Great American Conversations
                   With The Alumni of RHS
                Issue 90 September 24, 2000

 "Great opportunities come to all, but many do not
 know they have met them. --The only preparation
 to take advantage of them is simple fidelity to what
 each day brings."  - A. E. Dunning

Today's Articles:

   Read and Evaluate
           By Jinnie (Eckert) Stephens `58

   Ban Parking Lots at Taverns and Pubs?
           By Jim Moran `86

   Harry Potter and God
           By Patricia de la Bretonne `65

   Can It Get Any Worse?
           By Mary Ray Henslee   `61

   Not Enough Evidence
           By Bob Carlson (Mike Clowes) `54

   Judicial Choice
           By Ron Richards `63


Are you ready?  Filled your cup or glass?  OK then, 
 sit back, relax, and let's hear who's talking today!
Subj:   Read and Evaluate
From:   Jinnie (Eckert) Stephens `58

WOW!! [re #89] Good issue.  Sorry, Jenny Smart
 Page.  I can't say it any better than Chuck
 Monasmith (65) and Dave Doran (72).  Hope you
 decide to read and reevaluate your opinion of the
 Harry Potter books.

                               ~ ~ ~

Subj:    Ban Parking Lots at Taverns and Pubs?
From:   Jim Moran  '86

In response to Anna Durbin's issues of drugs and
 alcohol in our society. [In #89] She makes many
 good points, which I agree with.  And I would like
 to add this one point about alcohol and how our
 society is so willing to accept it as the drug of
 choice.  If we as a society, really want to limit the
 number of people who are killed by drunk drivers,
 then why do we, as a society, allow parking lots at
 taverns or pubs?

                      - Jim Moran  '86

                               ~ ~ ~

Subj:   Harry Potter and God
From:   Patricia de la Bretonne '65

Hi. I have read the first 2 Harry Potter books and
 thoroughly enjoyed them. Much more fun and less
 gory and scary than Grimm's Fairy Tales and a lot
 of the classics were to me as a kid.  But basically it
 seems to me it's the same battle between good and
 evil and good wins!  Blaming God for a bias is

             - Patricia de la Bretonne '65

                             ~ ~ ~

Subj:   Can It Get Any Worse?
From:  Mary Ray Henslee (61)

Gore's relentless grandiose pledges may just get
 him elected if enough American people are blinded
 by their own greed. Make $120,000 a year and you
 don't want to give up buying that Mercedes to
 send your kid to college, Gore will see to it that
 you are not deprived.  You will be given a tax
 deduction for your kid's tuition of up to $10,000 a
 year, which equates to a $3,100 savings in your tax
 bracket.  That should help finance that Harvard
 education you have been planning for your kid or
 hey, send the kid to one of those universities that
 other people send their kids to and it will hardly
 cost you anything.  I sent my son to A&M
 University and the cost was about $2,000 a year,
 excluding food and housing.  You do the math. 
 Now, me a commoner should help to send a big
 person's kid to college?  Nobody helped me!  I
 made too much to qualify for a Grant and too little
 to really be able to afford the expense.  Now
 people who make much more than I do are being
 promised a tax break that is equivalent to a Grant.

When did the table get turned?  I think that Gore
 needs to define big people because if I made
 $120,000 a year, I would feel like a big person. 
 Simple arithmetic says that lower income people
 would save much less by virtue of the fact that
 they are in a lower tax bracket.  Does this mean
 that Gore is more for the big people than the
 common people?  How big is big?  I am so

I am really disappointed that Bush is validating
 Gore's pledges by throwing his hat into the ring on
 this particular issue. However, it is understandable
 given Gore's generous pledges and the American
 people's readiness to jump on the highest bidder's
 band wagon.  What's an opponent going to do?
 The system is already set up with Grants and
 Loans to assist the most needy.  I do not think that
 College should be an entitlement and I do not think
 that the cost should be subsidized for everyone at
 the taxpayers expense. 

I heard about Gore's college tuition tax break on
 the news last night and just couldn't resist

It seems that anything of importance is only a blip
 on the radar screen, but anything insignificant that
 can be sensationalized in any way is in our face day
 and night.  Vetoing the Estate Tax Repeal Bill and
 Marriage Penalty Repeal Bill was swept under the
 rug before the dust settled.  Gore soliciting a
 $100,000 contribution as a quid pro quo for a
 presidential veto was just a whisper on the news
 and I found nothing in our liberal newspaper.  How
 Bush's debate videotape made its way to the Gore
 camp was not questioned for very long.  Say an
 expletive when nobody is supposedly listening and
 you will never hear the end of it.  Like Gore and
 Clinton didn't use a few choice words to describe
 the press during the Monica scandal? I am having
 nightmares about rats due to that darn subliminal
 message that keeps flashing across my TV screen
 day and night.

It can't get any worse, or can it?

                  Mary Ray Henslee (61)

                             ~ ~ ~

Subj:   Not Enough Evidence
From:  Bob Carlson (Mike Clowes) '54
Reply-to: (Robert Carlson)

    Well, boys and girls, it's official: There just ain't
 enough evidence against the Clinton's to justify
 continuing the investigation.  Now, maybe we can
 get on with more mundane matters.

    It seems that this year, the general election ballot
 in the State of Oregon will have even more
 measures to vote on than in years past.  Most of
 them are bolloxed up tax measures that do not do
 what the proponents want them to.  It just
 behooves us voters to read the fine print, so that
 our "no" vote does not turn out to be a "yes" vote. 
 Oh, they get mighty slick sometimes.

    This is not what worries me the most.  We have
 an organization in this state known as the Oregon
 Citizen's Alliance.  The leaders of this group seem
 to be obsessed with the idea that unless we allow
 the OCA to protect us, we will be overrun by
 vicious, gun wielding homosexuals, or something
 of that nature.  Their current proposition is to
 make it illegal for schools to advocate or promote
 in any way the homosexual lifestyle (whatever that
 may be).  I guess I must have been living all this
 time with my head in the sand like an ostrich.  I
 wasn't aware that the public school system was
 doing any promotion of homosexuality.

    Now, don't get me wrong and claim that I am a
 defender of homosexuals.  I don't personally care
 for their lifestyle, but they are human and citizens,
 and should basically have the same rights as the
 rest of us.  What goes on behind closed doors is
 their business and not mine.  However, in order to
 have an informed citizenry, one should have a little
 knowledge about a lot of things.  I think it is
 confusing enough to try to figure out the normal
 ebb and flow of life without throwing a ballot
 measure like this one before me.

    One of the corollaries of "Murphy's Law" is that
 "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."  If the school system
 is not now advocating or promoting homosexual
 lifestyles, why must there be a law against it?  Or is
 there something that we're not being told?  In
 previous campaigns for "anti gay" measures, the
 OCA informed the people that "the gay and lesbian
 community had an agenda to take over the   world."
 Geez, and all along I thought it was the
 "evil empire" of those dirty, rotten commies that
 wanted to take over the world.

    As a parent I worried about my sons' sexual
 orientation.  I didn't express my worries to them
 or to my wife.  I figured that if something went
 askew, that was life.  The kid was still my son, and
 that was that.  Now I have threatened to cut them
 out of the will for various misdeeds, like
 forgetting birthdays and the like, but never for their
 choices in life.  Am I, then, an enlightened parent?
 I doubt it, and I'm sure the boys will tell you I am

    So, what do we do with people who claim to
 "know what is best for everyone"?  I think a "no"
 vote is best indicated here.  Most of the citizens
 had hoped to have seen the last of this group a few
 years ago, but they're sort of like bad pennies, you
 just can't get rid of them.  I just wish they would
 Teletubbie is the gay one.

    Well, that's my opinion, and I'm entitled to it.
 stick to keeping us informed as to just which

            - Bob Carlson (Mike Clowes) '54

                                 ~ ~ ~

Subj:   Judicial Choice
From:   Ron Richards (63)

In the November general election, all good
 Richland Bombers living in Washington State will
 have an excellent choice for Washington State
 Supreme Court Justice, Position 2.  Her name is
 Susan J. Owens.  I knew Susan well both
 professionally when I was an attorney in Clallam
 County, and politically when I was a Democratic
 Clallam County Commissioner (and responsible for
 Susan's District Court budget).  Her long tenure as
 a District Court Judge in the very conservative
 town of Forks, Washington, speaks well of her
 reasonableness.  Her resume, which can be found
 at, or
 by doing a Yahoo search for Susan J. Owens,

Ron Richards ('63)

"A Judge for Justice" 

Judicial Experience 
Judicial Leadership 
Judicial Common Sense 

Committee to Elect, Susan J. Owens
For Supreme Court 

Karen Unger, Chair
332 East 5th St.
Port Angeles WA. 98362

Jennifer Zaccardo
P.O. Box 366
Beaver WA. 98305
Resume of Judge Susan J. Owens

P.O. Box 1933 Forks, WA 98331
Ph: 360-374-9095 Fax: 360-374-9895



1971: Bachelor of Arts, Duke University, North

1975: Juris Doctor, University of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill, NC
Three time graduate, National Judicial College,
University of Nevada, Reno, NV. 

1984: Special Court Jurisdiction 

1990: Alcohol, Drugs, and the Courts 

1998: Tribal Court Jurisdiction 

Professional Associations:

Washington State Bar; admitted 1976 
Oregon State Bar; admitted 1975 (inactive status) 
Federal Bar; Western District of Washington;
 admitted 1976 

Makah Tribal Bar; admitted 1978 
Quileute Tribal Bar; admitted 1983 

Employment History:

1981 - present: Judge, District Court II, Clallam
 County, Washington 
1994 - present: Chief Judge, Lower Elwha Tribal
1987 - 1992: Chief Judge, Quileute Tribal Court 
1978 - 1987: Private Practice, Clallam County 
1987 - present: Limited Private Practice, Clallam
1976 - 1978: Staff Attorney & Acting Director
 Olympic/Evergreen Legal Services, Port Angeles, WA. 

Professional Activities:

District & Municipal Court Judges Association: 
2000 President- Elect, 1999 Vice President, 
1998 Secretary-Treasurer, 1992-1996 Board of
Rural Courts Committee: Co-Chair; 1991 - 1993 
Diversity Committee: 1992 - 1994 
Education Committee: 1992 - 1993 
Conference Committee: 1995 - 1996 
Long Range Planning Chair: 2000 - 2001 

Board of Judicial Administration: 
Justice 2001: 
Present: Jurisdiction & Portability Working

Northwest Tribal Judges Association: 
Present: National Trainer on Domestic Violence.
 Contributor Domestic Violence Bench book for
 Tribal Judges. 

National College of District Attorneys: 
 1999: Presenter, at annual Domestic Violence
 Conference, invited for October 2000. 

Office of Administrator For The Courts: 
1998 - Present: VAWA Instructor, Rural & Tribal
 Court Judges. 

Washington State Bar Association:  
1995 - 1999: Special District Investigator. 1978 -
 1980: Civil Rights Committee. 

ABA National Conference of State Trial Judges: 

Community Activities:
Soroptomist International of the Olympic
1991 - Present: Charter Member 

Forks Chamber of Commerce: 
1995 - 1998: President & Past President 

Forks Congregational Church: 
Past Moderator 

Quillayute Valley School District: 
1993 - Present: Instructor, Judges In The

West End Youth League 
Softball Coach

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