THE SANDBOX ~ Petty Gripes, and Cat Fights
Issue #132 ~ 09/24/01
3 Bombers have stuff in THE SANDBOX:
Ken Ely (49) Lee Bush (68), and Jim Anderson (72WB)

>>From: Ken Ely (49)
Date: 9/24/01

Re: Jim Anderson (72WB)
    Jim Anderson's posting should have been in THE
SANDBOX. His Michael Moore web site with his side of Rep.
Barbara Lee story is very misleading. First I don't think
she was even born when John Kennedy wrote his book,
"Profiles in Courage" and would not have had her in his
book in any case. Ms. Lee stands for Communism and Pres.
Kennedy was definitely anti-Communist.
    Rep. Lee has been affiliated with the Communist Party
since 1979 when she went to Cuba to attend a conference
of "non aligned nations". She claimed to be a journalist
for the "Sun Reporter" whose editor was Carlton Goodlett
who was awarded the Lenin Peace Prize in Moscow in 1970.
She was an aide to Rep. Ron Dellums who supported Maurice
Bishop, dictator of Greneda who was aligned with Castro.
When Dellums retired, she replaced him in Congress and
has voted against every U.S. action around the world. Her
lone vote was not a courageous move but one that was
predictable. She represents the ultra left (Socialists)
of Berkeley. Michael Moore has no credibility when it
comes to politics.

-Ken Ely (49)
>>From: Lee Bush (68)
Date: 9/24/01

To: Jim Anderson (72WB)
    After reading your e-mail, in the 9/23/01 issue of
the Alumni Sandstorm, I would like to point out the
following. Michael Moore, movie maker-writer-activist,
may have a different take on recent events but he is not
the "Leader-Commander in Chief-President of the United
States". Pres. Bush is not, as you say, "bent" on actions
which will impact us all and bring more terror. If we sit
back, remain idle and do nothing, as some past presidents
have done in response to past terrorist attacks, surely
more terror will rain down on us. From all appearances,
Pres. Bush will be ordering a reasonable response with
a calm, calculated and organized plan - with finality
as a goal. Also, looking at the recent polling data,
with a 90% approval rating, the American people have
reacted to Pres. Bush's actions and thus he has heard
ALL the American people in those actions.
    In ending, isn't freedom great! You feel one way 
and can express it. Likewise, so can I.
    God Bless America!

-Lee Bush (68)
From: Jim Anderson (72WB)
Date: 9/12/01

To: Linda Reining (64)
    "Find the a--holes and nuke em"?? And then what?
Are the people doing this going to all of a sudden say,
"gee, we better knock it off, them Americans are really
serious!" And if we nuke them, do we nuke Arkansas
because of Timothy McVay? Or is it easier to nuke
somebody who is a different race than us? Maybe we
should just nuke every country except America, that
would solve the problem. Except for people like Tim

-Jim Anderson (82)