Great American Conversations
                    With The Alumni of RHS
                 Issue 109 ~ November 7, 2000

   "There is no more independence in politics than 
                 there is in jail." --Will Rogers


       Bush's Sins  
       Robert W. Epler (80WB)

       The Classroom: A Tough Place To Teach
       Lynn-Marie Hatcher (68)

       Just My Opinions
       Bill Didway (66)

       Not a Lone Voice Any More
       Jerry Lewis (73)

       Don't Slip Off The Edge
       Vince Bartram (62)

       Fuel Cells Are Not Batteries
       From: Chuck Monasmith (65)

       Tolerance and Respect
       Jenny Smart (87)

       New Name For Late Year Gift Giving
       Verla Farrens (61)


Subj: Bush's Sins   
From:   Robert W. Epler (80WB)

In SANDBOX issue 107, Ron Richards asked a question of
immanent importance.  After referring to Bush's comment
about making mistakes in the past, Richards asked,
"Doesn't that make some of you ardent Bush supporters
wonder what else your man is concealing?"  To that, I
say, "Right on, Man!"  We, the American People must
demand that George W. Bush give us a detailed and
itemized list of every sin he has committed since he was
conceived in his mother's womb.  We have the right to
know!  What dirty little secrets has he been hiding from
us?  Has he ever hit someone in a fist fight?  Did he
ever go to bed angry?  Has he ever looked at a girl with
lust in his heart?  Why has the media been so easy on
this guy?  I'll bet he even lied to his mother once or
twice.  If he ever cheated on a school exam, we have the
right to know!  Not only do we have the right to know,
his children have the right to know!  He wanted to
"protect" his children in deceiving them about the DUI
incident?  Reeeeeeally? The vast Right Wing and their
evil conspirators are tying to throw a blanket over the
gullible American Public.  If George W. had even an ounce
of integrity, he would submit a full confession of all
wrongdoing to the media AND his children before election
day. God help us if this man gets elected!  George W.
Bush is a SINNER!  We don't need sinners in the highest
office of the land.  Vote for Saint Al Gore. For he is
the true picture of honesty and perfection. 
                 Robert W. Epler (80WB)


Subj:   The Classroom: A Tough Place To Teach
From:  Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68) (Lynn-Marie Foote, RN)

Re:  Peggy Roesch Wallan '71 -- Sandbox 105 & 106

Peggy, you have my absolute empathy.

My sister (with whom I am very close) teaches first
grade.  She has taught everything from K-12 since 1964.
She loves to teach, & is a great, great teacher.  She is
9 years older than I, and did most of the my "raising."
I have always looked up to her as a fearless leader.  She
is sparkly and spunky. But for the past 5 years or so,
practically every conversation we have about her kids,
her classroom, etc. contains at least one statement from
her approximately as follows:  "Oh, I can't do that. I
could be sued."  Now we are not talking about beating
children here, folks.  We are talking about simple
measures to keep the classroom in control and moving
forward toward learning.  (Gee, what a concept --
learning being the #1 issue with which a teacher should
concern herself or himself.)

I am a psych nurse.  I know what happens to physically
and emotionally abused kids.  I am not in favor of going
back to "hacks" like the principal used to deliver in the
boys' patrol room when I went to Lewis and Clark.  I am
not in favor of public humiliation such as some teachers
practiced when I was in grade school.  But, geez-Louise,
it would be nice if good teachers didn't have to be
looking over their shoulders constantly for fear of a
lawsuit because they sent a kid to sit in the corner or

                 Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68)


Subj:   Just My Opinions
Bill Didway (66) ~ Sedro Woolley, WA

    I have been reading the Sandbox for a while trying to
catch up on the background of all the issues. It has been
most interesting reading. Having gone K thru 12 and
graduating in 1966, four years in the Navy, and working
one union job for 26 years before taking an early
retirement in April of 1999, I have had my share of
experiences that have shaped my life and opinions. From
graduation till now most of my ideas have changed as I
have aged.

    It interesting to see people accused of being
ignorant of an issue.  Others accused of being in favor
of censorship. Others basically accused of being
homophobic. The "tolerant" being intolerant of the

    Very interesting this Sandbox Forum.

                    Bill Didway (66)


Subj: Not a Lone Voice Any More
From: Jerry Lewis '73
I was beginning to feel like a lone voice in the
wilderness, hoarsely crying 'substantiate, attribute,
verify.' So I was happy to see Dave Doran (72) suggest
that attribution of quotes or 'facts' would be
appropriate.  (I extrapolate a bit from what he said.)
It would probably be too much to ask to actually try to
verify the veracity of the info, but that would be nice,
too.  At least with attribution, the readers can go
evaluate the source and make their own decisions. 

Jerry  Lewis

Subj: Don't Slip Off The Edge
Re: It Just Got Worse
From:   Vince Bartram (62) (Vince Bartram)

Getta Grip Mary Ray, don't want y'all to slip off the
back edge.  You are the only one I know of who has the
inside scoop on these stories about Gore. Just out of
curiosity, I haven't seen anything about this in papers,
TV or Internet, could you provide your sources so
inquiring minds can check it out?  I mean secret deals
with commies and all, and dope smoking too.  Great stuff.
And to think I was almost fooled.

                       Thanks now,
                       Vince Bartram


Subj:   Fuel Cells Are Not Batteries
From: Chuck Monasmith '65
Richland WA

Jenny Smart Page, I encourage you to visit 

The site explains how fuel cells and batteries are
different.  I hope you'll let your kids read about them.
After all there's no magic in fuel cells!

                     Chuck Monasmith
[Ref: Issue 108]


Subj:  Tolerance and Respect
From: Jenny (Smart) Page, '87 ~ West Richland, WA

To: Bob (Mike Clowes) Carlson '54

Its not that "interesting" that I would "come down on the
side of tolerance" on the homosexual issue after such a
debate as the Harry Potter thing (and now Barbie).  And
here's why: From the very beginning, my stance of Harry
Potter had been drastically over-interpreted by others in
this forum. I have always been very tolerant of others
reading the book -- its just not appropriate for MY kids.
So, why wouldn't I be tolerant of others living an
alternate lifestyle?  There are many things in this world
of ours that I do not like, but tolerate.  Do I like what
others are doing in the world?  No.  But I'm not going
out and buying every copy of the book (or doll) and
burning them in some sort of weird demonstration in the
middle of the cul-de-sac either.  Just like I'm not out
publicly ridiculing homosexuals. People may do as they
wish, as long as they are ready to pay the consequences
when the time comes (whatever those consequences may be). 

To: Dave Doran (72)
As for the Boy Scout issue, I believe many have
misunderstood the basis of the problem.  I don't think it
really has anything to do with the fact that the Boy
Scouts are scared of letting a homosexual be the
chaperone at the Troop Meetings. A homosexual is no more
apt to be a child molester than a heterosexual.  The
basis of the problem is that it is in direct violation of
one of their founding ideals -- that being homosexual is
not "morally straight."  Perhaps others have a different
definition of what "morally straight" is, but those
definitions are not the ones that count in this
situation.  The only one that counts is the one of the
Boy Scouts.  

As for expressing concern over having a male coach (or
whatever) with a girls swim team (or whatever): I would
express the same level of "parenting" in that situation,
as I would with a homosexual Scout Master.  Simply put, I
wouldn't trust the fellow any farther than I could throw
him, until he proved himself trustworthy. 

Perhaps the answer to both of these situations is this:
Parents just need to be more involved in what their kids
are doing, instead of dropping the kid off outside the
door and letting them run in to whatever the group it is.
If there were more parent volunteers at things like
soccer practice, Boy Scout meetings & camping trips,
etc., etc., then the weirdos (both hetero- & homosexual)
of our society wouldn't have the opportunity to prey on
our kids.

(And please don't misinterpret this as me saying that I
don't trust anyone in society. Trust is something that is
earned -- its not a baseline standard.  And those who
have earned my trust, also have my respect) 

                      Jenny Smart Page


Subj: New Name For Late Year Gift Giving
From:   Verla Farrens Gardner '61 
Oregon City, OR

Thanks to Jenny Smart for the: "You read it here first
folks..."Winter Gift Exchange Opportunity Day"... that is
just great!!!

                Verla Farrens Gardner (61)

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