THE SANDBOX ~ Issue #129 ~ 08/11/01
>>From: Ralph Myrick (51)

Re: Judy's fight with cancer

This is mainly for all the Bomber ladies. 

    Judy had her first chemo session on July, 18. She
has had her blood test on July, 27. It was to find out
how her blood is holding up to the cancer. It turned out
that the lab reports were good. The first hurdle has
been challenged. Now, we have the second session on Aug.
9. Judy has not been sick or anything as result of the
first session. Because her white and red blood cells are
damaged, her energy level is really low. However, it is
not low enough because she still beats me on the golf
course. She walked and played 18 holes today and beat me
two strokes. What a bummer, but I am really proud of
her. She is a fighter.
    This is what we found out so far about her bout with
cancer. One, it was estrogen generated. My advice to all
you ladies that if you are taking the stuff make sure
you double check yourself and often. If you haven't
started yet, make sure you check with your doctor about
estrogen. The second thing we learned is that if you
find a lump, get it checked by a surgeon immediately.
Judy's doctor told her to wait two months to see if it
grows. When she went to Dr. Trotta, an excellent surgeon
buy the way, he said that he wished doctors would NOT
tell their patients to wait.
    I have a question to ask. How many of you ladies
that have experienced breast cancer that was a result of
taking estrogen?

8/11/01 Update:
This will directed to all the Bomber ladies.
    Judy, my wife, is doing well combating her cancer.
She has now had her second chemo treatment and has two
more to go plus six weeks of radiation and then she be
through. She hasn't been sick, only her energy level is
very low. This doesn't prevent her from playing golf or
beating me. I am proud of her!
    We have learned two important things from this event
in our lives. Judy's lump was estrogen generated. So,
the first thing we learned was that estrogen was
responsible for the cancer. Our advice to you ladies if
your are taking this hormone, check yourselves
frequently. Especially check under your arms in the
areas that is difficult for the mammogram to read. Judy
just had a mammogram and the lump was not detected. She
found it when she had an itch and scratched in that
area. If you haven't started taking estrogen, check with
your doctor before starting. Be very careful.
    The other thing that we learned is that when the
lump is detected, go immediately have it check. Don't
let a doctor tell you to wait and see. That is what
Judy's doctor told her. He said to give it two months
and he will check to see if gets larger. Dr. Trotta, and
outstanding surgeon, told Judy that he wished doctors
would stop waiting to see.
    Since Judy's bout, Lanette Hayden, Carol Moore, and
Joan Curran, all teachers, have the same thing. LADIES

-Ralph Myrick (51)
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