THE SANDBOX ~ Petty Gripes, and Cat Fights
Issue #124 ~ 07/14/01
Patricia Keeney (63), Ron Richards (63), 
>>From: Patricia Keeney (63)

Re: Politics
    Hear hear, Geoff Rothwell (71).  From another
not-proud-of-the-bomb bomber dedicated to advancing the 
cause of human dignity in Oregon.

-Patricia Keeney (63)
>>From: Ron Richards (63)

    I'm still waiting for my Midland, TX, submittal to be
published. Is it any more politically incorrect than some
of the submittals that have been published in the last
few days? Why not solve this problem by printing those
submittals that you believe would be unacceptable to the
thought police under a special heading at the bottom of
the Alumni Sandstorm? Those BOMBERS who think they might
be offended by what appears under the special heading
would not have to read beyond that point. Or do those
BOMBERS just not want anyone to read anything but super
far right wing ultraconservative rhetoric? Are they
afraid that reason could ultimately prevail if issues are
discussed intelligently?

-Ron Richards (63)
Ron's entry was sent 04/22/01. It appears here
because it doesn't look like we're gonna get a
moderator for THE SANDBOX.  -Maren
>>From: Ron Richards (63)

    I want to thank those of you who responded to my plea
for tips on how a good Democrat could survive for a
couple of weeks in Midland, Texas. With your help, I
managed to make it through my last visit here. Now I'm
back in the Toxic Texan's hometown for another six days,
four hours, twenty minutes, and 33 seconds and I am again
successfully coping with the ultra conservative masses.
Contrary to what some of you suggested, I have not
converted. I'm not into poisoning children with drinking
water containing high levels of arsenic, cutting funding
for abused and neglected children, worsening global
warming by building more coal fired power plants faster,
drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge,
effectively repealing the Endangered Species Act, or
operating the Columbia Basin dams for power first and
salmon last. To reassure myself that not all has been
lost, however, I followed a suggestion from Jim House (63).
I went to downtown Midland, stood on a street corner and
yelled "Where are all the Republicans?" Consistent with
what Jim said, nobody appeared. This, and the fact that
Jim Hamilton (63) could agree with me on the wading pool
issue, gives me some hope for the next 1367 days, 20
hours, thirty minutes, and five seconds.

Ron Richards ('63)  

P.S. Speaking of the wading pool, but more on the serious
side, if some of you think the proposed "interactive
spray system" would be a good replacement for the wading
pool, you should visit the river front in downtown
Melbourne, Australia. There an interactive spray system
draws mostly fifteen to twenty-five year olds in various
stages of dress and sobriety. Interesting entertainment,
but hardly the good family fun that the wading pool has
provided small kids in Richland for many generations.

-Ron Richards (63)