Great American Conversations
                     With The Alumni of RHS
                 Issue 112  ~ November 12, 2000

       "A person usually has two reasons for doing 
      something: a good reason and the real reason."
                      ~ Thomas Carlyle ~


       Life On Planet Earth, and Having to Share It
        With 6 Billion Others
       Jenny (Smart) Page `87

       Don't Use Florida Court Rooms to
       Amend The Constitution
       Dennis Robertson Beatty (Class of 60)

       Sandbox Reform
       Mary Ray Henslee (61)

       Telephone Solicitation Remedies
        Peggy (Roesch) Wallan '71

       The Presidential Election: Was There One?
       Robert Shipp  (64)


Subj:    Life On Planet Earth, and Having to Share
 It With 6 Billion Others
From: Jenny (Smart) Page `87
West Richland, WA

In response to Linda McKnight (65), issue #110

The environment is something that is of concern, I think,
to just about everyone, including me.  We all want clean
air to breath, clean water to drink, unpolluted soils,
etc., etc.

The problem is that as with so many hot topics today, the
opposing viewpoints have become so polarized that it is
an "all or nothing" type situation now.  "ALL electric
cars -- no internal combustion engines!"  "No dams in the
river AT ALL!" "Concrete over ALL those nuclear plants"
"No drilling for ANY oil ANYWHERE" yada yada yada.....

For things to be resolved, people need to learn to
compromise.  That means maybe banning all commercial and
recreational fishing of salmon (as an example) by both
Native Americans and un-native Americans alike for, say,
a period of 20 years.  Maybe it means responsibly
exploring for domestic oil sources in this region but not
that area over there.  Maybe it means increasing the
number of nuclear power plants so that there aren't so
many coal or gas burning plants. I'm not saying I have
the answers, but I'm willing to think about other
alternatives.  Decisions need to be made based on more
than emotion, and shouldn't be knee-jerk reactions to the

Am I thrilled with the fact that Hanford is so "messed"
up?  No, not really.  But, just like your river in
Oregon, things are being done to help it out.  And just
like cleaning up rivers and streams, air, and soil, it's
not going to happen overnight. And it can't be handed
down as a mandate by the government.

So...(if you believe the earth and all life on it came
from God, read this next sentence; if you believe you
evolved from swamp water, read the line after...)

--God gave us brains, we need to use them. 
--We're advanced biological organisms with a complex
central nervous system, let's respond intelligently to
the stimuli.

(And for those who are humor-impaired, you're supposed to
read those in a light-hearted manner)

          Jenny (Smart) Page ~87
          --from the thriving metropolis, and yet still
            traffic light-less, West Richland, WA


Subj:   Don't Use Florida Court Rooms to 
    Amend The Constitution
From:   Dennis Robertson Beatty (Class of 60)
Salt Lake City, UT

I have just returned from a driving trip of Western
Washington while looking for a place to retire.  On
returning, by election day, I have just caught up on
reading the last month's worth of Sandbox articles and
was quite amazed by the discourse provided on a group of
topics.  I would like to briefly add my three pennies

On the homosexual issue.  In Utah there is a very large
underground of Gays and Lesbians.  The reason it is
underground is because of all the discrimination
practiced by the state with the support of the governing
church authorities.  Utah is a Theocracy.  Mary Henslee
said it best.  We must all learn to get along with each
other and provide them the same respect we request they
provide us.  We should quit trying to change people. You
cannot change someone by force, only by intimidation.
The program mentioned in a later edition talked about a
program to get these people to change.  They haven't,
they only act that way to get everyone off their backs
and to get out of the "spotlight."

On what it takes to be a Democrat: You left out one big
one that has become increasing obvious over the last
couple of days.  You must not be able to read a simple
ballot and live in West Palm Beach at the same time.
There is no mention of the 95+% of the people who filled
it out right, only the less than 5% who screwed it up.
Al Gore caters to people who need and want help from the
government and this is just an example of what he was
hoping for.  Followers.  Never mind they can't follow
simple directions or ask for help when they are confused.
Of course a lot of this could be because he has William
Daley as his chairman. Anyone remember Richard Daley of
Chicago? Dirty Politics?  Dead People voting?  Think back
to 1960.

On the election.......Thought there would be more writing
on this, so was amazed it has been quiet, but then, maybe
I am too early.  There is a simple solution.  Finish the
recount and fix the system for the next session.  Anyone
thinking a re-vote is a solution has just denied 100
million people the right to participate unless we have a
totally new election with only the two front-runners
going for the office.  Kind of a run-off like they do in
Europe and other countries with multiple candidates.

On Albert Gore......It appears you have the majority vote
but then once again you are trying to change the rules
after the game is over.  When you entered this fracas you
knew, or should have, that it was the electoral college
that counted (right or wrong) and that is the law.  Quit
your whining and go by the vote.  If you don't like it
move to New York, run for congress, and try to change the
constitution from inside the system not from inside some
courtroom in Florida.  This only proves that with all the
blustering that the real Albert Gore came out.  It is
amazing that Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon had more class
than Mr. Clean, the Clinton-Clone.

Well, this should get the juices flowing for a while.
Bomber Cheers to All and Best Wishes for the Coming

       Dennis Robertson Beatty (Class of 60)
       Salt Lake City, UT

Subj:  Sandbox Reform
From:  Mary Ray Henslee (61)

I would like to share my thoughts about some of the
entries that I have read and this forum in general. 

To:  Peggy Lewis Johnson (62)  

I thought your entry in Issue 97 was very heartwarming
and full of wise parental advice.  It is a must read for
all parents because it applies to all situations with
children of any age.  Your daughter is very lucky and I
have a feeling she knows it.  

To:  Kathy Hodgson Lucas (76) 

Thank you for sharing some great information on global
warming in Issues 105, 107, and 110.  You obviously did
your homework and shared a lot of worthwhile information
that most of us would never have known.  It pays to be

To:  Marc Franco (66)

Thank you for your two entries in Issue 107.  I
appreciated your kind reference to my entry in Issue 103
that was in response to your entry in Issue 102 that was
in response to my entry in Issue 101.  It is nice that
you accept my point of view even though you don't totally
agree.  At least there was some healthy exchange of views
and I am sure that we can both take something away from
each others views.

I also think that you shared a lot of worthwhile
information on global warming.  Hopefully, we will all
have the foresight to become part of the solution and not
part of the problem.  Hopefully, our elected officials
will have the foresight to deal with our energy needs and
the environment before they become a crisis.

There have been many other great entries since the
inception of this forum too numerous to mention.

To:  Dave Doran (72)

Your entry in Issue 107 really took me aback.  I know
that my entry in Issue 104 making light of Democrat views
has been floating around, which is how I got it three
times.  I just decided to share it with those that may
not have seen it, as I always enjoy jokes, parodies,
etc., that others send in from time to time.  They
lighten our day a tad and are fun to pass on.  It never
occurred to me to identify its source because I thought
that it was pretty obvious that it wasn't something that
I authored.  I am flattered that you think that I possess
such wit and talent as a writer that someone might be
fooled if it were not for your input.  

To:  Vance Bartram (62)

This is in response to your entry in Issue 107.  I think
if you go back and read my entry in Issue 106 a little
more carefully, you will find that I did mention sources
to reference.  In my haste to get the entry out before
the election, I did fail to give a reference for the
Russian-Iran articles.  Right now you can go into and read a number of articles  The
easiest way to get to the information is to type Gore
Kept Russia-Iran Deal Secret in the Search Block.  When I
first found the articles they were accessible by just
typing in a few key words, but the site has changed
things around since then.  This happens sometimes when we
make reference to information because sites are
constantly changing things around and updating their
sites.  Before jumping to negative conclusions, this fact
of life should be considered. I am sure a simple polite
request for guidance in finding information if there is
confusion would get a response by the Sandbox contributor
in a timely manner.

There have been a few other extremely negative entries
that I could address, but I don't think it would serve
any purpose.

We are all so fortunate to have our lives enriched by
this healthy exchange of ideas and experiences. Thanks,
Al, and to all of you who take the time to share.  I am
for not getting too picky and critical of each others
entries because we don't want to discourage anyone from
sharing.  We might end up missing out on something good.
It would get pretty dull in here if we all agreed, but I
think that we should agree to disagree with consideration
and respect for the other person's views.  I know we all
try our best to convey our thoughts in a cogent way, but
sometimes in our haste we may not always be as concise as
we need to be to get our point across.  Sometimes in our
haste we may misread or misinterpret each other's
entries.  These things should be taken into consideration
before becoming angry and making hasty responses that
will be regretted. 

In my opinion is one of the best
sites on the web.  If you want to keep up with the
present election situation, you will get the most in-
depth coverage and get it first in

My thoughts for today for what they are worth.

                ~ Mary Ray Henslee (61) ~


Subj:   Telephone Solicitation Remedies
From:  Peggy (Roesch) Wallan '71
Spanaway, WA

After years of answering the phone, only to find a
telemarketer at the other end of the line -- and it
getting to the point that I had a minimum of 3 such calls
an evening (I kept track) -- I finally bought in to the
telephone company's No Solicitation service.  

Yeah, I had answered every telemarketer with "Take my
name and number off your list and never call this number
again, that's the law."  It didn't work because every
caller represented a different company, so big deal.  

And, yeah, the NS service costs a bundle (about
$7/month), but ya know what?  MY PHONE STOPPED RINGING.
My husband and I can enjoy a peaceful evening without
interruption, knowing that if the phone rings it is
someone we want to talk to!  

(For you who don't know what the service is, any caller
to our line is greeted with a message that this number
does not accept calls from solicitors, so they should
just hang up NOW, but real callers can press 1 or stay on
the line, then the phone rings. We also can program
numbers into the system that can bypass the message.)  

This also blocks calls from stupid people who don't
really LISTEN to the message and think our line is
blocked somehow, so they hang up ... like delivery
people, the builder, the post office ... and then they
tell us they couldn't get through.  But *stupid people*
is another topic, and I'm too tired to address that topic

                   Peggy (Roesch) Wallan '71


Subj:   The Presidential Election: Was There One?
From:   Robert Shipp  (64)

Do I have this right?  There was a Presidential election.
The candidate generally viewed as the incumbent, a man
who had spent most of his adult life doing whatever was
necessary to obtain and hold onto political power,
appeared to lose. Unwilling to accept defeat, he claimed
that he had really won, then insisted on holding a new
vote. Whatever happened to that Milosevic fellow anyway? 

                        Robert Shipp  (64)
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