Great American Conversations
                   With The Alumni of RHS
               Issue 89 September 23, 2000

   "It is right to be contented with what we have,
        never with what we are." - Mackintosh

Let's hear who's talking today~

            Jim Blakely (67) - Brad Wear '71
     Paul Ratsch (58) - Chuck Monasmith '65
         Dave Doran (72) - Anna Durbin '69
                  Linda McKnight (65)

Let our conversations begin!

Subj:  History Question
From: Jim Blakely (67)

Q: If you owned a model Mark IV FM, which 
 product would you have?

a. A recreational vehicle made by General Motors?
b. Sony's not yet released top-of-the line DVD player?
c. Cambridge Audio's best table-model radio?
d. None of the above?

   (See answer at the end of this issue of 
     The SANDBOX.)

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Subj:   Weighing the Cost of Paint
From:   Brad Wear '71

To Bob Carlson, '54


I think you're right about no paint being a financial
 matter on the B-17's as well as the B-29's.  It had
 more to do with the added weight of the paint, and
 the "wear and tear" on the engines.  I think it was
 the 5,000th ship off the line that was signed by all
 the factory workers.  Just that amount of paint
 forced that particular aircraft to run it's engines at
 a higher rate and thus added more to the
 maintenance aspect.  The planes in the different
 theaters also had different paint schemes.  Not
 knowing what the final destination was of the ship
 that rolled off the line it was probably easier to
 have them painted when they reached their final
 base.  My aunt and grandmother were both "Rosie
 the riveters" in the Seattle Boeing plant during
 WWII.  They had some interesting stories.
 American Airlines, (another fine Texas company)
 saves millions of dollars a year over their
 competition with the striped paint scheme versus
 the full body paint job.  The weight factor is
 incredible.  I don't know how many gallons of
 paint go on a plane, but I bet it's a significant
 amount.  Just consider the weight of each gallon
 and the total probably equates to several fully
 loaded passengers.  You know what they calculate
 for a fully loaded combat Marine was 250 lbs.  I
 would have had to carry an extra 100 lbs to meet
 that mark when I was in the Corps.  

                     - Brad Wear '71 

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Subj:    For Steve Carson
From:    Paul Ratsch (58)

OK, Steve- (slave labor) = not a livable wage.  I
 agree on the schools. If we don't motivate the
 children to learn & pay attention in class, our
 future is slim and none....

                      - Paul Ratsch (58)

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Subj:    Sticking to Beliefs and Censorship
From:   Chuck Monasmith ' 65 (Chuck Monasmith)

To Jenny Smart Page

I am so very glad you are going to stick by your
 original opinion.  I will forever support your right
 to do so and will consider you as someone to
 respect for sticking to your beliefs in the face of
 criticism.  Good for you.

Now, let me make sure I understand your position. 
 You would prefer to have your kids read a book
 where David sends a subordinate into a no-win
 battle just so he can keep slipping it to the
 subordinates wife, rather than a fantasy about
 children in a magical land?  Do you also boycott
 Peter Pan?  Alice in Wonderland? Did the
 tooth fairy never visit your children? 

I best be careful or your intolerance will make me

Censorship is a blatant ignorance.  Hide censorship
 behind Christianity and it's abhorrent.

                 - Chuck Monasmith '65

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Subj:   Manipulating Levels of Employment and
            Judging a Book By Its Content
From:   Dave Doran (72)

I love this Sandbox thingy!

To Steve Carson: I own two businesses and it's
 true that it is hard to find 'good' and qualified
 people. I meant no particular moral weight to the
 statement about our institutionalized
 unemployment factor, only that one exists. I can't
 agree that anyone who wants a job can have one or
 at least a fitting and interesting and living-wage
 one but that may have more to do with the part of
 the country they live in and their level of training.
 Alan Greenspan uses or tries to manipulate the
 level of unemployment and my only remark is that
 he is not smart enough to be left alone with so
 much power!

To Jenny Page: With all due respect to your
 beloved opinion I see reading a book as more
 analogous to taking a trip or journey where, if one
 doesn't start at the beginning and continue through
 to the end, the entire experience may not be valid.
 And I hate to say it but it is the height of arrogance
 to condemn a book or a journey that one has not
 even tried to experience. Sorry, but having read
 the Bible all the way through I find it to be full of
 the magic and mystical and egotism and goodness
 and ignorance that one might expect of such an
 antique and eclectic document. Some of the
 lessons contained therein are for the good of man
 and just as many that reflect the fear and loathing
 of the unknown so that one has to read with an
 open mind to discern the differences. Just like any
 good book. You have to read it though, there is no

                       Dave Doran (72)
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Subj:    Re: The SANDBOX Issue 88
From:   Anna Durbin '69  

Dear Sandbox:

I think people are believing too much of what
 they see on TV, and guess what, it isn't all true. 
 Nobody without a job who wants one?  4%
 unemployment rate?  I don't think so.  They came
 up with that unemployment rate by adding the
 military in.  They didn't do that before Reagan. 
Next, tell me there is no prejudice in this country. 
 What are the unemployment rates in African
 American communities?  It isn't 4%. And if you
 believe people don't want to work, you are just

I have a client who was a letter carrier who injured
 her leg while delivering mail.  Instead of
 accommodating her as the Americans with
 Disabilities Act requires by finding useful work
 that she could do, the USPS sent her to the Cripple
 Crew.  They work from 8:30 PM to 5:30 PM at
 work that is the equivalent of a white room with
 nothing to do.  She had to be away from her
 teenaged daughter and son at night.  (Dad the drug
 addict has not been in the picture for years.) 
 Guess who got pregnant?  Her 16 year old
 daughter.  When my client put what she had been
 told was trash in her pocket, they arrested her and
 charged her with two federal felonies of mail theft
 and mail obstruction.  I represented her in a federal
 trial where she was found not guilty.  Would the
 postal service reinstate her?  No.  And they took
 away her unemployment and her medical
 insurance.  What job could she find?  Minimum
 wage cashier at a drug store - no benefits.  Support
 two teenagers on that?  Sure. 

Jenny would not let her kids hang out after a
 football game or be kids?  Neither does my sister
, because she watches the evening news which
 features nothing except what horrible things have
 happened today.  Guess what?  Those events are
 pretty much exceptions to the rules.  My kids go
 places with their friends and I trust them.  They are
 careful about unusual happenings, but they are not
 confined in a cage.  I try to help them think for
 themselves instead of presuming that anyone who
 they don't know or who has different skin or a
 different life style is automatically evil.  They have
 gone to integrated summer camps where they have
 learned that there are rotten white kids and rotten
 black kids.  And there are great white kids and
 great black kids.  They have learned what to look
 for in the qualities of their friends and they are not
 afraid of the world or naive and rebellious because
 we have overprotected them.  Everybody makes
 their own choices which is what makes this
 country full of different people.  I just wanted to
 let you know some other choices that have been
Drugs - the great demon of our country if you listen
 to the politicians and the news.  We have over two
 million people in prison in this country - I believe a
 majority from nonviolent drug offenses.  Many of
 them were (1) working hard at making a living at
 what was available where they lived and would
 have been called energetic entrepreneurs if they
 were selling tobacco or (2) self medicating their
 depression at their lack of a decent future.  It's
 okay if it's prescribed by a doctor or if it is alcohol. 
 We did not learn or forgot rapidly from Prohibition
 that making things illegal causes violence when
 people are willing to pay for the product.  Many
 more people die in this country from alcohol
 related incidents than drug related incidents every
 year. But we don't want to think about that.  And
 what happens when we lock up so many people for
 drugs?  A lot of them have children.  A lot of them
 have aging parents who need them.  What
 happens to those innocents?  We just don't seem to
 care too much.  

        So, my rant for the day.  I shouldn't read The
 Sandbox after work.  

                      - Anna Durbin '69

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Subj:   Until Your Children Are Safely Grown
From:   Linda McKnight (65)

To:  Jenny Smart (87)

I hope you have eyes in the back of your head and
 are able to stay up night and day for the rest of
 your days until your children are safely grown and
 moved away from your house because you do not
 have any idea what your children will be reading or
 doing when they are not in your presence.  It is
 human nature for children to rebel against what
 their parents believe or don't believe, because that
 is the way they reach their own conclusions, and
 become people.  What will you do, Jenny, if your
 kid does read a Harry Potter book or smokes a
 joint, or pierces an ear, or gets a tattoo??  Will you
 love them any less?  I have been through about
 everything I ever cared to while my kids were
 growing up and they and I have lived to see them
 become over 21. (The adult part we are still
 working on.)  They have had their share of
 rebellions but the one that caused me the worst
 grief was just recently.  It was when my son came
 home and said, "I registered to vote today.  I
 registered Republican."  I replied, "OH, MY
 GRAVE!"  Best wishes to you, Jenny, and lighten
 up on yourself and your kids.  Life is really pretty
 wonderful wherever you may be.  God bless. 

                     -  Linda McKnight

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Subj:   History Question Answer
From: Jim Blakely (67)

The question was:

Q:  If you owned a model Mark IV FM, which
product would you have?

a. A recreational vehicle made by General Motors?
b. Sony's not yet released top-of-the line DVD player?
c. Cambridge Audio's best table-model radio?
d. None of the above?

The answer is:

d. None of the above

You would own the atom bomb dropped on
 Nagasaki in 1945.  The bomb was
 designated the Mark IV FM on its blueprints.

      (Source: THE NEW YORK TIMES)

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