THE SANDBOX ~ Petty Gripes, and Cat Fights
Issue #131 ~ 09/13/01
2 Bombers today:
Mike Clowes (54) and David Rivers (65)

>>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54)

To: Jim Hoff (57)
    Your mention of the Teton River has been reviewed
by the Politically Correct Names Police and must be
changed.  The Grand Teton Mountains are also going to
be changed as the word "Teton" is a French slang word
referring to a portion of a woman's anatomy.

Bomber Cheers
-Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) 
>>From: David Rivers (65)

Re: What now?
    Anyone else feeling a little like we done been
there and done that? Now is the time for the Richland
School Board and their Administration to take a hard
stand. I assume their answer to the current evil will
be to send a very strong letter to the Parents of the
perpetrators of the 911 atrocities and then give them a
Time Out! Naturally, afterward, they will apologize for
their inappropriate reaction, try and understand what
we did to make them hate us so much, and send them to
counseling. Later, they can explain to High school
students how those buildings just popped up out of
nowhere and just knocked those planes out of the sky!

-David Rivers (65)