Issue 75 Aug 18, 2000
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     "Live only for today, and you ruin tomorrow."
                         - C. Simmons


Look Who's Talking Today:

"After the fiascoes that were the Robert Bork and
 Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation
 hearings, I thought  that never again would it be
 possible for the leadership of the Democrat Party
 to bottom themselves in terms of a thoroughly
 mean-spirited and hypocritical hatchet job."
                         - John Allen '66

"For the first year the Republicans controlled
 Congress (1995), many projects at Hanford were
 cut and many people lost their jobs.  Myself and
 thousands were laid off during those bloody days."
                        - Jim Moran (87)

"The promise of a Bismuth-213 therapy is
 in the use of alpha particles to destroy the
 *residual* cancer cells that remain in the blood and
 bone marrow after chemo has been completed."
                          - Dick Epler '52

   Irene Hays answers a question about "wondering."

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Here's More of What We're Talking About Today:

Subj:    WILD DOGS
From:   John M. Allen

Wednesday, 26 July 2000

After the fiascoes that were the Robert Bork and
 Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation
 hearings, I thought  that never again would it be
 possible for the leadership of the Democrat Party
 to bottom themselves in terms of a thoroughly
 mean-spirited and hypocritical hatchet job; not
 until yesterday when Dick Cheney was picked for
 the second spot on the GOP ticket in this Fall's
 presidential election.  Having been given a two day
 head start by some half lucky research on the part
 of NBC's Lisa Meyers, the Dems were out in force
 with their Gore Campaign "talking points."  Many
 of them found it necessary to actually read their
 drivel; having been too lazy to commit a few points
 to memory.  To hear them recite the same
 criticisms ad nauseam, one would believe Cheney
 to be the political equivalent of the AIDS virus,
 about to infect the entire country.  Of course these
 claims are nothing more than preposterous
 distortions of the truth and, more often, complete
 fabrication.  Those who bother to pay attention to
 politics in this country know full well that the
 strategy would have been the same regardless of
 whom Mr. Bush would have chosen to be his
 running mate.  One might have hoped for
 enough common courtesy from the libs to wait at
 least a day or two with their rabid attacks, rather
 than boorishly barging their way into the
 dinner party to demean the food, the wine, the
 sterling flatware and the centerpiece right in the
 face of the host and his guests.  The fact that
 the comments have been so extreme, not only in
 terms of tone, timing and content, but also in their
 carpet bombing style, graphically demonstrates
 that the Democrat leadership has become little
 better than a pack of wild dogs chasing a deer. 
 One has to wonder how these hacks don't seem to
 feel the least embarrassment since, just over a
 decade ago, most of them were singing Cheney's
 praises to the heavens while the Senate voted 92-0
 to confirm him as Secretary of Defense.
 Additionally, many of them including the Party's
 new standard bearer, AlGore, were casting the
 same votes in Congress (on gun control, abortion,
 etc)  for which they now criticize Mr. Cheney.  
 The important difference here, is that those "deep,
 personal convictions" held by Mr. Cheney 15-20
 years ago, actually WERE deep, personal
 convictions rather than whimsy to be thrown into
 the political winds just prior to each election.  Mr.
 Gore has flip-flopped on almost every "deep,
 personal conviction" he has ever held, simply to
 keep getting elected or even to get more TV time
 (as in the case of the Senate deliberations just prior
 to the Gulf War). Character still counts and
 Cheney, unlike half his opposition in this
 election, has it in spades (and for those of you who
 are overly politically correct, that's a CARD
 GAME analogy).  Mr. Gore and many of his
 faithful have simply been exposed to Bill Clinton
 far too long and have come down with a character
 sickness for which there will never be a cure.

In this forum alone, there has been no small amount
 of rhetoric and vitriol from the left of the political
 spectrum about how mean-spirited
 Republicans/Conservatives are in their approach to
 politics.  Obviously, there is no shortage of that
 commodity in the "care more," "feel good" party. 
 I suggest it will be worthy of note to hear what
 Mr. Cheney has to say regarding AlGore's running
 mate once HE is announced.  My guess is that if he
 makes any comment at all, it will initially be
 respectful at the very least.  It is high time that 
 hard core liberals finally admit, as Alan
 Derschowitz did on national TV, that they regard
 conservatives almost in total, as evil, uncaring
 people, and that they have never seen one for
 whom they would cast their vote.  I challenge
 any liberal (or self-proclaimed moderate) who
 challenges this conclusion, to first inform us which
 conservative(s), seeking any office above the level
 of dog catcher, they have ever voted for.

As for Bush's judgment in picking Cheney, I further
 suspect that it is only the first indication of his
 intent, upon his election, to return to the White
 House an Administration fully staffed with serious
 and thoroughly competent ADULTS, instead of
 the current "most ethical Administration in history"
 which "looks like America."  Even when George
 W. asks his dad for some free advice, at least he is
 asking one of only five people alive in the world
 who has ever held the job he is seeking.  Somehow
 that behavior seems infinitely more reasonable than
 paying $15,000/month to some extreme left-wing
 bimbo to tell him what color and style of clothing
 to wear so he can be PERCEIVED as an "Alpha
 Male."  Only Bill Clinton and AlGore would be so
 arrogant as to imply that they have all the answers
 any President needs, and can do without the very
 best experience and advice available to help run the
 country.  And if he were being totally honest (what
 a joke), Clinton would claim that he really didn't
 need Gore either; not beyond the Constitutional 
 requirement for a VP.

Finally, because she was included in the parade of
 Cheney detractors yesterday, I must ask if there
 has ever been anyone in the U.S. Senate more
 embarrassingly ignorant than Washington State's
 "mother in tennis shoes."   Shame on the 
 Washington voters who were so careless in helping
 elect her, and willing to prove that they will vote
 for ANY Democrat, however lacking in
 qualification and ability!  Incidentally, it appeared
 yesterday that Patty could afford to spend a little
 more time in those tennis shoes and a little less
 time in the Senate Dining Room.  Now all
 of that may be less than kind, but at least it's true.
              - John Allen (Class of '66)

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Subj:    Response to Dick Epler
To: Jim Moran (87)

[Note: For clarity, the article by Epler referred to
 here by Moran, was published in an earlier edition
 of The Alumni SANDSTORM, (Not The
 SANDBOX).  As a clarifying reference, Epler's
 SANDSTORM article will be repeated here,
 following Moran's comments regarding it.]

James Moran wrote:

I would like to correct one thing which Dick Epler
 had mentioned about FFTF.  It was not shut down
 by the "present administration", but it was shut
 down under the Bush Administration.   For one
 short year after the Energy Secretary of the Bush
 Administration sang the worthy praises of FFTF,
 he  proposed and began the work to shut down
 FFTF.   I had many friends and relatives who
 worked at FFTF during this time, and they were
 very upset by this.  Also, Dick, if you stick to the
 claim that , yes it was officially shut down in 1995
 (even though  it was years in the works), 
 remember who controlled congress.  The
 Republicans.  For the first year the Republicans
 controlled Congress (1995), many projects at
 Hanford were cut and many people lost their jobs. 
 Myself and thousands were laid off during those
 bloody days.  My, how people do have short
                     - Jim Moran (87)

Original Message Referred to as published in The
From: Dick Epler (52)

RE: Sandstorm Radiation Article (referenced by Kim 
Edgar Leeming (79) in 8/1/00 Sandstorm.

Recently, Rick Maddy (67) expressed an interest in
 more articles on nuclear radiation (7/29/00). Then
 on 8/1/00, Kim Edgar Leeming (79) drew our
 attention to the Associated Press news piece
 "Nuclear Waste May Help Cancer." So I thought
 I'd offer the following observations.

For those who may not have read the news article,
 the author, Duncan Mansfield, is reporting on the
 use of Bismuth-213 to treat patients with acute
 myeloid leukemia for which the cure rate is only 30
 to 40% using aggressive chemotherapy. If you've
 seen the Julia Roberts movie, Dying Young, you'll
 be able to appreciate the sadness of going through
 such a debilitating therapy (chemo) only to suffer
 continued relapses, eventually resulting in "dying
 young." The promise of a Bismuth-213 therapy is
 in the use of alpha particles to destroy the
 *residual* cancer cells that remain in the blood and
 bone marrow after chemo has been completed.
 NOTE: Chemotherapy has been described as a
 technique that brings the patient as close to death
 as possible without succeeding.

The decay of Bi-213 produces an alpha particle
 (i.e., a Helium nucleus) with an energy of 5.9 Mev
 that is very effective in destroying living tissue in
 the near (very near) vicinity. But it can't tell the
 difference between a cancer cell and a healthy cell,
 so the trick is to attach the Bismuth isotope to
 something that can. The technique used by the
 researchers at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering
 Cancer Center in New York is to attach the
 Bismuth-213 isotope to cancer antibodies
 produced by the patient's own immune system.
 This allows the "targeted" destruction of specific
 cancer cells and is called "alpha particle
 immunotherapy." Most important the technique
 has general application to a host of other cancers
 besides leukemia for which human testing will
 be done (necessary for certification). In theory, it
 could also result in eliminating chemotherapy
 entirely, but again that hasn't been tested yet.
 Another advantage of Bismuth-213 is that its half-

 life of 46-minutes is sufficient to do the work in a
 reasonable time, while producing by-products that
 are then eliminated in the urine.

The AP's spin was to tie this marvelous medical
 research to "nuclear waste," which if you're a
 "downwinder" evokes visions of bubbling tanks
 and brown clouds of radioactive Iodine (scary
 stuff). In truth, "waste" is a bit misleading in this
 case. The source of Bismuth-213 is Oak Ridge's
 stored Uranium-233 that was intentionally
 produced for use in commercial nuclear reactors.
 Only after the activists destroyed the promise of
 producing electrical power "too-cheap-to-meter"
 did the U-233 become "waste." And so it has been
 stored for these many years at Oak Ridge at a cost
 of $15 million per year. Recently DOE has
 authorized the extraction of Bi-213 from the
 U-233 > >storage vault for cancer therapy.
 One of the things DOE has not authorized,
 however, is the restart of the FFTF reactor at
 Richland for the production of almost any isotope
 the medical community could desire. The FFTF
 research reactor has a neutron flux spectrum
 unmatched by anything existing in the world in
 1995 (when I retired -- don't know about today). It
 is an extremely versatile and safe reactor and it's a
 pity it was shut down in 1991 (I think).    Unofficially,
 it was shut down for two reasons: 1) Washington State 
 doesn't want anything to do with nuclear stuff; and 2) 
 the present Administration wants to build a new reactor
 for producing Tritium and medical isotopes in 
 Tennessee (wonder why Tennessee?).
                         - Dick Epler (52)

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In Issue Sandbox Issue #74, I said:
"Here's More of What We've Been Wondering
 About:  (Or should we say, '...of which we've
 been wondering.'")

Irene Hays,, suggested saying
 it like this:  "...about which we've been
  That certainly works for me!  Also,
 if one of those things about which you've been
 wondering includes wondering when an article
 you've sent will be published, just be patient for a
 while longer.  Much of my relocation work is
 finished and I am hoping to accelerate the number
 of issues over the next few weeks in order to catch
 up on all the important mail you've sent.

Please remember to include your class year and
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                        -Al Parker (53)
                Your SANDBOX moderator

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