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                 Issue 105 ~ November 5, 2000

"I don't like to talk much with people who always
 agree with me.  It is amusing to coquette with an
 echo for a little while, but one soon tires of it. 


       Environmental Scare Tactics
       Kathy Hodgson Lucas (76)

       DARE & What Teachers Face Every Day
       Peggy (Roesch) Wallan '71

       Larry Flynt Offers Judge Starr a Job With                  
       Hustler Magazine.

       Heartfelt But Flawed
       Anna Durbin '69


Subj:   Environmental Scare Tactics
From:   Kathy Hodgson Lucas (76)
Richland, WA

In response to Marc Franco's (66) diatribe against Mary
Ray Henslee's opinions of Gore and the extremist

First, we do face the very real possibility of losing
our fuel supply, gasoline, jet fuel, heating oil, and a
host of other petroleum products due to our over-
dependency on the volatile, unstable and anti-American
Middle East.  We are at their whim, as evidenced by the
present price increases and the effects they are having
on our supplies, on our way of life.  The extremist
environmentalists would have you believe that this
dependency and any subsequent crises would in no way
mitigate possible environmental effects of tapping our
own geological reserves.  Despite what Gore and his
cronies spout, our military is lacking in crucial
training exercises today, due to the cost of fuel, so
your label of hysterical in regard to this concern is
unwarranted and offensive.  Talk to the military
enlistees themselves, not Clinton/Gore's "politically
correct" spokespeople.

Second, the so-called greenhouse effect has not been
proven to be man-made.  Period.  The extremist
environmentalists have been playing Chicken Little for
over twenty years now and we still do not have a
consensus of credible science that indicates that the
warming trend we see is not a natural phenomenon caused
by colossal cosmic forces beyond human control.
Evidence exists of carbon dioxide increases occurring in
the geological past, without the help of human industry.
By taking measures of Carbon-14 in trees up to 5000
years old, twelve prolonged periods of either unusually
cold or unusually mild winters have been identified.
According to this theory, the mid-twentieth century was
an unusually warm period and the earth may be soon
entering a slow return to cooler temperatures.  The so-
called "hole" in the ozone is another confusion ridden
subject as the hole itself undergoes 15% natural
fluctuations both seasonally and latitudinally and
sometimes only persists for a few weeks.  World
production of CFC peaked at 1.1 million tons per year,
equivalent to 750,000 tons of chlorine, and 300 million
tons reach the atmosphere each year through evaporation
of sea water alone. Mount Erebus has been erupting
constantly for the last 100 years ejecting more than
1000 tons of chlorine per day.  In other words, how much
of today's environmental concerns are natural or man-
made?  Perhaps further study is better than acting on
insufficient evidence.  Nine years of the last decade of
being warmest on record is hardly sufficient evidence.

As far as hysteria is concerned, look to the
environmental extremists who give all environmentalists
a bad name.  Actually, all of us are environmentalists
of a sort.  All of us want clean air and water and a
safe future for the earth. But some of us aren't moved
to premature knee-jerk reactions in the name of
political correctness.

If Gore wasn't such a bad joke, I'd feel the need to
defend Bush and Bush Sr, but Gore's record of abandoning
principle, misrepresenting facts, exaggerating his
opposition, in fact, downright lying his head off,
speaks for itself.

              Kathy Hodgson Lucas (76)

Subj:   DARE & What Teachers Face Every Day
From:   Peggy (Roesch) Wallan '71

In my little podunk school district of Eatonville (2/3
of which is Mt Rainier National Park), we have Ranger
Nina do our DARE lessons.  (She is a ranger at MRNP; it
is not required that an armed cop teach DARE.)  Ranger
Nina is a very nice young woman, who does not wear a
gun, but she does wear hiking boots.  She establishes a
rapport with our fifth graders, which is great ... but I
can't help thinking: the efficacy or lack thereof of
programs like DARE aside, I sure wish some of the
parents of those kids worked as hard as Ranger Nina does
at establishing a good role model for their kids.  Too
many of these kids just run wild - on their own while
both parents working to make ends meet or because it's
their way to personal fulfillment or it's a one parent
home or whatever, or -- too often -- the parents are
doing drugs themselves and really don't give a !#$%^&*
about their children showing up at school in clean,
appropriate clothes, respectful of authority and elders,
shored up with nutritious meals and minimal TV time and
solid family time etc etc etc

*sigh*  I wish for the day when the families take back
their rights and duties to RAISE THEIR KIDS, and let us
teachers get back to teaching.  

And for all you parents who jump in here and say, "Oh,
but we do...": My dears, for every one of you that does,
there is at least one who doesn't. That's the kind of
classroom your children are in, that's what we teachers
face every day.  And as long as people keep jumping ship
into private schools or home school, the ratio gets more

Which is why I think about retirement EVERY day. Or just
               Peggy (Roesch) Wallan '71

Subj: Larry Flynt Offers Judge Starr a Job With Hustler Magazine.
From:    Andrew Eckert (54)

[Moderator's Note: We are unable to quote the entire
letter from Flynt to Starr in the space available here,
but Eckert sites the following website as the source for
the letter in it's entirety.] 

[First Excerpt:

September 22, l998
The Honorable Judge Kenneth Starr
Office of Independent Counsel
1001 Pennsylvania Ave N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20004

Dear Judge Starr:

Let me take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of
all the employees at Hustler magazine and LFP, Inc. for
your tireless work in producing the Starr Report. I have
been impressed by the salacious and voyeuristic
materials in your work. The quality and quantity of
material you have assembled in your report contains more
pornographic references than those provided by Hustler
Online services this month. I have included a chart in
this letter that confirms this fact.

2d excerpt:

Please let me know when you or any of your
representatives can sit down with me and discuss if you
are interested in making a valuable contribution to
promoting the First Amendment through Hustler magazine.
As far as compensation and relocation issues are
concerned, please do not be concerned. You are a
valuable asset who needs to be well compensated.

Respectfully yours,
Larry Flynt

End of excerpts]

I was very disgusted with Starr's forcing every man,
woman, and child to hear and see this material, nobody
was given a choice. The right wing tried to destroy the
man whom we elected, Twice.  These people have not and
will never get the point ... If you want the White House
then find and put up a credible candidate. Don't just
attempt to destroy the other candidate to get his job.
I'm appalled that the polls show these two men so close
when there are worlds between there abilities and
experience, God help us if we elect Bush.  What about
his drug use, what about his brother Neil and the S&Ls,
I guess we will be hearing all of those stories after
Nov. 7th.
               Do vote your conscience.
                  Andrew Eckert (54)

Subj:   Heartfelt But Flawed
From:  Anna Durbin '69

Vern Blanchette:

I am sorry that what sounds to me like propaganda has
taken you in.  I know many gays and lesbians with
lifelong monogamous relationships who have beautiful
families.  And many have given their parents
grandchildren, either by adoption or artificial
insemination. Others are the treasured childless aunts
and uncles who provide loving havens and family care to
nieces and nephews.  

And I know that you know many heterosexuals who have
gone through endless divorces and messed up their lives,
even though they are the majority (what you seem to
designate as "normal" because it is majority) culture.  

I do not recall Jesus ever condemning homosexuals. If he
did, I would appreciate it if you could point out where
to me.  I saw a lot of references to Paul condemning
homosexuals, but Paul had a lot of problems with women,
too.  I have to say, I don't give Paul a lot of credit
as speaking directly for God.  I think he was a flawed
vessel in many ways, despite his energy.  The primary
messages in both the old and new testament are about
love of God and love of your fellow human.  This is
obscured by a lot of struggles and hatred that Jesus
tried to move people away from.  But I suppose we will
not change each other's theology or prejudices.  I just
remember a time when fundamentalist religions said it
was ordained by God that whites and blacks should be
kept separate and that blacks were inferior.  God did
not ordain that and it was wrong.  I think the religions
that teach that homosexuals are an abomination are wrong
about what God ordains on that subject.  God ordains the
two great commandments.  Men have added a lot of their
prejudices to that over time.  

Anyway, I believe you presented your viewpoint in a
heartfelt and thoughtful way. However, I think the
people who pass out this kind of therapy are frauds who
cause a lot of harm and pain.  They remind me of the
people who did "cult deprogramming" that went way over
the line, albeit beginning with good intentions.  But
any therapy that has a belief in "normal" that does not
recognize individual differences is seriously flawed.

Do I want my children to be lesbian or gay?  Well, it
would not be my first choice, mostly because of all the
hatred they would have to face.  But if they are, I will
love them for who they are.  They have been a special
gift, entrusted to me for a short time to help them
spread their wings and fly and offer their gifts to the
world. I cannot make them be me, because they are
separate human beings.

Just my viewpoint based on my experiences and reading. 
                         Anna Durbin '69

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