Great American Conversations
                    With The Alumni of RHS
                Issue 111 ~ November 11, 2000

 "The man who promises everything is sure to fulfill 
 nothing, and everyone who promises too much is in 
 danger of using evil means in order to carry out his 
 promises, and is already on the road to perdition."

                          ~ Carl Jung ~


          "My comment should have read..."
           Linda McKnight (65)

          My trip to San Diego to Hear Fun Stuff
          About Hybrid Cars, Fuel Cells, etc.
          Bob Rector `62

          The Election and Alternative fuels
           Peggy Hartnett (72)

          Republican Enviros; & Morality
          John Browne Jr. '61)

          Telephone Solicitation, Tree Hugging and
           Possible Election Results
           Bob (Mike Clowes) Carlson '54


Subj:  "My comment should have read..."
From:  Linda McKnight (65)  ~ Milwaukie, Oregon

Regarding my comments in the last issue.  My comment
should have read that clean and safe water should be
available to everyone, not just those who can afford
filters for their Brittas.


Subj: My trip to San Diego to Hear Fun Stuff About
      Hybrid Cars, Fuel Cells, etc.
From: Bob Rector '62 ~ Richland, WA
Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2000 8:04 PM

[Includes comments on an address given by Dr. William F.
Jandeska Jr., GM Powertrain Group. Presented to 107 Parts
Manufacturers, From the MPIF (Metal Powders Industries
Federation) which was attended by Rector,]

I often skip long will condense. Call
this "Prattle and Rumors from Detroit," submission number
1 of ? (introduction and overview).

The Report by Jandeska given on Oct. l6, 2000, was
entitled "GM's Progress in Hybrid, Elec. and Fuel Cell

Some know that we make over 10,000 automobile parts per
week, right here in Bomberland. Western Sintering is
across from old Hanford Bus Lots. You may visit any week
day, 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. I am a "card carrying" member
of the Society of Automobile Engineers....doesn't mean
much except I get the poop sheet for every Friday's
luncheon mtg. in Portland. 
Fun information came from Bill Jandeska (a 16 patents,
etc., genius) who, when confronted with the menu at the
Richland Dairy Queen, could not decide what to have. His
wife, Jean, rolled her eyes and said, "He is always like
this." He finally ordered a dilly bar....Jean and I
ordered peanut buster parfaits. When we got our parfaits,
Bill pointed at them and said, "What is that?" "Peanut
Buster Parfait," replied his wife. "I'll have one of
those" he said, and handed the dilly bar back. *oh gees,
I thought, and this guy is designing cars I have to
drive! Note: Bill is currently driving GM's full size V8
Hybrid Pickup Truck, (Hybrid being both gas and electric)
and no, I did not know that one of these even existed
until two weeks ago.

Bill came to Richland to see our automated sintering
system and to check out Yakima Valley wine. We spent 4
hours in the Barrels, vats, and bottles of Kiona
Vineyards (yea, we drank too much) He and his wife are
"sold" on our wine. 

 I will send him a case of Kiona, Late Harvest White
Riesling for Christmas. (his favorite)

[Now, back to Jandeska's report:] 
First fun stuff in his report was that, "Yes, automobile
emissions are very very political." GM must respond to
the EPA and the EPA is being driven by Democrats. 80 mpg
is the EPA mandate. So, GM did it, reported Bill. He put
a picture of the car on the screen and explained all the
things they had to do because some guy, (nice word for
well-intended idiot) told the EPA that there was indeed
enough energy in a gallon of gas to theoretically get a
car 80 miles down the road.

The car has no exterior rear view mirrors.....the last
thing they had to remove to make the 80 mpg! 
Overview: Electric Cars will increase in usage, but will
be commuter cars, with low payload, low speed, and low
distances between charges. There is just not enough
energy in a battery....any kind of battery we know of.
*and yes...the electricity must still be generated with
fossil fuel. Result will be cleaner air in cities, but
not much net reduction in fossil consumption.

Several designs of Hybrid Cars will become "common."
There are 4 basic types.

Fuel Cells still have several hurdles, even when
proponents announce great forward strides....and are
"probably about 10 years out." (certainly can change)
*not sure how the EPA proposes to label fuel cell cars
for consumer protection...."Warning, this car contains
one hydrogen tank"? **EPA does not list Hydrogen as an
explosive... only a flammable. But hydrogen flame is
colorless firemen approach hydrogen fires holding
a broom in front of them to detect flame.

**GM will get Hydrogen for their fuel cells by
decomposing gasoline. You will still go to a gas pump to
"fill up." 
Maybe more details later. Think I'll get a horse...but
then there's the methane.

                         Got Gas?
                         Bob Rector '62                         


Subj:  The election and Alternative fuels
From: Peggy Hartnett (72)
 (A modern hotel in a timeless town)

Well, I just got back from voting and sort of envy you
who live in "swing" states. Arizona is a state that is
traditionally Republican and nobody expects it to be
otherwise in the foreseeable future, which actually
allows some folks who are traditionally Democrats to vote
for 3rd parties if they choose without fear that they may
be inadvertently voting for George W. Bush. In this case
it is just about getting enough votes for some of the
other parties to get recognized. I for one was not at all
impressed with either candidate or campaign and I think
it is great that other parties are forming if these are
the best choices the two parties had to offer (don't you
Republicans think Jeb is a whole lot smarter than
George)? and if the Democrats are going to take the heat
for being the party of Hollywood, they should have gotten
Al some stage training! For me this was an election made
interesting for local issues and offices and there I
voted across the board in terms of party affiliation but
I was very clear in my initiative voting--I voted for the
environment and education.

Those two topics bring me to my reaction to the pieces in
SANDBOX Extra #108 by Jenny Smart Page (87) and Kathy
Hodgson Lucas (76)--Wow you two are sarcastic! I always
wonder why people feel they have to speak in extremes and
ridicule to make a point. From what you have said I can
bet we won't agree on many things concerning energy
conservation and consumption but the facts are before us
and have been for many years. We, the citizens of the US
are energy gluttons, we equate essential personal freedom
with having it be alright to have one person per SUV
rather than carpool or use public transportation. I felt
very fortunate to live in a part of this country where
there was public transportation, I did not own a car for
almost 10 years. When I needed one, I rented one. Of
course when I did buy one I was penalized by the
insurance companies for not having been insured for that
time-but no, there are no corporate conspiracies here.
Yes, batteries have to be recharged, part of my life is
solar and certainly you all in the Tri-Cities could be
too. There will have to be sources developed and
resources used, you bet- and some hard choices will have
to be made. However, having the attitude that this is
what we like because it works and something other might
make us change our lifestyle is not a view that will help
us meet those challenges. I believe that it is also okay
to admit that some of the technologies we have created
could be better, safer, less damaging to other aspects of
life. I for one am not pointing any fingers and placing
blame, I believe people try to build the best mousetrap
but they don't always work as planned. I think self-
satisfied attitudes as well as sarcasm and smugness lead
people to dig their heals in deeper and drive us away
from useful conversations and solutions. I realize that
my views are the minority view, that we are a nation that
has the only military and economic clout to insure that
we can maintain this orgy for a while. So I don't expect
you to jump on your bikes real soon (though it may save
your life), by all means crank up the volume, the AC, get
everyone their own TV, computer and phone if you think
that is the best thing you can do but lose the sarcasm,
it is soooooooo unbecoming.

 Peggy Hartnett (72)


Subj:   Republican Enviros; & Morality
From:   John Browne Jr. (61)  ~
Vashon Island, WA

Seems like everyone has heard that old saying, "Democrats
eat their young." It's true, too, I guess... but they're
not the only ones to do so. Republicans will also eat
their young- but not until they've eaten everyone else's.
That's what you call 'conservative.' You conserve what
you've got for as long as possible; and try to be as
creative as you can to maintain the status quo- in this
case, a full stomach. (2Kings, 6:24)

There's Dan Evans, who was the Gov here, awhile back, a
man very fond of wild places; & old John Sawhill, the
Republican who wanted to slap a 50 tax on every gallon
of gas, to make some $$$ off people who didn't worry how
much they burned. He also started the Nature Conservancy,
which is kind of a multicultural, multisocioeconomic
capitalist scheme to buy up lots of uniquely beautiful
Natural places & leave 'em alone, basically... assuming
that, as nicer parts of the world that g-d created, maybe
it would be instructive to future people to see it the
way it was without anyone making a buck off of it first-
g-d loves Her fools... Morality, though, isn't one of
Them. Morality is actually "revenue-neutral" in the
economics of community sociobiology; it's the Rule that
prevents the Community from being the Victim of its
biggest, baddest bad-boys. That way, the Community
thrives, and everybody has Nice Things to say about the
well-behaved baddest boys, who learn the Rewards of Self-
discipline (after it has been explained to Them by some
crumbly old fart who has gone to the trouble of Living a
Long Time, & so must be endowed with Magick of some kind
or other). Morality IS relative- or 'relatives,' which is
how big the circle is that Morality describes. Usually,
it starts with basic Social Units- a family, a tribe, a
parish, etc. but can also be extended around some
artificial gatherings, too- like 'all the redheads,' or
'all the left-handed Arabic-speaking white guys on this
side of the River,' or 'all the humans within a line
drawn on the surface of the earth that corresponds to a
mathematical representation of an arbitrary division of
an oblate spheroid that's used to stand in for the Actual
Earth and is called the 49th Latitude as it crosses a
wide, dry spot in the artificially designated
representation known as the Western Part of the Northern
Hemisphere of the Actual Earth, south to, say, roughly,
the wettest, lowest part of this valley that starts up in
the Rocky Mountains somewhere & goes South, but not until
it starts going Southeast; & then, if you drew a line
West from That spot over to the big ocean, kind of more-
or-less straight," etc. So, more & more, Morality seems
like a kind of social counterbalance to the "Might makes
Right" approach to Better Living; which probably means
that, based upon the Community invoked, Morality can "Be
Whatever the Community Wants." So, if the Community
circle is drawn rather narrowly, then Morality may
justify shooting doctors who defy the production of
future cannon-fodder by performing abortions, while also
justifying the nuclear vaporization of infants 11 time
zones away because of the economic proclivities of their
greedy parents, who may be intending to keep all of the
oil within Their Moral Circle from those antiabortionists
who have come to depend upon it in order to bring home
milk & butter from the local dairy in crinkly plastic
bags, while safely ensconced in 3000 lbs of iron, rubber
& glass, as is their wont.

If the Circle of Morality were to include, say, All the
Hominids, or (more broadly) All the Mammals, or even
(gasp!) All of the Planetary Life-forms, then the
judgment of 'What's Right?' will likely be radically
altered from the Present Considerations-not because
Morality is Good or Bad, but because Morality is simply a
Protective Device. And Any Device may be Used Unwisely...
although, sometimes it requires exceedingly creative
manipulations to do so. ^..^

-JHBrowne, Jr. ~ Vashon Island, `61


Subj:  Telephone Solicitation, Tree Hugging and
       Possible Election Results
From: Bob (Mike Clowes) Carlson '54  ~  Albany, Oregon

To Chuck Monasmith '65:

 Even the little dots in the telephone directory that are
supposed to indicated you do not take solicitations don't
seem to work. What does seem to work is to inform the
caller that you do not accept such calls, you have
indicated this choice to the telephone company, and if
called again by the same person and/or firm it will be
reported to the proper authorities and this party will
then be persecuted (or is it prosecuted?) to the full
extent of the law.

 At least that's how it is supposed to work. And it
sometimes does. Also giving the caller a good, loud
"raspberry" seems to work too.

To Linda McKnight '65:

 Yes, Tom McCall did try to clean up the Willamette, and
for the most part it is. Unfortunately, you live in the
cesspool of the state, and we all know it flows downhill.
And before you even think of it, yes, Albany is sometimes
considered the armpit of Oregon, but the river's fairly
clean as it flows past the town.

 But it will get even worse, as the grass seed farmers
start using more and more chemicals because of the ban on
field burning. For which we must give praise to the
transplanted Californians in Eugene. It is becoming
somewhat apparent the citizens what the state to become
industry free; sort of like Salem. I can remember when
the major business of Salem as in the canneries, but no
more as most of them have moved out or shut down. The
only industry left is the paper mill, so it becomes
obvious that soon the "government drones" will force out
all the worker bees.

 I can't and won't claim to be a native Oregonian, so I
can look at the mess the state is in and snicker up my
sleeve. Here sits this nice piece of property situated
between California and Washington, and for some strange
reason getting the worst of both in all respects, from
gay bashing Chiefs of Police to incompetent and out of
touch legislators (even with term limits).

 One of the best ideas "Uncle" Tom had was to ask people
to visit the state, but don't stay. After he uttered that
remark, a group known as the "James Blaine Society"
proposed setting up toll booths, particularly on the
California border. Visitors from that state would be
required to put up a $500.00 bond, which was refundable
only if they left Oregon within the next thirty seconds.
Sounded like a great revenue producer, especially when
the booths were more than thirty seconds from the border,
and police were standing by. Too bad it didn't happen.

Now, this just in:

 Sometime back I reported on some of the ballot measures
we Oregonians faced during the recent election. They were
a bit more exciting that Bore or Gush. At any rate most
of Bill Sizemore's tax scam measures were failing
miserably. The idea that the legislature must fund their
mandated programs for schools is passing. Utility
companies cannot raise their rates to compensate for
closed facilities (they tried it once before). Prison
term limits will stay in effect, at least until the next
election. And the OCA's antigay measure is going down in

 From the armpit of Oregon, that's my opinion and I'm
welcome to it.

Bob (Mike Clowes) Carlson '54
                        Stay tuned - ap
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