Great American Conversations
                    With The Alumni of RHS
                 Issue 107 ~ November 6, 2000

"Time will discover everything to posterity; it is a
 babbler, and speaks even when no question is put."

Issue 107 Contents:

       Election Date Changes Announced (;-)
       From Gary Behymer (64)

       Bob (Mike Clowes) Carlson '54

       What Are George Bush's Other Mistakes?
       Ron Richards '63

       America Be informed when you vote.
       Patty Stordahl (72)

       Floating Around
       Dave Doran (72)

       Just One More Point 
       Mary Ray Henslee (61)



Election:  Polling Date Changes Announced! (;-)
From:    From Gary Behymer (64)
Living in downtown Colfax, Washington

Due to an anticipated voter turnout much larger than
originally expected, the polling facilities may not be
able to handle the load all at once. Therefore,
Republicans are requested to vote on Tuesday, November 7,
with Democrats voting on Wednesday, November 8.

Please pass this message along and help us make sure
nobody gets left out.

                    Gary Behymer (64)


Subj:    Perceptions
From:   Bob (Mike Clowes) Carlson '54
Albany, Oregon

    I find it interesting, that after serious debate over
the "good and evil" of Henry Potter and/or Barbie, that
Jenny Smart Page would come down on the side of tolerance
for all.  Seems as though your "Bomber" education did
take after all, Jenny.

    I also find it interesting that those in opposition
to anything homosexual usually revert to the Bible as the
source for condemnation.  But, by the same token, those
in favor tend to ridicule Biblical quotations, especially
those in Leviticus, and often cite other verses
condemning wearing clothes made of two different cloths,

    And leave us not forget the "scientific" evidence
that homosexuality is either genetic or not, depending on
which study you read.  Seems to me the last one I read
didn't say it was genetic, but perhaps a synapse in the
brain gone a different way.

    Let's look at some real ancient history for a change
as to find out why homosexuality is a "sin." Seems back
before man learned to write, he figured out how babies
were conceived.  He also figured out that two people of
the same sex, having intimate relations, were
contraproductive to the "tribe's" increase.  The solution
is elegantly simple: If we, as a tribe, want more
members, then it is not permitted to have lasting sexual
relations with persons of the same gender.  No pair
bonding between boys, and no pair bonding between girls.
I will refrain from any mention of experimentation, as
that is not to the point.

    I'm not certain if the anit-gays would accept this
nor not, but there have been observed cases of same sex
bonding in other animal species than man.  That is in
those species that have more than one sex.  But then, I
doubt if the anti's would accept the fact that man is
also a member of the animal kingdom.

I do agree with you, Jenny, we need a whole lot more
tolerance than has been exhibited to date. And, perhaps,
it is time to let go of the Old Testament, and remember
about "first stones."

    On another subject, whilst watching "Politically
Incorrect" on Wednesday, the 31st, inst.; I see that our
esteemed colleagues of the Republican persuasion don't
want to let go of the incident that took place in the
White House.  A representative of that group loudly and
persistently decried the fact that William Jefferson
Clinton posed for a picture with his legs spread, and
that He allowed (or was it ordered) this picture to grace
the cover of Esquire magazine.  As if, as it was pointed
out several times, that the choice of the picture was
more in the perview of the editor and publisher of the

    To this lady, the "scandal was revisited" again by
the pose.  And no amount of logic or reason would sway
her from this opinion.  I, personally, saw the pose as
perhaps foolish on Mr. Clinton's part; or perhaps more of
an "up yours" attitude.  But, I don't think it brought
back any memories of what transpired.

    I still think there is a vendetta amongst the more
conservative Republicans over what happened to "Saint"
Richard.  To my way of thinking it's too bad he chickened
out and resigned.  At least the issue would have had a
better resolution.  Certainly a pardon from an appointed
President didn't really fill the bill.  In a way, justice
was served to a certain degree in Clinton's impeachment.
But the Senate, as happened with Andrew Johnson, thought
better of it and declined to find either of them guilty.

    Perhaps the quaint Scottish verdict of "not proven"
should be in our legal system.  It sends a message to
both parties.  To the defendant:  "We know you are guilty
as sin, but the other side did not prove their case."
And to the prosecution: "You blew it."

   Oh well, that's my opinion and I'm welcome to it.

    Bob (Mike Clowes) Carlson '54 - Albany, OR


Subj:   What Are George Bush's Other Mistakes?
From:   Ron Richards '63
Centennial, Colorado

Two nights ago a reporter asked George Bush why he had
not previously made his DUI arrest known. George Bush
responded by saying "I have told the American people I
have made mistakes in the past, and this [DUI incident]
was ONE OF THEM." Doesn't that make some of you ardent
Bush supporters a little bit interested in knowing what
his other mistakes were?  Doesn't that make some of you
ardent Bush supporters wonder what else your man is
concealing?  How can any of you so frantically attack Al
Gore's character, when George Bush is hiding his past
from the American people?

                     Ron Richards '63


Subj:   America Be informed when you vote.
From:   Patty Stordahl (72)

I have a reality check for everyone out there If fair
media was a reality in America we would hear an equal
amount of information regarding the other presidential
candidates.  Get away from the standard media of fear and
offer Americans the real truth.  I challenge you to email
every friend and every person of voting age in this still
great country a web site of proven information that can
not be disputed.  If you truly are an
American and for America and not  afraid of the big
lobbyist machine that is selling the American families
and our environment so incredibly short, you will extend
this opportunity to each and every American you know to
look into Gore's and Bush's true pasts for themselves,
see how they  really voted against families environmental
issues, and small business,  how they are trying
desperately to keep down minority education and college
programs because these issues  do not satisfy the
interests of  lobbyists. Gore is in bed with the Tobacco
companies, Nafta, WTO, you name it, he is there.  He
stands against America and for GORE.  Please do this one
fair honest thing today.  Let us hear the truth and read
the candidates true voting record and get rid of fear in
this country.  It is time for all Americans to take their
country and communities back and get the big government /
business out of our families.  

The two party system is not a true reality.  If it's just
between those two puppets, it won't matter who gets in
the highest office of our great country. Both are already
indebted to the Whoremonger of destruction.  Both are
bent on selling us down the proverbial road for the
almighty $$$.

We are controlled by a very real evil money making
machine that takes from the people of this great country
and keeps the country gripped in fear of voting their
heart.  Let us not vote for the lesser of two evils. Lets
not vote for any evil's.  Let us vote from our heart.
Vote for our children and grand children's prosperities.

I challenge Every one who reads this to just get your
head out of the sand and go to this web Just do it read for your self.
Take the time, Do your grand children the service of a
truly informed vote this Nov 7th and may God have mercy
on us all if we do not. America: For the people and by
the people with justice for all.  Not just the 2%
wealthy- no, filthy rich off of our hard working sweat.
We need small farmers, We need small businesses to
thrive.  We need affordable college for all races.

Help me vote for America and for ourselves. I cannot tell
your heart who to vote for I can just say read this web
site and then vote in good conscience for your future
families to come.

May your God bless you for not heaping to yourself men
who just tickle the ears and do not fulfill any promises.

                   Respectfully, Patty (72)
- a true American and loyalist to the American

Subj: Floating Around
From:   Dave Doran (72)

  The Piece 'by' Mary Ray Henslee (61) from the Sandbox
#104 has been floating around for a long time and has
been widely distributed on the Internet for at least two
years. As you might imagine there is a Response to it
also floating about. Now I think it is fine to make up
your own generalities and foist them on others even in a
humorous way, and that piece is funny if only for it's
extreme ignorance. But, with all due respect, if you
submit something that you didn't make up and are only
parroting then I think that 'Author Unknown' or
'Anonymous' or some such tag should probably be applied.

  I too think that Biblical quoting should be discouraged
because a person can always find a conveniently numbered
passage to support any of their arguments and we might
all agree now to say it's a draw Biblically and require
some original thoughts. But I do love that 'God Created
Homosexuals and They Are Sinners but So All Are Of Us'
attitude expressed also in Issue #104. I think it is time
to make a private judgment to yourself and move on to
something else. Hey it works better than the 'God Hates
Fags' approach of some Baptist congregations. But the
only problem I see to an Official stance such as this is
when a group like the Boy Scouts (one that accepts tax-
exempt public donations) decides to bar homosexual men
from the ranks of their troop leaders based upon the
unclean-before-God principal, or worse, that they are
every one a potential raging pedophile bent upon the
Indoctrination of Innocent heterosexual boys. How is a
person supposed to defend against that accusation? And
why is it that a virile 30 year-old heterosexual man can
be entrusted with coaching a team of budding adolescent
girls as in swimming or gymnastics or track? Where is the
fear of this man's sexuality overcoming his manners,
intellect, respect and morality and turning him into a
sexual predator? Well, maybe for one thing this coach is
not a Sinner Despised by God and, unlike the homosexual
who is not like us, we can relate to the coaches sense of
discipline because we exercise it too. A delightful
double standard if you're on the right end.  

  I'm also amazed at some of the deep concern and careful
thought given to refute the latest science studying being
homosexual. Full of lovely metaphors and symbolic
similes, it is nonetheless conjecture. My grandpa used to
say that prevarications need hundreds of words to prop
them up but truth will stand on it's own. Wasted, I fear,
are all the words crafted by us to explain away millions
of fellow humans and their 'problems' while science will
and has found some simple organic connections to explain
human sexual differences.

  Let's just agree to accept that the fear of the unknown
and misunderstood has and will drive humankind for ever
and leave the religious posturing out of social policy. 

                     Dave Doran (72)   


Subj:  Just One More Point 
Mary Ray Henslee (61)

I know that I said that you would not be hearing from me
anymore, but I just wanted to make one more point before
I go take an Excedrin and crash. There has been a lot of
spin on Bush's DUI by self-righteous people coming out
with that notorious line.....Well, if he had only told us
then it would be okay.  But he was thirty years old and
should have known better some will say.  Wouldn't it be
great if we all stopped making mistakes at thirty years
old.  I find that self-righteous people usually have the
darkest secrets in their closet.  I would like to point
out that his DUI has been public record for 24 years for
anyone to find.  He was not stonewalling any
investigation into this matter.  It was there for the
taking.  A laundry list was not necessary if the
information was out there for the taking by those who
thought that it was important to his Presidency.
Obviously many did not.  According to reports in the NY
Post and elsewhere because others have told me that MADD
knew about his DUI five years ago.  If MADD does not feel
like it is an issue, then nobody should because we all
know how aggressive they are on this issue.  One of the
Portland newspapers has reported that they were sent the
information in July, but chose not to report it because
they didn't think that it was relevant since it was so
long ago.  I suspect this was not a recent revelation to
those who chose to make it news in the last few days.
Timing was their motivating factor.  Right before the
election so people would have it on their minds.  You
know how quickly we forget.  Right before the election so
reporters would find it more newsworthy since this is a
close election.  The Media has the opportunity to
sensationalize how it will affect the race and make us
watch them and the polls they disseminate even more.
Great for ratings.  

If we want a total Saint for President, then we should go
to the Vatican to recruit our candidates. Even there we
might not find a total Saint.  

Bush not disclosing his DUI in no way compares with what
Gore and the Justice Department are hiding.

                  Vote your conscience!
                  Mary Ray Henslee (61)

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