex. And let's record music
 that encourages rape, drugs, murder, suicide, and
 satanic themes.  Let's make video games where
 children learn to consider it sport to kill and
 maim anything that moves.  We said it's just
 entertainment, it has no adverse effect and
 nobody takes it seriously anyway, so go right

Therefore, now we're asking ourselves
 why our children have no conscience, why they
 don't know right from wrong, and why it doesn't
 bother them to kill strangers, their classmates, or
 themselves.  Probably, if we think about it long
 and hard enough we can figure it out.  I  think it
 has a great deal to do with... "we reap what we
I wrote this in memory of Gracie.


                                 ~ 58 ~